How I Dunnit!


BUT~ First off I want to Thank Sudie for posting my “Back to School Mini” I had done of Bella On Unkit!

WOW! Who knew! I am in just shock! From there… It went: HERE: and from there it went to HERE: National Scrapbook

ALL because of Sudie ALexander and Unkit Live. Thank you SUDIE! I just love her so much for letting me have fun on Monday nights and do what I am so happy to do! She just rocks! I am so glad Unkit live is there on Monday nights at 8 30 central.(shameless plug for sudies show) I look so forward to Mondays.
She will not be having one this Monday night due to Labor day. THE NEXT MONDAY THOUGH… GUESS WHAT?? ITS THE BIG SHOW!

WITH THE ONE AND ONLY TERESA COLLINS! (have you seeen that new stamp maker? holy wow!) YA! I KNOW. I am so excited. I’m trying to think of questions. The only one I can think of right now is will she do house calls?

SOOOOOOOO, If you tuned in… You know I had some technical difficulty.
The power had gone out and I guess that is what made my headset where the volume woudln’t work. I dunno. MY SOUND GUY… hasn’t figured it out yet.
SO I will post all the stuffs I was gonna tell ya with photos hereeee.
PS: You can click on the photos to make them bigger so you can see.
Just FYI 🙂

So did you guesss what it is ??
Did you figure it was gonna be some sort of mini album?
THEN you know me soo well!
The reason I said two? is because Bella has 2 grandmothers.
I am gonna make one for each.
I am doing them both one and put the things Bella loves to do with them.

Bella LOVES to play “make up” and rummage through her Nanas jewelry.
(I do tooo)
She had the BEST TIME when we were in Mississippi playing in Nanas jewelry box.
(I did tooo!)
I got the MOST adorable photos.
I just had to make this album!
so I’m thinkin’ grandparents day is coming up soon?
if not I Know her birthday is, AND My moms birthday is as well so.. anyway.. GIFT.. made! DONE! WHEW!

I just love seeing their faces when they open these kinda gifts! Makes my heart smile!
Bella loves giving them! Win Win..

Ok Im going to go over what I did and How I dun it (hence the name of this post)

so here is a photo with some of the products I used:

(YOU CAN CLICK ON ANY OF THESE PHOTOS TO SEE THEM LARGER .. at your own risk…. but any flaws, crooked lines , mis spelled words in journaling, whopsided embellishments… its for the sake of the sake of the children errr I mean project, hey my kid was playin’ in the back ground Im lucky this is made at all don’t HATE! all Im sayin YOUR The one that clicked to see it REALLY BIG!)

So what I did..
On the cover. I started with THE BOX. yes THAT postal box. and I sanded it down .. mostly.
Cut it to the dimensions I wanted for a mini album.
first page/cover is 5 x5
second is 6 x 5
third is 7 x 5
last is 8 x 5

I glimmer misted the back ground so that the edges would hold the color when you look at the sides. Websters Pages from the AUGUST UNKIT was the perfect paper for this.
I absolutely love the Tim Holtz Tissue tapes.
I used them on top of that paper. YOU CAN SEE the Websters design THROUGH that tape along with the words on the Tim Holtz tissue tape. SOOOO amazing. I inked the edges of the tape before I put it down that made it even cooler! I did it verticle and across at the top to make it interesting.
I cut out that Teresa Collins Clock from the Paper that is also in the August Unkit I used my Making Memories Edge distresser. that is the Black thing up in the picture that has Making Memories stamped across it. It has a little razor blade on it. I also used that around the edges of my paper. I LOVE THAT TOOL I USE IT ALOT ALOT ALOT!
I also used Coffee shop and Walnut gold glimmer mist on the clock, chestnut roan colorbox chalk inks to accent and go over the edges.
Making Memories stick pin,
7 gypsies arrow metal photo turn points to the number 7 on the clock (Bella is 7 years old)
The always letters are little yellow bicycle)

The wire I painted with ranger gold paint (This wire was silver to start with I didnt have any big enough any other color) THEN after it dried, I sprayed it with iridescent Gold glimmer mist and went over it with Hayride glimmer Glam. It worked perfectly!

October Afternoon Thrift Shop Stickers I inked the edges used pop dots for dimension.

This ribbon for this bow was white, I used Antique pink glimmer mist to make it the right color. After I tied it. I glued in place (the knot) THEN I put some Glimmer Glaze PINK LADY on the ends so it wouldn’t fray. (it works like nail polish) I also added a bit over it so it would sparkle and shine. (smells like nail polish too whew)

On this page notice there are 7 jewels across the top. I also used Pink Lady glimmer glaze around the frame. I double framed with doodlebug sugar cardstock. (VERY SPARKLY!)

This next page I saturated it with a couple different colors of purple glimmer mist trying to get the color I wanted on the edges. It turned out kinda cool. I inked the edges of the paper and distressed them with the M.M. edger. (same one as I used on the cover) I used that clock face and this wooden number 7. I got these from a scrapbook store back home that used to be open in Byram Mississippi Im waving to you guys!!!(HI JO! POLLY HI DANA !HI TO ALL THE GANG) I still have some of these can you believe it?
I LOVE LOVE these I HOARD them! I used to get them every time I went home and also would get her to mail them to me Id get bunches of them.

So anyway Since she was looking at a watch in this photo on this page… I had to talk about time…
I mean hello..its in your face there.
so I put for journaling:”Nothing is more precious than time spent with you”

so on this page I glimmer misted with pink and something totally coool happened when it dried.The purple from the previous page.. Bled through it TOLD YOU I SATURATED IT. I used the heat gun to speed it up so I dunno if that made a difference. BUT OH IT LOOKS SOOOOO COOOL up in that top left corner. I dunno if you can really see it in the photo but when you see it in real life. (trust me it looks kewwwwl) The gold in the glimmer mist and the light hits it one way you see purple one way you see pink… sooo neat!

I put an arrow pointing to BOTH of their bare little feet. HOW CUTE IS THAT?
“The journaling: I wish these moments would last forever
they are but a tick on the clock”

Basic grey wisteria paper from August Unkit ( I believe this is also in the Sept. Unkit)
I distressed the edges Used colorbox inks on the edges to give it that antiquish look.

This is the flip side of that same Basic Grey Wisteria Paper. I also cut out the design on the Websters pages paper. I glimmer misted it so it would blend more.
I took some flowers and folded and twisted them around after I finagled some ribbon around and made a design with it. Pop dots give the photo dimension so the flowers can sit behind it just a bit and I let the ribbon run off of the page. I put time over to the side of the flower.
I cut out the side of that border from the other side of the Websters pages paper.
All edges were inked with colorbox chalk inks.

That ribbon was made from a larger piece of ribbon. I didn’t have the right size. so had to make my own.

I folded it over and used Aileenes tacky glue to hold it down.
then just curled it around and looped it back put a sticky dot down. repeat.

“Thank goodness we have this time to remember
in our memories time can never stop.” ~ NJ

Thats the back


I enjoyed making this. I spent all weekend making it finished it up today.
Hopefully it will let my Mother in love know JUST HOW VERY MUCH we do love and appreciate her. she is an absolutely amazing woman. Im so glad she is in our life. Bella is a very lucky little girl… So am I!
This project was a great distraction. I love making these kinds of things! NOW gonna make another one for my mom!
hope you have a good day!

Here is a link to this months (septembers) Unkit. It has some awesome products in there!

September Unkit

Again I want to thank Sudie for all she has done for me and for posting that mini on Unkit. Im so Blessed to have such good friends! in my life! xoxox!


ANOTHER sneak peek

I didn’t post yesterday about what I am working on because well, I didn’t work on it yesterday. BUT, TODAY… different story. I have been inking and misting and gluing hehe. YES I love this so much! AND NOOOOOOOOO.. I am not anywhere close to through. CLOSER but not through. I WILL as promised show you more hints.

have you figured it out?
ya think?
shush melissa.

I will tell you what I did here… I used this sheet of Websters Pages(is this not gorgeous? this is all from the August unkit except the mists) and cut it out but it needed to be kinda bluish. so anyway….
here is …..
another preview hint.

Theres a big hint in that photo too.

I plan to finish it up if I cant sleep tonight and tomorrow (I am pretty tired.) and show in the aftershow on vokle if we are up to it. so won’t you join us? We have a great time at Unkit Live with sudie. Bella loves her some Ms Sudie tv too! Its family friendly and has awesome crafts so come join us on Monday nights!

Sneak Peak

So I had a creative release last night with my August unkit. It was like an old friend. Was so awesome. I LOVE scrapbooking and just throwing my brain and my energy losing my thoughts into art. It is great therapy both physical and mental.
It comes so easy when you put your heart into it.
So I pulled out my August UNKIT along with some of my other FAVORITE products from various kits I have. Some recent kits I have gotten from Scarlet Lime. (LOVE me some Christy! all those embellies in those kits YUM!) And also some Past kits from my Design Team days at Scrapbook Obsessions. (they still have a few kits left that are $10.00 by the way)
I miss them so much. (((chantele and J.R.)))
One thing you are gonna notice on this lil project I am working on. Something I don’t always do. There is a HUGEEEE mixture of manufacturers. I say that.. I mean I DO mix them but I usually keep it to a minimum. But, on this one I just went with what ever… I was going for a certain “feeeeling” with this.
Nope, not gonna tell you exactly what I’m doing yet. I WILL TELL YOU there will be 2 of these made. (that there is a hint yall) Because there are 2 different stories that need to be told. That should help hehe… can you guess what I am doing?

so anyway… Here are some sneak photos.

So have you guessed what I’m doin’ yet? have any clue?
think you might know?
lemme know.
comeeee on don’t beeee shy.
speak upppp!

IT is TOTALLY NOTTTTT what you think.
don’t be fooled.
read my post again there is a big hint in there.

Gonna be working on this alllll weekend. (its all rainy) MIGHT just show yall the finished result at the after show on vokle if lord willing. Cam works, and Sudie is up for it.
Hope you all will Bring some projects and share in on your 2 min. Show us what your workin’ on! WE WANT TO SEEE your current creations! So much fun. NOT RECORDED. No one cares if you have make up on, we are not haters. we are crafters and all have inky fingers so come play with us and show us what ya workin on!

As you have guessed. My shoulder is feeling much better. THANK YOU LORD FOR CORTISONE SHOTS. It will still smart sometimes when I get to going and realize maybe I shouldn’t have moved that way. BUT NNOOTTHHIINNGG (THANK YOU JESUS) like it was!
but for the most part… MURCH BETTA! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
SO IM GONNA get my craft on this weekend. Great therapy great thing to do with Bella. Got a buncha buncha movies.
SO what you gonna be doing’

have you ever

have you ever heard that song by Reba Mcentire “If I had only known?”
its a song about if she had only known all these things how she would have done so many things differently. So many times in our lives we look back and think OH MANNN. I shoulda.. I wish I had… I know in my life there are so many. several really HUGE ones. but one major one comes out every year. It is coming up really soon. like, THIS WEEK. It haunts me like something you have no idea. I am sure your thinkin.. gee this chick needs some help. OH YA we have been there.
yes I have been there, Been shrunk, meditated, hallucinated, hesitated and had many a preacher tell me their “O PINION on things” DO NOT get me started I could write many a book on this. and hit my knees before the lord So do NOT START WITH ME it is a personal demon that I fight with. Its the “IF”.

IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN….. If I could have kept him on that phone maybe for 10 more minutes maybe it would have been different. 10 more minutes…..

even 5?

could it have made a difference?

would it have been someone else in his place instead that day?

wouldnt want that to happen…but,

what would have happened if?

would they have subdued the idiot, and we all still have my dad.. IF.

big word for two letters.

If I would have known what was about to happen that day. I would have stayed on that phone for an eternity to keep him away from what happened next. these are all questions I still ask. I have alot of things I have to work out with the man upstairs one day… I WILL. I know he has a reason. It will make sense. someday. THAT WAS MY DADDY! I WANNA KNOWWWW! but today. I still ask myself that question.

EVERYONE HAS a story. I know this. Do you scrapbook them? So far I have not scrapbooked this. Not the details. I can’t bear to put this idiot/aka person that did this to my daddy in my book. I say idiot because this is a pg/G rated blog. But, I have newspaper clippings and all the 911 pages, court documents from the trial. I have everything. every last little detail. Even letters from idiots family. I was there. ya. for all of it. Daddy was always there for me. My dad.
Some day. Bella will ask more questions. I have boxes. She has already asked. I have told her on her age level appropriate need to know answers. He died a hero. In line of duty.
I think My child needs to know the truth. What drugs do to you. They destroyed our family. And that idiots as well.

Our family is going through this still and will forever because a spoiled idiot kid on drugs took away what he saw as just another uniformed deputy. THAT MAN.. was my daddy.
Our WORLD. NOT just another man in uniform…. when you see a uniformed officer out there. smile. Tell them thank you and to be careful out there.

Well if that don’t make ya heart switch sides….

it just might heal ya!
So I got into this Krispy Kreme donut discussion, over a photo that Kizer and Bender put up on their facebook feed. It ’bout hurt me. Im tellin’ ya. I had dreams about that sucker.
I couldn’t get it out of my head. I used to be really skinny. I wore leg warmers under my pants legs to make them look like they had a shape. (don’t have much of an issue now THANK YOU TO STEROIDS no I don’t play pro ball, just have MS thank you) I have more trouble eating than any person I know. more of a problem keeping food in me. Nothing agrees with an MS patient due to medications it seems. But OH how I LOVE me some KK donuts. THE SMELL of them is just HEAVEN! SUGARY OVERLOAD DELIGHT! The things I can do with them suckas. The recipes are endless. That post went on for days and days. They bring back so many wonderful memeories. ahhhhhhh.
One of the first dates John and I had was to KK donuts. early in the morning. THE LIGHT WAS ON. which means to you that don’t know “They were hot.” (we had had a few) and omgosh I think we scarfed down a whole dozen in record time. We were the only ones in the place and they were kickin us out. (I was tryin to get them to please let me make the donuts)
was a lot of fun though.

My honey knows how to make me happy. so I had this grand idea. ice cream samiches out of KK donuts. omgosh. THAT WOULD JUST HAVE TO BE GOOD huh? I mean it was 2 of my most favorite things IN THE WORLD.
so here is what we did.

(don’t that look just out of the flippin world?????) I have the best ideas ADMIIITTTT IT! that will make you just fall in love right there!)

Ok so first you split the donut like a bagel. Let the grown folks do it for ya if ya can’t do it ya self.
Don’t go cuttin ya scrappin hands!
(pop it in the nuker (aka. microwave) for about 10 seconds depending on how old yours is) get it just warm.. mmmm smells good don’t it?


Spread on ya some ice cream.. blue belle home made vanilla oh ya baby (if ya down in the south that is THE ONLY KINDA ICE CREAM to get) if you don’t live in the south. well. Im sorry for ya. you need to come down here and learn bout some good eatin!
(and how to Reckon!)

Put the top on. Oh man. Its gonna be so good! Then ooozle droozle some of this caramel sauce on top. oh lawd help me.

Then can I get a volunteer? anyone anyone??? someone wanna taste test? anyone.
Sure you cute little girl that I might know.

Now that my friends… is some good stuff right there.

I didn’t hear anything out of her for a while so I think she liked it.

Here ya go again with the finished product:

OH and you can also make cute mini albums out of the hats:

HELLOOOO you think I was just gonna do a post and not have anything scrappy in it?
me thinks you do not know me very well!

This is an older mini album (you see how little Bella bug is) so I won’t bore you with all of it. BUT JUST had to show you. This love affair has been long going hehehe
so. GO. have some fun. eat some donuts make a mini out of the cute hat they give you. (you don’t have to take a kid with you to get a hat by the way just so ya know)
hope you have a good day)

Life is a Beach… mini album

LOVEEEEE this kit from CUPCARDSTOGO. you can do sooo much with it. It has card sets in it but you know I am a mini album a holic. so, This is what I did (and yes I will be making cards as well because THERE IS SOOOO MUCH IN THIS KIT! it is packed so full of stuff! The embellies and the ribbon are sooo cute! The flocked sticker letters are so adorable. I love the papers they have this glitter back ground with the shells and starfish. just so cute. so easy to work with. SO easy to make a mini album. I am going to make some cards with this later but I wanted to show you the mini album I made with this last week.

We had a blast last night at unkit live. Sudie featured sonda and this kit. you can go to sondas site to see what sudie made with the kit. BEAUTIFUL! If you have not been to one of these unkit live shows. Yall are missing out on monday nights! we have soooo much fun and the after show is so much fun. I showed this little mini album. (with my flicted self) John moved my camera to the laptop in my altered state had drs appts yesterday so I fumbled through it. sorry bout that yall. but I did it wheeww. anyway on with the photos yayyyyy!!!!

so here it is:

This poem is by “Thena Smith”. It was perfect for this album.

I took cardboard and stripped the top off, used colorbox ink to distress it. I took the word paper and used glimmer mist on it inked over it with colorbox ink chalks.
The journaling poem on this page says:

I stand in awe before you lord
as I watch my child at play
How precious is each action
And each word I hear her say
I know that as you
look down on us
We are all very small
Yet you know each tiny
grain of sand
and by name you know
us all!

I also made these little pullouts tags with my own little sentiments that I found online. (I LOVE these little quotes. I used lots of different glimmer mists on them and used the ribbons in the kit. I attached them with Tim Holtz tiny attacher)
To handle yourself use your head, To handle others use your heart.
the other one says:
As deep as the ocean as many stars up in the sky, You will always be the sparkle in your mommys eyes!

The next two pages. I took and distressed the back ground pages around the edges and inked with colorbox fluid ink chalks in dark brown. then the layerd sheet I used stickles then had to set aside. (It looks like waves so I thought it would be pretty to glam it up )
on the right I tore those into strips and inked all the edges. Took the starfish and pulled the inside out stickled it then put it back together after I used the colorbox chalks on the outside part. attached it with a colorful sparkly brad.

journaling reads:

Lord though my child
seems small to me
as she stands upon your shore
I know that were she
ten feet tall-
You could not love her more.

on the left hand page I distressed it a little on the back ground. I used the pretty ribbon on the top right. accented it with the buttons. cut circles out of the water paper down the side.
On the right used the water looking as the top back ground paper and the dot glitter paper as the bottom back ground paper (kinda reminded me of sand)

The journaling reads:
I cannot even fathom lord,
How great your love must be.
But, I know that it is greater still
than the vastness of the sea.

so I say a prayer of thanks
Dear lord of earth and sea
for all the loving care you give
to both my child and me.
~Thena Smith The wonder of it all

C.H.A. happy mail

OMGOSHHHH it has been like CHRISTMAS! I went to some online crop things and I won this prize pack well I THOUGHT all I won was that cool little purple scissor holder I HAD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA I WAS GETTTING ALLL THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! AND ALL THOSE SAMPLES ALSO of how to make all that stufff!!!! OMGOSH.
I LOVE IT! LISA I COULD KISSS YOUR FACE! ( I will spare you though hehe )
OK I will J’LO this Scissor thing out and show you. AT the PJ PARTY NEXT WEEEK!

IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEEN to their live scrap shows YOU NEEED TO COME!!!! IT IS SOOO MUCH FUN! Thank you so much to all of you guys at Pajama Party Live and C&T publishing.
and Lisa Lou 🙂

The things you do for your kidlet….

SO Bella as you know was all not happy with her shoe situation. (they were tie ups I think was the most problem and she wanted “non tie ups” like she has had every other year. Mommy had been sick and daddy has been working and well just didn’t find the ones she wanted. (not to suit her) was tryin to make do. You have to realise daddy it is just gonna get even more fun the older she gets!

Thank you lord for my sweet neighbor Diane. I called her asked her if she by any chance could take me to Kohls (they usually have the BEST shoe deals)
SHE WAS ON THAT LIKE ants at a picnic!
so off we went.
NOPE Kohls had everything BUT what we needed. I did get a baby gift though for my new baby cousin that should arrive any moment now,
while there. (that was fun! omgosh such cute stuff) it was right there by it luckily.
So, Target? How did I feel? I still was ok. Not too bad… yet. Went to target straight to that part. NOPE, everything but what she needed. Ok. left there. went to Payless. NOPE nothingggggg in her size. NOTHING.
Thank goodnesss they were having displays at the front of these places though.
SEARS? do they have shoes? I thought Sears just sold Appliances.
Havn’t been in one in forever.
BUT, look what we found there.
THE CUTEST LITTLE SIZE 13 navy (NON TIE UPS as she called them)

I had just about given up… they were on the VERY BOTTOM and Diane Found them.
AUNT DIANE TO THE RESCUEEEEE! (and they were on saleeeeeeeeeee)

She had a really good first day. SHe loves her teacher. Has made a new friend. (Amelia) and came home all smiley. I got her a Hello Kitty Lap pad thinking it would encourage the home work. (she is a Hello Kitty lovin’ Monster)

She already has projects due. I will have to sit on my hands not to help OMGOSH IT IS SOOO CUTE.

I love these little things. She is such a little project doer.
I love watching her mind turn. I see the little wheels turning she was so excited. SHe said “MOMMM GUESS WHAT I GET TO SCRAPPP BOOOK.. ok well sorrta… then she said OOOOH CAN I USEEEE YOUR CRICUTTTT?????????”

I told her I THINK she wants her to do it by hand but we will do some of it with the cricut. I will ask her teacher about that. Not sure on that one. (Bella knows how to work that thing let me tell ya!)

In other news. I GOT MY KIT FROM CUPCARDS TO GO YESTERDAY! OMGOSH this is the cutest little thing you ever seen in your life! It comes in this cute box and you can tell how much time she spendss putting all this together!!!!! everything is cut and so well put together just sooooooo cuteeeee. I just dont want to take it all apart to play with it. IT IS SOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEE!
Comes in a cute little box. BUT, I got stuff I need to make so … I gotta dive on in hehehe.
I am exhausted beyond belief from yesterday and can’t think of a spot that doesn’t hurt. The stufff we do for our kids when we know we shouldn’t! WHEN WE KNOW BETTER!
WHEN WE KNOW the next day we will be in pain…. THATS LOVE KIDDO… yeah thats sacrifice I sacrifice myself for you alot kiddo hehhee dont you forget it your mommy loves you!!! xoxoxo (or you would still be wearin them shoes!)

first day of Second grade

Hard to Believe she is going into second grade!!! But ya she is.. (gonna put a brick on here head) The shingles were gone enough they are just tiny dots on my neck barely pimple looking. We felt it safe for me to go this morning and take some photos! (YIPPPPEEEE!) It is soooo humid here my camera kept fogging up but I did manage to get some photos. I will share!
I did good No tears but when I got home and started putting them through photo shop…

ONE really got me. I have to admit my eyes really started to tear up. you will know the one when you see it oh gosh it just wrenched my heart and (made me forget what a little turkey rear she has been for the last week ughh! ok not forget but maybe just kinda unruffle a few of the feathers)

so here are some of the photos and I will share with the other moms

Daddy putting on her shoes… How sweet is this?

I take her picture every year in front of this wall. man she is growing…

my little messy child…. she is notttt happy about these shoes. (Mommy was sick… Daddy did the uniform shopping. sigh. IM GONNA FIX IT don’t worry. I bribed her today to wear them haha. I told her Daddy did best her could do. We will FIX IT! so she is ok with it for today. (Im praying) bless her.

Bella sticking her tongue out at me saying she does not like her ugly shoes. sigh.

Bella does this thing with her eyebrows she raises them up and down. Here eyes go all crazy when she does it. It is really funny. makes me laugh really hard. anyway she was doing that in the back seat at me..

This picture made me choke! Thought I was over all the emotional back to school stuff. I was ready for her to go back geesh! That one above kinda got me! She is growing up ya know! ( I got over it quick..) Next….

Our traditional walk in with daddy…

Discussing her ugly shoes with Nautica. hahaha.

Bella and her bff Bailey

These three are just the cutest everrrr!

She missed her friends soooo much!

I think she is really happy to be back at school! Hope my Bella bug has a wonderful first day in Second Grade. Will miss her today a smidge (maybe) hehe. ok ok I WILL it is really quiet.
I promised her if the kitties do anything interesting I would let her know. I would feed them their snack and keep her updated.
she is toooo funny!

By the way UNKIT LIVE (Sudie TV) tonight is alllll about BACK TO SCHOOL! you do NOT want to miss this live scrap book show. GONNA BE SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! I will see you there!

I finally cut my bloomers!

I have been working on this layout on and off for a few days (and nights) now. My eyes were giving me fits trying to match the colors. (the blues were looking like greens to me and the oranges were looking like reds… ugh) dunno if it was the shingles were on a certain nerve or what… anyway. I went with my usual vintagey grungy look. I know that Dena and Brandin will be HAPPY TO KNOWWWW I FINALLY used those bloomer. I cut them… it hurt. Although, when I did it.. I REALLY DID IT. I glimmer misted and inked the fool out of them. haha. so there. (AND IT WAS FUNNNN)
I mixed 2 different glimmer mists in one of those little handy dandy mini misters (I had bought and not used yet) Bella thinks they are sooooo cute and made just for her mmhmmm along with everything else in my scrap room.

which brings me to the topic of this page I made for this challenge for The Color Room:
I LOVED these colors for this one!!!!

You may click on the photo to see it larger.

Tomorrowwwwwwwwwww, is the first day of school (cue music) I am clearing off my camera for lots of photos. Hoping that it goes well this year. Mrs. Brown has already told Bella she will come with to see her to her next class (I hope this helps the transition. I think that it won’t be as bad as last year though. She knows this teacher. She didn’t know Mrs. Brown. That upset her soooo bad. sigh. We are going to go a little early just to be on the safe side. I think my shingles are gone enough that I can go (unless she keeps calling “mama mama MAMAAAAAAA“like she is doing and driving me to the utmost edge of crazy like she has been for the last 72 hours) I am about HAPPY school is starting so I can get a DOSE OF QUIET.
Yall remind me of that when I get home and Im turning on stuff for noise, because…. it is just a little bit too quiet in here without my Bella bug. hahaha.
Hope you all have a nice week!