Having church…right there in our bathroom

So yeah,  I talk about God a lot and Jesus all the time on my facebook.    If you know me IT ISN’T just that.. talk. 

A good way that I really know that was tonight. God gave me the most wonderful present. He does that for his children. Gives us presents. Little gifts, it may come as something unexpected, and suddenly over the next hill, a beautiful sunset, or a cloud shaped as a great big smiley face. (he has a sense of humor I mean, Look at my brother)  I get little gifts all the time. Beautiful gifts, Rain stopping just long enough that I don’t get totally drenched, or a person that is less fortunate enjoying the rain so I will appreciate it and just get out and walk slowly in it and smile, laugh and say “ISN’T IT A G-GORGEOUS DAY!!” people love to look at you all sideways when you do that one.  Sometimes the gifts are more subtle like being able to hear a song that you really need to hear at a particular time, or see a friendly smile from someone when you feel your worse. 

I love looking at clouds and all the different shapes they turn into ,on road trips. I sometimes imagine that it is God’s little picture show and the angels are up there playing etch a sketch showing us the fun things going on…   YES I have quite the vivid imagination. NO I AM NOT ON DRUGS. Rainbows are always God’s gift to us and an example of his infinite love and promise to us. 

Today I think though I received one of the best gifts,  and it was with my own ears.  No one knew I got this gift. Not until now.  I have not told anyone. Not a soul.  We sing a lot in this house. Have always. I didn’t say we do it well, we just do.  JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD, it doesn’t say anything about it being on key or perfect. 

Well, any time my daughter is taking a bath ,or in the bathroom brushing her hair, or doing nails, she is singing. She gets this honest. I am the same way. I sing  all the time I would rather have on the radio than the tv. I lost my song for a long time.  I didn’t sing.I think it left when my dad was killed. My heart was so broken and sad I just didn’t have any reason to sing. I lost so much on that day. More than just my father.

 It came back when this child came into the world.  I sang to her constantly. She didn’t care how good it sounded.  And I had many critics that told me how NOT WELL I sang.  OH but, Not my baby girl ever. And it really isn’t about that.  It was about her beautiful smile when  I did. The sillier it was the bigger the smile. The softer and sweet of a  lullaby the more she snuggled in. Even today we sing. 

SO fast forward to today. I hear her today.. Happily in the bathtub singing… then she stops singing as I was walking by. I thought at first she heard me walking past. BUt then I realized what was going on. She doesn’t know I heard her. well yet.. praying…” Jesus? Thank you for my mom and dad, I know they love me so much a lot more than anyone.  But Even though that is a lot I know you love me way more than that.” (SHE GETS IT!!! SHE TOTALLY GETS IT!! I wanted to just scream and jump up and down but refrained) “Thank you for making moms heart better, whatever it is… she is singing a lot more, so I know she is better.  Thank you for loving us A men.”      

Oh wow….  She notices so much more than I ever realized.  My baby girl gets it!  She gets A) GOD loves her so much more than we ever could.  B) We love her more than any person could, well besides her grandparents i think they would fight us about that but still. C). She knows I am better.  

Who knew just singing could do all that huh?

So I have had a couple shingles but they are not bad, tiny… and have been aggravated about it.  It is fathers day and I always am well… like I am, because I miss him so much, but try to focus  and show joy John and papa. Celebrate them.

Cant fool this child.

She knows my heart. She shared it for a good part of a year.  So I Went into our bathroom and just wept.

  But it wasn’t tears of sadness.  It was tears of thankfulness.

I prayed for so long  for this child, and that our child would know God, She would know the true meaning of love. And she will live it. 

My child JUST HAD CHURCH.. right here in our bathroom.

Singing this song.


Praise you lord. 



What reflection do you see?

So when we went on a recent trip through 3 states and brought home a souvenir for Charley (HEY LINDA!)  ::waving::  You will understand that a little bit later in this post, We learned a lot about reflections.


There is a reflection in water…. LOTS OF RAIN AND WATER PUDDLES…


There is a reflection you can see on a cloudy day … in a windowImage


bella reflectionssbella playing inwindow



There is the reflection that is in a mirror.


Reflections from yesteryear we get a glimpse of now and again to remind us of how it once was, but will

never be exactly the same again.

B Nanafaye looking outthe window of new orleans

Reflecting on quiet moments and wonderful memories.

linda nana looking out window Bella doing nanas nails

bella terrii crochetingcrew hanging out

Reflecting on the tall and tiny…

teri john and nana

Reflections of the gold and shiny….

twitchy nana and twitchy

Reflections of promised memories to make… and then DOING THEM!!

cafe du monde bella me nana linda  cafe du monde bella begneit

cafe du monde bella linda nanacafe du monde beignets and coffee


nana and her muffulettamuffeletta me and linda


fire truck


WE HAVE to have excitement on our trip or it just wouldn’t be an adventure now WOULD IT?  THE FISH TANK in the lobby started sizzling or smoking or something and the fire alarms went off. They didn’t tell US it was no big deal. SO down the stairs 3 floors we go, IN PJS no less. With Nana – faye, Bella, Linda, John and Myself. This is what greeted us at the main entrance of our lovely hotel. We went back UP the elevator no less. THANK YOU VERY MUCH I think Nana just wanted to see the handsome fire fighters of the greater metropolis there. She wasn’t fooling any one hehehehe. Happily NO fish or people were injured in the excursion.

So, Remember when I said at the beginning of the post, that we brought Charley (our little puppy man) a souvenir?

charley and his linda

Maybe this will answer any questions, Charley and his LINDA.

I think Charley would have gone home with Linda if we would have let him. HE LOVED her. He was all over her. Kisses and loves and followed her around like a shadow. He played with her, sat with her. He was her constant companion. So we keep telling him we will have to bring him home Linda again. He has never acted like that with anyone. HE LOVED Linda. So I go around singing when he is laying down looking all mopey “I’m lying here with Linda onnn MYYY MINNNND” it is so funny.

We had such a great time with our friend linda.  She was such a Joy.

bella and linda playing beauty shoplindabellabeauty shopp

linda bella playing monopolyme linda diane and bella looing for space station


We played, We cooked, We looked for the space station when it was supposed to fly over our area YES IN THE RAIN.

Linda lunar lander Linda MS state line Linda MS welcome Centerlinda and charley

Reflecting on her visit the only thing I can say…. It just wasn’t enough time. We had a great time. I know Charley will agree. We are ready to see everyone again.  So much we wanted to do but RAIN RAIN RAIN stood a lot in our way.

Great memories. Never imagined We would ever get to see Linda or Nana-Faye again, We  had always hoped to. When the chance came up OH you know We wouldn’t miss it! We Never imagined ever getting to see Teresa or Teri at all, so wow. You just never know what might happen.  When I reflect back on these memories it will always be with great smiles of the adventures and good time we had. The lord has truly blessed us.  We are so thankful.


Yes my word of the day as you probably have guessed is….. Reflection. I hope did it justice.

Wish Big




Bella bug library books

Bella with our stack of Library stash.

Of course it was an adventure. WHEN would you know anything I DO not to be an adventure? Sadly, my library card ::redface:: is beyond expired. I KNOW … I know. You don’t even have to say it. Shame on me.
So we get to the library, GREAT parking space SCORE!
I have my old library card (so I thought) bonus. EEEHHHK WRONG. It was just the virtual one so that doesn’t mean diddly.
I had Johns… YES HE IS A GOOD BOY he has his Library card. ::insert halo over my husband::
Yes.. I KNOW, I know…
So I am standing there and the sweet lady says “oh it is no problem I just need your drivers license.” cool. So I dig in this purse looking for my drivers license. UGH OH… wha. where. noooooo….. I CANNOT FINDDD MY DRIVERS LICENSE. I found my temporary… an old one from I don’t know what year Ya why is that even .. ughhh! WHen did I have it last. wait. We just voted..Pants pocket. IT IS IN MY DADGUmmit it is in my pants pocket. I am tearing through this purse yall. I call John “look through my pants pockets I had on.. UGHM HONEY? Those are in the dryer…” seriously when have we ever decided to KEEP UP WITH LAUNDRY!!!

I hand my purse to Bella and head home. NO LIBRARY TODAY I GUESS. “Baby, look through this wallet thing go through every page and see, just see if I shoved it down in there, PLEASE?”
We get to the intersection of Hillcrest and Grelot.. (if you live here you know that is not far from the library but traffic lights … Mobile has all these TRAFFFFICCC LIGGGHHTTTS!! I hear this sweet voice like ANGELS SINGING “Is this it mama?” LAAAAAAAAAA

“YES!!! THAT IS IT!!” I am thinking now this lady won’t think I’m a Some kinda weirdo with no license, carting my kid around, looking for a book to read trying to pass off my husbands library card. (do people do that?)

So we get back to the library… I meet this adorable girl. I tell her way too much info as I always do. (How I couldn’t find my license but then we did, and now we are here and we need to get a new library card, because mine is expired but I had one and I used to come all the time I REALLY DID!!!) ya like that.
she laughed had a beautiful smile.
Helped us get fixed up. The lady that originally helped us saw us again, waved big and said YAY YOU FOUND IT. Told her Bella found it … in my purse. WE VOTED… ya anyway..
I think she knew I was frantic.

The sweet girl signed Bella up for one too. It is funny how kids get excited about things. Bella was so excited to have a card to put in her wallet. She feels so GROWN UP. A LIBRARY card. I thought I had her one already. My brain is the way it is so maybe I didn’t. Maybe I just had it with mine and checked her out books but I KNOW we did a lot with the library when she was little.

SO that was today’s adventure. She was really excited to find 2 books. ALSO, 2 movies she had wanted to see. The book that was on her summer reading list wasn’t in (not shocked) but the sweet lady in the fiction section ordered it for her and will email when in. she is first on the list. Hope to knock these book reports on out so no waiting to the last minute.

I found this book I wanted to read The new MITCH ALBOM book “The First Phone Call From Heaven.” He also wrote “The Five People You meet In Heaven. I will let you know what I think of it.