Mobile Convention fun fun fun!

We had a GREAT time at the Mobile Convention. Met new friends. Had fun with friends haven’t seen in a while. OH and we scrapped!
I took two classes but we will get to that in a minute.

Darlene was her funny self. I rode with her she was one of my table mates along with Mrs Sherry and Becky. We were right by that new store Gulf Coast Scrapbooking (OH THEY HAVE CUTE STUFF! and ANN ROCKS If she doesn’t have it trust me SHE WILL FIND IT!)
She is just so cute. You need to friend her on FACEBOOK HERE

She has a cute little store down on the gulf coast. I hope we get to go down there and crop soon! So I did Get some stuff made. I was so distracted by all the fun going on.
It is hard for me to scrap in such an environment. I am sure you wouldn’t imagine this but I like to talk. (I KNOW y’all all are just shocked!) I seem so meek and quiet.
I get distracted so easily and all the pretty different scrapbook things everyone is doing wowww!

Scrap happy in Pensacola had their booth there ::waving:: They have amazing mini albums! (swoooon) and altered projects! (oh my)
Well I managed to get some things done. I’m a slow Scrapper. Although I do put a lot of work into my projects. (and I nitpick them to death)
I did the first one Of my lil cheerleader

with this months Paper Posies kit: Ya thats The October Afternoon Boarding Pass paper (the back side haha! SO you DON’T have to use it JUST FOR TRAVEL PEOPLE!!! IT is the PERFECT COLOR FOR Cottage Hill Cheerleaders!

THe next page I did (I finished up the journaling when I got home. These are some Older photos that I had just been waiting on the perfect paper. Well Teresa Collins hit it spot on with her Posh line. But yall know I just love me anything Teresa.
I added a sheet of the Echo Park Victoria Gardens music Theme paper to go along with the theme of the page. A pair of her jeans gathered around the page.

Lots of Tim Holtz stains, tiny staples, and some GLitz bling finish it off.

Scrapping Frenzy did a wonderful Job with this convention. I think everyone had fun.
The classes were fun, Everyone had their own 6 foot table so plenty of room to spread out, the food was good, The classes were great.
Which brings me to this.

This was the second class I took with

YA! Donna Salazar! LOVE HER! she (as Bella says) is so sparkly.

She was the special guest teacher at the convention. She is amazingly talented and taught us all about how to make flowersss and showed us wonderful things. She springled her sparkly knowledge on us all down here in Mobile with her love for grunge (and you know IM all about some grungey scrappin)

I Didn’t finish the other class that I took with her. (and I cannot find my instruction sheet it is somewhere in that pile of stuff that is packed that Im not finished unpacking yet) so I am kinda winging it. I know. scared aren’t ya?
BUT IT IS SOOOO COOOL and I want y’all to see it. We have open house at Bella’s school and we have had to have something moved up to tomorrow that was supposed to be done later. So my hair is standing straight up right now.
Nothing like a little STRESS to make your life interesting.

SO I will get it finished this week I hope along with some other projects I started there.
Bottom line… IT WAS FUN. I made new friends One in particular that I am so happy I made! (Becky) Met some amazinggg people! was so wonderful to finally get to meet Donna in PERSON after talking to her online all this time. Thank you Cheryl and Cyndy and everyone for all your hard work in making this such a success.
I hope we can get more amazing teachers to come down here!


I’m sure I forgot … something,

I have been planning this for I cannot remember howww long. But, just know it has been a reeeeally long time. If I had to drag myself down there with an iv in my arm I wouldn’t miss this. Donna Salazar is here!! I’m so excited to see her! Gonna be sooo much fun!
I KNOW I forgot something. WHAT? I have no idea. If you asked me where something is in all that stuff I couldn’t tell you that either. I really hope this weekend is a HUGE success so maybe we can get more classes down here with more people! who knows maybe even get Teresa Collins? or May Flaum? Or Margie? YA NEVER KNOW we might just can do it!!
Anyway I am out of here going to get my scrap on people Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!
Do something creative! hopefully I didn’t forget…. much.

Bella explains it all…

Yall do realise… it is hot out here. I am glowing. Because girls glow. Boys sweat.
I am glowing all over the place. Hmm.. wonder if Daddy will take me to McDonalds after the game. oh look a butterfly…. man it sure is hot out here.

Can’t we cheer when its cooler out here. Oh ya.. football game. That’s right.
Forgot they were back there.

That’s Brayden. Thats my boy. hands off!

This is the poor guy that got the ball and everyone chased after him. I dunno why he wants the ball anyway. Everyone just then runs after him. This game makes no sense to me. Man its hot.
Ok we are going to do another cheer.

This cheerleading stuff is pretty fun. I don’t understand why they are all running after that ball out there. I mean, When they get it everyone beats that person up. I wouldn’t want Brayden to get that ball and get beat up. Cheerleading is so much more fun. Boys make NO SENSE whatsoever!

Paper Flowers on a Sunday afternooon.

I made these flowers yesterday (while Bella was learning her books of the Bible for Bible class) my fingers are still stained.
I wanted to put something on there from her 7 year old year I looked down and there were these jeans that I had been cutting up using for another project. just seemed to go perfectly with this. 7 flowers… 7 years old.
She was having a hard time learning those bible books. (some of those names in the old testament are tough!!) I thought hmm.. She is a cheerleader. I am her cheerleader. What better way for us as parents to encourage our little ones than to let them know we are behind them. We love them and that we are proud of them. That WE HAVE FAITH IN THEM. WE KNOW THAT THEY CAN DO IT!
Hope she can look back at this and know that her parents really are on her side. (even when it seems like we are being the mean parents. It is for good reason. (like making her listen to the books of the bible song over and over) Some day you will appreciate it when you can find Ecclesiastes with no problems whatsoever! Love you kiddo!

I made this layout using Core dinations card stock, Donna Salazar patterened paper, a piece of cardboard I stripped and stained with Tim Holtz stains, Glimmer mists, some of Bella’s old jeans, Jenni Bowlin Butterflies and bingo Card, I also altered the butterflies to match the layout, Girls Paperie embellies, American Crafts Stickers and chipboard Thickers, My little Yellow Bicycle Doilies, Stick Pins by Making Memories, Crystal Stickers Jewels

Friday night pre game show!

Bella had a GREAT time last night. I have to say we did also. She has had a VERY hectic week and next week isn’t looking much better. TWO games next week Ok well on Tuesday the Termite league plays one game and the Pee wee team plays two games in one night. I am praying this is a typo on the news letter because this is a school night. We may have to leave early that night but I hate to not stay and support our boys. They are having to stay and play.

Bella was so ridiculously tired last week. I don’t want her grades to start hitting the bottom from all this. We are in 3rd grade for petes sake!

Then they have that same Thursday another 2 games (Termites play one then the Pee Wees play one)
Soooo, last night She got to cheer with the High school (professional cheer leaders she calls them) at the pregame show. They did 2 or maybe it was 3 cheers and a dance.
Was soooo so cute. They had the kindergartner cheerleaders out there as well.

Ya there were a WHOLE bunch of them out there.

Bella was right in the middle, back row, 50 yard line. 2 pony tails, shirt untucked (go figure)

She did really good. I thought she would be so nervous but she did amazing. She has this cheerleader stuff down.

THey all did such a great job. The little ones were so cute.

The warriors WON THE GAME to boot! Bella said it was because we had so many cheerleaders! There may be somethin’ to that!

What doesn’t kill us makes us…. tired?

ok ok I KNOW that is not how the saying goes, and it isn’t very positive. LET ME SPLAIN MYSELF. YESSSSterday. I think was a huge worn out day on my list of worn out days as of late. This kid I tell ya. First off we (being John and I) had a Dr. appt for physicals to get all our blood work done and blah blah etc for ins. purposes. SO he had the “come to Jesus” talk with us about eating right and exercise and yayaya.
I knew I needed to eat 3 times a day. I have had problems with this for a long time.
(a lot of it is that medicine but I always have had eating issues with my freaky stomach) so we got paper work and said ok we will do all this take this do that and come back and see how it goes.
Went to our NEW FAVORITE REST. Mediterranean Sandwich Shop right down from us at Winn Dixie Shopping center. Got my orzo with the Turkey bacon They have good gyros too. Figured that was a way I could plan to eat then and again that night. Maybe tomorrow morning too (The large orzo usually will feed me 3 times) I am trying to plan it so I can eat 3 times a day now. (I have to make it easy or Im not gonna do this.)

So Rest a bit and get ready for Bellas ball game across the Bay. We get there and another game is going on. Our game (sup to start early but no starts late)

The kids had a blast though.
But thought we were going to get to get home early and do more studying (Thank the lord I made her read over it and study before hand! She kept saying she could on way home but I was mean mom)

She is gonna have to get used to the routine. We are not used to all this activity.

Hopefully the weather will go ahead and coool off!
Last night was awesome. It was perfect temp. enjoyable.

The girls were sooo cute. They did cheers and dances and the whole shebang.
All their hard practice is paying off.

I tried to get photos of it but they didnt come out good But every time our boys would make a touch down They had to do pushups. Was soooooo cute!
THey are working on doing them all together… was so funny!

AND YES OUR BOYS are even moreee determined so they have to do push ups (BELLA said her arms and chest were hurting this morning)She appreciated it Warriors!

Another Pep rally tonight for our Varsity guys and get to see my girly all full of spirit cheering them on. Getting them all Psyched up.

So.. LETS GO WARRIORRRS!!!! (I will nap tomorrowwww!)

signed… one worn out mom (and I know her daddy is draggin’ also haha!)


Well it is a new month. Did you get your computer backed up? What about your photos? Did you get your pictures printed off? Yaaa me either. Good thing we have a long weekend huh? Unless your one of those fortunate people that gets to actually TRAVEL and have fun on Labor day? We used to be those people before MS.

IS ok Suposed to be raining all weekend. (AND some awesome COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYIN THIS WEEKEND WHEWWHEWW) I just felt Bella’s eyes roll from where ever she was. That child will come into where John and I are and scold us for “Being TOO LOUD”. We get into our football games. I worry I am going to be “That mom” at her games at school.

My mom embarrassed my brother horribly when he played football in school. I was young so I don’t remember it. Just remember the stories. Something involving “THEY BETTER GET OFF OF MY SON!!” good thing I don’t have a boy PLAYING foot ball. Glad she is Cheering.

She is so excited!

It will not be long now before her games begin.

She is the perfect one to be a little cheerleader. She brings me alot of cheer.

I mean I woke up to this on my phone the other morning.

Is that not an amazing way to wake up?

Love that girl!

So her Being a next generation “Cheer” leader just seems to fit. ya she is following in the foot steps of her cousin Kasi and me also. A funny but interesting fact. Her cousin Kasi and I both cheered at the same school. Lots of years in between.NO COMMENTS about that please! :P~(Kasi is my cutey niece) My mom still has some of my cheer uniforms. Whats funny. Bella could probably fit in them now.

Notice the matching outfits? She is all about that. Surprised lou lou the lamb didn’t have one too. Silly girl. This is another just woke up picture. I tell her this is when she is the sweetest and snuggly. My girl is growing up yall! Hope everyone is doing ok with the storms. BE safe with the next one it looks like a booger as well. Hope yall are getting a break before it hits.

Think I will go work on doing as I say and back up my computers and pictures and…. yeah. 🙂

have a great day!