Seward Farms Corn Maize

The trip we have been waiting on all year. The one we have been crossing the days off the calendar. “How many more days till we go to the corn maize mommy” We got rained out when we were originally to go. SO today was the day. Yesterday I spoke with my Dr. I know you all are aware of what all our medical Drama consists of. I am on interferon injections because I have MS and take prednisone and other meds for chronic shingles that and kindergartners on field trips don’t mix. When I asked them about going on the field trip (I was talking to the nurse) I heard my dr’s reply “Is she serious? Has she lost her mind?” guess that was my answer. She told me “He said it wasnt a good idea.” I told her t”hank you for being tactful” lol.
She did go on to explain though and it makes sense. With us having a cool snap every other child will have crud nose and viruses running ramped in 10 days. she said this is the norm. When you are on these types of meds, you cant (or not recommended to) take the flu shot (I was told not to because of my history) so I was to steer clear. SO we had to make adjustments.
Well next came the hard part. Breaking the news to Bella that Mommy wasn’t going which means I was SENDING her on the field trip. I knew she was going to be upset.She was crushed. I knew it was unfair to her and I got really upset. Mostly at things that no one can control like MS and stuff. So unfair to the little ones.

John didn’t know his schedule if he would be able to go. I did talk to her teacher (Mrs Gloria)last night and made sure everything was arranged, and she would make sure everything was taken care of, if for some reason John did get a call. But, I still felt like “mother of the year” if you know what I mean, I have always been the parent that went to everything and did everything and this year I have been el suck o mom.
Bella was understandably bummed, I made VERY LIGHT OF IT in front of her, Because I KNEW as soon as she got OUT THAT DOOR OH she would have SOOO MUCH FUN. HER face would light up and she would love it. THAT IS ALL I WANTED FOR HER. HER TO HAVE THAT. She has been talking about this people for MONTHSSSSSSSS!!!! WELL FOLKS. WE WERE RIGHT! SHE DID. SHE LOVED IT!
so on with the fun part THE PICTURES! OMGOSH John did such a fabulous job taking pictures so I could see what they did and Bella and he narrated and told me everything so I am passing it along to you all what they did and how much fun they had so Gramma and nana and aunts and uncles, friends Romans countrymen lend me your ears and eyes, yall all can see what Bella and John did today with the JACKSON CREEK CHRISTIAN ACADEMY KINDERGARTEN class at the Seward farm corn maize.
There is a short little video at the end of the post its a pig race you can click on. (yeah I didnt know my camera could do this!!! WHo knew guess if I READ THE ENTIREEEEEEEE instruction booklet!) anyway.

Entrance sign. (that is the ball cap aunt Diane got her at the gospel singing at church she had to wear it cause it was a farm hat she said ??? dont ask)

The corn Maize was set up where they give you this little leaflet. They called it your “passport” it had questions on it.
You answer The questions correctly and turn the direction. ok example; if you want to choose a) for your answer go right. b) go left c) go left. well the correct answer is the correct direction. So that is how you get through the maize. If you choose all B answers and the answers are all C you may end up sittin in the middle of a corn field with this next chick for a while. (BUT All the questions were related to corn. and I think they would help ya out some hehe)

and they had these you know in case their were any unruly ughmmm corn cobbers?
maizers? or to help out wrong answers maybe… not sure what you would call em but I love the shirt hehe.

A necessity for every corn maize!

How cute is this tractor?

I think this was one of Bella’s favorite things. She talked about this (really loud mind you) she said “he was slaaaangin us alll over da place” John said he was goin rather fast but the kids were howling and loving it. There was one child on there well. I will let you see…

ya.. didn’t quite get it. but she traded and it all worked out. I have pictures of her ridin’ right along with them. This lady I tell you is so much fun. We are SOOOOOO FORTUNATE AND GOD BLESSED to have her as Bella’s teacher again this year (wondering if she teaches first graders hmmmm) Just love her to pieces. We have adopted them all into our family.
They had all the little free standing charachitures like they had at the Nicholas Boyd pumpkin patch back home. Bella seemed to like this cow lol.

This was on the hay ride. Bella LOVEEEEES Mandalynn (she is the one that has Bella and Sierra in the death grip hahahaa. HOW CUTE ARE THEY.
And check out this little bundle of preciousness. I prolly shoulda called Beth to warn her I was gonna plaster her doll baby on my blog but omg yall could you not just cover this kid with smooches?

she has such attitude and personality and the expressions she makes with her face are so hysterical. she cracks me up so much. AND HER MOM OMG she is with sewing like I AM with scrapbooking so ugh hello yeah. I officially want to hate her but I cant cause she is just too dang awesome. TOOO PRECIOUS! BEth I have lots more pics of Isabella at full resolution I will email you some better ones than this.

They said they also had pig races set up and you get to pick which color to cheer for. (you can tell when you click on the second image and look at the little clip they really got into the cheering)

Here is the clip:


That last pig looks like it has been there done that knows the drill ain’t in no hurry huh?

ANyway.. That was the HUGE FIELD TRIP OF THE YEAR. They have been waiting since before school started for this.NO it doesn’t seem like a big deal to alot of people but to these kids It is. IT has been talked about and planned for and Bella has been so excited. IM SOOOOO GLAD she got to go. It wasn’t lookin’ good yesterday for a bit there. so IM so proud for her. I am so excited that John got to go and get these photos for me. NOW I can sit up and scrap. NOW… I have to figure out what to do about halloweeen. ughhhh. still debating if Im going or not. or just gonna let Bella and John, and then we implemented the pinesol/backdoor scrub down routine again. wash your hands before entering the house. TIS THE SEASON PEOPLE.
Hope you have a great DAY.




on page 62.
You may know her.
I am positive you do.
You may have seen her before on this blog.
You will recognize her.
Him too.

That is my nephew Greyson.
Actually John’s nephew, I call him MY nephew too though. I claim him.
Hey Greyson. ::waving:: I know your blushing. Your probably rolling your eyes too. I know you secretly are proud though. Your internationally famous now.
Bella is grinning. Especially because she is in the picture with you. Especially because it is THIS layout. HER FAVORITE cousin Greyson. This layout is true. YOU ARE her star. Im very proud of you. NOW I KNOWWW your probably holding your gut and wretching so I will stop haha!
Sorry I am just proud of him and her.
I can’t help it!

HAVE YOU EVER SEEEEN THE AUSSIES MAGAZINES???? OMG THEY ARE AAAMMMAAAZING so much better than what we have here in the us! (so much more expensive too) but so much more worth it. Maybe santa will get me a subscript for christmas. The only way I can afford this mag is when I get published in it. It is a BEAUTIFUL magazine though and is more MY STYLE of scrapping. SO UP My ally. They put lots of stuff on their pages and lots of frill and pretty things. just like I like! I AM NOT a simple scrapper. I am not into white space and clean lines much. THAT is so hard for me. I guess because my hands shake and it is hard for me to get lines so symetrical. its easier for me to do the shabby chick look lol.
Thanks to ms for that huh.
Hope you have a good day and IF YOU SEE SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES VOLUME 10 NO 7 pick it up thumb through HECK break down and pay the 10 bucks for it, BELLA and Greyson are IN IT! so it will be worth it hahaha!


My friend Tara aka Thynner from WeScrap posted a Blog Challenge today. IF you would like to participate feel free to join in. just send me the prize if you win bwahahahaha! just kidding.

The challenge is to talk about your greatest fear. and a bonus if you use it on a layout. Well I have actually had my greatest fear happen and I have scrapped it alot… (we had a big temp drop and I haven’t felt real good and took my pain meds. I dont feel real good but IM going to try to do this. If It doesn’t make sense Im sorry and will redo it. but It needs to be posted today. so here goes lol)
My biggest fear was always the thought of losing my daddy. I have always been a daddys girl. I was the youngest. I came along later and kinda “grew up” when my daddy grew up. I could talk to him. He “got me” He would let me drink some of his beer, He wouldn’t get mad if I said pissed, or Bullsh*t (mama still gets mad about that!)I had just said it (that The worst thing that could happen to me was losing my daddy) too not 2 weeks before it actually happened. So I make a habit now to not put things out there in the universe. I think you can suggest things to the devil as your weakness.
I will never forget it either I was standing, up at the trailer talking to Todd Ellis and he asked me what was I gonna do. I was 23 years old going through a divorce from a GREAT BIG mean as a snake ex deputy sheriff that threatened to put my face through a wall if left. I told him that my daddy wouldnt let that happen. That I wasn’t scared He said well your daddy cant protect you 24 hours a day. I said well that is my fear what would I do if something ever happened to my daddy and he couldnt be there. 2 weeks later to the day. My daddy (a Deputy Sheriff) pulled over a stolen vehicle and the kid that was driving it stabbed him to death.(You can read the article HERE) It was premeditated (not against my dad personally but to whomever got in his way he would do what he had to do to get away) who knows. what would have happened. so many scenarios go through my head of what coulda happened. what if daddy had not pulled behind him and the guy ran back to his truck. what if daddy had gotten his hands on that gun and shot that kid? Man I have replayed the trial and every situation so many times. I have the transcripts from the 911 call the trial transcripts, the tapes. the newspapers cards letters even a letter from the piece of crapps family asking us to PLEASE drop the charges against him cuz he had a “hard life” ya. seriously.
You dont wanna know what my reply was to them. Not sure if anyone even knows that I did reply to them, but I did. They know what I THINK of it. (I think I even said bullsh*t a time or too also if you wanna know the truth just for dad! probly a gth too!) They know the entire story of what kinda hard life my dad went through and all of us and that I am NOT sorry and I have no pity for him. I did NOT speak for everyone I spoke FOR ME. I said though what I figured MY daddy would have. That he was just gonna try to help him. That he didn’t have to do that. What he took from me. What he did. And that NO, I dont drop any charge and NO even IF I COULD I wouldn’t. He deserved MORE than what he got. HE gave my dad the WORSE. Not a day goes by I don’t miss that man. and all because of Neal Joesph Kircher. Because he was on drugs and had the nerve to escape a drug rehab and stab my father to death and make MY BIGGEST FEAR a reality. so yeah that was my fear and it came true.

so now my fear is to state my fears out loud. I see it too often, Someone scraps a fear and it happens, someone says a fear… it happens. I dont like that kinda stuff. I have the layout about my dad Here it is.

August 28, 1995 12:18 pm
rings through my memory
like a freight train. The day
that changed all of our lives
forever. This kid that was
hard up for a fix escaped
A drug rehab and stole a
vehicle. You happened to
be the first one to spot the
vehicle. When you pulled
over he stabbed you till
your death. That road now
Has your blood on it, but
It also now bears your name.
So much was taken from
Us that day ,From the world,
our family Our community. The
Sheriff’s Department lost a
deputy, many lost a friend,
many Lost an uncle, a grand
father A brother, a husband,
and a Daddy.
You were so much to so many
It is easy to see that that day,
when you died. Part of me
died with you. I had no idea
the road that lay ahead of us.
How much things would change.
You truly were the glue that held
us all together. We all seemed
lost and unsure what to do after
that. SO many would say
Oh I know how you feel I lost
My dad or brother or whatever
they had cancer or heart failure.
It’s not the same. We went through
A trial, a long trial, waiting years
for justice to be served. We
fought the drug rehabs for better
security and more chaperones
For stiffer penalties for drug related
Crimes. We succeeded on a few.
We have endured the fact it happened
3 miles from our home we all loved.
I eventually would move because
It is just too painful. Some ONE
took your life. Killed you. Not
Only did that kid kill my
Daddy that day. He took
Away my sense of security
And yeah He took my GLUE.
Its been 11 years now.
People want to move on
But how can we move on
When we don’t want to forget

What we love so much.

Fall Festival

Today was the Fall Festival at Jackson Creek Christian Academy. OMGOSH it was soooooo much fun! It was bigger I think than last year. I know their were more people there. I could NOT keep up with Bella. AT ALL. John tried. Mama tried. Thank GOD it is a small place. We know most everyone. David and Diane our neighbors came so they helped us out too keep locating her. I have come to a lot of Realizations too. Things I have never noticed. Or maybe I am just getting old. (SHUT UP WINDALE. I know he is going I BEEN TELLING YOU THAT!!! yeah yeah yeah.) but man everything is SO LOUD. (maybe its this medication.) but OMGOSH. Loud is like louder than it used to be! and makes me cranky. haha.
and ANOTHER THING, when your in a wheelchair you are at BUTT LEVEL. THIS IS NOT pleasant. now if we were say in east Texas lookin at alot of hot guys in wranglers… nother story. anyway what was I talking about?
OH yeah. SO anyway. People don’t pay attention. They walk right in front of you. trippin over you, back into you, its not like i can just step out of the way! MAN people are rude!
I would be trying to take photos of Bella playing a game, walk RIGHT IN front of me so I have sooooooo many pictures that look like this:

That was my chief complaint. Drove me nuts. I was trying to watch the karate demonstration. I was on the side of the little booth where the country store was (in the shade so I wouldn’t die from heat stroke.. every time I would move, this chick would move right in front of me. I would have to unlock the wheels move the chair up then back and forth and over, then.. she moves again back over. so I unlock my wheels move back.. SHE MOVES AGAIN. I finally say screw it. so frustrating. Ya know.. I used to be the SAME WAY I never thought about it till now though and I know they don’t either. its actually pretty funny. No one notices these things until it is them. You also don’t realize how unwheelchair friendly places are either. but, That is a whole nuther post.
so here are my NOT SO GREAT because they are all from wheelchair angle photos..
JOhn did take some of them so he did get some better ones. I will try to explain them as we go.
Bella and her boy Brayden doing the cake walk.

Mama, Tara, Brayden and Bella doing cake walk (note NONE OF US won cakes rofl. We could have bought a cake for as many times as they did cake walk and none of us won a cake it was kinda funny)

Mama and Bella cake walkin’

some of the jellys and things in the country store.


THis was the dude catchin the bids at the auction OMGOSH it was sooooo funny. He was keepin um goin buddy. We had people bidding that didnt know they were bidding. These people that were talking they talk with their hands. THey dont know it but they bid twice on a basket and helped up it a substantial amount hahahaha!

He was really good with that auction. IT was soooo much fun! The ALABAMA (Bama roll tide) Basket SOLD FOR 295.00 The Auburn Basket sold for right at 100.00 They also auctioned off some day passes to disney for 400.00!

Barbie the pony was there again. Again Bella wouldnt ride her. She was all pumped and wanted to ride and then when she got back there chickened out. I dunno what it is about this pony that she wont ride her. She rode the other horse before. I just do not understand it.

Bella and Grandmama rode the hay ride

she spun the pickle wheel.

popped a balloon.

And went fishing.

David and Diane (our neighbors) Met us there for lunch. In time for the auction.

We were all plum tuckered by the time we left.

I believe the school raised a nice sum of money, everyone had fun and fall has DEFINITELY been celebrated. Bella had a great time, SHe came home with a TON OF STUFF! (so did mama haha) John decided he would just make us a cake he gave up on tryin to win one in the cake walk hahahaha!
Hope you all have a great weekend.


ITS FRIDAY! There are several things Im happy about. Happy its friday of course. Fall festival is this weekend but also THIS:
LOST! I LOVE that show! So they are continuing it for 2009! YAY! HEY little things ok! I have been so nauseated lately with this medication so it doesn’t take too much to ammuse me. I did get a couple things made for the AUBURN basket to auction at the Fall festival.
It is a check book holder, 2 little notebooks, and a book marker if your wondering. That is what you do when You are broke and can’t go out and buy anything with the team logo on it but want to contribute! I had some Auburn scrapbook paper so it worked out. I wanted to make a Christmas ornament but couldn’t find the clear glass ornaments I have. I have no clue what I did with them. THey will turn up probably about what… JULY? Oh well. My mom is coming she is bringing some of the jewelry she makes. She just had a craft fair and has some left over so she is donating it to the country store at Bella’s school to sale. Proceeds all go to the school. How much does that rock? YAY MA!
Bella is so looking forward to her coming down this weekend. I am on this medication that makes my nerves so wacked out I hope it goes well. I might need a drink or seven before its over. Too bad I can’t do that on this medication huh? oh well

John has taken Rolio helenwheelz to get lowered. We took it to the little fall festival at St Elmo Baptist church and realized it needed to be lowerd, IT was causing me to get leg cramps. so. HE is doing that today so Maybe tomorrow wont be so bad. I hope tomorrow is a pretty day. Tomorrow is a bigg fall festival and much lowder so I dunno how well I am gonna do at it. I will have to see. Praying I can do it. Bella so wants me to go and I want to be there.
so saying prayers crossing fingers and all that stuff. I have a box of brownies we are going to make to fix for the cake walk. (everyone makes something to donate for the cake walk give aways)
Hope you all have a great weekend. Check back by tomorrow for photos maybe. If im not too exhausted if not them maybe sunday.
OH and if you think about it if you would be so kind as to do so.
Cosmo cricket is having a contest. you have to post on their blog and tell them that I sent you. then I can win their 3 new lines. I would love you forever and 2 days if you would just take a second click on the link and tell them I told you to post there. tell them nancy jones @ sent you! THANK YOU!

More kit yummies

I did another page last night attributing to the friendship Bella and Eva Caroline share. They have been Bff since we moved here wow almost 4 years ago now! Gosh it doesnt seem that long ago. But Nov the 7th it will be. Hard to believe how fast time goes by. They were both such tiny things when we moved here. Both of them being only children and living across the street from one another, was a blessing. They are so cute, they stand in the yard yelling and waving to each other can they come play and scheeming (how do you spell that word?) how they can get their parents to let the other one come over. SO FUNNY. I hope they stay friends forever.
Here is one of the photos from the Fall Festival at St Elmo Baptist Church, I scrapped with This months SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS KIT.

I love the colors in this kit. SO beautiful and full of fallness (if that is a word)
We have another fall festival this weekend and I AM SOOOOO looking forward to it. I am praying I get to go.
It is the one at Bella’s school. IT was sooooo much fun last year. Bella LOVED IT! We all did!
I have several more projects to get done and today is my “feelin’ better than usual” day since I didnt have a shot last night. so Im going to try to get some stuff done. The Topamax is still making my eyes roll around in my head though. (according to a good friend of mine that takes it, this is normal for the first few weeks… just makes no sense to me)Good news is though it will go away thank goodness!!!
Hope you all have a good monday!

Scrappin my kit!

This months kit from scrapbook Obsessions has the Basic grey Ambrosia in it and all I can say is HAVEEEEEEEEEE MERRRRRRRRRRRCY! I am so lovin’ all this OOOOORRRRAAANNNGGGE! SO GORGEOUS.
I have to say though, I have been slow scrapping it. I had a Dr visit (Neurologist) on friday and well,
I got a new script called TOPAMAX that has turned me into a drooler.
30 minutes after I took the first one my IQ dropped severely. I think my eyes are rolling around in my head non stop now. I can’t remember crapp anymore. WORSE than before I took it and I was pretty bad to start with… I can stare at stuff all day long and not think of what you call it to save me. I still cannot think of that guys name from the movie that said “groovyyy babbeeey” and I know it as well as I know my own name. IT is NOEL Mignion’s FAVORITE movie. (see I CAN REMEMBER THAT but what the &^%$ is the name of it!?) I have no clue. GRRRRR I hate this stuff! Making me crazy! I am hoping these side effects will go away soon. I am not hearing good things from others though. anyway….
Scrapping this page I kept looking at this paper and almost falling off my scrap chair from getting dizzy. Ya pretty pathetic huh? John told me he was getting me a seat belt for my scrap chair. Hopefully that will subside after I get used to it.
One of the side effects is weight loss (FINALLY! THANK YOU LORD! THEY FINALLY, PRAISE JESUS!! GIVE ME A MEDICATION, THAT DOESNT MAKE YOU PACK ON THE LBS LIKE A BUFFALO!) but you watch.. I will be the less than .0000000001% that will gain weight or at least not loose weight on it you just watch. WHY? cuz that is just how I roll.
although I have had some good luck lately, at other things… who knows maybe juuuuusst maybe…oh well.

I couldnt wait to scrap these fall festival photos so I figured since I had this lovely kit from Scrapbook Obsessions I might as well get to it. SO here ya go…

I think she has a few kits left if you are interested.
That is one of Bella’s good buddys Mandalyn on the left and yall know Eva Caroline on the right in that photo. (yall saw the photo in an earlier post) How cute are they? Hard to believe they are 5!! It is going by wayyyyyyyyy toooo fast!!!

Fall Festival

We went to the Fall Festival today at St. Elmo Baptist Church. SO much fun! Bella LOVED IT. It was a GGGGGORGEOUS day!
We took Eva Caroline (from across the street) Bellas BFF with us. THey were so cute!
THey played on the blow up jumpy things

There were alot of different little games there for them to play.

They even had a hay ride
Everyone had a wonderful time.

We are plum tuckered out. It was good to get out though and see Bella have such a good time though. Also to see friends I haven’t seen in a while. We also got to see Halloween exploded. The house across the street had gone ALLLL OUT with the halloween decorating. Check this out. Grizwalds dont have NUTTIN on these folks!

Of Course Bella thought it was the coolest thing ever and wants us to do our yard and house the same way… Im thinking NO! YOU dont get the full effect because the blow up things were inflated… but man.. I have never seen so many halloween decorations in one place in my life. We MUST go back Christmas and see what they do for that!!!

woah dude now thats a SALE!

Yall all know that right now with the financial crisis everyone is looking for good deals and to get the most for their money. I know all about this because well as you all know how expensive medication and dr visits are, we are all about budgets and cutting back. So when I tell you about this deal… You KNOW it has to be a good one cuz omg! Sales like this don’t come that often!

Ok I just have to tell yall… Treasures To Scrap is having a KILLLER SALE!
70% off patterned papers and assorted embellishments, stamps, and lots of other stuff
50% off all kits!
you can click on new products also and see alot of things that have just come in or shop by manufacturer if it is easier for you. (just look at all those buttons… swoooon and jewels aaaaaaaah)

IM talking she has the stamps from basic grey, Fancy pants, Adorn it, and other manufacturers marked down to 70% OFF! SHe has THE Fancy Pants biggest board sets… 70% OFF
This is an Unbelievable sale and ugh if you have a scrapper in your life and you need to buy christmas gifts… or if you are yourself a scrapper and maybe you want to make your giftst his year… or if you just like cool crafty supplies THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT! SO MANY AMAAAAZING deals right now you can get a TON for the same amount you normally pay!!!!!

so CHECK IT OUT! THis wont last long!

Monday … is a good day.

I have an article published in’s magazine on how to alter a pumpkin. It is a fun little project to do with kids as young as 2!! Check it out and show me your punkins 🙂

I hope to get to go to the pumpkin patch this week with Bella bug and take some photos. They have a big stand set up at the church so cute! The 30th we will be going to the BIG corn maze and pumpkin patch with her class at school. I know she is going to have lots of fun. I can’t wait I hope I am able to go!
The weekend before that is the Fall Festival. Everyone is gearing up and getting ready. Bella’s class is in charge of the Fishing booth and for the Auburn and ALabama gift baskets to auction. I am going to make some thing to go in them. I dont have any Bama stuff but I DO Have some Auburn papers I can use for altering.
I might make a notebook and some cards or something to go in there.

I scrapped again last night. I scrapped the photo of Bella I took yesterday.

I love these photos. WHY IS IT anytime I take photos of her THAT TONGUE has to be sticking out! In every photo shoot I have at least one of her sticking out her tongue and monkey shining… she is soooo my kid!!!!

I put some Doodlebug Sugar crystals on these letters to make them BLING out.

I added red bling dots to the flower also, and added pop foam dots behind them to lift it up for dimension.

I actually feel pretty decent today. YEAH I KNOW. I was shocked too. I was scared I was dead when I woke up and I wasn’t nauseaus and hurting! So it is getting easier finally. They told me around October November I should start getting used to the medication and it get easier. NOW to just get rid of the blame shingles… that is another story. I think they are about gone but scared to say it in fear they will come back worse! I don’t take a shot on Sunday nights so I get like a day off. SO ussually I don’t feel AS crummy on Mondays. Hard to imagine getting used to this but Oh well We adapt! It could BE SOOOO MUCH WORSE!

I was getting some things ready to mail and forgot that it was Columbus day and the mail doesn’t run today. Some kids are out of school today but we are in (I think because we missed some during Hurricane Gustav)

Well I need to get up and go clean something while I feel decent. Take advantage of Feeling better haha. I really really need to go to the school and take some pictures with Bella and her teacher. I just hate to do that to her without planning in advance. (Don’t want to get in teachers way) Is hard for me to plan anything though.

Well Im out of here! TOODLES!