Did someone say School is out?

Well It is official. I have a second grader. So hard to believe. She is growing up way too fast. I want it just to slow down some. It is as if I blinked and she is 7. To me she should still be this little bitty slobber monster. It just goes so fast.

She had a skating party on Monday. I wanted to go with her so so bad but, I had to go to the Dentist (they are finally getting started on my dental surgery thank you lawd!) Yeah I know your thinkin’ “did she just get excited about dental surgery? is she on somethin?” the answer is “yes and well ya” They have me on anti naus and some pain stuff my teeth are just literally crumbling. LOVELY medications I have to take for Multiple Sclerosis.
Prolonged use will cause the dental problems. Also some surgeries I had they damaged some teeth and I had not been able to get it fixed UNTIL NOW (kept breaking out in shingles and having huge flares and they wouldnt touch me while I was broken out)
SO FINALLLY yes FINALLY!!!! Im getting to get this done. I know I am suffering right now and It is painful to say the least. But It will be so worth it. SO THAT is why I didnt get to go to her Skating party or her awards ceremony 😦
I had to go to the dentist and have all this prestuff done.

When I got home I was in so much pain I was nauseas. Between that and the medication. I went to bed. We are praying this surgery is not going to flare everything up. so I would appreciate it if you would join us in those prayers. You know how freaky MS can be.
Speaking of M.S. TODAY is WORLD M.S. Day.
My sweet hubby even wore his ORANGE shirt in honor of it today.
love ya honey!

I know it is late in the day, but you can still help out. Raise awareness, Wear something orange. Tell someone about MS. Pray for someone that has it. give an encouraging word or even a smile. Its a rough disease to have to live with.
The families of the people with MS really Deserve gold medals and purple hearts for what all they have to go through.
Bella was so upset I didnt get to go to her awards ceremony this morning.
This is just one of the things I absolutely hate about this disease. disappointing my little girl.
Missing her school functions. Not being able to go do things with her like a mommy should. John took photos for me and I will share in a moment.
but You healthy people. DO NOT take these moments for granted. I would give anything ANYTHING to be there front and center at every tiny little event. I would not let work or anything get in the way If I was healthy enough to attend these things!
I want you all to think about that.

Ok enough about that stuff Lets look at these cutie pictures!!!

As I mentioned they had their skating party on Monday.
Now. Bella had NEVERRRR been skating before. So this was another first. I want to big big hugs to my Tara for taking pictures for me love love love me some Tara.
So these photos are compliments of her. (I wont show the moustache photo since she was so kinddddd and took these for me bwahahhahaaa!)

Here is the entire class with Ms. Brown. SHe is such an amazing woman. They just loveeee her (and so do we) can ya tell? She is such a fun person!

The Whole class donated and we Made this MONEY TREE for MS. Brown. Isn’t That cool??
That was part of her Teacher appreciation Gift for end of the year..

I think she really liked it.

Bella’s Awards ceremony at end of school today:

SHe got the Reading award and Made Honor Roll all year!
Way to go baby!

Bella and Ms Brown showing her Awards.

Bella Brena and Mandalyn
These are two of Bellas little friends in her class.
So cute!

Ok that is all the photos I have today.

Maybe tomorrow I will upload some of the kitties. Bella is yelling to comeee take some pictureess they are doin’ somethin’ cuttte!

OH and I was asked did I watch the season finale of lost. YESSSS! And I made a prediction they were all gonna be Dead… shoulda put a penny on it hahahaha!
CANNOT wait for American Idol tonight. GOOOO LEE! (although Crystal rocked it out of the park last night I have to give her props! I would buy her music she has a great voice. I just LOVE Lee!!)
Ok must lay down before this nausea stuff wears off ugh. comeee onnn June so I can get this over with ugh!
hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


Monday scrapnin’

I felt Better this weekend and actually got some scrappin done.

CHeck it out!

Since I got the new October Afternoon papers for Mothers Day, (thank you my honeys) I figured I would Finally cut into my Christmas ones) I know.. I can’t help it though. I hoard my October Afternoon papers. I dunno why I do that. I guess because I just LOVEEEEE their stuff so much. Do you have a favorite company you do that with? I am so bad about doing that. Its awful!
Well that and the fact I have had all this stuff going on and havn’t been able to scrap. Ya that MIGHT have had a LITTLE to do with it too. (haha) BUT STILL….

HERE is what I did on the chipboard letters and that flower (which is actually 2 flowers that I took apart by the way and used paints and glimmer mists on)

I had the PERFECTTTT color paint in another brand. BUT, I think the bottle must have had a hole in it or it was contaminated or something. It was dried up like cement. Im talkin’ it was beyond hard as a brick.THere was no fixin’ it. We put a little water in it and tried to loosen it up… nope. we put a little more… nadda. We cut into it.. still nothin It was grainey and turned to this nasty stuff. (IT WAS A BRAND NEW SEALED BOTTLE NEVER OPENED MIND YOU) Oh well.

So needless to say WAS A GOOD EXCUSE to get super creative!! THIS IS what you do if that happens to you! GET CRAFTYYYYY!!!

I took 2 diff colors of paint and mixed them together.. yeah I know. Your going Nancy.. big whooop. but I added Glimmer mist over them while it was still damp to give it the look of sugar cookies! SO neener neener.. ya… I was crafty!!!

I LOVED this lil flower from pink paislee but it just wasn’t right. so I painted it up some.

Then I took the lovely Marshmallow that I LOVE (YES yes I helped my Sudie with the petition to keep the Marshmallow glimmer mist around because we love it sooooooo much we didnt want it to go away!!! and well you see my bottle there.) nuff said glimmer mist and sprayed it

THEN I went over it lightly with the Irridescent gold

Just lightly.. I didn’t want it GOLD. I just want it to have a little sheen.

can you seen it here?

maybe this one is better:

And one last look at the FULL layout. Bella just lovessssss Aunt Becca who spoils her rotten by the way (she hunted doooowwwwnn those blame zhu zhu thingy dos for that child sighhh) shaking my head!! can you say rotten?? anyway…

Ok well I have been to the dentist, yeah. That was REALLLLY fun.
YA and you believe THAT dont you? hahaha
about to have MAJOR dental work done. BUT WILL BE SO
worth it. I will have my beautiful smile back.
I wont look like a bag lady much longer or be in as much pain there.

Don’t forget tonight is UNKIT LIVE theres a special SHOW goin on tonight!
First 30 min Amy from paper life is doing then last 30 min
Sudie is doing. I believe we are hitting vokle after party as well!
Come share! without you sharing… its no party!

ok going to rest before my teeth are not numb anymore.

Hopefully!! I will see you there! ta ta!

Enjoy the buzz of your shock

I KNOWWWWWW! I have updated what… THREEE TIMES THIS WEEK? close your mouth. I know You are just in shock. MEEEE TOOOO!
I am just so completely proud of myself. SEEEEEEEEEeee. I TOLD YOU I WOULD DO BETTTTER! (said in my best SUE HECK from “The Middle” voice) by the way I LOVE that show if you have not seen it whereeee have you beeeen???

O.M.G. did you watch Greys last night? HOLY WOW. I WAS LOOKING THROUGH MY FINGERS FOR the almost entire 2 hours. SO INTENSE. My shoulders were just so tight after that. That was so wild. Poor McDreamy. UGH. I actually cried! I know. YES John laughed at me. I can’t help it! I get into my shows. I bawled like a baby when Denny died. I cried when Izzy was dyin’ Its just my show I cant help it. BUT OMG this was intense people. BUt yall know. yall were there.we were all OMG together. anyway.

Here is the mini I made.

Hard to tell but there is Marshmallow mist on that flower.

I punched holes in that heart with my crop a dile so it is dangly.

HEY LOOK! Its a mini.. on a mini.. so she can write “Their Story” or put more lil pictures or whatever she wants to in there. I thought that would be cute for her. Dontchathink?

SHHHhhhh…. This was a lil doily from one of Bella’s baby doll tea set thingys. I ughm borrowed it, and ughmm glimmered it up and ughmmm… well yeah hehe. shhhhh isn’t it pretty?

AND THISSSSSSSSS is what I made it out of: I got these coasters forever ago. Don’t they make the perfect mini album?

Shingles are about dried up (thank you lord) I just look like I had bad acne now. Not so much noticable. Today has been a pretty good day!! (those are kinda scary they don’t come often, maybe that is why they are scary. But we soooo appreciate them! We are blessed and Thankful for them)

You Know you feel a little better that day when you look around and realize your house is filthy. You want to overhaul everything but you know your not physically able to do anything about it. It wasnt messed up this way all in a day haha and no way you will be able to clean all this up like it needs severe merry maids cleaning! Take down the curtains rip up the carpet cleaning. Bring in the hoses!

OK Im out of here. Im off this thing! Gonna go watch a movie with him and her you know them. My people! My fabulous duo! Redbox didnt give us all our movies this time but we did manage one of them.. I called they credited us, I tried to find the movies at another box but it said I couldnt rent anymore for 24 hours??? I called back they said SOORRRRY nothing we can do about that… GEEE THANKS.
OH WELL on the bright side…. We will watch them SATURDAY lol
…. Happy Friday

I played with paper….

finally… ya I finished this layout. Im still shaky. I have shingles still and ya I havn’t scrapped in a while so gimme a break. (you try to scrapbook in bed and see how good you do?)
I do a little then stop do a little then stop so thats why its taken forever to do this page. sorry ma. It took forever She knew what all had been going on though. It had been laying on my scrap table forever. Also my lil cousin is getting married soon. Heck I say lil what am I talkin bout brit brit is AMAZON WOMAN she is like 7 foot tall. I cant wait for her to have babies they are gonna be pro ball players she and her hubby to be both are hugomongous tall people. I always said she shoulda been a model. anyway. I had her in mind and thought she was gonna have alll these photos (her mama is a crazy scrapper lady too so you knowww she gonna have alot of pictures) so I thought I would play around with some minis and give one to her as a lil brag book to put her photos in. I have a better gift for her for her ACTUAL wedding gift thingy so dont think Im skimpin or nuttin. Im just playin with this stuff here. its just funnin. I wanna give her this as just a fun thingy.


here is the layout

The Journaling reads:

You are just so crazy about your Nana.
Which I mean, I can see why. She is
such an amazing person. There is no
doubt and these photos definitely show
just how happy you guys are when you
spend time together.
This song kept going through my head
when I was looking at these photos.

Me and you
And you and me
No matter how you
Toss the dice
It had to be

The only one for me
Is you
And you is me.
So happy togetherrr.

How is the weatherrr?

This is the cutest song
By the The Turtles
(way before your time they were before
my time too)But it always makes me smile.
I love how happy that Your Nana makes you,
and how happy you make her. You two truly are
Happy together!

Im not finished with it. I cant tie bows real well. My hands are all weird so I left the ribbon long. I dunno what is on that ribbon 😦 may have to take some of the green off and cut it shorter dadgum. oh well its just preliminary anyway. sigh. Still workin on the inside… a little at a time. GOT to make myself get up and do something. I cant keep just laying here doing nothing. Cannot stand it. Driving me insane. But hurts to move around much. stupid shingles. stupid ms. ughhhh!
Ok random…. There are kittens hanging on my living room window screens…. My house looks like vandals have taken over. my scraproom looks like it exploded. I need to just be cured so I can have my old life back! AHH wouldn’t that be nice??? hehe. My house would probably still look like it had been vandalized and my scraproom would still look like it exploded I would still have cats hanging on my living room screen windows haha. We can dream..

I got a bunnnch of photos developed today. (walgreens had a special)
we have a crop coming up in Mobile. I hoope I can get rid of the shingles long enough to get to go. I am so looking forward to it. I have not gotten to do anythng like this in such a long time. I dont expect to get to be at the entire thing but if only for a few hours I will be happy. Im already starting to get prepared. So maybe just maybe.
I have been helping my friend Melissa get donations for the crop. Also getting some things for the silent auction. I think its gonna be amazingggg! Some awesome stufff!
(Thank you Leslie Thank you to Stacey at Shimmerz we have gotten yours already you are MAUUUUVALOUSSS!!!)

Ok I need to go Bella is quiet you know what that means… something is being vandalized. School is about to be out when???? sigh.


How you doin?

Long time no post. I have some updated photos to post though.

Bella had the flu then my mom got it, she was real bad they didn’t know what it was because her symptoms presented so strange. she had joint pain and arthritis flare up and didn’t have the same stuff like Bella did. so they were testing her for everything under the sun. come to find out it was the same virus, Then I got it. I got it like Bella had it though. THEN…. out come shingles. boy did they come out. Because of that virus this was a bad bad case of them too. I suppose because of the fever and all it made this one rough. So have not felt like doing anything for a while now.

I am looking so forward to this crop for a cure here in Mobile in June so I’m really focusing on trying to get better, and stay well. My bud Melissa is walking in the Walk in October. I have been helping her get donations for the silent auction and door prizes etc. HERE IS MORE INFO ON THE CROP IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE OR LIKE TO COME TO IT 🙂 I am starting to feel a little better so am gonna try to make something myself for it as well.
Also need to work on a kit for Scrapbook Obsessions. I wanted to do a kit for the flood victims in Tennessee. They are having a rough time up there. Maybe by this weekend I will be up for that. I love doing mini albums so maybe I can do a couple then.

I got happy mail this weekend. My sweet hubby and daughter got me scrappy stuff for Mothers day. I have been drooling over the new October Afternoon Thrift Shop and Fly a kite. So they hooked me up also the Basic grey max and whiskas (I think that was more Bella because she wants to scrap the kittens lol) and the TimHoltz dirty paper as John calls it lol
and the Jenni Bowlin butterflies WHO DOESN’T LOVE THOSE yummm! and of course the glimmer mists!!! We found a site that has some awesome deals. Ran out of money before I could get some shimmerz andClaudine Helmouth paint! That is on the list for next time!

Lets see what else is goin on… The oil on our coast… ughhhh DOnt get me started on the oil….
Everyone is asking about it. It reminds me of that movie the fog… you know its out there…. its slowly creeeping up. I feel so bad for all those animals and the seafood industry even though I cant eat it.

Here are some photosssss I know my mil is itching to seeee

This is an older picture from 2 weeks ago. they are bigger now. they grow so fast. That is sybil and BeaBe. Bea Be is the black and tan one.
sybils head and beabe’s tail under dog house…

Beabe and sybil kitty.

I need to take some more updated photos.

My sil came down during spring break and surprised bella by taking her for her first manicure.

Bella and Aunt Liz getting their Nails done. Bella said she can get used to this. She really liked it. She said next she wants her toes done too. she loved it! she had a great time on our girls day. She is a total girly girl and is all about some fingernails being polished. Aunt liz You have Created a MONSTER!!!! Thanks for that lol.

We had Bellas birthday party at the bowling alley. She lovesssssssss to bowl. Soooo we had her her first REAL birthday party (I guess that one last year and the one before that didnt count??? she said since they weren’t at a “place”?? they were at the park they didn’t count lol oooh you mean since they didn’t cost a mere fortune, I seeee its like the kiddie birthday party mafia they have this market covered i tell ya!)

SO here is her cake…

Bella and eva caroline BFF always!
whole crew eatin pizza

Bella bowlin

They are just too cute!

Ok sorry I know that was a lot of photos but I had to catch yall up!!

I will try to update more regularly I know I am on facebook and twitter more than I am on here.
I will try and do better.