sure gonna miss them….

Can’t sleep… my mind is just way too busy. We are back home which usually that is a good thing. I enjoy coming home seeing family and friends. Seems lately though the only time I get to come home is on sad occasions. This time is no different. Oh how I wish it were otherwise. Ya see. It is the turning point of our family. The McCrary side of our family. My fathers side. How so you ask? My fathers last sibling, My uncle, went to join the rest of the family that proceeded him in our heavenly kingdom.
I am so torn. I know I should be happy because that is what the bible says but my eyes tend to disagree and keep on crying just the same. I KNOW he is better off where he is. He isn’t suffering and all that blah blah blah. ya I KNOW. I am broken hearted because,truth be known, since my daddy was…well my daddy got killed..I just haven’t been the same.
It’s not a big secret. I have had people want me to get over it, I have had people roll their eyes, “that Nancy she is Sooo dramatic” I have had ugly emails. (see that red x up there? that’s the one you click when you want me to get over it folks it will help you! trust me! Go through what my family has gone through THENNN tell me to get over it!) My blog serves many purposes.

Regardless this is going to be a hard weekend. For everyone. We are really going to have to pull together.

Uncle Tom lived a long life full wonderful life. Gonna miss THAT man.
The man I remember was full of just that, life. fun. laughter. always cutting a joke.
He took me to Disney World when I was 11. (will never forget that)
I rode horses at his place.
Carla and I chased cows (got in trouble)in his pasture.
Used to sit on his knee and drive “uncle Tom” the blue truck.Before I could see over the steering wheel good.
Swam in their pool.
Ran over those trees that are now beside Carlas house on the go cart… the whole first row. flattened em clean out after he first set them out. whewww he was madddd. (HEY I RAN BACK OVER THEM the other way to put them back up right)

Gave my cousin Paul a bloody nose one 4th july in the back
yard (same go cart).. put on breaks when he was pushin us (thought I forgot about that didnt ya?)
Need to find those photos.
He took me on my first camping trip.
Took us cross country in the pick up to all these camp grounds. carla and I rode in the back of the truck they had a cover thing on it and sliding windows to it and a mattress back there. (prolly couldn’t do that now days) We thought we were big stuff!

Rode my first bike with him running behind me screaming at me to pedal he was about to let go.
Wiped out for the first time on my first bike and got patched up on hwy 43 after he let go…

Ya see Carla is 6 months and 16 days younger than me.(she won’t let me forget it either) so it was more like she is my sister than say my cousin. we loved each other but sometimes you wouldn’t know it growing up.
in the end… you know it though. One of her daughters holds part of my name and well My daughter holds part of hers. We are just cool like that.
So part of me knows that we will always have each other. no matter what. why? Because we just will.

So when my daddy was taken from us… to them it wasn’t just an uncle.
and now you see Uncle Tom ya He is my Uncle and a lot of you go ahhh sorry…. your uncle died. He was more than “JUST” Uncle TOM. At one point and time in our lives… we all thought the world revolved around this man.
We still do.

Sure am gonna miss that man…
Hope he hugged my daddy twice when he got to see him again and my grandmama too.


One thought on “sure gonna miss them….

  1. Hi Nancy Jones! I am so sorry to hear about your loss. There are no words that will heal your heart, only prayers and time….sending prayers of peace and healing and comfort to you and your family.I left you an award on my blog…still visit you (mostly lurking) but I still think about you seet friend.Hugs!Jessi

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