The king lives!!

John Has stuff he has to do today WORK – work stuff.. and yard stuff you know the STUFF. Stuff you dont wanna do but YOU GOTTA do ::grroooaann:: So Bella and I had some fun this mornin’ She told me she did shaving cream at school this week.
So I thought well we can do that and work on her letters and review what she did this week at school. This is when we have our fun conversations and I learn all the ins and outs you know, the “HOT TOPICS” of preschool. LIke, who is datin’ who.. who is who’s friend and who doesn’t like me this day. Yeah I said dating! She has a boy friend ya know. THEY GO OUT! ::INSERT THE EYES BULGING OUT SMILEY HERE:: Seems the playground is a big playin field for the pre K match makin. Is pretty funny. THANK GOD innocent fun. So we talk about all the fun stuff she learned this week. What all they are going to do next week. And Im trying to get her all excited about the Fall festival coming up. SO.. We are playin’ in the shaving cream and she seems to be feeling better. Been kinda not herself and having fitful sleep, nauseau and the tummy issues. SO this should clean her up huh.. shavin’ cream .. that is close to soap huh? washes out easy smells like old men but hey SHE IS HAVING FUN.. and we are learning stuff!!
so we are drawing pictures in the shave cream.. smiley faces and doing her numbers and her letters, discussing constonants and vowels, writing her name. She draws a big head on the angels body (we made angels too)
and I said “whoa!! That angel has a big ol head!HA!!” she looks at me like I have 2 heads and says:
BElla: “THAT is NOT a head.”
me: “OH really, well then what is it?”
Bella: “It’s a crown.” ::she adds lines coming out of the top, BIGGG lines::
me: “WOW! That is a BIGGG crown! Is he THe daddy?”
Bella: ::LOOKS AT ME LIKE YOU BIG OL DUMMY with 2 heads:: “ughmm NO! THAT is the KIIING!” :: I detect sarcasm::
ME: “OH! ok. A king like… Jesus was a king?”
Bella: “NO MOMMY! ::eye roll:: BURGGGGERRRR KING!!!

Guess she got me told!


GOod News just keeps comin’

MAN I have had a lucky week. I am just beside myself with excitement. My pal Wendy told me to come hang out with her some at this site a while back, and I just love it there. Really fun. awesome atmosphere. WELLL.. The owner (who rocks outloud HEY SHER!!) asked me to be the MY LIFE COORDINATOR at her site!!!! whehew what does that mean you say? Well I will be doing some “All About Me” style classes and challenges using her cool products she gets in for these challenges. HOW MUCH DOES THAT ROCK! I am really excited. I used to teach “All About Me” classes here in Mobile and was asked if I ever thought of doing that again well.. the answer is YES! I will be sure and give you info before hand. Be sure and check out her site at WWW.Scrap-Diner.Com

Thank you Wendy OH and CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU for MAKING HER DESIGN TEAM. I TOLD YOU THAT YOU ROCK WOMAN!! Congratulations to all the ladies that made the team there. You are all SOOO deserving!

I also want to say Thanks to Sher for this opportunity.

I interupt this message for another important message.

I GOT PUBLISHEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! WHEHEHWWWWWWWW! Can you feel my excitement??!! THis is not a little pub people this is a 3 page pub in Somerset Studios Home magazine coming out in Feb/March of 2008! 3 PAGESSSS! omgosh Im about to faint. Im so excited. Its an article about the album, the photos in the album, (they are my daddy when he was a little boy) and info on me. Im so excited. AND OH YEAH. I GET PAID!!! AND … because I used certain manufacturers products on it…. I GET PAID AGAINNNNN! THANK YOU GOD!
ps:Thank you Daddy! I know this is just another little way of you saying You are HERE and STILL gonna take care of me always! yup cuz IM just that spoiled by my daddy! ::WINK::

busy busy just so busy…

Hey there, Sorry for the length of my last post. I was pretty perterbed at the lady thievin’ (is that a word? It is in Alabama) my work and posting it in her sales ads. IM very happy it was taken care of so quickly. That was the 2nd time this woman has done this. SO Yall keep your eyes on ebay if you are a scrapper or altered artist.. You may just have your work in print and not know it!!

We have a busy weekend going on at Treasures to Scrap. We are participating in the Breast Cancer Awareness crop for a cause. We will have LOTS of challenges, games, PRIZES and a HUGE sale at the store. SO come on by if you get a chance and take a look.

I have a couple of women in our family that were effected by Breast cancer directly so it is dear to my heart. We hope you participate at Treasures but I know ALOT of Local Scrapbook Stores are doing the crop for a cure as well. SO we understand if you are going to one of those. I pray you participate in some fashion in this wonderful cause.

Had a busy day today. We had a meeting this morning at Bella’s school she goes to for the upcoming Fall Festival. IT IS GONNA BE SOOO MUCH FUN. I am so excited. AND since OUR CLASS is gonna do a basket to auction off with a TUSCANY theme IT was the perfect opportunity for me to go invade one of my FAV O RITE stores WORLD MARKET. OH I could just stay in there for hours. I smelled all the cool soaps, sampled some amazing food and scanned through amazing cookbooks. AHHH so much to inhale. I Just love that place it awakens all of the senses. I settled on some lucious rosemary and garlic infused dipping oils that had Tuscany on the label (ha cant get much better than that!) John is gonna FLIP when he sees what I paid for that. but IT IS FOR A GOOD cause. IT also looks SOOO Pretty. Yall know me with Italian cuisine I drew a total blank was thinking ok spaghettio’s what? ravioli. Im clueless. I thought ok movie under the Tuscan sun OHHHH that would be a good idea for the basket!! someone could put the movie in there. My wheels are turning can you see it? SO yall just holler out now any suggestions you have for the Tuscany Basket. We want it to auction off for a good amount like 150 bucks or up. So just give me a yell Im all for the suggestions.

Well I better go I told Bella she could watch this little Strawberry Shortcake dvd and it is almost over here so I got to get movin’
I THINK the kidney stones are gone. At least they arent hurting anymore so that is fine by me. SO thank you all so much for your prayers and concern.

boy people got SOME NERVE!

I got a sweet email from this lady tonight informing me that ANOTHER one of my basic Grey pages is posted ON EBAY with an ad to sell product. NORMALLY I would be flattered. BUT This person is just going on the bg site and saving layouts to her hard drive and USING THEM WITHOUT PERMISSION In her ads. NOT paying or any type of compensation but most of all WITHOUT PERMISSION. IF SHE HAD READ THE FINE PRINT SHE WOULD KNOW once Basic Grey publishes your work on their website. IT IS THEIRS! THEY HAVE rights to that page. SO that makes it ILLEGAL for her to do this. IM NOT TALKING ABOUT scraplifting and making a page similar with someone elses kid or whatever I MEAN IT IS LITERALLY MY PAGE, MY KID, (or my DOG in this case) MY SUPPLIES. copied and pasted into her ad. THIS IS ME SOOOO ANGRY right now. Being a freelance scrapbooker THAT is how I make money and product. WHAT GIVES ANYONE the right to do that ESPECIALLY if it is on Basic greys gallery. THE NERVE of some people. I wrote her a note VERY NICE saying IM FLATTERED THANK YOU FOR LIKING MY PAGE BUT…. IT must be taken down because of copyright laws. SHE went off saying it was posted in a public forum. well THAT IS TRUE.. BUT.. that public FORUM IS COPYRIGHTED which equals ILLEGAL.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with that said IM gonna have to put a clause up on my blog as well since this is NOT the first time it has happened.
IF you use my pages as scraplifts or as inspiration THIS DOESN’t EFFECT YOU. IM flattered seriously. OR I woulndt post it on here in the first place. WHat it does mean.. is business owners CANNOT go on, copy and paste my layouts to use in their advertising to sell their product WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT.
Hope that makes sense and I NEVER DREAMED I would have to do such a thing. Plain pathetic. OK My rant is over. IM just so dissapointed and angry that this has happned AGAIN. BUT I had to get basic grey involved since they own the rights to the page now SO IT WILL BE TAKEN DOWN. sad sad sad.

I DO have to add HUGEEEEE accolades to Basic Grey for their speedy work with getting the page down! Literally an hour ago I sent them email re it and they contacted EBAY and it IS NOT THERE. SO I THANK THEM SO MUCH for their help with this. Pretty sad you have to do it though huh?

What is your opinion on this? WHat do you think should be done in order to protect pages? should you just not post them? I hate to not do that I do like the companesation, I like to share my work with my friends and family online.. just hate it when People think JUST BECAUSE it is in a gallery they can use it for their personal use.


ITS FINALLLY THURSDAY AND TIME FOR SURVIVOR CHINAAAAAAAA!!! IM SOOOO EXCITED! GEtting all my chores done early so I can attach myself to the tv. I know my pal Annette will be watching also. IM in a pool on treasures for a big prize on who will win. I havn’t been able to pick my person yet. BUT I KNOW who I wanna pick if they are still available by the time its my turn to pick. hehe.

OH ANGEL to answer your question I got that little book from Magistical Memories. ITs designed by my pal Cheryl Mezzetti (SHE ROCKS) you have to bind it yourself but it is really cute. The paper is the sponsor this month WE R MEMORY KEEPERS at Treasures.

We have a HUGE sale going on right now at Treasures still too so If you need to stock up head on over.

I have been very busy lately I have SEVERAL Pubs coming up and had to get it all mailed. I had a project assigned that I had to get finished, ALso working on stuff for the newsletter. I got a call from another place to send her another thing I had so IM all excited. Waitin’ on the checks.

I finally got all that consignment stuff done for Michelle. She is just the sweetest ever. We have this HUGEEEEEEE consignment 2 times a year in Mobile. MY friend Annette hooked me up with. I had stuff in my garage from when Bella was a baby still. Between being sick and life getting in the way I haven’t gotten rid of much. soooo We loaded up. Michelle gave me permission to bring as much as I wanted this time Ussually you cant bring but 200 items but I told her I have alot of big stuff so bless her she let me. THE REST I will hook her up come the spring one. So hopefully that will work out. I priced kinda low to get rid of everything.I didnt get to do much toys I had so many outfits and big things. Bella was wanting to go shopping sooo bad I told her I would be sure and get her something special. I have to get her some church clothes for winter the kid is growing like a weed. She is only 4 but so tall she is wearing 6’s!!!! Thank the lord she wont be short like me maybe. She was never a tiny thing. Has always been a 98 percentile kid.

Well I have lots to finish before I can get survivor ready. TA TA FOR NOW Hope yall ahve a good day. I will post some of the stuff im working on hopefully by this weekend I cant post it just yet.
OH OH OH. I got the preview from scrapbooking stamping and stationary and OMG it looks sooo good. IT looks better every time it comes out. I swear they need to charge more for that book. IT is becoming a must have! I was so excited to see the stuff in there IT looks so good. SO GREAT JOB GUYS!!!! YALL ROCK!!

Some new projects

I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!! I havn’t mailed your present yet… maybe it will go out Monday (fingers crossed)

WE R MEMORY KEEPERS is the sponsor this month for TREASURES TO SCRAP. I did this little pumpkin chipboard album by Magistical Memories and used the W.R.M.K. papers to decorate with and the ribbons. Had alot of fun playing with these papers!!

Here is my sweet guard dog MISTER GUIDO. HE is so sweet. He thinks BELLA Is his girl. Any time we play with her and get her laughing loud or hollering Guido comes and perches up to the window in the living room looking in at us with a snoopy stare, barking until Bella comes and tells him SHE IS OK..

WHen she was a little bitty thing It would upset him so bad when she cried. I would have to take her over to the back door and show him she was ok. Is that not funny how attached they get!
These new periphery papers by Basic Grey went so well with the photograph


THE SEPTEMBER MEGA KIT IS IN THE STORE! (click on the image to see it larger) There is so much you can do with this kit Be sure and check out the other kits and designers while your there.

ALSO STOP BY THE PAPER STORE AND CHECK OUT THE ROCKIN DEALS GOIN on! SHe has EVERYTHING on sale!! We are making room for new inventory and EVERYTHING HAS TO GO! THIS IS Tracy’S birthday month so we are naming the sale IN HONOR OF HER BIRTHDAY!! SOOO THE SALE GOES AS FOLLOWS:


Paper Store at TTS

30% off all product except for Sept and BCA (Breast Cancer Awareness) TTS kits until 9/30/2007

Use the Coupon Code: Tracysbirthday

Now if you buy $25 or more then give yourself 40% off with the coupon code: whatasteal

BUT WAIT: SHe has marked some things down to OMG YOUR KIDDING ME PRICES SO check that out… read the posts she has links to the products there!!!


Schoooool daysssssss……

Bella is learning so much in school. She loves her teacher and loves going to school. SHe doesn’t like when we make her go over and over what she learned that day. Ussually daddy has to sit down with her (so she won’t be monkeying around) and help her (make her) do her letters and sounds she did that day. We got a note home from her teacher saying we needed to work with her on writing her letters. That she was confused on holding her pencil (???) and was holding it with both hands. SO ughmm YEAH MONKEYING!
SHe has known how to write her name for a longggg time now and held a pencil like a pencil since she was 2. I kept quizzing her on why she was holding it with 2 hands.. Was it heavy? Was it too big? Did it hurt? Was it stuck to the paper? of course she grinned at my questions. Finally she loosened up and told me that the little boy that sits behind her holds HIS PENCIL with 2 hands…. AHHHHH so nowww I SEE.. yup… MONKEYING. So after having to redo all her work after she gets home everyday for a bit maybe we will get the idea. PEER PRESSURE and such a young age!!

I made a little thrown together mini album for my mom for her Birthday coming up. NOW I HAVE TO GET IT IN THE MAIL and to her. You can also see it here in Basic Greys Gallery. I used some Basic Grey BLush I had in my stash (tryin to use up some of this) and used these sweet little pictures I had collected of them. I hope she likes how it turned out.