ITs boo the halloween bat and MORE give aways!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket YOu can come back daily and post on each post for more chances to win. I keep gettng more and more things to add to the give away. I will draw for ALL OF THEM on NOVEMBER 4th.

WE have had a friendship mini album added to the prizes to be given away. so KEEP coming back and commenting each day for chances to win prizes 🙂
We saw this cute pumpkin bat someone had made in the gallery and HAD to try it. Here is what we did.

YOu take a average sized pumpkin. Paint it black. I used making memories black paint.
I cut the wings out of cardboard and Bella and I painted both sides. After it dried completely I went around the edges with a white paint pen. we took shish KA bob skewers and used that to attach the wings. Painted him a silly face. I uded a circle punch for his eyes.

THere is the Finished BOO the Bat Pumpkin. (NO we didnt carve him and take out the insides first a few of you have asked)

Bella was worried about him getting cold out on the front porch haha. But so far he has been fine.
We don’t do alot for Halloween, But I wanted to do something fun for Bella. She has had such a hard time. She is going through the 4 year old scared of everything stage. I told her we would give out fun little coloring tracts (christian little hand outs) with our candy and she said “OK we will give it to the scary ones!” I told her ” No, we give them to everyone, Jesus loves ALL people scary or not” she was not sure on that. note to self to work on that one!!! So I am not sure how this is gonna work with the trick or treating and all the costumes. We are going to try to go early. Bella is going to be a “beautiful princess” she says. She is all excited and ready.
I will be sure and show you all photos tomorrow :).

Here are some new creations I just made for a special project I am working on.

I was not real happy because Her teacher got cut off of this photo. IT was my own stupidity though because I HIT the button for the wrong photo before I hit submit. SO I have to just be mad at me. I will change the photo out before I am finished to the one where you can see her teacher with her head in the scarecrow.
I WAS VERY HAPPY though that the printers did print my sonogram photo. I wanted it printed professionally and they did it!! (wal greens did IM so happy thank you thank you wal greens)



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Im participating in the FALL BLOG give away carnival. ALl you do is comment on my blog this week and that enters you for a chance to win. A NOVEMBER KIT from Treasures to Scrap. THe drawing will be held here on my blog NOVEMBER 4th so the more days you comment the more chances you ahve to win. ITS ThAT EASY. YOu can click on the the logo at the top for other fun give aways as well. ENter them all or a few LOTS of fun stuff to be given away!!


We had our Fall Festivle yesterday at Bellas School. WE had sooo much fun. I GOT TO GO! I was so excited. I haven’t been able to get out and do much in so long this was the most fun we have had in forever!

We have been planinng this for a long time and I think it was a huge success. We raised alot of money for the school and everyone had a blast. IT was a GORGEOUS fall day. IT was a little wind blustery at times But I think we all managed well.
THey had face painted and bella and Brayden (aka HER BOY) got the Cat and dog faces Bella loved looking at the pony but wouldnt ride it. She was a little scared but OF COURSE when it was time to go Wanted THEN to ride the horseI LOVE this photo of Bella will be some CHOICE scrappin material HAHA
THIS is Bella’s boy Brayden. IS HE NOT THE CUTEST THING EVER? THey are so cute and have so much fun together.They were enjoying an icee Oh scuze me Bella kept telling me NO MOMMY IT IS A BLUEEEEEEEE icee not just an icee! (that is important to get the name right it doesnt taste near as good if you just say icee. I cant see how they ate it yesterday it was kinda nippy out at first. The wind was kinda cool and blustery. THEY LOVED their BLUE ICEE’s thoughTHey had an art contest also and BRAYDEN was one of the winners for Their class. Bella said I am so proud of MY BRAYDEN. HOW CUTE IS THAT!Here Bella is fussing at this little girl that wanted to sit IN BETWEEN she and Brayden.. UGHMM WRONG. She told her real quick NO! THAT IS MYYYYYYYYYY BRAYDEN. YOU SIT over there and pointed to the other side. IT was so funny but I had to explain to her that wasn’t sweet to tell her nicely to sit on the other side that you are kinda comfy right here. Tha tyou both can sit by him. She didn’t care for my solution much rofl LOOK at Brayden’s face that is soo funny! Yet he does the same thing with her hahahaha
BELLAS FAVORITE thing there was the cake walk and the fishing booth. SHE FINALLY WON a cake. IT only cost us 20.00 in tickets. THEN SHE GOT BENT because she wanted the cake we made and donated BACK. SHe was so mad she was cryin she kept saying I WANT MY CAKE THE BELLA CAKE. I told her someone loved her cake so much its gone. That didn’t fly at all. She was bent. SO FINALLY THANK YOU LORD her teacher walked up and showed her some really fun cupcakes with candy corn on them THAT SHE had made for hte cake walk and they were all fixed up so pretty and cute and she was ::wink:: saving them JUST for her. SO that fixed it and she was happy again.. for a bout 5 minutes till she decided this is cute but I WANT MY CAKE. She was gonna frisk everyone there to find that cake by gosh. IT was too funny but really sad she was so upset.Bella’s teachers hubby was our music man at the Cake walk booth (that was our class booth) He and Mrs massingill did a FABOOLOUS job of it too. THey are such fun sweet people and we are so blessed to call them friends as well. SO happy they are in our lives.

YOU JUST have to love the colors and the fun food they have at the Fall Festival
THey had some fun music playing (was really loud but it was still fun) Mrs. Massingill ws havin a blast dancing with the kids. SHe really is a fun person. You cant help but have a good tiem and smile when you are around her. Did I mention just how much Bella adores this woman?
They did a show for the kids that take Tae Kwan do ( I’m sure I butchered the spelling of that sorry guys)THis girl is a 5 degree black belt!! IM tellin you she would so be my body guard and I WOULD NOT wanna tick her off!This was the Pickle wheel. I had never seen one of these before!! YOu spin the litle wheel and it lands on either Pickle (green) or a free pick (pick your prize) or candy. I thought that was so cute! You find some cute games and things at fall festival. ALSO where else can you GET GRITS at a carnival!! yup I said it GRITS. SOOO much fun and Great food for everyone!

Bella LOVED the fishing booth it was a Guaranteed prize well everything really was. But she was getting these little barbie and brat dolls in teh bags so she was pumped we ahve a ton of those things now. She made it out with like 7 bags of them ROFL (little like lunch bags) we looked like we were totin’ lunch for a crowd when we left.
Brayden had a great time playing the games and winning prizes too. He was so proud of himself he kept saying HEY BELLA WATCH ME DO DIS!!! We had a wonderful time. Bella smiled sooooo much and was having such a great time. We were all soo exhausted though. It was the first time I have gotten to get out in a VERY long time except going to dr’s. I can tell ya It was the best day in a long time. BUT It totally wore me out. I made it almost 3 hours and then didn’t think I was gonna make it to the car. (sun mixed with walking and loud music and people and stuff doesnt mix well with lupus) It was sooo worth it though! WE came home and we all took a nap. Mine just lasted the rest of the day and most of the night, Then today I took another LONG LONG nap. IM starting to feel a little better though. SORE tired and just worn out but MAN IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!!


Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)
You may be feeling positive effects from this Full Moon in your 5th House of Play. You may be ready to enjoy yourself, but you aren’t willing to slack off and let the day slip by. It’s time to put your creativity to work. And, even if your dreams seem far away, pay particular attention to them, for they will play a growing role in the new few weeks.

OK…. so I WISH my moon would LET ME GO TO SLEEP!!!! MY creativity has been in HIGH GEAR. I have been scrappin’ like a wild woman with a mission. OH WAIT that is TOTALLY WHAT I AM! I have a huge project I am working on, and some other stuff too. Can’t share all the juicy goodness yet but will show you some fun stuff I did make. ALL FOR THE CAUSE all for the cause! HEre are a few little samplin’s

I found my Be Blessed Rub on’s I had been looking for FOREVERRRRRRR! SO I put them to good use. I used the card sketch from my buddy DI HICKMAN. GO LOOK at her blog she has mad talent. We have fall festival this weekend. I want to go SOOOO BAD and IM PRAYING SOOO HARD. IT is OUTSIDE… and It is gonna be cooler but not COLD, The shingles are more sore looking now than blistery.It is Bella’s schools thing they do instead of Halloween stuff. Which is fine by me. But I hope they dont care that I show up in costume cuz I am lookin’ like shrek these days and it aint alot I can do bout it yet. GRRRRRR. SO we will see. Im hoping and praying so hard. My poor baby girl wants me to go so bad. I told her That mommy is sick still, I don’t know if I will get to. I got the “BUT THATS NOT FAIR!!!!!” and it broke my heart. cuz ya know.. ITS NOT. IT IS SOOOOO not fair for her. IT sucks actually. SO, Im gonna sweet talk my hubby, Pray really hard these suckers will not be blistery.. see if I have something that will fit me besides sweats. And do my darndest to go. I may have to sit in the car but I wanna see her walk for a cake!

PS: HAVE YOU HEARD that the new book THE DARING BOOK FOR GIRLS, will be out soon? I can’t wait. IT is based on the book The Dangerous Book for BOys but is geared to be a girl version. It teaches them all kinda cool stuff like how to things. Like all those hand clappin games the sing songy ones. Jump rope songs and fun games it has all kinda cool stuff in it. I CANNOT WAIT! Now… Gotta get Bella where she can read!Till then I guess I can read it to her and we can learn this fun stuff together.
SHE IS ON HER WAY with the reading though, she is recognizing words and is kickin’ it big time with writing her letters. I GUESS we won’t be spelling around her anymore.. ESP the naughty words! OH I have story to tell on that one too.. BUt I cant now I MUST SLEEEEEP!

THe 4K class goes to the pumpkin patch

Are they not the cutest little things ever!! I wanted to go sooo bad but there was just no way. My friend Tara who is also Brayden’s Mommy, Took these sweet photos for me. I think they all had a fabulous time. I know Bella took a long nap when she got home haha so THey had to have had fun. There she is with Brayden.. soo cute. They did alot at the pumpkin patch, had stories read to them and learned about pumpkins. Then they went to the Blue Rabbit and decorated their pumpkins and got to play for a bit.
THey had a great time. I am so happy that she got to go and Tara watched after her for us. I cant wait to get these photos back to go in her album. Thanks to you Tara for taking them for me.

My mom came down this weekend to help out a little bit and visit. We werent much company.. Bella has some kinda stomach bug has been up off and on all night tonight feeling she may be sick. We both were in the bed today. SO we have been NO FUN whatsoever.. sorry ma. I hope she is feeling more like herself tomorrow. IT isn’t a normal day that she just lays around. SHe just was sleepy and mopey all day today. Hope it is just a bug and she is over it soon.

It’s all over but the mailin’

whehewww. I got the rough draft of my article written.. my stuff set aside to mail. My photos set. Design Team Items done, well, ready to photo and upload, circle journal all done, except my question pages, My life challenges finished,
WHEHEW. THAT was a productive day! I worked my tail off today, but, got caught up and done. well, with all that anyway. Tomorrow I will hug extra on my hubby and kid. Have been in bed and with the medication they have me on.. I turn into a hermit. Makes my nerves really bad. So I come out and look at them some and then go back in the cave. SO tomorrow, Im gonna spend more time and pray that the meds aren’t bothering me. I feel better too, knowing these things are finished. I don’t like procrastination. I want my stuff finished as soon as I get it. That way I can get the perfect photo, or the final touches just so, in the week or days before it is due. Sometimes though, Life just doesn’t work out that way. I did finish my scrappin and I did an extra page JUST CUZ. yep JUST cuz I wanted to. You ever get that creative flood when you havent been able to create in a while and your just ITCHING to do something even if it is wrong! Yeah that is how I was. SO I did an extra. I have to say I LOVE LOVE this new basic grey chipboard. The letters are so fun and you get so many. We have our Reminisce Designs upload at Treasures tomorrow also..err today. I was really fortunate last time, all my uploads are gonna be published…(I am just a LITTLE BIT excited if ya can’t tell) I doubt these are gonna do the same but OH well. I like em’
After I take the photos tomorrow (too bulky to scan) I will post them for you to see. Deal?
NOW I must scoot mini me over so I can get in bed and catch some Zzzzz’s.
Hopefully soon I will actually get to get out with other people in the world again. Till then.. here I sit … scrappin’ 🙂

Edited to add:

I finally got my Reminisce DT projects Photographed. They were so generous with their collections for our entire team. Thank you so much! Here is the Live out Loud Line with a little girl that is definitly livin’ loud (you should have heard her earlier haha)

I redid this entire board book. I used one of her pony tail holders to keep it closed. LOTS of bulky goodness in there and MORE TO ADD!

Here you can see it open. I didn’t post all the individual pages here but you can see them in the Reminisce gallery at Treasures.
This layout had to be done. She is so funny and I just LOVE these photos. Also got to add these pages to my moms album and my mother in laws album and IM sure my sister in law will want some too. SO now you know why I duplicate photos. WE had SOOO much fun this day. Playing in the dress up clothes, Dancing and singing. Man it is going by so fast…
She is getting so tall! She has completely skipped a size in clothes just for the length!
OK I need to go check on her and her daddy. Just wanted to come back and add the photos of those pages.
Hope you have had a beautiful Sunday.. I know we have.

ps: DI… CAN YOU RUB IT IN just a little more… how much fun you are having playing with the upcoming months goodies? YES, IM stalking the mailman and YESSSS!!! Im just a little excited now since you have been rubbbin it in. hehehe love ya.. Mean it!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Di tagged me. I feel I should be laying on the ground playing dead or something. hehehe THATS OK I will get her you just wait. Even though I think y’all know way more about me than you wanna… here are 7 more things..

Rules are:

Link to your tagger and post the rules
Share 7 facts about yourself – random/weird
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1. IM a TV junky. I love TV when the new shows come out and I FEEL IT MY CIVIC DUTY to watch ALL OF THEM.

2. I eat what kids eat… If it is too weird, gourmet, funny smelling or looking I WONT TOUCH IT! AND DON”T let something I DONT LIKE touch a food I DO like it is RUINED FOR LIFE!!!

3. I sing Loudly and ussually off key and DON’T CARE! The lord said a joyful noise didn’t say nuttin’ bout a good one!

4.I am still madly in love with my hubby.. even after 9 years..(hey that is like 25 years in todays society!!) sappy huh but TRUE.

5. I HONESTLY believe I have the smartest, cutest most loveable kid on the planet and DARE you argue that I don’t. I have photos to prove it HA!

6.I don’t use spell check and DON’T care.. (does that make me weird? OH WELL)

7. My Hubby and I would rather spend extra on a good meal we could cook at home and a good night snuggling in front of the tube than to go out on the town or a fancy resteraunt. (He cooks better than most places anyway AND I KNOW he wont drop his own steak on the ground and serve it anyway.. MINE.. well that is another story hehe)

OK 7 facts Tag I PASS ON TOOOO hehehehe who will be my victims! Wendy, Annette, Jan, Greta, Sherine, KIM, Tracy hehehe you can Thank me later

IM still alive… barely in a Quasimotto kinda way

SOrry I haven’t updated my sad little blog. IM sure you all have seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame” movie huh? Quassimotto the bell ringer guy with the big hunch on his back and the big swoll up eye. Well we look like first cousins right now. Minus the hunch in the back. I have been sick ONCE AGAIN. I know I know whats new huh. I had a big BIG ol kidney stone (we named it payne) then because of the trauma of the kidney stone it made the shingles come back out. YEAH not pretty. IN my eye and across my ear looks Horrible. TOTALLY GROSS! Today is the first day I feel human so I thought I would post. I had done this page back in between illness on a day I felt productive. It is for my new adventure, Doing the all about me challenges and classes at the diner. Is a really fun challenge and This is just the first page of my challenge I have another one to go (havent done it yet cause well Ughmm.. havn’t been able TO SEE) and my brother is supposed to e-mail me a photo of our house what it looks like now. (didja forget bro? is ok I been illin’ so this weekend will be good)
I hope you are having the little bit of cooler weather like we are. Not that I have been outside much to enjoy it.

Thank you for all your prayers. I think we are almost out of the woods just praying for no more damage to my eye, and hearing. (pause for my husbands laughter since he thinks I dont hear good anyway or rather have my ignore feature on) From now on anytime I get a cold, or a hangnail ANYTHING, the dr said I HAVE to take this shingle medicine that any little thing can bring it back out. OH well such is life. I keep saying COULD BE WORSE!

ANYWAY, IF you want to be a part of the all about me challenges just shoot me an email and I can hook you up 🙂 OR Just respond to this post. 🙂