She had so much fun shopping for her backpack, her lunch box and napmat for pre-K.

She thinks she is so big now. (notice the backpack is bigger than she is)I had tears in my eyes taking these photos.Hard to believe this tiny baby is big enough for school.
ONe day we are counting down the days till she goes the next Im crying thinking my baby is growing up. IT goes WAY to fast. SLOW DOWN BABY your not little but once and I wanna savour it as long as I can.


New projects

THis is the FAMILY album from 2 Daisies Designs. They are a new paper company that premiered at CHA this time. VERY cute stuff go look at them if you get a chance. I LOVE this little mini book. I decorated it with chipboard, ribbons and lots of bling dots in different colors. Really jazzed it up.
I couldnt show all these before then we got sick with the stomach flu so Im just now getting them up here. Thanks for looking.

THis is another line of the paper 2 daisies sent for me to use. The skeletons I thought would make really fun mardi gras papers since Im down here in the heart of Mardi Gras country. I think it turned out really cute. IT IS MUCH brighter and livlier in person and the colors are so much more vibrant the photo doesn’t do it justice.

This is a new paper line that premiered at CHA this past weekend called 2 daisies designs. I LOVE this line of paper it was perfect for these photos of my nephew when he was little. (HI ZACH DONT KILL ME MAN) The stars I made 3 d by folding them and placing popdots behind them.

I can finally show you this page I did for the SCRAPBOOK LIFESTYLE TELEVISION’S scrappin Idol contest. I made it through to the next round whehew. THankyou all who voted for me I so appreciate it. I had so much fun on this page. One of my most favorite colors is GREEN so this was really a blast for me. We ahd to use Green Cardstock and embelishments but the patterned paper could be other colors. I know that scalloped paper looks yellow but it is a real limey yellow green color and has green flourishes in the back ground.

spoke just a little too soon

OK I spoke too soon. …. I ended up with some kinda bad stomach flu hat has had me in the bed for a week. For something they say won’t kill ya man I sure felt pretty close a few times there. SO easy to get dehydrated. I THINK we are almost over it now. Playing major catch up worse than I was to start with. BUT at least no one is puking.
Just a quick update. Bella got the rest of her uniforms today. John took her and finished that for me (thank you John) she is gonna look too cute but I can tell she is gonna hate this thing before its over. very boring. anyway just a quick update and we are continuing to pray for our friend Billy Hall that was in the boating accident that has a severe head trauma. He is in the neuro science hospital at university medical in Jackson Mississippi so please say an extra prayer for him and his family.

NO, I feel fine


IM busy lol Im scrapping like a person with one day left ….. to put all their memories on paper. OH wait THAT WOULD be the case. I have projects coming out the wazoo. One is a last minute thing I was asked to do and I wasn’t thinking and said yes. SO when John gets home from work, I have been Under 3 feet of scrap paper which we call my scrap room and just working. Battling headache from allergies and am just TIRED! SO I nap then get up and scrap some more. ITS FUN THOUGH IM NOT COMPLAINING. I love doing this so it gets these pages done. Even Better that they serve more than one purpose. SO I WILL SHOW YOU WHEN I CAN. I dont have them all done but soem will have to be done by tomorrow, so IF I DONT ANSWER THE PHONE.. IF IM SHORT WITH YOU ON THE PHONE. ITS cuz IM BUsy. I got my Normal due stuff this weekend too and Getting Bella ready for school. LOVE YA!
Now back to work. hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

OOPS almost forgot!

Good morning! I have a few minutes between errands while Bella is filling up on “BuGHsketti”. I forgot to put my layout up sorry. Got a hectic day today full of errands and appts. (and FINALLY get my hair cut thank you lord!) Don’t forget to check out the uploads by The Treasures To Scrap Design Team. Around The Block was the sponsor this month and they completely spoiled us with goodies. I will Add this now and hopefully get to upload the others tonight when things settle down.

Bella: Mommy! This bughsketti is sooo good its havin’ a party in my tummy. ::raises up her shirt:: SEEEEEEEE!

I Thought you would get a smile out of that today Mom!

Also the scores should be sent ughmm I think tomorrow for the 2nd week contest at Treasures. I know several of you have asked. I will get back to you on that so Just check the boards. Sorry gotta run Bella is pulling me out of my chair.

What a weekend

Been a busy weekend around here. Hope everyone has been doing good. I wanted to let you know Royce made it through his surgery and is doing great. Thank you again for all the prayers for him and his family.

ALOT going on at Treasures To Scrap this weekend. We had all kinds of challenges and layouts uploaded. Around The Block is the sponsor this month. They were very generous and we all had a great time playing with their products. THOSE INKERS are to die for. THe paper tagger and the label maker rock too. THey have some of the cutest papers and embelishments. Yall have to check it out In the TTS STORE.

Got alot of projects finished this weekend. I have been scrapping away. Got 2 mailed off Friday for a thing I have been working on. Got 2 more made for sponsors and then another project that is almost done. Got my next challenge done as well I think this was the most fun one yet! Had a blast making it thanks Wendy! You rock sista!

Hope you have a great week.


HEY yall! FIRST THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH for the prayers for Royce Mcglohon that works with John. He was involved in a VERY SERIOUS accident earlier in the week and IS VERY fortunate to be alive. Your continued prayers will be so appreciated. He is having surgery TODAY to repair the c-5 and c-6 vertebrae in his neck. THey have seen no paralysis and Say he should be back up walking and working in around a month! SO many prayers were answered there. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your prayers for he and his family. THey all spend so much time in their vehicles working the way they do and it is so scary. People are so distracted now a days with cell phones etc. SO PLEASE be careful and pay extra attention AND SLOW DOWN! Please remember Royce and his family today as he goes through this surgery and also as he endures his recovery.
THe photos are unbelievable. So amazing he is alive.

Vacation Bible School starts next week at our church so please keep that in your thoughts and prayers as well.

I took my last big dose of the shingle medication (WHEHEHWWW pause for cheers and applause) I feel soooo much better. I just have to wait out the time now so I can be around pregnant people and kids under 2 and older people. I have to be off this med for 2 weeks and shingle free 10 days. That kinda knocks out VBS for us but, AT LEAST I can GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE SOME!!! Going stir crazy here!

We have our SPONSOR UPLOAD TOMORROW at TREASURES TO SCRAP. LOTS OF GORGEOUS creations using AROUND THE BLOCK products. We got SOOOOO MANY COOL THINGS to try out and play with. IM LOVING their products. IF YOU DONT have their paper tagger and little label maker, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. THIS IS THE COOLEST THING! THEIR inkers that have the sanders on the opposite ends are also A FAVORITE around here. I want MORE OF THEM!! SO be sure and check that out tomorrow. I will also Post what I did with them On here. SO check back! ALSO the DESIGN TEAM has SCRAPJACKED the site since the owner is out of town. I hear that a few are running wild with red sharpies. PUTTING moustaches on avatars and having way too much fun. THEY also marked down sooo much stuff in the store and are giving discounts right and left. SO ughmm might better hurry before Tracy gets back hahaha!

Well That is all for now. Miss Bella is ready to Play so we are gonna get to it. Hope you have a great Friday 🙂


To all of the contestants going to the next round in the scrapbook lifestyles stylin’ idol contest. I cannot wait to see what the next challenge is.

Week 3’s challenge was to use Ribbon in a creative way. Here’s what the rules were:
Challenge for Week 3 was………

You must use ribbon!

You must have at least 1 (one) FOOT of ribbon on your page.

You can NOT tie the ribbon on to anything OR in a bow. (it can NOT resemble a bow at all).
The ribbon can NOT be on your layout in a straight line.
Here’s the list of who is moving on…

Allison Cope
Trish Harwick
Tracy Lathrop
Sabrina Kalleberg
Candice Cook
Nancy Jones
Amy Gebhard
Amy Coose
Liz Jacob
Kathy Waller
Davinie Fiero
Karen Reedy
Debbie VanMarter
Tracy Rizzo
Leslie Ashe
Becky Thackston

Congrats everyone! All the layouts were gorgeous! VERY creative!

Here is the Layout I did for this round: