2011 so thats the end of that…

This year has flown by. We often say that but this year has. It has been a strange year. Things have felt “off” hard to explain. Like something is freakishly wrong in the universe. Time just seems to be going so fast. My kiddo is growing up so fast. Some days I wish I could just freeze time and live in the moment for ever. I know not possible. We have had some fun times this year, some sad times along with difficult times as everyone has, A lot of changes taken place. So many things different. We lost some family members that were very special to us. I don’t deal with death that well at all, I know no one deals with it great but since my dad I really have to prepare for funerals. Ya I’m a mental case. but you knew that. So maybe that is what is so “off” both of them being close with my dad brought back a lot of pain and memories I do not like. It was good to see family that I have not seen in a while. Sad the reasons. Bella started a new school this year. 3rd Grade. UGH! hard to imagine. I KNOW.

She was so excited to be a cheerleader. She carried on the family tradition of the McCrary girls before her (me and Kasi were both cheerleaders GO DRAGONS!!) So it was just fitting that she wanted to. I was surprised since she is so timid when she is first around people. She didn’t know anyone at this school but she went in like she knew them all and joined the cheer squad. I was so proud of her. By the time school started she had a few friends already.

She did a great Job. She had to miss one game because she had to have her baby teeth take out and the wires put in. That was tough on her. She missed almost a week of school. The anesthesia was rough on her. BUT she was a trooper and did well. Her 8th Birthday she didn’t want a big party this year. She missed her bff Bailey so much. Sooooo she wanted her to come spend the night and them have a party. Soooooooooooo

ya look at the clock they were still goin strong! John and I… not so much. Since she didnt want to have a birthday party. We went to see RIO then to Cheeburger Cheeburger (one of her favorite places to eat) and she got LULU

SHE LOVES LULU. She goes everywhere with her just about if not her then her American Girl doll does. She is all about The matchy outfits and stuff. (it gets crazy sometimes)

How can this not make you smile in the morning? We had a nice Easter She hunted eggs with Eva Caroline and We made cards with Grandma

Had a scary flare in May with Multiple Sclerosis. It messed with my swallowing as well as chest and right side. As soon as the steroids were in I could swallow better but lost my voice. was so strange. THEN I had weird side effects from the steroids got terrible yeast inf even in my eyes. was horrible took loong time to get through. Seems every May I end up in hospital. Am really really scared this year since insurance is being a butt and I am off my meds. VERY scared what will happen. I also discovered I DESPISE GREEN JELLO!

LEAF blower man vacuuming the shrubs… Yall really didn’t think I was serious did you? I know hard to see because of screen on window but look close. THAT IS A SHOP VAC! THIS IS MY BEDROOM window. YOU SEEE how close that is. YES its LOUD! WHen your sick and have shingles in and on your ear it makes the nerve make everything hurt and that sound and the leafblower vibrate everything and not in a good way. the sound and the vibration o m g. you cannot escape it. I have wanted to just DIEEEEEE on many occasions. People often wonder why I get so grouchy and irritable. THIS is alot of the problem. TRY waking up to this at 7 am and NOT get a single day off. (IT HAS gotten a lot BETTER I HAVE TO ADMIT) he waits till 8 30 some days now. Fourth of July Johns parents were here. Lala was so cute.

Was a peaceful restful time. ahhhhhh!

We spend alot of time with Tara and Gregg on some holidays. They are good friends of ours. We usually do Halloween and New Years with them. It has kinda become a tradition so to speak… well sometimes New years Depends what is going on. We have added more people as the years have gone by to the crew at the get togethers we have a lot of fun and the kids enjoy it. We get to be silly and not worry about anything since we are right here in our little neighborhood.

Tara with sonny and cher singing I GOT YOU BABE! Bella and Eva Caroline went to the Fall Festival at St.Elmo Baptist Church. We all had a great time.

For Johns Birthday we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger. John ate the BIG ONE and got his picture up on the wall.

For our anniversary we went to our Favorite place The Japanese resteraunt!!

Afterwards we had to stop at Marble Slab for some dessert! Guess who had that idea!!

Bellas Third grade teacher (she is so awesome) Mrs. Overman did the coolest thing. The had a Renaissance medieval Feast. It was so coool. The girls talked about saving your love and kisses and being princesses of God. The boys talked about saving their love and kisses and being Knights of God. They worked on self esteem, purity, and are laying the ground work for the future. What an amazing day this was. Im such a sap I teared up during the speech Mrs. Overman gave. I wish I had it recorded so I could put the words down for Bella.

Greg was our court Jester. how cute is this?

Had a few bad weeks the beginning of Dec. Insurance company is messing with my interferon and it ran out so I had to cold turkey just stop taking it. So you can imagine. It did horrid things to my body. A lot of symptoms were messing with me. I still am having a lot of tiredness and mind fog. Am trying to play a few games (words with friends) to try to help with thinking but it is just showing me what I don’t know I think. haha. My dr is trying very hard to convince them that I NEED this medication. Not the others. (Due to where my lesions are on my brain stem and the progression of my symptoms) I still have good days and bad days. Winter is better Summer is horrific. Heat melts me. I cant walk when I get hot I cant swallow I cant breathe. still get those horrific Hiccups that then make my chest contract and squeeze that feels like you are having a heart attack but you aren’t and you have to take slow deep breaths and push in on your rib cage and take muscle relaxers to get it to stop if you can swallow at all during it. Makes your heart beat weird. no rhyme or reason to it. It just happens. Sometimes for a few seconds sometimes minutes. But mostly things are good and have been doing better since its cooler after I got over the sudden withdraw of the meds. Shingles aren’t as bad. Still kinda leary. Christmas Kinda snuck up on us this year. Bella did her traditional pink tree in her room.

Bella got a letter from Santa! She was soooo excited. I loved hearing her read it. Just watching her facial expressions and hearing her little voice pronounce all the words. I wished I had video’d it. Yes I got teary eyed.

Bella and Brayden (her boy)playing the Kinect. SOOOOO CUTE!!!

Those are all the photos pretty much, I have on my laptop and Im sure you are asking “Holy wow Nancy. How many pictures are you going to put on this post?” WEll I haven’t updated in some time. So was catching you up. JOhn is working and fighting with the insurance co. on my behalf and is my biggest support and advocate. I am grateful for him. Without him I wouldn’t be alive today. That’s the honest truth. He pushed and pushed to help find out what was wrong with me to get answers when no one would listen. HE KNOWS what we go through. So it gets frustrating listening to things sometimes. I hope you all had a fabulous 2011 and 2012 is even better for you. If I can get on my desktop there may be better or more photos of 2011 so Check back.