cheer camp and why do our kids have to grow up so fast?

Long time no see. I know. I haven’t posted. I do a lot of short posts on facebook these days. Instant gratification. It seems everyone is busy. Bella is getting older and you know with older what that means. GO GO GO GO. I just can’t GOOOOOOO.
My dr. God love that man. Is trying. He has prescribed me some medication that is supposed to help me with this overwhelming fatigue. Summer is just my Nemesis. Ok that and LEAF BLOWER MAN gets out there and starts Vacuuming and blowing leaves DAILY sometimes twice daily. (I’M NOT KIDDING if you see me on fb you KNOW I am not kidding. I get on my knees and pray for this mans blower to break and YES HE VACUUMS HIS SHRUBS OCD MUCH?) I have to give it to him he has a pristine yard. Mine not so much. We go for that A la’ natural look of “I don’t care if leaves fall”. When the cats start swinging from trees to get to their dishes (playing jungle kitties) then we go ahhh maybe we should Mow the grass. Hmm.
So yeah. We are more laid back with it. I’m sure makes him nuts. So back to the medication. Insurance company told us that will be 200 dollars please. STORY OF MY LIFE.
BUT they got generic in FINALLY so hopefully THIS WEEK I get my medication and I wont be walking around like a zombie and falling asleep in chairs and couches or other strange places and just feeling yuckified.  The heat just does something to me. Is an MS thing. I have to build up to go anywhere. WAY IN ADVANCE I don’t mean and hour IM talking day or so. If I am having a good day. I do everything I can think of. My poor child she is sooooo bored.
I just despise it for her. I keep saying it will get better. I have faith. It is going to get better.

So much we need to do so much I want to do. My hair is getting long I have roots long as my fingers but I just have felt like blah and not wanted to go get it done. sad huh.
sure some call it lazy but this is beyond anything lazy. I WANT to do stuff I get up to do stuff and my legs wont go. I try to do things physically try to make myself and like I end up hurting myself or breaking things. I fell in the bathtub because i just have no energy and I go weak. Im trying hard to build my muscles back up. . summer stinks. THE WORSE of the heat isnt here yet. I know wa wa wa Could be worse!!! Just hate it for Bella she wants to GOOO DOOO. I just want to crawl to bed.

BUT FUN SOMETHING… Bella starts cheer camp. she is going to have soooooo much fun.
She is super excited.
This was  last year Cheering at the PREGAME HIGH SCHOOL GAME so cute
She is growing up so fast. she is almost as tall as me. NOW before you make your sarcastic comments YES I KNOW I am not that tall. My baby is growing up to be such a big girl. she is going to be tall like her daddy. I wish she had his skin. she has that porceline burn now tan later skin like I had as a child. Although she is so much healthier. She is built just like John. Big ol feet. She is changing so much.
Here she is cheering last year at their last game
She can’t wait for tomorrow to get started again. She didn’t argue with me about going to bed at all.

She was so cute today SHE took JOHN to the movies. TO see Madagascar 3. (I can’t do 3d movies) so it was a daddy daughter date. I thought it would be good for them. You know Their time. 

I think this is a great picture that depicts what a happy daddy we have. Hard to believe this little toot is 9. Seems like yesterday I took this picture. But then seems forever ago sometimes.

So I have been scrapping a good bit. Using up a good bit of the stuff I have.  I will be sharing some photos, I have to get in to my big computer so I can upload them and post. It is great therapy. Trying to get my scraproom redone. It is a HUGE undertaking!!!

My gypsy for my cricut died. Actually it BROKE beyond repair. SO I bought another one from a friend and they are RE- SERIALIZING mine so I can put alllll my cartridges on IT and then it will work with my cricut again (let us pray) if not. yall might see it for sale soon.
 I REALLY PRAY It works. I love my cricut and gypsy and I want it to work so bad.

Speaking of using up your stash. Have you guys seen THIS SITE? they help you use up what you have and make kits out of it. REALLY COOOL. I am not affiliated with them in any way, not on a design team or anything just thought it was neat. so if you want to check them out do so. If we use up our stash then we get to get more fun stuff RIGHT? RIGHT!!!

Also keep your eyes peeled you may see some of my scrappy stuff around in the next month… doing some guest spots. SOOOOO MUCH FUN I love love loveeee it!!!