Thank you lord we are all ok. We were spared. This horrific storm that totally devastated our state and ravaged so many lives went north of us. We all are just in a state of shock down here and just cannot believe what we are seeing.
We are so fortunate and counting our blessings and holding our loved ones just a little closer today thanking our God for what we have and what he has saved us from.
We are praying for those who were affected and are doing everything we can to send assistance to those in need. Praying for those who have lost everything and lost loved ones. The loss is phenomenal. It will take years to recount but it will happen.
complete towns are gone communitys.. wipes away. lives destroyed. But the people as Alabamians are known for in the south are coming together and helping one another, lending a hand arm in arm neighbor helping neighbor to clean up and regroup.

Please if you can spare anything whatever it may be redcross is doing a wonderful job they are on the scene helping out. There are many ways that you can help.
You can give blood you can donate through united way, the american red cross. We have so much devastation here at home across the south and NOT just Alabama. This storm went across the south. YES Alabama had majority of deaths but other states were hit as well. They need help also.
So if you can. Give blood, Donate to a shelter, Take food to a local pantry, help with some clean up, whatever can be done. There are many MANY caravans going that direction taking gas, Generators, diapers water EVERYTHING these people have lost LITERALLY EVERYTHING… THINK KATRINA PEOPLE minus all the water. REMEMBER WHAT WE WENT THROUGH? its time to give back.
THey are really hurting and we need to help them.
HERE are ways you can help.


Easter Photos

We had such a beautiful day Easter Sunday. There was so much I had wanted to do but didn’t get to do but am so very happy for all of the many blessings that we have received.

Bella had spent the evening before TIE DYEING eggs… ya that wasn’t messy at allll! (she says with lots of sarcasm in her voice)

Its all good gramma scrubbed her up real good got that third eyebrow off her head from the egg dye…

She got up bright and early the next morning to a sunny Easter morning to see if that bunny brought her anything.

she loves those squenkies little collectible things. Im sure I butchered the spelling of that.

We had a wonderful lunch. We had a card making session with grandma.

cards Bella made above

Grammaw and Bella making cards

card that grammaw made above.


after grammaw left Bella spent the afternoon riding her scooter and we watched Yogi Bear (again and again) Then it was time for our annual egg hunt with Eva Caroline.

It was a good day.
I think we all had a wonderful day and really did enjoy all of what this day meant. We enjoyed our family and friends and were tireddd that evening.

spring break is over.. and what a week it was!

It has been full of well EVERYTHING around here. It has been a full week. (and then some) So get ready for lots of pictures.

WE TURNED 8 for starters.

I cannot believe my baby is now 8 years old. she should be like 4. I KNOW I KNOW all kids have to grow up BUT WHYY? She will always be my baby. I don’t care if she is 8 or 20 Oh gosh. I can’t even think about that.
So since her birthday was during spring break and most of her friends were off on vacation. She decided she wanted to spend the day doing other things and have a spend the night party with just a few friends. I had been having a hard time with the shingles and the girls she wanted to spend the night (it started out with 4 lord help us) most were not in town so it dwindled down to her bff Bailey.
They were still on vacation themselves to we opted to just spend the day out.

First stop BUILD A BEAR.
She has been asking to do this for years. So why not today.SHe didn’t want a bear though. She wanted a LAMB. why am I not surprised. The first stuffed animal she ever had was a lamb from her Uncle Windale.
So Meet LULU the Lamb.

She has a complete wardrobe now.. (even rollerskates)

She used her birthday money she got and picked out a couple outfits. Was alot of fun I have to say myself. She has been with her nonstop since she has gotten her.

After that we went and saw RIO. CUTE CUTE MOVIE.
I think she enjoyed it also.
THEN OFF to her favorite diner. CHEEBURGER CHEEBURGER.
Where they embarrassed her completely by announcing her birthday.
They did give her a free meal and milkshake so she was happy about that.
(minus the embarrassment)

We came home watched American Idol all of us SOOO STUFFED we could barely moveeee. I think we all fell asleep we were soooo tired from our day.

The Next day her friend Bailey came over. John took Bella to get her Birthday present from Nana
A SCOOOTER she also got a hula hoop. OH they had fun with that.

They had a large time.

We (John) went and got her a small cake (it was late) so we didn’t want a big cake and we didnt want a lot left over with all that Easter candy.

so what happens when you give them cake and ice cream at dark?

You get two little girls bouncin off the walls (and the furniture) you see the clock dont you? I think at 11 30 they were still goin strong.

8 am they were wideeeeee awake…. ready to go….

speaking of which Bella wants to go scootering and needs me to watch so I will return tomorrow with Easter photos… along with her Beautiful cards she made.
Hope you all had a wonderful time as well.


a page and a mini

So I went to my LSS and got some more Pink Paisley Old school papers. I had some in one of the Kits I have along with some embellies. They had the paper pack there (thats just so much easier) I did a cute page with some photos of Bella that I took one night to show her JUST HOW SHE LOOKED when she was being a peel trying to get her to do her homework. I must say she IS a little better now. (THIS WAS LAST YEAR THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN IN FIRST GRADE) We kept telling her she had a loooooong time to be doing homework so she needed to just get over it and lets make it fun and buckle down and do it. not do all this drama scene. OH it was awful.
EVERY NIGHT. SAME THING. was unbelievable. I am so glad she is a smart child and can do it quickly and get it right but holy geeesh.I felt like Homework was one of those drugs on the commercials with the lawyers: IF YOUU OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED ONE OF THESE SYMPTOMS… that’s where I got the journaling from on this layout. Was watching one of those ridiculous commercials and just started laughing. YES INSPIRATION IS EVERYWHERE PEOPLE!

When Bella has her own kids some day I will drag out this layout and say SEEEEEEE you were awful yourself missy! (and give them all a dollar to pitch a big ol fit)

So Yall know I love to make mini albums. I have them everywhere. I can just do so much with them and I love the process.
Ya I made another one. This one is of THE SECOND GRADE. Just a few random pics. I don’t really have that many. SO I just played around with the few I found. SOMEONE (not naming names but she is around 3 ft 2 and has blondish hair greenish/hazel eyes and is really cute most days until she does stuff like this) REORGANIZED my photos for me ::insert expletive of your choice here:: Ya I was not happy. I try to print as I go so I have photos on hand. for my random Scrapping. If I need additional photos then I just reprint or if I need larger photos. BUT I like to at least have them printed out. My mom isn’t much for looking online at photos. SO I will keep them in little books until I get them scrapped. Some are in drawers but were very organized and were together by event and date… now. NOT SO MUCH. they are just SHOVED in there and some are bent and wrinkled.

IM NOT SMILING ME… NOT HAPPY. really ticked off. I take my photos very serious.
so anyway.
I should have learned by now to put a lock on my scrap room. It is just too tempting for a little one with all the nifty cool stuff in here. I KNOW.
anyway. We had TRUE SCRAP this past weekend. UNKIT (Sudie Alexander) Had an awesome Make and Take at the event. IF YOU MISSED TRUE SCRAP you missed out. OH GOODNESS IT WAS AMAZING. I AM TOTALLY INSPIRED AND so wanna scrap.

SO the results of it I whipped out this Mini album of Bella in 2nd Grade with the photos I FOUND.

Don’t even ask me the name of those chipboard letters. I have no idea they are really old. I found them in a drawer and they were not in a package.
I used some of that scrumptious Tim Holtz Tissue Tape (thank you Tim for making that stuff I am totally addicted to it and YES I have officially gone through an entire roll and working on my second of that one that has memory, imagination, journey an etc all on it. I LOVE IT I use it on everything. just wait till you see the next page!!
That is also some October Afternoon (Love that stuff too) on this page also.
I used sand and Iridescent Gold Glimmer mists along with Colorbox fluid ink chalks. YUM! YES I have an insane addiction to mists also. you do not wanna know how many. Its all my friend Karen.. lady docs fault and Sudies. They can share blame.
That flower I used the glimmer mist on as well I used Pixie Dust Blingz by Shimmerz in the center to just kinda bling it some. the yellow netting on the d is by Glitz and is held there by TIMS Tiny attacher.

Page 1
the background I used pink paisley paper then covered it with Tim Holtz tape THEN I sprayed it with Sand and Iridescent Gold G.M., went over it lightly with the colorbox chalks. I love how it turned out. I added Jenni Bowlin Stickers but I put them on some chipboard first and cut them out inked the edges for dimension.
Added the Back to school rub on.
Sprayed some tags embellished with ribbon
painted that B at the top with some shimmerz blings.

More pink paisley and this is the Old School Doo Dads. I didn’t like the center that was on the brown and red one so I interchanged them out and added this “COOL KID” one. Put some red bling at the top and bottom (7 since that’s her age

I used some October Afternoon letter stickers on here along with 7 gypsy arrow turns and clippy do thingy at the top with the 2 (that’s an offical name NOT) I cant remember what those are called forgive me.
you see how I changed the color of the arrows. THAT’S THE MAGIC of the sassy silver glimmer glaze. (while squalling to army wives and that other coming home show afterwards good heavens WHY WHY WHYYY do I keep watching that stuff!!!)

To distress it just let it get almost dry. Then take a paper towel or cloth and rub it away. Gives it a cool effect.

More October Afternoon letter stickers. Prima Tiny Flower. Tim Holts Tiny attacher staples on that triangle. That triangle is from what was left of the tag from page one cut off the bottom. The tiny banner on the bottom. That’s from it also. SEEEE don’t throw out those lil scraps. You can use them on all kinds of different things.
The numbers on the side are I BELIEVE that is some (REAAAALLLY OLD) 7 Gypsies Tape. I painted on some Glimmer mist to tone it down it was really bright white against that paper.
Martha Stewart Heart Punch across the top. and one of the center hearts to point to the 7 (their age) A little journaling on the side talking of Bella and Baileys Friendship (are they not the cutest everrrr?)

I just love these little Metal Badges. Are they not the cutest? so adorable for layering embellishments. I cut that star out of some chip board and thought how cute would that be.
The banner across the top is awesome also. They are FABRIC they hold ink really nicely.

The last page I did a lil different. I sprayed the chipboard back ground with TERRA COTTA Walnut Ink by Tsukineko. (did I spell that right?) I also got some on my leg and hubby thought I had a rash hahaha. Anyway. It absorbed really nicely. I went over the edges with my colorbox cats eye dark brown chalk inks.
THEN I cut the middle out of the Die Cut Paper by Pink Paisley in the Old School pack.
Sprayed it with my Iredescent Gold G.M. waded it up then opened it back up then went over it the edges and some of the crinkly parts with the colorbox ink.
glued it down to my sheed. Embellished the flowers with the bling added a piece of the fabric border to the side. The reverse side of the heart border and a journaling rectangle. I really didn’t want to take away much from the photos in this book. just a little bit of Embellishments.


Hope yall liked it.
Lemme know what ya thought.

They have the paper at our LSS SCRAPPING FRENZY. Embellies everything.
Tell her you saw my stuff on my blog. She has Glimmer mists in also. I dont think she has the gold though. I asked her to get some though. (I use the heck out that stuff)

I hope yall will Join us tonight for Unkit Live. Sudie has a great show planned. We are going to be on VOKLE. It starts at 8:30 central time. Would love to see you there. if you click JOIN EVENT it will get you in the room. IS ALOT of fun.

lets see what am I forgetting? I know I havn’t updated in a while. had all kinda stuff goin on.
Hope you all have a great week. Hope to see you at Unkit Live!

sure gonna miss them….

Can’t sleep… my mind is just way too busy. We are back home which usually that is a good thing. I enjoy coming home seeing family and friends. Seems lately though the only time I get to come home is on sad occasions. This time is no different. Oh how I wish it were otherwise. Ya see. It is the turning point of our family. The McCrary side of our family. My fathers side. How so you ask? My fathers last sibling, My uncle, went to join the rest of the family that proceeded him in our heavenly kingdom.
I am so torn. I know I should be happy because that is what the bible says but my eyes tend to disagree and keep on crying just the same. I KNOW he is better off where he is. He isn’t suffering and all that blah blah blah. ya I KNOW. I am broken hearted because,truth be known, since my daddy was…well my daddy got killed..I just haven’t been the same.
It’s not a big secret. I have had people want me to get over it, I have had people roll their eyes, “that Nancy she is Sooo dramatic” I have had ugly emails. (see that red x up there? that’s the one you click when you want me to get over it folks it will help you! trust me! Go through what my family has gone through THENNN tell me to get over it!) My blog serves many purposes.

Regardless this is going to be a hard weekend. For everyone. We are really going to have to pull together.

Uncle Tom lived a long life full wonderful life. Gonna miss THAT man.
The man I remember was full of just that, life. fun. laughter. always cutting a joke.
He took me to Disney World when I was 11. (will never forget that)
I rode horses at his place.
Carla and I chased cows (got in trouble)in his pasture.
Used to sit on his knee and drive “uncle Tom” the blue truck.Before I could see over the steering wheel good.
Swam in their pool.
Ran over those trees that are now beside Carlas house on the go cart… the whole first row. flattened em clean out after he first set them out. whewww he was madddd. (HEY I RAN BACK OVER THEM the other way to put them back up right)

Gave my cousin Paul a bloody nose one 4th july in the back
yard (same go cart).. put on breaks when he was pushin us (thought I forgot about that didnt ya?)
Need to find those photos.
He took me on my first camping trip.
Took us cross country in the pick up to all these camp grounds. carla and I rode in the back of the truck they had a cover thing on it and sliding windows to it and a mattress back there. (prolly couldn’t do that now days) We thought we were big stuff!

Rode my first bike with him running behind me screaming at me to pedal he was about to let go.
Wiped out for the first time on my first bike and got patched up on hwy 43 after he let go…

Ya see Carla is 6 months and 16 days younger than me.(she won’t let me forget it either) so it was more like she is my sister than say my cousin. we loved each other but sometimes you wouldn’t know it growing up.
in the end… you know it though. One of her daughters holds part of my name and well My daughter holds part of hers. We are just cool like that.
So part of me knows that we will always have each other. no matter what. why? Because we just will.

So when my daddy was taken from us… to them it wasn’t just an uncle.
and now you see Uncle Tom ya He is my Uncle and a lot of you go ahhh sorry…. your uncle died. He was more than “JUST” Uncle TOM. At one point and time in our lives… we all thought the world revolved around this man.
We still do.

Sure am gonna miss that man…
Hope he hugged my daddy twice when he got to see him again and my grandmama too.