Graaaaaar we got dinosaurs downtown!

During Mardi Gras Bella had the week off from school. They also had the Friday before that off because we had what appeared to be snow fall from the sky. (even though it didn’t stick to the ground) it fell in big pretty flakes. Bella was sooo excited since she had never seen real snow before except in her snow globes.

Our critters on the other hand… They were none to impressed.

Tink Tink as you can see… is no where to be seen. she stayed in Guido’s house until what Im sure she considered “that obnoxious large fuzzballs fault” aka “snow” was over. Every thing that happens she walks up to Guido and just decks him…. Guido… sighhhh.

During the week of Mardi Gras as I before Mentioned, Bella had the week off. Yes Fat Tuesday was full of Parades and well You saw the previous picture in a post of Bella with beads? ughh yeah.

Well, At the Exploreum downtown they have this huge exhibit right now about Dinosaurs. So Bella has been wanting to go see them. She even decided she wanted to have her birthday party there as long as we could put pink bows on them…. ughmm yeah.
I think she changed her mind after going. She didn’t care for them up close and personal. SHE SAID EYES REAL WIDE “MAMA! THEY WERE HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. BIGGER TALL THAN DADDDDDDY! AND YOU KNOW HE IS BIGGGGGGGGGGGG!” hahahaha!

I guess this would be pretty intimidating when your 6!

She said “Mama! when He even said Graaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I think I almost peed my pants!” hahahaha! John said she jumped behind him really fast!
I think I woulda needed an underwear change too if I saw that comin’ after me in the woods!

She didn’t appreciate this one at all it spit at her… she said it was “VERY RUDE!”
Dinosaurs have no manners I guess she needs to teach them a thing or two.

she did rather like these guys.

and this guy was kinda cute she said….

She said “This one reminded her of Uncle Windale hehehe” (she really did lolol) By the way that reminds me Happy Birthday ya ol fart! Hope ya had a good one!

They also went to the other part of the Exploreum and the Imax film. And the HANDS ON part

They let the kids move the dinosaurs…

Mad scientist doing experiments.

They had this dinosaur that you could climb on and have your picture taken with. Bella was posing with it and stuff people were all crowded around taking pictures of their kids. John tells Bella “put your head in its mouth!” She said “MAMA!!! Daddy wanted me to put my head in its mouth!!!” I said “well it wasnt LIKE it was REAL. she said “YEAH! BUT STILLLLLLLLLL!!!!”! I told her “but wouldn’t it have made an aweeeeesome picture”

She said some lady behind them said “DAD!” when he said that lolol
SHe told me later that if there had not been so many people there she “MIGHT’ would have. BUT “PROBABLY NOT that thing had to have at least 35 teeth”

So all in all Bella gives the Dinosaur exhibit at the Exploreum 2 thumbs up! If your in the Mobile area until Mid April go see it. Is really coool!


My poor neglected Blog

Yes I have neglected you blog I am so sorry. I post more on facebook and twitter now
than I do on you I am sorry. I have had trouble uploading photos to blogger.
See I have this laptop and since I have been having an issue with my legs again
they have been messing around with my medications, I stay in bed a lot I just
grab the laptop, hop on get my stuff done a little at a time as Im not too nauseas to call it a day. I am still for sake physical therapy, making myself get up and down a lot but I can tell you the wonderful world of technology has its conveniences.

John knew nausea was bad when I didn’t feel like scrapping when My amazing kit came in.They have been rearranging my meds since Christmas I tell you it never fails they get you situated then start changing stuff and get your system out of whack throws everything out of balance and here I am. BUT TO NO AVAIL THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!!

THis kit is alll about LOVE and LOVEEEEEEEEEEE IT I AMMMMMMMMMMM doing. sooo so gorgeous.
We are undergoing so many changes right now at Scrapbook Obsessions. we are doing renovations and changing things around I guess kinda like my medication overhaul.. they are doing a “site overhaul” haha so they have all their past kits on sale over there you should check that out while you are there!! ya HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HUGEEEE
and you know THEY HAVE THE SLAM BANG AWESOME JAM PACKED kits with embellies and cardstock and schtuffff in those boxes of any place I have evah seeen! ya 14.99 CAnt beat that!

SO check this months one out! LOOK AT THIS!

So far this is all I have done with it. I got this box long long ago. Thought I would alter it. Wouldn’t this look beautiful for Valentines day (with something scrumptious and chocolatey in it!)

Here are a few more views of it:

I used in addition to the kit the Peppermint stick glimmer mist and Magistical Memories heart Chipboard on the top. I Heat Embossed it to get that grungy effect.
I gathered the ribbon and used my Tiny Attacher by Tim Holtz to stitch it with.
Ya I really do not sew. Do you have one of those Tiny attachers? if you don’t… YOU MUST GET ONE… THIS IS MY OFFICIAL ENABLER SENTENCE. GO NOW.. GO GET IT. I LOVE IT!
IT IS WORTH IT! BUY THE EXTRA STAPLES AT THE TIME YOU BUY THE TINY ATTACHER YOU WONT REGRET IT. Then you can do cute stuff with it like this. yes I just yelled all that at you for emphasis.

Ok one more picture.

So there ya have it. My one project.
AND YES I am a little bit slower than I used to be.. HEY HEY HEY.. no wise cracks about being 40 now and yeah I KNOWWWWWWW I am a year olddder and cut the smarty geritol commercials and wise cracks.
I Will BOUNCE BACK I always do. Just a minor set back. Silly medicines. we praise them when they do their job and make us well, but oh how we cry when they have their side effects to go along with what they are supposed to do (and the effects that go along with them and going off of them as well)

Also Thank you all for the prayers for Johns Grandmother (BIG NANA) I spoke with mom (Johns mom/nana) tonight They said she DID have a blood clot go to her heart they gave her blood thinners that are to dissolve it (?) That it caused her to have a stroke and heart attack. That was all the news she had gotten. so we are keeping Her in our prayers and all of The family back home in Hawaii that is taking care of her as well. Johns Mother is beside herself because she cannot be there as well as her other sisters that cannot be there at the hospital. So if you would remember them.