IM SOMEBODY mmhmm didjaknowit? me neither. well I have some AMAZING friends! That got me my OWN DOMAIN!! ya IM A .COM NOW!

SO I have my own site. SO it still has a ways to go lots of work took me almost 3 to 4 years to do this one so…anyway. check it out.
hope to see you there 🙂


Fried Ravioli oh my Heaven!!!!

Ok so my husband has never looked any better to me in his life than at this moment right now. why you say? Because he is cookin’ up some yum delicious somethin’ called FRIED RAVIOLI.
You know us down here in the south. We will fry anything if you give us enough time.
well yup. we have gone and done it and this invention is PUREEEE GENIUS! It is all my friend tollys fault. I was sick so sick in bed coudlnt eat. I was on the phone talkin to her. she said TURN IT TO FOOD NETWORK. AND this SKINNY I’Talian (pronounced EYE TALIAN for you that dont know me.) woman was cookin this stuff and I said “OH NO. SHE DIDNT JUST FRY THAT? IS SHE KIN TO ME? she has to be KIN TO ME.” I had not been able to eat nothin but Jello and crapp of such because I was sick with shingles. so I made a solemn vow as sooooon as I was able to eat I wanted this yummy treat. My sweet hubby went out the second I could eat and got the ingredients and made this (the following monday) I got sick as I dont know what but omgosh it was worth it.

THis is good stuff blog readers I am here to tell you! ANd SUPER EASY! I got the photos to prove it so Loook a HERE: THIS IS WHATCHADO:

oops sorry let me turn it around see if I can get Bella to help

In the refrigerator section of your grocery they have these raviolis. THE CHEESE FLAVOR or the spinach are the best (the meat kind get kinda ewey… just sayin. but you may like them.

2 eggs and beat them (crack em first put into bowl… in case you need a tricked out name tag and dont know nothin atall bout cookin)

get another bowl for the bread crumbs and a cooling type rack to place the raviolis on after you dip them in egg then bread crumbs.


Then all ya do…

easy huh?
They will look like this:

Then you preheat your grease:
and fry them suckers.

Dont that look gooood?

ok you got to let them cool!!!

TADAAAAAAAAAA! ( I cheated on the sauce… it is left over from pizza we ordered last night from Bucks hehe but man it is really good with it)

NOW since Nana is here and she has never tried it. IT is time for the taste test.


Bella headed for seconds!

This is one of my favorite meals now! He also makes fried cheese with this. IT is a great appetizer great party food and meal we love for friday nights or when we have company over.

We had a busy day today. We got Bella out of school early since Nana is here. SHe talked me into going to Target with them and man IM whooped. but, it was nice to get out. I got some tomato plants to put in my upside down thingy do John got me as an early mothers day present and I got my new baby cousin that Brooke (Jan’s daughter) is still cookin in her belly baby shower gift. Bella and I had sooo much fun looking for that baby some stuff. I could have bought everything in there. Oh I just love doing that. so much adorable stuff. I told Jan now she will just have to work on the next one or tell Britt Britt its her turn! I cant have any more so… We need a baby around. That was fun. lol.
Man am I wore out. (and its shot night blahhhhh) Had dr Appt today. I love to aggravate my dr. He was off on some kinda long cruise for a month so I greeted him with DIDJAMISSME??? WHATDIDYABRINGME??? he just cracked up. Good news my BP is back to normal WHHEEWHEWW. (finally) losing weight like crazy no clue what that is about. but IM NOT COMPLAINING YET. Im far from that lyndsey lohan epidemic weight so I am not gonna say nuffin yet. when I get to the dry bone scene and look all poorly then we might have a prollem.
for now we are just goin hmm how odd. is prolly this interferon. COULD BE WORSE YA KNOW!!! I have a healthy little girl a hubby that cooks and some fried ravioli LIFE IS GOOD PEOPLE LIFE IS GOOOOOD!
Hope you have a good weekend!

loveeee THIS Jenni Bowlin Studios Paper. I did this for ONESINGLESEED.COM looks so cute with the core dinations cardstock. My baby was almost 3 in this photo. Hard to believe she is 6 now!!

My mother in law is here and she and my sister in law were so sweet. They brought us some fried catfish from Penns. (I was so in heaven) I LOVEEE Penns Fish. About one of the only kinds I will eat. Luckily they found out they will be opening one here in Mobile HE HE. LUCKY ME! Less home sick am I now. They loaded her down with Birthday gifts. I can tell you now that she will not want to go to school tomorrow since nana is here. I bet she will be foaming at the mouth to get out of school.
Im glad she is here. I have missed her. We don’t get to see her very often. I thought my dr appt was tomorrow it is Friday so I am sorry I misinformed ya. SO I will be workin on scrappy stuff tomorrow instead. I am still trying to get used to my new meds they make me very tired.I will be up and about one moment next minute I will be in the bed asleep.

How about AMERICAN IDOL? wow. Lil and Anoop? I really liked Lil she had an amazing voice. so did anoop. I think they will end up with a career I mean look at Jennifer Hudson. She didn’t win American Idol. anyway, Wonder what they will be singing next week.
Bella still likes the girl with the pink hair. (thats another think I keep forgetting names) I think Danny is gonna win. But I still like Adam he rocks.But ya Danny is amazing. I would be happy if he won.
ook I better lay down I took my shot and I have a massive headache.
I need to work on some more stuff tomorrow for Scrapbook Obsessions. Their <a
href=””>May KIT is omg AMAZING.
check out the gallery and look at what our design team has been doing. you wont be disappointed. Every month these kits rock my socks.

Today was the day. Hard to believe but yup. she is officially 6 years old.
We took cupcakes and little goody bags to her school and went out on the playground and had her a small party. She said this would be ok instead of having a big birthday party at some fancy kid place that was over priced. Instead we are going to fix her room up into a big girl room (she wants it done like the girl on princess diaries (like a princess would have a room EEEEK) since you know, she is a princess and all lolololol
oh boy..

Bella passing out the goody bags to her class mates.

Her Teacher 🙂 we just love her!!!

I think they all enjoyed the little party. They had cupcakes and sang and had their goody bags and played on the play ground for a few minutes.

THEN tonight, We had her a cake with supper and our friends/neighbors that we consider family David and Diane came over.

she blew out her candles and made a wish.

Got birthday kisses from Aunt Diane and Uncle David.

We made cilantro dip also (ya got some indigestion in a bowl is what i should call it ughhh killin me right now) but man it is sooooo goooooood! David liked it too!
Now Bella is one TIRED LITTLE GIRL (so is her mama and daddy!
It was a very fun day. Bella was anxious to spend some of her gift card and moneys so John took her with him he had to go to wal mart to get the stuff to make cilantro dip. SO she wanted Mario Party SOOOOO bad. SO we let her get that and we paid the difference. so SHE IS A VERY happy little birthday girl tonight.
I hope you all had as great a day as she did.
she is worn out tired and I am about to take a photo of my little birthday girl passed out.

OH YEAH she did get alot of phone calls and messages too but she is wiped out. She will return phone calls tomorrow. she is a tuckered little birthday girl.

or so they say.
I sure hope so. It is grey and gloomy out there right now so we have to do everything to keep it sunny in here right now. Therefore, we must scrap!
Sounds like a plan huh?

Here are some GORGEOUS Imaginisce papers from ONESINGLESEED.COM how cute are these?
PERFECT for any little princess.

I also finished another layout with the May kit for Scrapbook Obsessions.
Ya know Bella got all that play make up for Christmas? she is a big time girly girl and loves to play in the make up. has since she was tiny. I cant turn my head for a second and she is in it. Her grand ma’s have always put lipstick on her lips when they put it on themselves. They play beauty shop with her and she got this doll head for christmas. Well what this creation was Im not sure. (I think she was tryin to say it looked like mommy when she had shingles rofl!)

I learned a nice tip yesterday. If you can’t get lipstick out of your kids clothes and you have already tried shout, (NO I DONT MEAN SCREAMING AND YELLING AT THE SAID CHILD THAT PUT THE LIPSTICK ON THE OUTFIT IM TALKIN BOUT THE STAIN REMOVER SHOUT)
If you have lancome eye make up remover.. that will work too. YOU DON’t wanna know how I know. JUST TRUST ME ON THIS ONE BLOG READERS. TRUST ME.

I learned that DOVE soap and water and a 5 almost 6 year olds elbow grease will take a thick glue stick coating off of an Easter Basket when stuck to a Fireplace hearth. (as well as said child)

I Also Learned that when you THINK you have thrown away all of the lipstick because you were so mad that they wiped lipstick on a brand new outfit there will alwwwwwwways be ONEEEEEEEEE MOREEEEEEEEE somewhere!!!

I Also learned that a five almost six year old always knows where that lipstick is, and is very reluctant to give it up too.

I Also learned that (when asleep) I have the sweetest little girl in the entire world. Her smile melts my heart especially right now when she is trying to give me directions to the livin’ room and she is telling me to
“Take ten steps South-North to the East at the Left stop sign! BUT ACTUALLY ITS TO THE RIGHT MOMMY! so just go there! Because we are gonna be DANCIN’ WITH THE STARSSSSSSS!”
“OH! and Yall on mommy blog are alllll invited! SOOOO Bring a umbrella and sparkly shoes!”

she said it was important!!

You never know you just might LEARN something. 🙂

Man it has been one of those weeks. SPRING BREAK. YA. The natives are getting restless. I was ready to make Bella run laps around the house yesterday.

I can remember my Daddy sayin You makin me so *&^* mad my Eye is twitchin’ He got that from my grandmother<~~~~~~ his mother that is (minus the curse word) She used to baby sit kids in her home. She baby sat me alot matter of fact I spent most of my childhood after school at her house. We spent the night down there and stayed down there alot.
Her eyes twitched alot as I remember. I just thought she was winking at me.
Daddy used to wink alot too. I realise now why.
I have had an eye twitchin week. But yesterday was the topper! I didn’t feel good. Got up at 4 am sick. Had dr appt to boot. Bella was suposed to go with our good friends to a photo shoot (they do Weddings and do an amazing job) <~~~ SHAMELESS ADVERTISEMENT!! she was going to feed the ducks. The shoot was at the park. I didn't want her to look like a ragamuffin so I dressed her in a new cute outfit. But back up Im getting ahead of myself. rewind.
John had to go on a call of course. How do single mothers do this?
Makes me wonder what Octomom is thinking.
THIS ONE KID Of mine gets into more crapp. what is she gonna do with all them youngens?
IM thinking back when Bella was about 18 months and I was going through a store that will remain nameless. I had her in the buggy part of the shopping cart. She pulled my purse over to the side (I had it in the seat)SHe found these really interesting things to play with. I was doing my shopping she was playing with her toys (I THOUGHT the ones that I had given her to play with) I look down and see this wrapper and think that is odd why is that thing there eww. I look back and there one is.. I look around and this lady is snickering. Im thinking what is so funny. so I go to my buggy and look atmy child playing happily. She has my “personal hygeine purse” out and was using these new “toys” like little “rockets” shooting them out of the buggy into the air watching them fly. AS IF TO SAY HOW COOL WAS THAT MOMMY WATCH.
OMGOSH the embarassment! I could have crawled under something. so I had to back track the store and find where they all went. Now this lady was rolling in hysterics. I gave her this glare like OH YA WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE! You could have said something!!! (dont people like that just tick you off?)
SO I go through the store and find them all (I HOPEED) and leave the store. My parents put the curse on me because Im sure I was this way as a child. BUT… I FIGURE that THEY MUST HAVE BEEN SOME KINDA HORRIBLE TOOOO because it always trickles down.
I have heard stories on my father. He was very mischievious. just like my Bella. I am already making plans now for her teenage years. We are getting barbwire for outside her windows and we do have a friend that works for homeland security and has offered their services. We might just take them up on it.

Our Sweet Carol

I scrapped another layout. This one is dear to my heart and done for a sweet special person Our sweet Carol. We were honored to have her and her hubby Norman, join us for Easter this past weekend. They came bearing the most wonderful strawberry shortcake ever Bella ate 3 bowls that day the little stinker As you can see Bella loves her just a wee bit!
I used the May kit from Scrapbook Obsessions. This Basic Grey Porcelain paper all I can say is YUMM! It is PERFECT for spring photos, so many things going on right now with Easter and spring things blooming I just have so many ideas going on I want to do with this paper. I already have another layout on my table in the works and photos printed for something else so.. ya. OH OH AND DON’T FORGET The prmna flowers that go with this kit are so awesome. CHECK IT OUT!
(I used a sheet of Basic Grey Ambrosia and cut the butterflies out that is not included in the kit) I used pop dots to lift the small photo up off the page for added dimension (so I could add the lumpy flowers to the page) I have hidden Journaling tucked behind the photo for her to read when she receives the layout. just a little extra happy to let her know just how special she truly is.

Tomorrow is Friday last day of Spring Break. I have dr appt’s too so not sure what all we are going to do. I felt all the effects of “The Park” but, it was worth it to see her face and hear her laugh. Maybe we can do something tomorrow if I can feel like it. I have a lot of online stuff to get done too. AND to get ready for her Birthday on Tuesday EEEK NOOOO say it isn’t so!@

Fun at the Park

We did something today that I have not done in a long long time. Most of you know my situation and that I have pretty much been home bound for a while. I have been feeling better (ya I actually cooked this past weekend twice!!!! the fire department didnt even have to be called hehe) so today when John got through working, we went to fly her kite. (that was the original plan anyway) Well, only problem, not a lot of wind. soooooooo we went and played instead. HAD lots of fun.
NOW I HAVE NOT photo shopped and played with these photos much yet. We had a good time though and just wanted to share.

My view behind me when I told her we were going to the park instead… I think she was not to upset? what do you think?

She really wanted daddy to push her higher… I THINK THE SMILE ON HER FACE kept getting bigger and bigger.

I have alot more photos. But I want to scrap them so. anyway… you will see them soooon 🙂 After we left the park We were all grungy and full of mulch in our hair and all over. But HUNGRY. Bella wanted to go to “The CHICKEN STORE” (there is this restaurant here that is kinda a mom and pop place that has the best fried chicken) It is a family atmosphere that wouldn’t mind that you came in fresh from the park… mulch and all. So we went straight into the bathroom and I tried to get most of the mulch off of us and wash her face and hands. so we didn’t look like homeless people haha. We really don’t need to be eating out right now but it was nice to. we were tired and were just tired. Came home. got sick.. but it was worth going out for I tell ya!
Watched AMERICAN IDOL! YEAH HOW ABOUT THAT!!! wow (Next week 2 eliminations I think we know the 2 going home… and its disco week haha)

Im working on another page (did I mention how many boxes I have stacked on my table and how many projects behind I am? just askin?) I hope to get it uploaded here in a little bit. IF the weather cooperates we are going to try to fly that kite it is supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

I took my shot so side effects just starting and depending on how I feel and how sore I am from today’s adventure… we will see. bye for now!

Sweet SIgns Of Spring

This is from the May Kit at Scrapbook Obsessions. YUMMM. Basic Grey PORCELIN. be still my heart and that PRIMA SEW CUTE! THOSE PRIMA FLOWERS ARE AMAZING.
I added some of my own touches to it so you might wanna say I spent the evening with TIM HOLTZ. I used his distress inks and his distress stickles all over that butterfly. made for a nice effect I think.
I used pop dots under it to give it dimension. (so I could put my lumpy bumpy flowers and twigs under it)

Bella as you know is on spring Break. She learned something new today.
REFORMAT…….. I will tell you more on this later. ya ITS GOOOD! hahahahha THANK GOD I HAD GOTTEN MY PHOTOS FROM EASTER OFF MY CAMERA. I SPENT MOST OF THE MONDAY FIGHTING THIS reader (HAS A SHORT SOMETIMES IN IT) to get the photos off it onto my computer and im soooooooo glad I did. I also got the ones off moms too so I could do a surprise for her…. so much for that. (if you guys ONLY KNEW THE WEEKEND WE HAVE HAD MY POOR HUSBAND IS READY TO MOVE US AND TELL NO ONE WHERE WE ARE GOING AND CHANGE OUR PHONE NUMBER, IM READY TO LET HIM!!!!) I did get most of the pics though. THANK GOODNESS. Well I have lots to do. John is still working and we promised to take Bella to the park. we are still working on flying this kite lol.
(and I am still looking at all these boxes on my scrap desk and I have 3 MAJOR PROJECTS FOR PEOPLE I HAVE TO GET DONE a memorial album a anniv album and still stuff from Christmas EEEK!) SEEE YAS!