Hey yall! PROUD mom here! I have to brag for a second. PLEASE let me. After all of the horrible December we went through, SOOO MUCH school my baby girl missed. SHE MADE ALL A and B’s HIGH B’S at that on her report card (SEND IN THE MARCHING BAND!!!) WHEWWWHEWWW!
She is a VERYYY good student and smart kid. (not just mouthed)  I was concerned this term. She has missed SOOOOO much school. from our scheduled trip to Disney, her getting strep at Disney then well you all know our loss we suffered right after. She missed, ya, WAY more school than we had EVER intended.

 WE OWE SOOO MUCH THANKS to her teacher.To so many people, but, I want to focus this post on her teacher. Wow what can I say about a school. About dedication of a force of teachers and I am not just meaning my child on all of these kids. I see it all the time. They rally around these kids. THEY KNOW these kids.
 This woman has stayed after school. DURING HER OWN TIME mind you, During breaks,  Has worked with her way more than I could ever begin to expect.. I am humbled and so Grateful to Mrs. Hughes for all she does for these students. FOR ALL that all of these teachers and all that teachers in general do. SO VERY grateful. She needed extra arms and extra just I dunno how to put it into words,  with all she has been through and this school this teacher has jumped to be there. I am truly grateful for all they have done for her, for us. 

THAT is one of the reasons for this post. I haven’t been posting much of the artwork I have been doing lately. I do most stuff for the joy of it and for my family these days.  I do still do some for a little magazine that I have done things for a long long Looooooooong time. I haven’t even done that in a while. Between being sick so much the last year and Bella’s schedule I just really had not done much of anything but keep up with her photos and our gift giving needs cards you know the drill. I just had to make something special though for her teacher. This verse is one of my very favorites and it just kept reaching at me and spoke to my heart. It just seemed to fit. I did it very quickly it should have taken me much longer and I felt it was messy. If I had taken my time (THAT I DIDN’T HAVE EEK I had maybe 2 days to get it done so ya… I rushed that puppy) Maybe it would have looked better. I think she liked it though.

John !5:5 Yes, I am the vine, You are the branches. 

I painted the canvas using various paints and assorted spray mists I had on hand please forgive me if I leave any product out it is not on purpose I will add later if I remember. . I used (bet you wouldn’t have guessed this) News Paper,  First, I inked it well with Ranger Distress Stain by Tim Holtz Fired Brick, Then  rolled it dipped it and sprayed it with Shimmerz Vibez.  I glued it to the canvas then sprayed over the entire thing with  Shimmmeringz  Goldie Lox in Gold, (my favorite ever)   I used the Shimmerz paints on it as well. I used Prima flowers and Prima ceramics to accent after I painted them and sanded the paint back off lightly for a nice vintage look.  The flowers with vines cut well and wrapped around the paper vine letters I had made, to make the statement I wanted perfectly. I had seen a long time ago someone make one like this at a church somewhere, but couldn’t remember exactly how they did it. It was hanging in a foyer. WAS HUGE. NO idea who had painted or made the huge sculptured piece but I remembered it and had always wanted to make one. Mine is NO WHERE EVENNNN close but I remembered the light shining on it in her colors she had and they had a spot light on it. Was at a huge church we visited when I was in my early to mid 20’s. Ya I still remember that.  I tried various different ways to make these letters my scrap room floor is proof. (big ol mess)
 I came up with the news paper since it absorbed the colorings so easily and dried REALLY FAST I could shape it however and twist it and turn it and when it started drying, it kept the stiff shape after It sat with the sprays on it but the best part, IT WASHED OFF MY HANDS well. (ALWAYS A PLUS!!)

When the sun touched the canvas the next morning all that Gold on it was just sparkling so beautiful. I knew I had made the right choice. Some of the back ground when  you see it in person looks different. You get the general idea though. It was a good bit of work but was good therapy for what we were going through at the time. It is good to get  your hands all dirty some times. Helps your soul heal. You can wash it away at the end of the day and your thoughts with it. hmmm also,  I think she liked it just fine.I will let you see..

        I love the look on her face with Bella, when she opened it. (That is the very best part in my opinion!)

                                         I LOVE this photo look at their faces!!

                                           Can only imagine what Bella is telling her hahahaa!

Thank you so very much Mrs. Hughes and well, All of the teachers at CHCA. You are such an amazing school! Have made a huge difference in one little girls (and her parents) life!


P.O.T.D. 5 p.m. and more

So I am just gonna catch up. Had stuff to do yesterday and felt crappy so didn’t upload my pics but I have them 🙂 So I have a few and an updated layout.

So The challenge for Photo of the Day was to take a photo at 5 p.m. I took 2 one of the tv (showing it was 5 pm)
Also a picture of a not so happy Bella doing her homework. (mean mama made her write her multiplication tables over)

Ya she has those expressive eyes (dunno where she gets that from?)

Here is the next one something that I have worn… (didn’t say when)


This photo is kinda blurry but, I chose to leave it that way.  Haven’t worn these boots in a while. Wore them to my wedding. HA! Typical me!  Don’t think my left leg would fit in those jeans.  This used to at one time be my everyday apparel.  Now, not so much. Have traded it for t shirts.. boxers and  left that behind.  I will wear these boots again. I have a promise that they will be on my feet when I leave this earth. (please don’t let them put any ruffley crapp on me.)  When it all comes down to it in the end… this is just me. who I am. who I have always been and will be.  Just a little more blurry now. (and with a bigger butt)

Todays photo was sup to be out your window. Well one of the views I love I have already shown HERE  out my kitchen window. So I won’t bore you again with that.

Finished this page (finally) I know Im slow and indecisive. I added stickles to everything so it had to dry. I know its hard to see but its all over those  PRIMA flowers, and the butter fly, and the paper and the little hearts those are American Crafts comma’s upside down. The letters are really brown I just added stickles to them in pink so ya ALLLL that had to dry and little fingers had to stay away. I tore up some of the PRIMA Vine flowers (2 packs) and made the embellishment at the top and the Butterfly(Maya road? chipboard,)  antenna,  Used the other Prima flower vine as a base and added another pack of Prima flowers. bling it out big… all kinda of ribbon I cheated and nope didn’t sew YOU KNOW I DON’T sew. That is glue babbbeeey! GO ME!  Tim Holtz distress inks all over, S.C. sticker cut in half and YA THAT is NIKKI SIVILS Frog Prince Paper. .  I just jazzed it up with stickles for Bellas 3rd grade Medieval feast photos. 
Based out on Bazzil Cardstock no less

(Photo taken by me @ chca)