another layout with MME Sophia from

I did another layout last night but it was really late and too dark to photograph it.
The colors were so bright and cheery I wanted you to see them for all they were.
I waited till the bright sunshine today so You could really get a good idea how pretty they were.

J.R. and Chantele at Scrapbook Obsessions Really put together a wonderful kit. The Making Memoriess Jewels in this kit are amazing and these ribbons are sooooo awesome! (LOVE THEM) You know I am all about the embellishments!
Everything is from the kit except the distresser I used and the inks I used on the edges of the flowers and on the edges of the letters.

Here are some close up shots so you can see the details.

I used 7 flowers and 7 jewels on this (so I could remember Bella is 7 in the photo) I do little things like this on my pages to help me remember without having to put Bella is 7 years old on every single page.

And another view of the entire layout.

This is such a versatile kit You can do a lot with! Hope you have fun creating with it!


OH Happy Day… ahhhhh…

Yes I have been Stalking the mailman.. The UPS guy.. The Fed Ex Guy All mail people.
I got my kit from Scrapbook Obsessions today. Yeah I have been scrapping ever since then. Yall know I am a slow scrapper. I put stuff on the page, then take it off. I knit pick way too much. Cant help it. It takes a lot of time for it to look not so perfect. THIS KIT is soooo adorable. I JUST LOVE this My Minds Eye Sophia. THe embellishments have so much BLING (and YOU KNOW IM ALL ABOUT SOME BLING!
These photos were so perfect to go with also!

I had started out with the sketch and the challenge at THE COLOR ROOM as you can see I ughmmm strayed from it SEVERELY! I never was very good at following directions haha. BUT there is the challenge if you would like to play along! It really is fun! I have some really good pals over there is some fantastic talent (just look at that place wowweee! By the way!!! HEY MS. COLETTE congrats!!! we know Jing Jing is one talented smart cookie! AND SHe knows talent!!)

So, There are two kits available right now, a large kit and a smaller kit. Supplies are limited so ya better get it over there! This kit is adorable!
everything I used is from the kit except the staples, the colorbox chalk inks distresser and outline pen. Everything else came in the kit compliments of Scrapbook Obsessions.

Here are some close up’s of the embellishments:

since it is dusk it is hard to take photos so here is another photo of the full layout. maybe you can get a true view of the colors.

I LOVE LOVE the ribbon and the flowers in this kit. SOOOO adorable.

OK Im off to create some more. I have a lot of cute photos from this weekend. Perfect for this paper.
Happy creating.

upside down and backwards … like me…

yeah yeah yeah I know some things just happen. kinda like this card. It was a CRAZY week last week to say the least. BUT I Had to say Thank you to a very special lady that does so much for so many people. I had won a marker kit from TOMBOW on UNKIT.
Bella and I were making cards for Papa to send him at the Rehabilitation center where he is getting his hip back to working again. (he had hip replacement) So I thought I would make an additional card for my sudie sudie.
I worked so diligently on this card. I was very distracted though.
Bella was asking me “where is this. Where is that… Mama can I use this… where are the stickles (you know how I am about my stickles!!!)
so I got distracted to say the least.
So I know you all heard me talking about my upside down backwards card.
USUALLY I will cut the front off and turn it around and fix it but this time I said… nahhh Im just gonna leave it this way. It kinda represents “me” right now and hey Sudie will say YUP thats our Nancy… she is a little backwards anyway…

haha So I thought I would show you the card.

I cant find the one Bella did but she used such pretty flowers and bling. Im kicking myself I have looked all through my files.
Sudie showed it on her Unkit live show. I will give you a link.
Bella got so excited when Ms sudie sudie (thats what she calls her) showed her card!)

SO I have been telling you all about our trip home Im telling you we crammed about a week into those 27 hours.
We got to go by our neighbors that we used to live beside. We saw the house we used to live in…. I almost cried. ALl the flowers we worked so hard on…. gone.
The magnolia tree I put out in my daddys memory… gone.
IF I had knowwwwwn they were gonna dig all those flowers up I WOULD HAVE DUG THEM UP AND BROUGHT THEM WITH US! We saw the neighbors across the street at my aunts funeral. She warned me. SHe said YOU MIGHT NOT want to see it. She knew how I had prided myself in those flowers. John and I worked sooo hard in that yard.
Oh well. Its not ours now.
We have a pretty yard here too… I still am sad about it though.
I have some sweet photos of Our neighbors from back home. It was sooooo good to see them.
Granny and Papa D is what we call them.
I have the cutest photo of Bella with Danny boy Their dog.

Even Danny (the dog) was happy to see us see him cheezin? how cute is this picture?)

You will see these coming soon on a scrapbook page haha. no doubt.

After we left there we all went to UP THE CREEK to eat. We used to love this resteraunt. I was sadly disappointed they didnt have fried strawberry cheesecake on the menu anymore. I guess it was the universes way of saying “Nancy, You don’t need to eat that!” OH well. The mashed potatoes were good. ANd the company was even better!!

Yes thats me over in the corner. thats our whole clan in there.
see me cheesin’ with my new smile.. yes thats just the temp smile but I got a smile.
we were sooo tired it was 11 at night but we made them take a pic while we were all together.

Thats all of us l to r Kasi’s husband Jason, Kasi, Bella, Adam, Bradlee me, John and Mama… we were one wore out crew.

Tomorrow I will have to show you the pictures of Bella text messaging her cousins Adam and Bradlee across the table it was soooo funny.

Dad’s mini album

So I told you yesterday, that I would show you the mini album I made for my “Father in love”
I put the cover of it up on facebook real quick when I got through with it to see what you guys thought.
This was a big time rush job.
I stayed up till 3 am finishing it before we left Saturday Morning. This trip just about wore me out but was so worth it to see his face. He had NO IDEA we were coming up to see him.
He had hip replacement surgery and it was really hard on him. He has NEVER been sick. He is a very independent man. Always done everything for everyone. He has gotten kinda down. (to say the least) Bella had been making him cards and sending them to him. Just not the same though as a personal appearance from his kids.
Having all his kids there on fathers day was definitely a plus!
John called him from the hallway and said how he wanted to show him something and about that time I opened the door and Bella came walking in with this:

These are just a few of the pages… yes there are more….
It gets hard to load when I put so many photos..

BUT I did want to show you what I made for him. He was so happy just to see us and then the mini album he was even more thrilled.
I have more photos to share tomorrow we saw so many people we haven’t seen in so long.

Beautiful Gifts… may there always be a rainbow

It never ceases to amaze me how we receive such wonderful gifts. Now roll your eyes and say WHAT DID JOHN GET HER NOW… no Im not talking about that kind of gift.
more of a heavenly gift. Ever since my dad passed I get these “little gifts” as I call them. Little signs that there is another force out there no no no not like luke skywalker and “THE FORCE is with you” but more like a Godly force you know? That guy? JESUS? yah I know some of you are going Ya Nancy we have heard of this get on with it.

well coincidence or naught, I get these gifts and they are always OVERLY dramatic in their expression and presentation but then just subtle enough to let me know SLAPP IN YOUR FACE I am always here so when I think about it later I realize HEY thanks and it wasnt just from MY earthly dad but from our Heavenly dad.

I just have enough love for my earth dad to know that.
Fathers day is a really rough time for me and my family as well. Losing our father the way we lost him and the way our family did was very hard. Any one that loses a person at the hands of someone else can understand. It is difficult to ever deal with and yes I still have conflict on a daily basis. Yes I am sure it does have an effect on my health, well all of ours. It seems my dad leaves little hints around to us that he is never going to be forgotten. We just have to be open to them. Keep reading…

We had originally gone up this weekend to see Johns dad, He had had hip replacement surgery. We needed to go up for Fathers day. We have not been up in a very long time. I FOR ONCE was not broken out in shingles. Was not flared up with MS was actually doing pretty good at this particular time so it was kinda a NOW OR NEVER deal LETS DO IT! LETS GO! oh yall! IM SO GLAD WE DID! His Face. It was amazing. It was a big surprise. He had no idea we were coming. As you know I DO NOT travel well. Multiple Sclerosis just stinks. That is the nice way to say it.
he was really happy. I will tell you more of that story and show you the book I made him tomorrow. We took several photos too.

We also went up to say good bye to my Wonderful Aunt. to quote her nephew There is no doubt her soul was like a Missle jetting to heaven…
St Peter didnt even have to look in the book. He knew her immediatly.
Her funeral was amazing. I know that is kinda strange to hear anyone say.
but, There was alot I MEAN ALOT of music. some of it really got me.
esp the one that they sang like my dads.
besides the fact we were right thereeee and the funeral was on fathers day.
I did good though. The music was gorgeous and there were some laughs. It was good to see ALOT of people I have not seen in forever.
I was so tired so very exhausted. It was a very hard 27 hours. I took some pictures of family and friends I will share later. Bella got to meet people she will never remember except through the scrapbooks I will make.

I couldn’t get over the children how much they have grown.
It was good to get my feet back on the home I would say soil but thats not really soil its mainly just clay.

It warmed my heart filled my spirit.
it was sad it was joyous she is home. She is with alot of people we love.
I can truly say I know where she is without a doubt.

we were pulled and we put more miles on that car than we have in well over a year.
yes my car still only has about 8 thousand miles on it. I dont go anywhere.

But ya know..
My dad He gave me something special on the way home. We were soooooo tired. All of a sudden (and if your still reading this wow

I was so exhausted on the way home. I was thinking just how much fathers day stinks and that I didn’t really get to get John anything that I wanted to. I miss my dad so much. I always just hate fathers day. I feel guilty for that and bad that I don’t really do it up like I should. I miss my daddy so much you just really have no clue. Tears were coming down my face and about that time it starts sprinkling just a tiny bit.. “oh great now its gonna rain” I said.
we look up and John and I both saw it at the same time I kinda rubbed my eyes because it was very faint.
I think We both tell Bella “LOOOK IS that a rain bow over in the distance?” Bella couldnt really see it.. (I think she wa half asleep)

there was a faint tint we thought awww sweet we got to see a rain bow. we went a litttle further and we saw it a little clearer. we got closer and closer and OMGOSH this was the most clear beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. It kept getting bigger and bigger and closer and closer. IT WAS SO AMAZINGGGG.
You could seee where it ended.
IT WAS RIGHT ON TOP OF USSSS! ON THE HIGHWAY right in front of us. bella was squealing!!!

I tried to take some pictures but it was raining and sun shining at the same time

(and I had tears coming down my face)

Bella said “BUT where is the pot of gold?”
John kinda looked at me and loooked in the rear view mirror and he said “Im lookin at it”. well we are in a kinda gold car…

ya go ahead… awwwww how sweet is that??? so ya I really had that hallmark moment and tears down my face then. (think I just heard my brother hurl)

Then he had to totally blow it by saying “besides mommy is kinda short like a leprechaun anyway.. Bella says “ya and she kinda hobbles when she walks too…. hee he he”

so much for my hallmark moment.
but Omg loook at this rainbow how gorgeous is this!!!!
Thanks dad!

Quick someone "Find me my glue"

There are always two weeks a year that I just really do not like… This is one of them.The other understandably the week my dad was killed buried and his birthday falls right after. But Fathers day week is sad, It is, WELL, for me that is BUT, I try really hard really really really hard to not be all mopey and sad because my sweet husband is now a daddy and also I have an amazing man in my life also that I acquired when I married that sweet man my father in “love” BElla RELISHES in this day and LOVESSSSS her daddy just as MUCH as I LOVED my daddy. SHe adorns him with beautiful “handmade” necklaces. Makes him many cards and projects and is so proud. How can you be sad. I still can’t help but have that tear shed occasionally knowing someone is missing but looking down smiling on this little girl remembering the days I did that with him. I was that same little girl bouncing around the house giving him cards. adorning him with paper necklaces… taping pennys to paper… seems like yesterday…
Needless to say this week I have felt like my life has been falling apart. I know everyone just thinks ohhh that Nancy she is just being a drama queen well, ok think what you want I really don’t give a flying squirrel you know that if you know me.
But, if you read me on facebook you probably know life has been falling apart at the seams it feels like.

It always seems to happen in threes? well SOMEONE needs to tel)l the UNIVERSE! Flood gates have opened and here it came. I got really angry because I didn’t know or understand what was going on with family member that is obviously dying. (they do this to me all the time thinking they are protecting me by not telling me for six months… when they have had all this time to prepare mentally is all my point is) I understand my “health” is trying to be considered but everyone has been told just tell my husband let him decide. please and thank you and I say that sincerely not with any bitterness and snark I promise….yet.

This week has been rough. Father in law is in Rehab with his Hip replacement BUT he is doing really well with THAT now, Trying to keep his spirits up (as you can see with the cards) He has to have his pinched nerve still done after this.

My Aunt Norene (she lived Across the street from my grand mother) and is so very dear to our family has been our entire life we ALL loved her she has been a family favorite of the entire McCrary Family no less. She had fallen and hit her head had surgery now she is not doing well (?) she is 93. was told they were basically planning her funeral. so This is all I know. (oh I will know when I go home cuz I can’t get anyone to answer me!)

Frances as of last night (my best bud, maid of honor at my wedding) Is in CCU right now I wont say where for her privacy. she is stable. She is ok. Thank you Jesus! They put stint in right side of her heart. 2 of them. so please keep her in your prayers! Thank you sally for letting me know! I so appreciate you!

During the middle of all this we hear EXCRUITIATING SCREAMS I mean like a BANCHEE thinking someone is dying.. being killed then I realize oh crapp THATS MY CHILD it is coming from the swingset and the window (there is no door but almost became a exit hole) behind me. She was screaming like I have never heard her scream before.. Was thinking oh good lord the cats, guido, what has gotten her. WHo? What? where is my 9 iron?

She swings on the swingset pretty high.. then JUMPS OUT? (remember doing this as a kid? thought you were cool and a badars when you did it too didn’t you?) well she did it and usually she lands and looks oh so cool. well this time, not so cool. she landed on her arm. She was pitiful last night I wanted to take her to the urgent care. Hubby doesnt think its that bad. She doesnt want to go to dr so thinks its ok too (of course but every time rolled over on it in her sleep woke up with it hurting. She is saying it still hurts today. (she doesnt want to go to the dr though) imagine that I think she is scared of a shot. I told her they will just take a picture of it no shots.
she wont listen though (imagine that.) SHE DOES NOT want to make cards for Papa today… so it must really hurt. she has been buggin me for 2 days . (its important to her) she woudlnt even talk to nana on phone last night and well that is like I dunno she never not talks to nana or grandma on the phone EVER!! She didnt want to do either last night. SHe seems MUCH better today though just kinda pouty. She said she didn’t want to go swing this morning though when I asked her if she wanted to hahaha. (Ya im am mean that way)

I am thinking of asking the dentist to give me another week or so before we go do take out my temporary teeth seems like the good lord must want me to wait. (although they don’t seem to hurt as much)

SO I will be makin cards ( bet she will join in later if she is up to it if not I am gonna MAKE THEM go in she does seem alot better today) and hopefully no more people end up sick or in hospital today. (Yall need to behave I got to REFILL MY GLUE!!!!!) no more of my cards will end up backwards… that is also another post… yes I told yall that I was just a little bit backwards myself but again, YALL KNOW ME by now and know that anyway so just deal with that part if you get a backwards card that IT just might be upside down and back wards so enjoy it.
hmmm, might have to be my new trademark.


The card Bella made for Papa (she took over my blog today)

Here is the Card Bella Bella made for PaPa while he is recovering from his Hip replacement surgery. We appreciate your ongoing prayers for him. He is doing pretty good. Still has some more surgery to go so we are trying to keep his spirits up. Bella said nothing does that better than sparklies and Hello Kitty!

AND BUTTONS and stickles… lots of stickles on:

The Front

The Inside

THe Back

Dont you just LUUUUUUUUUUV all the stickles she used????
She reaally went for the sparkly look here. I mean she REALLY went for it. She did a beautiful Job and I think he is gonna LOVE IT. I bet he will really love the buttons the best!(that is what she said!)
We mailed this off to papa today. SHe put it in the Mailbox Herself! She is making another one today to go tomorrow.
Hopefully we will have plenty of cards to send to papa to decorate his room with!
So tell us what you think of Bellas card? whats your favorite thing? Do you like to make cards too? who do you make cards for? Bella wants to know.

This is how ya do it….

I did this layout for The Color Room.

This page is dedicated To my DEAR dear friend Teresa that sews for my Bug.
Bella TREASURES these doll clothes like you have no idea. She tells everyone these are her “handmade” (with spirit fingers) American Girl doll clothes and they are special.
she is so funny.
She tells everyone how her Aunt Teresa (she was aunt Taweeeesa for the longest time) made them for her special and we have to be careful with them. I get so tickled when she plays make believe or with Eva Caroline. They talk so intently. You can see the seriousness of the conversation. I get so tickled.

It works out really well I don’t sew… Teresa doesn’t scrapbook.. Ying yang.. it just works.

I used Cosmo cricket Material Girl kit The paper, the stickers buttons

I used Bazzill cardstock. Making Memories edge distresser to rough up the edges to give it the kinda worn tattered look (kinda like the fuzzy fur in the coat) I inked the edges of the paper for definition with colorbox cats eye chalk inks. I cut the borders out places them in and out the torn paper (the scissor cut paper to mock scissor cut paper)
Used a paper clip to encircle the number 6 (Bella is 6 years old in the photo I have got a bad memory I have to do something on each page to help me know how old she is but I don’t necessarily want to say in this photos you are 6 that is redundant and boring make it interesting) I cut out the half flower and put it beside the little dresses (Bella lovess dresses she is such a little girly girl)

The tag was cut out from the tag sheet included in the Material girl kit from Cosmo Cricket. Again I used the edge distresser from Making Memories to rough up those edges and the colorbox cats eye ink in chestnut brown to go around the edges. A Brad through the Tag to hold it in place under the Patterned paper will keep it secure under neath those Spools that I hand cut out of the border sheet of patterned paper as well.
I cut each of those out inked the edges with the colorbox cats eye chalk inks I used a foam pop dot on the top one. I added assorted Cosmo Cricket buttons beside it. How cute are they?
Does that not just look like it is fresh from your sewing box?

These My Minds Eye LUSH letters are absolutely FABOOLOUS I have to tell you! I couldnt decide on which color to get ……… so… I got all 3… ok 4.. ya guilty. they were gorgeous.. shhhh.
LOOK AT THEM! can you blame me????

The sticker across the top was a little tricky. It was too big and off center and one side was rounded. I cant just cut one side and make it rounded and it look right sooooo TWO ways you can do this..
1. You can take a small circle and use it half way and cut half of it off the end to make the end round. or
2l. use a corner rounder and make the end round

I had a corner rounder with me so I went for option 2.
so It was a little tricky to get it centered but It worked out.
I added Crystal stickers (jewel stones) to the center of the little flowers on the sticker across the top.
I also added staples down the side of the patterned paper. If you click on the photos it enlarges them and you can see the detail better just fyi if you didn’t know.
The staples are to represent stitches.

I did this layout for The Color Room.
Check out their Challenges and join in on the fun!

Mobile Crop for a Cure

I am all kinda tired!!! But I tell you what. I had sooo much fun. This is the first crop I have been to in so long. It was soooo good to get out. I have not been out around people in so long I was so distracted I didn’t get but one layout done haha. (I ran my mouth I know your surprised) It was soooo good to see old friends and make new ones. Got to sit with Debra and with Darlene and I just want to Hug Darlene to pieces. she is 19 months out (I am gonna start cryin again) breast cancer survivor xoxox! So happy for her! SO it was an awesome crop and emotional at times!

I want to once again THANK THE people that spent their time effort and talents to make things for our silent auction. They were amazing and were such a success! I am so very proud of My friends I just love you guys for helping me do this. Also the manufacturers and kit clubs that sent product omgosh you guys are so awesome Thank you so very very much! Everyone that came got a door prize. Everyone was very impressed with the prizes and very happy! I thank you all so very much. I can’t say Thank you enough! This was VERY successful and Melissa raised a good bit of money for the Susan G Komen foundation. . AND NEXT YEARRRRRR….. I THINK will be even bigger and BETTER Than this year. I know the fun we had will carry Melissa through that 3 days of walking she will be doing in October and thinking of all those women and all that they go through just knowing she has all of us behind her supporting her!

OK I have rambled on enough. Just wanted to say I really had a great time. and wanted to thank everyone that helped out with the crop in one way or another. It was appreciated more than they know. I will be working on Thank you cards this week some things have come up unexpectedly.
I will put some photos (that I didnt take a single one but I know Melissa and Debra did so I will borrow some and post them. But I had a great time. It was so good to see Mrs Arlene and get hugs! have missed her so much was good to see everyone Debby, Holly and Janie (hugs) have missed everyone look forward to scrapping sometime and made lots new ones!!I know Melissa is probably beyond exhausted today. she looked just so tired. I hope she is getting good rest today thinking about all the smiles and laughs and that will make it all worth it!

Here is the one layout I got done haha ya I know everyone was ragging me about my ONE layout haha. I put a little bit more stuff on it today as you can see. I will tomorrow post some detail shots and do the expletives. This is for

I will be back later to explain more of my layout… I have close up photos and explanations but Im worn slam out. So tomorrow is another day. (and my child IS INTO EVERYTHINGGGG she made mud pies then came inside.. mommy was so tired today. ) sigh
praying and counting to ….. well I am on about 70 right now. John hosed her off and gave her a popsicle BUT I DID TAKE PHOTOS so thats another page.. gonna hose em BOTH!! I just want to rest thats all. haha. sigh. and not have a muddy house. ok back to rest.