so here it is end of August

Seems like this year is flying by. The kids are back in school. Bella is LOVING cheer Leading. They have their first game soon. She is practicing her cheers all over the house. She cheers everything now. you ask her a question and its ” Y- E- S- mommy!!! whewwwwww or N- O- Thank you SHOW SPIRITTT!!!” hahaha. I love that youngen she cracks me up! Ya she is really getting into it.

So it being the end of the month a couple things we need to do.

too many people have computer crashes and yes it is hurricane season. I have been trying to uploa2d mine as I go to Walgreens site. Also there are places like photobucket and Flicker.

You can also back them up to disks and put copies in a safe deposit box for storage.

which is a very good idea.

I have been trying to print some off to scrap and frame as I take them. Notice I said TRYING.

As I get different papers and kits I put the photos that I want to use with it in with them so I can just grab them when I have time to scrap them.

2. Back up your computer, hard drive.

I try to do this at the end of the month also. is a good way to remember it.

3. Is your antivirus, malware protection updated? this really needs to be done MORE Than monthly. REALLY with facebook and all the other malicious stuff out there it is a good idea to update it regularly depending on how often you are on the internet facebook, twitter can bring you all kinda lovely infectious things onto your computer.

Just a few reminders for you, Things we do around here at the end of the month to keep the computers running. Thank the lord I have an in house I.T. guy. He is constantly reminding me of these things. So I thought I would share.

Also wanted to share with you some other fun things coming up.


This is going to be a really fun experience to get you teaching classes well.. like a rockstar! Taught by some of the BEST in the business. Check it out.

also be sure to check out TEACH CRAFTS LIKE A ROCK STAR on facebook

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Just some scrappy fun stuff

A couple of layouts I did with Backporch memories kits

Tara took this photo Of her son Brayden and their dog Stevie G When Bella was over swimming. How funny huh? I just hadd to scrap this. This kit was perfect for it.

The Journaling reads: ” To say it has been hot is not even close, even Stevie G. has been jumping in the pool to cool off. He likes to take a swim with you and Brayden. He is a very cool funny dog. July 2011″

I also put the number 8 amongst my cluster of embellies (to remind me how old they are in this photo haha ya I forget)I just love that little thermometer. How cute is that? IT REALLY WORKS TOO Bella tried it out hahaha!

This layout just had to be done. This is like a rite of passage. I mean we alll have done this. I cringed when I saw her in front of that dirty old box fan but she was just too cute singing away. SO had to take some photos.

Wanted to point out a few things I did on this layout.

I used the layered flowers instead of as flowers as a border at the top behind the photo I cut them in half and inked them also I used my We R Memory Keepers cropadile and punched holes in 2 of the center circles and made it appear like buttons

and used them on the bottom and twisted the ribbon like the fan was blowing it away from the singing bird.


I am working on some mini albums. Working on a class that I am teaching with my friend Melissa at the No Frills crop (crop for a cure) that our friend Darlene is hosting here in Mobile on Oct. 15th. We are teaching a mini album class. It is coming along and is sooooo cute. It is going to be a class you wont want to miss.

Gonna teach some fun techniques and tricks and have some fun product also.

Edited* Wow I cannot believe an Earthquake just hit virginia that was a 5.9 but was felt all the way to Washington D.C. and all the way down to Georgia. My brother was working out in the field in Ohio and said he could feel it there! Wow. I was watching on the weather channel and they showed some footage in New York. Those Biggg bridges that had the cables holding them up. All those cars going over them. My heart just sank. Made me so nauseous just to think WHAT COULD have happened. Also Made me very thankful that nothing severe DID happen.

Watching this hurricane Irene hoping that it will not do any severe damage. The east coast is just catching it right now.

Praying for you all my friends.

Please be safe

Hope you have a great day.

One week down..

So it has been a whole WEEK of school already. So hard to believe. My baby is a 3rd grader. I KNOW. I keep saying that. It is just so hard to let go. watching her grow up into this amazing kid is so awesome. We were so blessed to have her in the first place.

We wanna just put a brick on her head and keep her little.

She is having a good time. Making friends. getting used to her classes. She told me she had music last night. All I got out of her is she got to go “AHHHAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH AHHHH AHHHH” so I took it they did scales.

was pretty funny.

she is loving the variety in uniforms they get to wear.

They get to wear SKORTS. she is such a little priss. She cracks me up with the skorts “look mom its a skirt nooooooo its shorts nooooooooo its a skort”.. and giggles.

I think she is really going to enjoy this year of 3rd grade. She has made some friends already. She lovvvees her teacher. She is going to pick back up guitar. She is rockin the cheerleading and she said she has already experienced real mystery meat in the school cafeteria, so what else can you ask for?

I think we are definitely getting our moneys worth. she has the social part down anyway.

Now just have to do something about this heat so mama can help her more. anyone got that little request sheet we send to the good lord? I would love to fill one out that asks for cooler weather. Thank you in advance.

Bella is convinced all I need is Ruby Tuesdays Salad Bar and that I will be healed.

I may have to try it and see just you know to test out her theory will get back to you on my findings. Hope you have a good weekend.

FIrst day of 3rd grade? whaat?


Seems like she is only supposed to be 4 years old like in the header of this blog. All sassy and prissy and running around pointing her finger singing. sigh. So hard to believe she is going into the 3rd grade. I am going to be looking her straight in the eye by the end of this year. She is getting so tall. (not to mention a big ol foot on this kid) She was laughing putting on her uniform this morning. She said “These are bowling shoes. We look goofy. We all are going to look like we are going bowling. This is crazy. WHO was the bright person that THOUGHT UP wearing THESE?” Then keeps making swishing sounds and strike noises like she is bowling. My child the comedian.


OK so they look like bowling shoes. THEY are still sooo cute. AND she rocks them!

I took our traditional photo (look how much she has grown omgosh!

she was a tad bit nervous but, WHEN I TOLD HER Mrs. Overman was waiting for her. She got quickly over it and got EXCITED!

She was over me taking pictures of her though… (as if you couldn’t tell)

We went to orientation (BELLA SAID BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRIIINNNGGGG) Then on to her class room. She has 12 kids in her class.

She loves her teacher.

They are going to have a great time this year.

She had Cheerleader practice after wards. We didn’t stay. They kinda ran the parents out. They had a pizza party at the beginning of it. We didn’t want to cramp her coolness!

Tomorrow is her first full day I cannot wait to hear all about it. She has already made some friends.

We signed her up for guitar. This guitar teacher knows her last guitar teacher so I think this is going to be a good thing.