I heard someone make a comment not so long ago about change. They said no one ever really changes.  They just do something different temporarily then go back to how they were when they get bored with it.

I will tell you this struck me as offensive at first. Non positive and REALLY not supportive when we were discussing how some people were making so many wonderful changes in their lives for the better. I didn’t say anything, just basically let it go and went my merry way.

The more I got to thinking about it. I mean really thinking about it. It is true. I know you are probably not happy with me for saying this but…

People do not really change. There are lyrics and proverbs about it through out history with warnings on how to be cautious of a changed person.   NOW….Before you get all up in the air with me.. Please let me finish. 

There is a difference between change.. and growth.. and someone that has made progressive results in their life through learning from past mistakes to not do that again.  Can  they fall off the wagon or can it happen again sure it can. 

Some people make mistakes over and over and over before really learning the lesson that is at stake. Sometimes it takes hitting the bottom of the barrel, others it is just the fear of hitting it that makes them grow into the next level of what they need to be doing. 

I personally believe that no one can grow or make everlasting differences in their life without the help of our lord and savior. You can try to do it on your own but you will keep making the same mistakes, ending up in the same places.  The saying IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT IN YOUR LIFE YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO GET THERE. Is one I hold close as a mantra of sorts. 

Have you ever looked at yourself from an outside angle? REALLY looked? not just at your outward physique? not at your clothes or how your hair is fixed. Look at your life. How you represent your family, Do you want your children to do what you do? everything. The things you do behind closed doors that no one (you think) sees? 

We always want better for our children. We want a better education, better health, a better life than we had.  So in order for our children to have this we must be able to show them  what better looks like. HOW?

By being the example.  IF you want your child active in church and church activities. YOU need to be going to church and be involved in church activities.

How many of you seen someone just yelling and screaming at a store clerk with their child standing there. Then later see that child get into a fight then them punish that child extensively and not understand why their child acts the way they do? (maybe they need  to do something different?)

Getting involved in their school. You want your child to make better grades? Then get involved with what they are doing at school and with their class. KNOW what homework they bring home check it.. make sure they know it. Talk to their teachers.

You want your child to be healthy and eat healthy foods. Guess what. DON’T take them out for fast food all the time. Eat at home. COOK good nutritious healthy foods for them and YOU EAT them as well. BE THE EXAMPLE.

Let them see you read the bible better yet have a daily devotion time as a family. 

Doing these things and more getting into a schedule a routine is just like anything else. IT BECOMES HABIT. You can make habit of bad things just like good things.  YES I do believe people can change. Do I believe they can change back? Yes I do. That is why I feel it important to be around others that have the same goals and want the same things you do.

IF they are going to not support you, speak positive, if they are going to take everything you say as criticism and be ugly Then why are you wanting to be around them in the first place?

You are wanting your life and your family to succeed and be better so don’t spend time in the places or around the people that were causing you issues in the first place. that is setting yourself up for disaster and failure. You can’t move forward if you are looking backwards. 

Sometimes it takes giant steps in the right direction to get you on the path you want to be on.  God will show you the right way to go. He only wants you to be willing. That is all. He will handle the rest.  It is like with any challenge you may slip but get right back up and continue do not say oh well that blew it and just lay there.  That is not how God works. It is not how growth works. Sometimes you have to trim your branches to make the most fruitful part of your tree bloom. 

So think about your life and how things are going.  Maybe it is time to spend more time with an open bible and on your knees in prayer and thinking positive handing things over to God instead of letting the little things become HUGE messes and spreading them around instead of letting him just contain them and make them go away. We have to get over ourselves in order to do that. Be willing to give up our selfish pride and just say ok here it is lord I have no clue what I am doing… grow me. You will be amazed at what all things can REALLY CHANGE. 

I am not saying I am perfect by any means and this is not to give that impression. This has been on my heart ever since I heard this in a conversation and I wondered how many others maybe thought this way.  Our pastor touched on this in several sermons. I really absorbed it.  We have been growing and doing things different.  Belittling others and saying it is no use that no one changes is not something I look at or will ever accept.  We have so little time on this earth I know the reason we are here. You need to find out why you are here.  EVERYONE HAS A PURPOSE. God does not make mistakes.  There is no reason to waste your life with negativity and nonsense.  There is such a life of love waiting. If you just listen to him. 




She Scraps for Sanity?

Since the first of the year we have had all kinds of struggles to say the least. Multiple Sclerosis is that ugly little critter we keep hidden in the basement. WE KNOW it is there and can raise its ugly mischievous head at any time. Because of it, Viruses and such are so much easier to just knock me down sadly. I had done SO good. 2013 had been a GREAT year. 2014 started out EHHH kinda yuck. Some wicked stomach bug attacked me like kryptonite to superman. IT WOULD NOT LET GO. THEN because of the fever and Viral infection (Cue psycho music) out came shingles. NO I wasn’t upset about stuff. well some stuff, it was mainly the infection that caused it. SO I have been in my house back like the old days since January. A good reminder of how things were.

NO Driving No gym (can do a little at home but mostly stretching blah) … No going out into the world hanging out with friends… No church activities.. NO CHURCH much. I did get to go one Sunday before she shingles started then wham… out again. I do listen to it online but it just is not the same as getting to participate. I love our church so much. I had been feeling like A NORMAL person again. Like before. How quick the lord can remind us that we need to be ourselves and not try to be something we are not! And we all definitely know I AM FAR from normal.
HEY… I heard all the AMEN’S. YOU DID not have to agree so quickly to that! <grin>

SO what exactly have I been doing? I knew you all were sitting on the edge of your chair just wondering and just pacing the floor in angst waiting to find out. WHAT has Nancy BEEN DOING.

I have been scrapbooking.. yeah I know.
I have been doing the 2012 photos of our Disney trip which have really been bringing back good and also some sad memories. Most are wonderful but also make me miss Ma.
I have laughed so much but also shed so many tears. I have sooooo many photos to scrap.
I have joined a challenge group for February called L.O.A.D. (layout a day)
Where you do a challenge layout a day. I have done this before and it is soo fun. I have really been getting things done. I have 22 ish pages done so far. (some of them I did BEFORE I started this challenge group)
I wanted to share some of them with you. (I KNOW you cannot wait)  

These are phone photos so … (hey I have had shingles be nice!)




(I did these before LOAD)




The silver circle things… those are wishes that Fairy Godmother gave us.


This was from a sketch I found on pinterest



first page in our Disney album



another sketch



photo of this layout didnt turn out so great (night time in my kitchen)


Bella didn’t like this page.. she said it was boring.. and that I COULD DO BETTER. ha I will remember that dear child.


Whispering Canyon (our favorite place to eat)


Photos out and about around Wilderness Lodge where we Stayed. 

I have since I am feeling better, but still couldn’t quite get out yet, have started cleaning out, organizing, donating, and rearranging in my crafts and art space. I found lots of pages I made from when Bella was a baby.

I have learned some important things.

1. USE GOOD ADHESIVE. When I started I used glue sticks and whatever adhesive was cheapest. Those pages are now falling apart, missing letters, and I am now reattaching things and missing things off of them that I cannot find.

2. EVEN THOUGH alphabet letters have adhesive on the back of them.. GLUE THEM DOWN ANYWAY. Especially things like self adhesive chipboard letters or embellishments. I have so many that are missing that there is no way I can match them again. Some of these are 8 and 9 years old. I will just photo them and pray someone has hoarded the few letters I need and pray they will share. MOST scrappers are nice that way 🙂

3. KEEP YOUR FINISHED PAGES IN SCRAPBOOKS WITH PAGE PROTECTORS (that way if the embellies fall off you have a good chance they will fall off into the page protector!!) although I did on some of these but they were put back upside down and fell out of the page protectors…sigh.

4. KEEP RELIABLE glue and or adhesive YOU KNOW  is reliable and dries quickly at hand so when you look through your albums. You can make quick repairs. DO NOT put it off till later. YOU WILL FORGET and then the letters will be lost. (yeah it happened)

5. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ALBUMS for your pages at least put them in page protectors and put them in a safe place. I found a STACK of layouts (yes at least 20) that were a couple years old in a shelf. just stacked up there.  YA NOT GOOD. buttons had come off the edges were bent up. I was NOT happy. 

I AM SURE there are many more tips you all have learned that you could add to this. FEEL FREE to add them in the comments. Things you have learned over you’re years of scrapbooking. Care wear and tear of pages, mini albums etc.  I welcome your advice. 

I am sure we have some new crafters or even those that have been doing it a while that may learn something.