FUN STUFF for a Saturday!

Be sure and Check Out Nikki Sivils Blog today 🙂
I have a layout and a Mini Album on there 🙂

SOOO I wanted to go to THIS today. BUT, Have had this horrendous headache ever since I had that monster MRI earlier in the week. was kinda a good thing I didnt go. John said there were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people down there and it was hot. They still had not seen ALton Brown. (he was filming a show) ALOT of people in a small area. I called him one time and the band was REALLY LOUD.
Ya that would have gone over great. HE said Bella was already asking him can we GO NOW? BUT, they havn’t SEEN ALTON BROWN YET. so he wanted to stay just a little longer. John lovesss Alton Brown.
He had forgotten Bellas sunscreen so he was “making her shade” rotating in the sun. That is the good thing about having a really tall hubby. well besides he can get things off really tall shelves. Sorry honey. Love ya. mean it.
hopefully she wont come home all sunburny.

So we go back this week for the results and then underway for surgery. hopefully these shingles will not have impacted it.
Im sooooo ready to get this over with.
Everything is blooming around here. The weather is getting warmer. Its a love hate relationship really.
IT is beautiful, But as it gets warmer the less I will be able to get out in it so got to hurry. I want to get some pictures of Bella bug before the rain gets the azaleas though. They are so beautiful.

Hope you all have a great Saturday.


some scrap therapy

So there is alot I need to catch up on. Seems Im always catching up on something these days. I finally had the MRI (YAYYY) Lasted FOREVER but we are one step closer! maybe to getting all this over with.
now the 30th they decide if it is MS causing all this or if they really are gonna fix my shoulder (pleaseeee) In the mean time I am trying to just distract myself as much as possible and get on with life. YEAH, ok. easier said than done but I will take “E for effort for 600 Alex.”

So you know what that means. I have been scrapbooking as much as I can without screaming.
I went back and added the feet and the little knobby thing to the beach shadow box that I had made from Our Mardi Gras vacation to the Beach.

I finally photographed (I FORGOT it was under some other layouts I had been working on) HOW COULD I FORGET THIS! This layout I did, of my silly brother. Bella has been bugging me to scrap this picture for EVER. SHE LOVESSSSSSS this picture of Uncle Windale in this goofy Hat at Disney world. ANDDDDDDD since Yesterday was Aunt Karen’s Birthday. I figured This was the Perfect time to show this one. WIN WIN. 🙂
You welcome Karen.
It says… NUFF SAID… because well… the hat is GOOFY… and if you know my brother.
well. YOu get it.
The journaling just says “Uncle Windale trying on hats at Disney. He found the perfect one Don’t cha think?”

I had made this for a challenge over at The Color Room. Then forgot to post it. Oh well.

Here is another fun little page. These are some older photos of Bella bug. But I just love them.
I had fun making this little flower.

LOVEEEEE Nikki Sivils rain rain go away papers. SOOOO much fun. They are bright and fun and happy colors. How can you not love them? soooo adorable.
Check out what else I made with this line HERE on Nikki Sivils Blog 🙂 (I KNOWWW!!! WHAT AN HONOR!! YAY YAY YAY!!!)

Bella is working on her book report. She needs to be a colonial girl. ya she told me she wanted to dress up (WEDNESDAY) like we just have colonial girl outfits in her closet. nice.
MOMMY is NOT a seamstress.
I glue paper and scrapbook but.. we are improvising… BIG TIME.
This should be interesting.
Yall pray.

Today's Creative Blog

Some Scrappyness…

I hope you are having a HAPPY ST. Paddy’s Day. I hope You have lots of Luck coming your way.

We recently took a trip to the Gulfcoast. I got some awesome photos of Bella playing in the sand. It was pretty cool weather but when you were in the sun it wasnt too bad. It wore me slam out but it was nice to get away even if for just a day or two. We are fortunate to live close to Gulfshores and it not be that bad of a ride. We have not been on any type of family vacation so this was a nice trial run for HOPEFULLY many to come. Took me several days to recouperate from just the walking. My legs ached but, the smiles and memories made, were soooo worth it!

I wanted to make something so we could remember our vacation. Bella had such a great time looking for shells. She loved the beach so much. I decided to take the Shadow box from last months UNKIT and decorate it up with our memories.

Here is a look see:

The Shadow Box is a Tim Holtz ideal-Ology Configureations. I decorated it with October Afternoon Seaside, Tim Holtz Tape, Glimmer Mist, Tim Holtz Crackle Paint, Shimmerz Blingz, Ranger Acryllic Paints and stuffies from the beach.

I also have made some layouts recently I will show ya.

This is with The Gabrielle BoBunny Line I got really lucky at the Scrapbook store down in Foley, GiGi’s, She had just gotten in all this scrumptious Bo Bunny. So Ya I had to have it. (along with a bunch of other sctuffs) HEY! I DON’T get to go often!
BUT BOY when I do!
I also used some Gold Blingz by Shimmerz to make sand on the photos.. can you see it?

Love that stuff

Ok here is one I love the bright colors…

This is Nikki Sivils It’s Raining It’s Pouring collection. I also added some Core dinations Cardstock that I sanded in there.
Had Happy words on it. SO CUTE!

This has been a great distraction. STILL WAITING on this blasted shoulder stuff. Roadblocks keep coming up (insurance company issues and just you name it) part of why we had to get out of town. I was just overly agitated figured could hurt there just like here and needed a break, an attitude adjustment. You ever have to do that? Like you come back and maybe you get a fresh start or something?
sometimes maybe?

anyway YES it is alot harder to scrap but I still do it my hand and arm from elbow down are ok. as long as I dont have to lift anything heavy or reach up for anything over on tall shelves Im all good. Thanks for asking and being concerned xoxox