So I have not updated my blog lately, sorry blog. I have just been chillin, Scrappin, and relaxin. The shingles love me and IM not talkin’ bout the kind on the roof. I take so much valtrex my dr writes in bigggg letters on my scripts SHE HAS SHINGLESSSSSSSSSSS. (cuz you knowwwwwwww the pharmacist look at us funny when we get those scripts filled) I wanna say NOOOO I DONT HAVE what the commecials say this is FOR!!!! but I REFRAIN.
Someone sent me a link to DOOCE’s blog where she did a video where she had shingles recently and she says shingles with “spirit fingers.” she does it in a rather scary way. Totally cracked me up to tears.
I get them where I have them on one side, Then they go to the other side. THat is what has happened. NOW they are on the OTHER side. Lucky me. so I can’t turn to the left too well. Oh well complaining is not making it better.

It has been crazy. Bella has been having homework like crazy It is wild the things she is doing and only in first grade. She is using words that just amaze me. I keep saying I am going to have to go back to college just to help her with her homework.

A new gadget has entered my mind and I have not been able to sleep. HERE
It is so far out of our budget that I need to just get it out of my head. It would be nice. Kinda like the LAPTOP for scrapbooking. I sat up one night trying to win one. As much as Im in the bed it would be nice. but 300 bucks??? COME ONNN! IT will take all your cricut cartridges and put them in one place and you can draw with it and link them together. It is the size of a video tape. When your finished you just plug it in and print. OMG it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. well next to laptop computers and sliced bread. but omgosh this thing rocks. since I am in the bed so much and have to be in dr offices so much I thought it would be awesome to be able to design with. Then get home print out… but..
I figure the price HAS GOT to come down. I just cannot SEE 300 dollars for this thing omgosh. BUT THEY SOLD OUT OF THEM ON HSN IN 24 hours :O are you kidding me?
You get 2 cartridges that YOU ONLY GET if you buy the Gypsy. OMGOSH this thing is SOOOO AWESOME.
(she has some cartridges on there I want too haha)


My BUD MY PAL MY friend MERRY is walking YAY MERRY!!! in the MS WALK HEYYYY MERRRY :::BIG WAVE::: IM SO PROUD OF YOUUUUU!!!!!! andddd SHE NEEEDS SPONSORSSSS Her goal is to raise 500.00
so please read this and help her. SHE SUFFERS FROM THIS DISEASE as I DO.

This is a very courageous thing for her to do I am so proud of Merry. I am going to keep posting about this and hopefully she will SURPASS her goal and raise this money for the MS FOUNDATION. WE need all the research we can get.
I know personally that I wanna be able to see Bella bug grow up,and become the woman I know that she will. I want to be a really old lady. Like old old. METHUSELAH old.
I did a page about our experience with MS for the point blank challenge that you can see on this blog post It is not fun for the millions out there that have to deal with this crapp. I am blessed to have a supportive husband to help take care of me. There are so many out there that do not have this. I know that I am blessed even though we have this awful disease in our life. It could always be worse.
so if you would forgo a starbucks… help Merry I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER she is gonna walk for herself and for all those like us that suffer from this horrible illness…and also because I CAN’T walk in this.. Thanks so much Merry!. LOVE YOUUUS MERRY!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! KEEP UP THE FIGHT! I GOT YOUR BACK DAY TO DAY!


LOTS to catch up on!

OK so I know I haven’t updated sorry, been working on a layout and its been driving me mad!! I got these rub ons out of my scrap booking stash. They were not expensive. I will not put here the name brand but It is not an expensive one and NO THEY DON’T smell like pop corn. YA. My bud Jing Jing that I am on the Scrapbook Obsession’s Design Team came up with that theory. (AND IT IS SOOOOOO TRUE!!!) She had figured out that when rub ons ( for just example the Jenni Bowlin ones the little ones and the Cosmo Cricket ones) are really good rub ons, They smell like popcorn!!! SERIOUSLY!

Well I wanted to do this layout with a countdown in the swirliess on the side… yeah.. ::SIGH:: I was going to have them fading down the swirls like they were time fading off in a “Alice in Wonderland” kinda mesmerizing way,,, well THAT DIDNT HAPPEN ! IT was good in “THEORY”

I actually did a layout before, that I wrote tiny “The Night Before Christmas story” all around the flourishes and That is what gave me the idea
so I lifted myself, so to speak HERE IT IS.. see the tiny writing? That was her Cinderella doll she got from Grandma that year. she was so happy. Her first BARBIE. (the big head barbie cinderella.)
So that is what I was “TRYING” TO SORTA DO


(THAT DIDN’T SMELL LIKE POPCORN) I had to rub and rub and rub. my hands were cramping!! OH! but they were soooo perfect for this page!!! Well, so I THOUGHT! grrrr, They tore off the top layers of my papers and made a mess of things. I was so upset.
So what was I to do? I was just upset. I summonsed my facebook pals and twitter audience my brain was just stalled HELP HELP! SCRAPPER DOWN SCRAPPER DOWN! 911 RUB ON DAMAGE DETECTED CALL FOR BACK UP! SEND IN THE REINFORCEMENTS!! well here they came with all these ideas and solutions (who knew!) THANKS YALL!!

Lately I have had just my cup running over with stress and so tired of being sick we have had some deaths in my inner network of friends and family so I just have been at this point in life where you want to stand on that mountain and SCREAM I HAVE HAD ENOUGH I CANT TAKE ANYMOREEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Ya so I have just stepped away from everything and have just been scrap booking a lot and attending these scrap booking video chats and forum board things. Well through twitter and through facebook, I have met some really fun and cool people that have taught me SOOOOO MUCH.
(REMOVABLE TAPE??? I had no idea)
and I had totally forgotten about my highly coveted item UNDU!!!
Can you EVEN FIND THIS STUFF ANYMORE? I Need a 5 gallon bucket of it!
Just a tiny droplet of it and omgosh the offending (NON POPCORN SMELLING) rub on was gone!! JUST LIKE THAT!! The pieces of the paper that were missing.. eeehhh not so much.
BUT, I could cover that up and voila’ THE PAGE WAS SAVED!

It was hard to photograph this page with all the sparkly on it.
I used AMERICAN CRAFTS pp, Doodlebug sugared cardstock, LOTSSSSSSSSS of stickles, Maya road stars and the little swooshy things (nike swooshes) basic grey alphas, versa mark inks, Heidi swapp flowers, all kinda buttons, Bazzill just the edge dotted, Heidi swapp chipboard clock, Hobby lobby bling, off ray eyelash sparkly fibers.. I needed lots of bling for this to say NEW YEARSSS.

So I want to tell you about some places out there. SOOOOO much FUN!!
Yall all know about www.Scrapbookobsessions.com
I am on the design team for them. LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH. THEIR KIT THIS MONTH IS OCTOBER AFTERNOON THE FARM LIFE! PERFECT FOR FALL!!! IT IS PACKEDDDD!! THEY HAVE THE ADD ONS IT IS HOT HOT HOT and it is going to BE G O N E so you better snatch it up while you can folks!

YOu can order it HERE

THere is a 2 week yes you heard me 2 WEEK CROP GOING ON at www.scrapadilly.com
(I am still in first grade because I AM SUCH a perfectionist yes my kindergarten layout is that new years layout roflmbo)

Also, I want to tell you about a new place for the fabulous Amy Coon. It’s called THE PAPER LIFE. This is just the cutest place. so much fun! she does these videos. and interviews people. she has giveaways, pod casts,really sooo much fun. you should check it out.
The first interview is with Leslie Ashe we all know and just love her to piecess! Love me some Leslie! like my sis! Yall check this place out. SHe has critique of products (which we know is just enabling, my hubby thanks her for that tremendously!!) ::I can see Amy run hiding:: it really is fun she is so cute and so fun you should check it out!
www.thepaperlife.com (paperlife also has a chat room and we are some scary chatters!!!)

I also want to tell you about UNKIT LIVE. It is a video Chat with Miss sudie. (JUST LOVE HER) she is so much fun. She does demonstrations, tutorials, product demonstrations (haha bloopers and all, she is sooo funny yall) all kinda fun things. She shows it on video and we will chat with her in the chat room on USTREAM LIVE. She can see what we are saying while we watch her. Very interactive. Very fun. Here is the link to the blog. You can see the tapings she will ask us questions we answer them. It gets kinda funny at times. We have a lot of fun! SHe is really fun!

I will tell you about some more fun things next time I have been finding out soooooo many fun things and fun places around the web out there IF you want to follow me on twitter I list them on there so you can attend. DEAL?

HOLY WOW my Mother in love ROCKS.

OK so the door bell rang and I knew I was getting something from my Mother in Love but HAD NOW EARTHLY IDEA IT WAS CHRISTMAS. HOLY WOW. BEJESHSHHSHS!I have had a really rough last few weeks and to say this was a ughmmm pick me up OMWORDDDDD.
Leave it to my mother in lowe I tell you. SHe knows I have had so much happening and My Dr’s fussing at me to GET MY STRESS DOWN! Well what does that? SCRAPBOOKING. haha

I had her on this mission. I have been wanting this particular Martha Stewart Punch That I really liked. I had her, My mom, My s.i.l. everyone on the look out. I am unable to get out shopping and I KNOWWW I can order offline but I know they are out and about so thought if they found a good deal grab it… (everyone keeps saying OH we found it here and it was so and so much cheaper than it was online for x amount plus shipping see what I mean?)

SO ANYWAY.. I emailed a photo of said punches its a 2 set and put them on the grand hunt. Well of course because we are in the south THEY HAVE NOT ARRIVED here yet.
not EVEN a tab for them yet here, Everyone is looking for them. Well, MY M.I.L. In the quest for looking for that. DID though find THIS:

SO TO SAY MY HEART ALMOST STOPPPED… ughmmm yeah. This box was FULLL OF STUFF. SHe said well IT WAS ALL ON SALE. and Christmas and your birthday is coming and you have had a rough week and I never know what to get you, I know you like this stuff.

YEAH… omg.

heres more photos:

I think an angel just got her wings in heaven? Did you hear it?

Holy wow I have just been sitting here staring at all of it. Im just in AWE.

I don’t know what to do first.

Lets see there’s:
3 sets of clear stamps
2 edge border punches
8 decorative punches
5 packs of ribbon
4 packs of chipboard
1 package of chipboard/ sticker assortment
some other miscellaneous leaves and die cut embellies
mini album

OH and IT ALLL smellls like maaaaaa! (HOMEEEEEEEEEE)

And then I cry because I have the BEST MOTHER IN LOVE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I told her to be sure and put some stickers in there for Bella. SHe had a box in there FULLLL of little stickers for her. HOW SWEET IS THAT!! ANd of course Bella bug will love these punches also! SHe loves to scrapbook with me! SHe was so happy to see the cup cake and the princess crown.

Ya there was ribbon and chipboard and a mini album and all sorts of stuff in there I just am sitting here in awe. YA speechless IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT!! YA MEEEEE SPEECHLESS! I just am staring at all this I want to touch it and roll around in it.

ITS ALL SOOO BEAUTIFUL. I KNOW yall think Im nuts I KNOW YOU DO. yall just dont understand. Im just in awe.
That she could do something this sweet and this wonderful FOR MEEEEEE! I love this woman so much.
OH AND SHE BEST NOT be gettin’ nothing else for Christmas cuz OMG!(I know how she is) I can’t think about how much is in this box! OFF to make her something totally incredible!!!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH MA I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER BEGIN TO KNOW. I hope I can be a wonderful M.I.L and Nana like you some day!!!

Spread ya wings kitty…

Don’t think that the kitty will but oh well I can try…
I did this layout real quick today. This is with the SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS SEPTEMBER KIT where I am on the DESIGN TEAM. LOVE THE 3 Bugs In A Rug spread your wings collection. so perfect for all these kitty pictures I have of Bella and Tinker~Fred.

My paper trimmer kept getting hung up when I was cutting my cardstock. I guess it is getting time to switch out.
Oh well. It was fun Scrapbooking a messy face little girl trying to catch that cat hahahaha. Poor thing. (you decide which one the poor thing is for Bella or Tinker~Fred) I hope you have a great Weekend!)

Ahhh Reminiscing the good old days

Watching Paula Dean cook good ol country style veggies and watching people garden makes me home sick. I know to some this just sounds BIZARRE. IF you saw how we grew up you would probably slap me right now and say GIRL RUN! You have it better. But sometimes looking back you wonder.

The innocence today of Bella being SOOOOO upset when she came home with an ICE CREAM STICKY BOOK BAG. (she insisted on saving her ice cream she got at lunch for her afternoon break and stuck it in her book bag. ( yeah I had to sneak off to the back and laugh so she wouldn’t see me) WHAT? I comforted her. I held her so tight while she shed the great big crocodile tears. I KNOW HOW tenderhearted this child is. We rescued what we could of what was left but, she learned her lesson. Bless its heart. I felt so bad. but That was funny. This kid brings me so much joy. Totally cracks me up!

We had some ice cream in the freezer but “it just not that same mama” SO I will have to send daddy to the store if she will do really good studying today. That face it was just so pitiful. I felt so bad for her.

I thought we talked about Ice and melting.. and Alabama and heat… she musta missed that conversation too somewhere along with Tinker~Fred and girls not liking tomatoes or soemthing.
Anyway. If your bored. or just glutten for punishment. You can go back and read this OLD POST of days gone by.
YES I KNOW its not July 4th. But it does talk about some of my old family memories growing up of the HUGEEEEEEE family reunions. Has some old distorted photos that will make your eyes fall out trying to see too 🙂

point blank challenge

I completed this layout for a challenge at the Pointe Blank Period challenge blog.

We were supposed to Journal about what we feel holds us back from being a better person in life. use a black and white photo Use a dominant bright color with a splash of blue.

I have been working on this since The debut of the blog. Has taken me this long to get it all down. I keep walkin’ by this page and changin something or moving it around. I know Im horrible that way.

This page has a lot of symbolism on it I guess because it represents so much about me. A lot about what our family has gone through in the last several years.

The cardboard represents the Myelin shaft which in (ms patients) is deteriorated.
I used Tattered ANGELS spray which I COVERED the entire layout with Like My friends and family COVER ME and MY FAMILY with prayer.
I have THE BEE on here because BEE venom was used for long time in MS THERAPY.
I have FAITH The lord is gonna watch
over me He wouldn’t have given me Bella without letting me stay to raise this child. My journaling is withered and worn kinda like me and my spine (the cardboard) Every day I struggle to stay out of that chair so I put that at the top of the picture. The reality is my legs feel like pins and bees are stinging them and I have to take those shots so I put the pins through the flowers and used the reality on top of the flower 3 flowers 3 buttons 3 a lot because of the holy trinity.

3 meaning me john and bella will get through this. orange is my power color and blue is calming.

Pink makes me feel pretty and Im just not pretty anymore. an arrow pointing to I do not look the same.

The bottle cap of the Last Smirnoff I got to drink. Orange cap.

The Journaling reads:

I cover up a lot of the pain with a joke,
to make others more comfortable. I make
fun of my self more than anyone. I know
because of this disease I have lost a lot
of opportunity along the Way. A lot of it
long before I even knew the name of what
was causing my problems. My Dr says that a
lesion doesn’t become that size on your brain
stem over night. I have been mis diagnosed
for a long time. I get really angry because
now the medications I have to take are a lot
stronger and they make me very sick but they have
saved my life and have kept me here.
It is a love hate drug. The shingles and staph
come with it sometimes are worse.

I Do not look the same.
I don’t recognize me anymore. My brain sometimes
won’t function. Hey, we have to play charades (first
Word, sounds like… to make a sentence.)

A lot of the
dreams that I worked for, pretty much went away.
So heck yes I get angry. I get angry at myself and at this
disease! A LOT! BUT I TRY to NOT LET it hold me back.
I try to KICK ITS BUTT. I Channel my anger other ways.
Some days if it were not for my computer, or scrap booking I wouldn’t have an outlet or connection with the outside world for any of my energy. Yes there are times when I am doing better and can leave this chair behind. But on days like these I remember why I want my memories down, those little “instructions” in life one never knows what tomorrow brings.

I am blessed with an amazing loving hunk husband a gorgeous and smart funny daughter and if you try to argue I will run you down with my wheel chair so don’t even try.
Today I fight to stay out of this chair. Why?
I have a lot to fight for. I see it with these two here in front of me every single day.


This photo was taken this past year at the fall festival. I have come along way since then. Still got a longggg way to go. Thank goodness for Garrrrry my physical therapist (that I cursed so bad for the longest) and my friends that helped me through the hard times. Also my sweet loving husband that has been here through it all. That I love dearly. He never signed on for all this. The look of disbelief when they said this is what I had was on both of our faces. We had no clue what we were in store for. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Yall know me. This is nothin I can’t handle smiling 🙂 COULD ALWAYSSS BE WORSE!!!

Just another exciting time IN lower Alabama.

This cat is gonna break in our fridge I see it coming.

In other news….

Earlier this week Im sure you heard The space shuttle was supposed to make its fly over our airspace here in Mobile. We found out at the last minute it was going to be flying over on Tuesday. SO we were so excited It was at bedtime “Bella” time and we didn’t really get a chance to thoroughly on her level explain what it was really that was taking place. So she had a COMPLETEEEEEEE melt down and didn’t want to see it. She thought I suppose it was going to explode in the back yard. I guess who knows what she thought.

We TRIED to tell her it would look just like a star going really fast but nope she wouldn’t listen. (I dunno what is up with people these days. It is like NO ONE LISTENS TO ME UNLESS I’M STANDING ON TOP OF SOMETHING JUMPING UP AND DOWN, SLINGING GOLF CLUBS SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS ANYMORE. That’s another post. SO KEEP CHECKING IN) We didn’t get to show her online what it would be like before hand. (we had just a few minutes before seeing it in the sky) It was bed time so not a good idea.. Hind site is 20/20. So… THURSDAY NIGHT… we had another chance. BUT, It was over cast and cloudy so we really didn’t get to see it so good. BUT, David and Diane our neighbors more like family went out with us and set up the telescope so we could get a good look.

I did my homework before that one and pulled up N.A.S.A. on the web and did lots of prep work for THURSDAY night. We explained a lot about it to Bella. Got her all excited. Told her this will be something you can tell your kids about some day (WHEHEW big event here in MOBILE, ALABAMA you saw a DOT fly across the sky it was so tiny at 24 000 mph) HEY we are nerds we get excited about stuff like this!!!! I DONT GET OUT MUCH… OK AT ALLLL so this was pretty dadgum exciting to me THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Actually IT REALLY WAS COOL. I have never seen it before and it was pretty exciting! I am going to do a scrap book page about so be prepared. 🙂

I know our neighbors thought we were really on some kinda medication running around hootin an hollerin. The conversation went kinda like this here. (our neighbors always look at us sideways but that is kinda what I strive for anyway)
Remember IT WAS a VERY CLOUDY NIGHT and we were TRYIN’ OUR BEST to find a TEEEENINY LIGHT DOT in the sky to show BELLA.

::me steadily taking pictures::

ME: oh oh is that it? is that? wha what about that? is that cloud? a star? whats at?
John… Nanc… turn around….. Your lookin’ the wrong direction look that way.. ::chuckle as he shakes his head::
ME: OH.. Ok…
David: Im lookin through the telescope I don’t see nothing


Diane…” Nancy come here.. what is this thing hereee you think this is it?
ME: “Diane… Im not sure maybe… I can’t tell because hmmm that’s a glare from a street light come this way..
wait.. I SEEE IT TOO. wait maybe not..
John: GEEESH! thats a bug. what time is it anyway.. YALL ARE ALL JUST CRAZY.


Me: “That splains alot. OMW! I SEEEEE IT!! I SEE IT!! LOOK AT THE V!
Me: RIght there Above those trees In the clouds!! You see it its movin fastttt

John::looking and pointing at head like crazy signal ::
DIANE I SEEE IT I SEEE IT LOOOK OH wait… awww its goin too fast move over heree.. awww man the clouds are sooooooo thick.

David: :running with telescope: “WHERE WHERE WHERE? I JUST SEE CLOUDS”
JOHn: “I dont see nuthin’ yall are imaginin stuff”
Bella: “THATS CUZ YOUR A BOY DADDY its a GIRLLLLLLLLLLLspace ship if you were a girl you could see it.

AND THAT MY FRIENDS…. is how you spend a Thursday night in LOWER Alabama…
AND THISSSSSSSSSS is how you would dress for such an occasion

be sure the PJ’s ARE TUCKED INNNNN the boots…

is this week over yet??? please?

Have you ever had one of those weeks? You know where if it could go wrong… yeah. well yeah. It has been just ughhhh!! a crapper here. and my blog has notttttttttt been acting right. so I DUNNO IF THIS WILL GO THROUGH OR NOT.. I have been trying to post these pictures since labor day. Shingles still in my ear mostly gone still down in there I can hear now lol. I don’t cry when the neighbors crank lawn equipment. (don’t go there) I was ready to sic flyin monkeys on everyone for a while there.
I am not 100 percent convinced our cat is not a secret super villain. I think he Has a hidden identity. I have video you have to see that Bella and I took this week of him POUNCING GUIDO and them chasing each other through the yard that is pretty impresive.

Oh wow.. I don’t even Know what day it is. I have been trying to write this post for a week. We had the holiday weekend and my days have been messed up since. Do you all do that? Every time I have tried to write this post I keep getting a freaky blogger message telling me “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!!” in some fancy HTML terms that I don’t even try to understand its geekology its way beyond my brain at this point.

I was ORIGINALLY GONNA tell you about HOW Bella spent most of the holiday weekend teaching Tinker~Fred, (yes the Cats name is still Tinker-Fred) to fetch. SO, at least the photos on my blog would make some sense. The power would go off every day as I would go to do my blog post. Or the phone would ring and it would be some stressfull crapppp I had to deal with or again DID I MENTION THE POWER KEPT FLICKERING? and I kept getting freaking blogger codes so yeah.. Im just now getting this post up. so.. yeah.. Bear with me.

YA see, we ran out of the “GOOD” cat food. The kind in the “can” the stinky gross kind that cats like. (although this blame cat should be happy its here and know that the fact BElla LOVESSSS it soooooo much is the only reason her Daddy let her keep it Oh and the fact she is spoiled blame flippin ROTTTENNNN! Did I happen to mention it? NO? OHHHHHHH YOU NOTICED HUH? ya kinda obvious? k just checkin. just wanted to be sure. YEah Our critters are too. even this little booger.

IT GETS THE “GOOD” food it wont eat just any cat food. I didn’t know that though.I was completely unaware of the “OUT OF FOOD” situation. I was finally alone in the house after a loud weekend. John was so very happy to be back at work. Bella was happy, well. maybe, not happy but, she was back at school. I was happy to be in a quiet house (until Leaf blower cranked up, but that is another post I will do later)

Every time I walked by the door this morning The cat is looking at me through the window With an evvvvvvvvvil stare like “YO OVAH HERE, comeeeya. We need to chat…” I think it cracked it’s knuckles a few times too!!! Tink slingin’ back some bling on his paws too I need to find out where he pawns.
anyway focus Nancy FOCUSSSS
I kept going. waved. said “HEYYY TINKERFRED WHATS SHAKIN” Made me a sammich came back through..

Guido (our dog) Joined in behind Tinkerfred and I think That cat whipped out a cell phone and called his ganstas to come help bust up in here lookin for some Baloney Tinker fred was sharpnin his claws and lickin his chops goin “comeeeeeya with that youu” THey made me a little nervous. Guido was just smilin and shakin his hiney. (he really has no tail he is an Austrailian Shepherd)

So Im afraid to go to sleep this cat is on some big covert secretive super villian mission to bust up in my fridge and steal our food. I gave it some baloney and some milk but IT still rolled its eyes and was chargin its lil cell phone and its 007 spy tools in its cat house (aka used to be Guido’s dog house but Tinker Fred put him out) Tinker Fred sleeps there now…

That is one bad dude… Bella is still convinced the Tinker~Fred is a girl..she doesnt like tomatoes and she is a girl. The cat doesnt like tomatoes So it has to be a girl too. Seems logical huh?

I figured it was yes definitely time to re-think that talk we had. Ya know I have mentioned that before… somethin didn’t sink in good. I am having a problem with big words lately like THE, AND, WAS.

So, I was tellin’ John about this “Tinker~Fred” Sit u ation I JUST KNEWWWWWW this cat was plotting to XX us out and how I have this idea. HOW ABOUT we train “TF.”(I call him TF sometimes for short cuz thats how I ROLL) We can put his evil ways up for good use. You know make him an example or exercise his energies in other ways.
John said ughmmm YOU KEEP SAYING HIM? Like you think that cats a male? that cat HAS TO BE A FEMALE… “

I said “IF YOU SAY CUZ IT DOESN’T like tomatoes so help me….

Nothing but laughter as I said ughhh hhh and yeah yeah I love you HUUUUUNNNNNNEEEEYYYYYYY and hung up the phone!

Hope yall managed a smile today!!

The paint is still drying on walls….

SO the Paint is still drying but the furniture is moved back in. So Here ya get to see some pics!

The furniture all has sentimental value. May not be worth a lot to anyone but us. The bed was my I dunno who all has slept in this bed how many GREAAAATS and aunts and cousins and grammaws and uncles and brothers and sisters and who all but its been a alot. (its a family heirloom needless to say) AKA ITS OLD! Growing up we were poor but didnt know it. I wanted the new furniture now everyone wants my old furniture… who woulda thunk it huh? All my old stuff…. my kid wants.. so weird..
anyway. The Quilt folded on the bottom the bed Granny D. Our neighbors next door at our house in Mississippi Omg I miss them She was my heart and I miss her need to call her really. SHe made that for Bella when she was born. You wil see Bella holding more blankets too she made those for her too.

All the stuff In this room is sentimental stuff in some way. I know.. Freaky huh… I am realizing it more and more how much my family is all around me even though they are not physically here.
I hope my power doesnt go off its is thundering so much.

The pouting rocker is made by my brother from wood from my grandma’s house. My daddy had made one for all the grand children my brother made one for my cousin too. Any way there just happened to be enough wood and my brother found the pattern and the wood tucked back like it was waiting there… so He made this for Bella. Yes I am so Very proud of this and I tell Bella this story all the time so she will be proud and take care of it. The carosel horse my daddy made for me when I was a kid and my Sister in love repainted it for Bella and surprised me with it. (yes I cried)

The only time you will prolly see her makin her bed…..

Tellin Gramma about her room…
weather gettin really bad and power tryin to go off so ughmm I will try to get the rest of pictures up in a bit

Ok it chilled so I can put this up maybe…

Im hurrying so mama can look at these. geesh

Cheffrobe (sp) this is the wardrobe thing was my grandmamas that Johns daddy redid (it was falling to pieces it had a refrigerator crate holding it together SERIOUSLY! on the back. the wood was twisted it had been wet. BUT IT was the sentimental part and IT WAS MY GRANDMAMAS. so…. becauseeeeeeee My father in love and my husband love me…. hahahaha and the mirror in it was original and still good (that was about it and the drawers and the frame haha maybe one nail … they fixed it.. and redid it.
now it will last for ever it is not worth the antique value but to me … IT IS PRICELESS because I remember twirling in front of it when I was little in grandmamas beads. her looking around the corner going “Whutaryou uuuugh dooooo innnnnnnnnnn” in a singsongy voice and coming after me and grinning. so I would do the same to Bella. Hope she has the same memories with this as I do.

ok weather is getting bad I will post more pictures if i can in a little bit… sorry.

Im making things to go on her walls SHE IS A VERY HAPPY LITTTTTLE GIRL!!!!! she is in her rooom watching moviesss since it is raining. lolol

anyone seen ty? oh TY??? anyone anyone???

So if you read yesterdays post you know all about the Extreme Home Makeover we doing at The Jones home. Mini me is having her room of doom done, She wasn’t too thrilled she wanted Rainbow bright and Boy George to come make her room over. I was looking more for Ty Pennington to come help actually, but then I figured we would need a bulldozer to come plow through that room of hers to ever see the floor again. I also thought it might be kinda cool for him to spin his magic with his mighty work and make a transformation and send us on a nice trip to some luxurious vactaion spot to like Target or something (hey these days I don get out at alllllll)
I would say much but that isn’t even explaining it all I have to say is PIG FLU PIG FLU!!!
Ok back to the E.R.M. (aka) Extreme Room Makeover. The color they picked out went on kinda more pinkish but it is drying purple. Bella is justa grinning.
I SEEE A MINI ALBUM IN THE MAKING!! hehehehhee.I just love projects!!
Bella approached this like everything She isn’t much on Change… Must be in our DNA. Not sure what is up with that. Ill have to tell you that another day this post will get rambly long (whats new huh?) BUT then she perked up and got smiley!!

Bella was painting pictures as John was painting the walls.. (other wise all I was hearing was GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF THE PAINT.. DONT LEAN ON THAT.. BACK AWAYYYYYY FROM THE PAINT.. so I just handed her a box of paint brushes and some paper and she was happy and content….for 20 minutes anyway… she used 14 of them… and 11 sheets of paper.
And you remember the purple paint they fought over and we did the funeral march over yesterday at home depot well it is kinda ughmmm BRIGGHT gooin on. But it lightens up as it dries (THANK GOD)
I told John “I thought ughmmm you errrr ahhh well God save the Queen and all.. aye?”
ya we talk in code sometime cuz thats the way we roll…

so he says…”I did.. save the Queen cuz your eyes didn’t errugh roll ughm OUT!!??? oh yeah… ayeeeee?

hes cute the thinks he is!

Stay tuned for more EXTREMEEEEEEE Home Makeover.. we still may run a bulldozer through it yet… tomorrow is a another day .. there are a few little hand prints and one tic tac toe board (yeah that was me WHAT??? I love to paint its funnn and tic tac toe is just fun too you know it is and who doesn’t love to play tic tac toe i mean a clean wall and paint just sitting there come onnnnnnnnn you gottttaaaaa!!!
just kiddding you know I would nev… bwahahahhahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaa I will just let you wonder.

Ty hasn’t shown up yet to help with our makeover. But you never know. Its not over yet. Neither have Rainbow Bright or Boy George Either though… so
I say boy george because I had a room THIS EXACT COLOR in the 80’s and I matched it to a sweatchirt I had that was from a Boy George Video That had HUGE NUMBERS On it. I LOVED that sweat shirt. Wore it all the time. My room was That exact Purple. SO IM being paid back….
My daddy is somewhere right now Rollin round Laughin. just kickin his feet gigglin like a hyenna. yup but that ok.. cuz I had ONE CHILD to pay me back. BELLA GONNA HAVE 12.