Easter Photos

We had such a beautiful day Easter Sunday. There was so much I had wanted to do but didn’t get to do but am so very happy for all of the many blessings that we have received.

Bella had spent the evening before TIE DYEING eggs… ya that wasn’t messy at allll! (she says with lots of sarcasm in her voice)

Its all good gramma scrubbed her up real good got that third eyebrow off her head from the egg dye…

She got up bright and early the next morning to a sunny Easter morning to see if that bunny brought her anything.

she loves those squenkies little collectible things. Im sure I butchered the spelling of that.

We had a wonderful lunch. We had a card making session with grandma.

cards Bella made above

Grammaw and Bella making cards

card that grammaw made above.


after grammaw left Bella spent the afternoon riding her scooter and we watched Yogi Bear (again and again) Then it was time for our annual egg hunt with Eva Caroline.

It was a good day.
I think we all had a wonderful day and really did enjoy all of what this day meant. We enjoyed our family and friends and were tireddd that evening.


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