The definition of Happy according to Merriam Webster is: adj ;\ˈha-pē\
enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment

For those of you reading that have M.S. or those that KNOW me and know how HEAT can make it worse or flare up symptoms. With me… YA..I melt or literally become paralysed. My legs go weak I can’t walk. WHYYY am I bothering you with this information you ask? well IT’S so this next bit of information will make sense.
We live in Mobile as you know.. which is like THE SUNNNN in the summer. Yes we have nice breezes but it is so flippin Humid down here it is disgusting. Unless you enjoy the beach. I USED TO. OH I adored the beach. Was a sun worshiper. LOVED outside Until all this MS …crapp happened. anyway
Hurricane Katrina taught us a valuable lesson.. being without electricity here is NOT FUN in the summer. or any other time for that matter. There is NO WAY I would make it now. So we took the means neccessary by getting a generator to hopefully take care of that. IF you live in the south and you have a chronic illness, I suggest you get a generator of some capacity. CHeck your insurance, with different organizations or societies for help because some do offer assistance if you qualify. so there is an FYI FOR YOU.

SO They had a recall and something freaked out on it and dude had to come fix it. Guido, our Austrailian Shepherd was aggravating the snot out of him poor guy, (licking him to death if anything)
he wanted to EAT HIM at first.. Guido is an outside dog because Bella is allergic, but I had to bring him inside.
Guido LOVES BELLA. HE thinks Bella belongs to him she is his personal Girl. You will see in these photos I took with my cell phone The bond they have. It is just unreal. just how much he loves her.
You can see it on his lil face.
He is the funniest dog.
I used to have 2 lil yorkies and I used to say I would call “GUIDO AND THE BOYS…” so here would come Guido with these two lil bitty mini house shoes running behind him.. was soooo hysterical.. anyway
Guido WAS atually my Husbands dog but BELLA is HISSSS. NO DOUBT.

When I first let him in I set my cup of coffee down that I had put whip cream (the spray kind) and some caramel toppin lightly drizzled (got to make it pretty its my happy coffee of the day) and a blonde oreo cookie on the side table. Dude knocks on the door to tell me something. Not thinking how tall Guido is. I come back the whip cream is gone and so is my cookie. ANd I see THIS:

YA that would be him licking his chops.. Not only does he theiveee my snack but sits smackin on it too! little ingrate!
So anyway… He sniffs and explores all over the living room and keeps giving me this look. The look of “OK WHERE IS SHE. YOU KNOW THE ONE.. THE SHORT ONE BLONDE HAIR BIG MOUTH BIG GIGGLE???? MY GIRL??? WHERE YOU HIDING HER??? I have turned over everything in this room and smelled everything I know she has been here.” HE just sat STARING AT ME. I TOLD HIM she was at school… HE was NOT HAPPY.
He finally grabbed one of her little socks she had left on the floor and laid on it beside the small chair he resolved to be hers and waited…

And he waited..


and then…. FINALLY..

What do you think???

and if this doesn’t say Happy.. I DUNNO WHAT DOES…


Ok im happy Now

Today is like Christmas and my birthday and all the fun holidays from when your a kid all wrapped up into one little shiny package and delivered with a big cute puppy on top!

I was so happy last night it was like the ultimate. The only thing better would have been if I were in Glendale at the actual game on the side line in the confetti doing one arm confetti angels with Aubby. (and taking photos for my scrapbook)
This had to be THE BEST GAME. IT was so intense. I love lovve LOVE college football.
BUT I love Auburn even more! Thanks you guys for a wonderful year and for entertaining us and playing your heart out.
Oregon played an amazing game last night. IT really was up to the last second and anyones game.

I just knew Michael Dyer had it with that touchdown where his knee went down… I was on the chair in Tom Cruise on Oprah form… then… they had to evaluate the play…
it was still exciting but the rush of that play for Michael a freshman man.. YOU ARE STILL DA MAN in my book!!!!
Dyer and Newton have been it all season.
love em. This girl loves her some Auburn Football.

Here are all the covers of the newspapers How cool is this!!!HERE is Toomers Corner all decked out with its traditional toilet paper rolling hahaha! War Eagle!
and HERE we are on the cover of Sports Illustrated (again)

I don’t have a lot to do besides scrapbook in between being sick so I tell you THIS has brought me a lot of pleasure!
I am happy now! Auburn won a national Championship! I know there are a lot of happy AUburn people out there today and I am one of them!!
I can check this off of my Things I had hoped for, well besides getting to actually meet Cam and Dyer and Zach but Maybe next year (maybe some day) Im just so happy for them right now and Proud for them and of them! Only thing left to say I suppose is WAR EAGLEEEE!

Big lights Big city ughm Ya..

SO some one made a comment that I lived in a big city the other night, in midst of the conversation and me choking (pause for laughter) ya I know. I was laughin’ so hard I couldn’t speak. I kept trying to get out of my mouth “AND YOUR FROM WHERE? Obviously not here?” YOU THINK THIS???? MOBILE ALABAMA IS A BIG CITY?”

Now, I guess you have to keep in mind WHERE I AM FROM. I have seen some really big cities, I have seen some po dunk places.
Lets go back shall we, take a little stroll slip on your boots because it gets rough people.
I was born a poor …. ok not that far I grew up in Goshen Springs Mississippi population 5 in 1970 because well.. I was born. It was in the middle of NO WHERE. We had no wal mart no mall no gas station OH WAIT we did have Tommy’s trading post but that wasn’t considered in Goshen and ya if you wanted to pay double gas prices and get bait THAT was the place to go. You could get a hamburger in their little diner thing there but I wouldn’t recommend it always unless she was in a good mood.)

Otherwise it was about 25 miles to “town” Something we didn’t do everyday. You went to “town” to get groceries, to the dr, to the bank, to the parts store for my daddy, and usually all of the above ALL on the same day in one trip
heaven forbid you waste gas!! When we went home at Christmas we were showing Bella how far it was (time wise) from town and that there was NOTHING but trees and road from wal mart to where we had to go to Uncle Windlaes and to Grandma’s) She could not believe not one store not one thing! “She said HOW did yall survive?” I also informed her we didn’t have tv’s in our car or DSI and get this OUR PARENTS chose what we listened to on the radio OH THE HORROR!!! SHe immediately gave me and eyeroll and went back to her DS.
NOW We live 2 minutes from everything just about. or fairly close. We are right by every convenience known to man. we can call and order a pizza, Chinese food, we can even have an ambulance in less than 5 minutes! High livin yall High livin! My dr’s office is less than a few miles away everything is in close proximity. AND WE LIKE IT! BElla gets bored if we have to travel more than 10 minutes anywhere (she has my attention span I suppose)
When we first moved to Mobile the FIRST thing I did was order Pizza and I took his picture. I hugged him and told him he would soon be our really good friend. I would show you that photo but our camera got stolen out of the truck that night. WELCOME TO MOBILE! so I have none of those moving photos. I never saw that delivery guy again come to think of it even when we ordered pizza from there come to think of it.

I remember when I was pregnant and John and I lived out in Hooville (back home) as we now refer to it sometimes because it is so far away from everything I offered the pizza delivery guy a 50 to bring me a pizza noway they wouldn’t do it.
I was on bed rest and starving. I begged I pleaded even offered to add his name somewhere in the babies name although melvin was a pretty name I wasnt really gonna do it but I was gonna tell him I would if he would bring me that dadgum pizzza! I know Bella is happy he didn’t! That wouldn’t look so good monogramed on her dresses. OH
AND IT HAD GROWN SINCE 1970 there were at least 20 people living out there then! 😉

I joke about back home but it is charming and beautiful. I love the little communities. Everyone will come running and are so tight knit. They eat for everything. Someone is born, someone dies, someone gets married.and not necessarily in that order!

Although we live in the “big city” now it still isn’t much different from that. We have our little community here in our neighborhood. We eat for everything too.
We just celebrate different things.
Like when the mailman gets our mail to us before 5 wheww! WHO HAS the cream cheese with salsa and crackers?
Auburn Football DOUBLE WHEWWW! WAR EAGLE! That is always cause for a celebration here.

I still have to laugh at the big city though. I remember when we moved here I really had HUGEEE expectations. I really thought myself this was a big city. After being here and I guess becoming a naturalized citizen (I really am trying to say this with a straight face its just hard) and when you get the blood flowing through you. (yes blood transfusion makes it easier) You soon realize its not so big. It is actually very small. I thought it was huge because where I was from was so country. So little. so out in the woods. BUT, I can tell you this It is was HOME. NOW, This is Home we love it. I have never lived anywhere so beautiful. Scroll through my posts look where John took me for our anniversary. That is just a hop skip and a jump away. We have beautiful beach right here by us. The bay is right here. Its beautiful. THere is always a breeze. We have the bluest skies you have ever seen in your life. And oh my gosh every early spring when the Azaleas bloom it is the biggest EXPLOSION of color you have ever seen. SOME OF THEM ARE TALLER THAN OUR HOUSE!

I was so reluctant to move here I didnt want to come. I hated it when I first got here.I cried and cried and I have to admit there have been times I have hated it since. But I have met some of the most amazing people and made some really good friends here. Friends that have helped me through horrible diagnosis painful loss and difficult decisions. I still have life long friends back home since childhood that I love and that are my heart.
But I have to tell you it is really nice to have someone right around the corner offer to come help wrap presents when you are snot squalling, because your arm is out of socket and its Christmas and notning is going right!<3<3<3 and have friends that will be there no matter what! That help you pick up your kid from school (I don't drive anymore thanks to M.S.) It is not that I cannot drive. It is kinda like spandex. You have spandex but its probably not a good idea to wear it in public.. that is me and driving. I just figure it is probably for the best I don't. BUT I have an updated license with no restrictions. Couldn't believe they let me have it actually. Im just smart enough thank God to know I shouldn't be on the road. MS causes alot of vision issues and they mess with brain function…. ok no puns.I had 2 minor VERY MINOR accidents when I was not as ill as now bumped into my boss's truck and I bumped into johns van and that was it for me!
SO scared I would injure Bella or someone else people drive like idiots here!

We have made amazing friends here that have become more like family. We are so eternally grateful. Nothing could ever honestly convey the happiness we have or the thankfulness we have, for these people in our lives and I hope we have shown them that!

So whatever misconceptions some may have about (this meaning me) girl. one thing will always remain and thats that you may take this girl (meaning me)out of that country setting and put her anywhere, thats for sure, I WILL adapt. but, deep down I will have my Justins on and wranglers that won’t change. You may can take me out of there but you won’t take it out of me! I will “Reckon” till the day I die!

and wanna hear something even more funny… I think it must flow in the DNA or something’. My lil girl even sleeps in her boots at times ahhh I love that kid!

Ready for the chapter on patience to be over!

Pain can teach you so much about things. ALot about yourself and about others.
ALso alot about patience. 1. Don’t ever ask for it. You will get it (sometimes in the form of an illness or a child or some other strange hard ship that is even worse I have heard many horror stories)
This I do know.
Patience is something that is a mentioned thing a suggested thing. kinda like the Speed limit here. No one really goes by them but man it would work so much better if they did!
Patience can be taught. It is a lesson that is very hard learned. Usually it is learned with force, unwillingness and much argument. SOMETIMES.
This isn’t to say it is that way every time.
Saying this goes along with the cancellation/postponement rather, of this shoulder surgery. And having to had wait another day on medication for an intensely painful shoulder (ya dislocate your shoulder a few times then go a night without proper medication see how PATIENT you are it gets testy)
BUT… it also brings you to GRATITUDE hahahahaha
I WILL BE SO DADGUM HAPPY when this is over with. I will do a jig in the middle of the street! (of course when I am fit to!)
I tell you IF the good Lord Is trying to teach me patience…
He has a wonderful sense of humor and I will be sure and let him
know so when I meet him!


OK SOOOOOO I didn’t post yesterday….. I KNOW I KNOWWW i knowwwwwww I already broke my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION that I was gonna do my blog thing every day butttttttttt. BEFORE you throw things at me LEMMESPLAIN. I THINK you will be ok with it. If you aren’t well sorry?
YA SEE.. most yall that know me THAT REEEEALLLY know me know I AM 97.3% of the time a chatterbox and smiley and lalallaa all over the place right? right. :this is you going yes Nancy we knowwwwww: The other percent of the time welll? Im asleep. Ok Ok really no the other percent of the time I will leave for other stuff like? OH I KNOW when my neighbor cranks his blower at 7 30 am and scares the golly gee curl out of my hair! YA!

so yesterday was EVEN more of a bummer THAN THAT! I was sad. REALLY sad. how come?
so ya know I have been having this shoulder thing. I leave it no secret I have multiple Sclerosis. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Because of that I am stumbly unsteady and I bump into things and for years have popped out of socket easily.
long story. anyway short version FF to now. Was sup to have surgery TOMORROW. IT has been postponed till… who knows.
Is kinda a good thing. Seems I need to be in an actual hospital instead of at the clinic because of all the other issues.
which I RESPECT FULLY. I want them to be 100% comfy before they start slicin on me.

THAT brings me to the topic of my blog post… its been forever since I have been able to realllly Scrapbook and do stuff because.. ITS MY RIGHT SHOULDER.
DO YOU REALLLLY know how much you USE that muscle (take your pointy finger touch the inside muscle on your shoulder then the one on the outside behind your shoulder) ya those. ALOT.
I did Battle with a box of cereal this morning… left hand… wasnt pretty.
I sat in the floor and cried. lucky charms … all over the place… but by gosh I HAD A BOWL OF cereal! cheerios!(ya the lucky charms were all over the floor you didnt think I was eatin that did you?)

so I did what any respectable person would do… let the dog in to clean up.
shhhhhh! Don’t tell.

SO NOW Im praying soooon they will reschedule my surgery I can get back to scrapping because this is starting to really really REALLLLLLY get to me.
although my dog is following me around going what you wanna open next???

Thank you Keury

Meet Keury… Keury made this for me. FOR MY birthday yesterday. well THIS little caramel topped cup of yumminess I got today. YET the whole shebang I got yesterday.. its the gift that keeps on giving. Keury is going to be a good friend of mine I have a feeling.

I bet I have another new friend too called “Wii fit…. I wont like him very much because keury and I got so close. It will be a tough relationship to keep up Keury and mine, but someone has to do it… ahhhhhhh.

Keury was given to me by my sweet hubby. HAS to be ONE OF THE BEST BDAYY GIFTS EVERRRRRR! *edited besides the perfume Bella gave me I LOVEEEE that too! I have never smelled this good in my life :yikes: NOW I SMELL SOOOO GOOOOOOD while I drink my (DECAFFENATED yes they have decaffenated so dont start fussin at me, geeesh people can find anything to try to spoil a girls fun, I will iggy your emails!:P~~ FANCY COFFEE 🙂 LET A GIRL LIVE A LITTLE GEEESH! This thing is ITS SO COOOL you put one of the little thingys in and whammmmo keury gives you a cup of coffee that fast. You dont have to wait!
Yall know me right? dontcha?
Ya I thought so. The excitement was overwhelming. Its the little things I tell ya! Find one of these (ON SALE) you wont be sorry! IT was so cool. So now.. we can have smoothies that I can make like LIGHTNING with my cool thingy my bro got me Christmas (and Margarittas but I cant drink them THAT often but hey a girl gotta live ya know right!)

Technology is just so awesome!
I love being married to one of those fabulous men that has a mind for it so I can just clapp and be excited when they find this stuff haha!

Today is a day of putting up allll the Christmas decorations ::booo::hissss:: We say every year “Whyyyyyyyy oh WHY did we drag all this out?” and we look down at
This lil face staring at us going ::blink blink::

Bella did all our decorating this year (thanks to my shoulder)
BUT she will remember it forever! We decorate To make us feel better to give us that happiness warm fuzzy feeling for 2 weeks a year ok, if your in retail they start in July but normal people… usually after Thanksgiving. We were a little late with it this year. (I held out hope my shoulder would get better and no surgery ugh!)

SO back up in the attic as I hear John.. grimacing saying “WHYYY did I play bowling with you on the kinect before doing this” and Bella telling him “Knock it off daddy you will be fine your just OLD” him threatning to lock her in the attic and her going “OH COOOOOL whats up there?” GIggling the entire time… Knowing it must be January Second at the Jones house… I sit here sipping coffee with my new friend. KNOWING alot more things this year…..

~Bella is getting bigger and older TOOOOO FAST!
~The attic is right over my head, and it sounds like they are about to fall in… but they all I hear is Bella giggling.
~Gonna have to work off that cream and caramel on that coffee.
~We made a great big mess taking down this Christmas stuff.
~I really love those two trying to get that Christmas tree up that ladder.
Oh wait.. it just went back down the ladder. Wonder if I.. haha, nahh IM sure its fine.ha this is good coffee, sigh, anyway,
~Oh they are gong back up the ladder. THere they are right there he goes They are ok. “Hi honey” Look Johns waving to us. oh ohhh honey? you want some coffeee??? no? YOU SURE? Because Kuery can make it reallly fast. ITS NO TROUBLE
“Oh You saw already. THATS RIGHT. ya you did give it to me I know. I was just thinkin you look real tired goin up and down and up and down that ladder. That you might. Ya. You. YA I SEE you got that GREAT BIG BOX in your hands. IT LOOKS HEAVY. ya. so ughm. QUESTION? WHATS IN THAT BOX? I don’t see a label?
You? SURE YOU DONT WANT SOME COFEEE? really its no trouble?” He went back up the attic I think he shut the door up there he is organizing probably Think he will have some later.
anyway They are so cute!!! (
( HAhaha.just kidding you KNOW that didnt happen, he would have ignored me and kept going Then come back and said HUH???)
~ I have to play with hubby he has been doing the wave of your hand makes the crowd go wild in kinect sports. (now he knows How the players feel but not really lol)
~Bella goes back to school tomorrow, house is gonna be quiet (YIPPEE)
gonna be kinda freaky at first, I think I will adjust quickly but wait…
~ is short lived, Oh ya Im gonna want it quiet but I will be glad to get it over with.
~By the time this heal and get to where I can do the stuff I need to do and really want to do with her again guess what?
as Bella says

First things First

First things first of the first on the first of the first day of ya well you get it.. its 1/1/11 so I HAD to make a post.
I wanted to try my best to be a better blogger. FOR BELLA, FOR JOHN, FOR ME for my family back home but also well anyone that wants to read it I guess.
Havnt gotten to scrap much BUT SOON. I have so many Ideas just going crazy in my head and Yes I have been making note of them. I have gotten to take a few photos. My camera my trusty lil panasonic I have had foreverrr is light weight I can still use it. I got a new one for Christmas my love upgraded me. but, It hurts. Its heavy and with this shoulder thing. Who am I Im not complaining its a fancy schmancy camera I like it its pretttty (sitting over there) I am watching videos on how to use it and all kinda stuff and reading etc. I have tried a couple times but the pain ya.
oh well.
it will be ok soooon!

This is the part where: I BORE YOU WITH FAMILY PHOTOS!!!
WE (meaning John drove he gave me something and put me in the car)
took Bella to have Breakfast with Santa at Point Clear. Remember that awesome place he took me for our Anniversary? ya we went back there and took the child!

For those that follow me on facebook. you have seen this photo I made it my avatar.
we had a great time I know Bella did.

Im trying to make this kinda short to catch up some.

Ya know the funny thing is You will do things even when you feel horrible no matter what…. when its for someone you love. I look back at the holidays and think HOW ON EARTH DID I DO THIS? I know exactly HOW I DID. ITs all for this little girl to have some wonderful memories.
THAT she will.
We took her FINALLY after being in MOBILE for now almost 7 years to Bellingrath Gardens! To see the lights!
It was unreal!

We most importantly of all got to go Home the day after Christmas to see family we have not seen in some time. We wished so much to have been able to see every one but it was a go that morning come home same day trip. I was beyond exhausted slept alot the next several days but it was worth it.

and just because I want to put her on my blog …… and I love this photo…

Gramma Sandi:

(and Im not in driving range for her to come beat my tail hehehe)

We THEN left ( YA IT WAASNT OVER) went to NaNa an PaPa’s House (Johns mom and dad)

{}” href=””&gt;

HOw cuteee is lala?!?!?

Bella got this for lala she had soooooooo much fun with it. she as all over the house
with it. was soooo sooo cute.

was a wonderful time with Family and friends wished we could have stayed longer and seen everyone.

As I sit here now under the covers eating donuts watching the parade, typing this post. I think back to when I was a little girl on many a New years day, sitting in the living room on my knees in my jammies, hair all a mess not much different than my like my little girl is now, all excited YELLING “LOOK LOOK” as my dad was trying to read the paper and my mom was doing other stuff (probably cooking New years lunch Peas cabbage corn Bread). My dad would go “mmhmm hmmhmm ya ya” IM laughing as Bella is shouting ” IS THAT THE GUY FROM DR PHIL???” (that was not dr Phil by the way it was some broadcaster) I think about how my daddy used to tell me when I was little not only because today was and well IT STILL ISSSsssss my birthday. (I kinda always thought maybe it was his way of getting out of a big expensive party) He would tell me “ALLLL THOSE FIREWORKS ALL THOSE PARADES… thats for you baby!” I rememeber my eyes lighting up (a wonder I am such a grounded and humble quiet dossile person now huh? amazing)blame my father THe entire world celebrated my day.. every time zone.. well least in me and my daddy’s world. No one can tell us any different either… so as I snuggle here with her eating this donut and she is lickinggg the plate!!??::eyeroll::… (remind me to work on manners in 2011 with child) ya today, I still cry and ya, I miss him so very much. more than ever, I always will. But No one, NOT ANYONE!!
can take Those memories away from me. Those little moments like that. Those are the little things I am trying to make with my little girl. no matter how much pain I am in if I have to take another tylenol to get to Mcdonalds (lord help us please THAT IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT do not slam my blog) Then I will.

SO ya my scrapbook pages in 2011 may be a little less perfect than they used to be. BUT THEY WILL be with more intent and purpose than ever before of getting these memories for Bella in these 4 297 865 million scrapbooks she has.
HAPPY NEW YEAR I wish you all the love light and happiness ever! (and lots of parades and fireworks 😉