MS AWARENESS: Kristin Vautour

Since March Is MS AWARENESS MONTH, I wanted to do something special. I cannot think of anything more special, than to introduce you to others that are more aware of MS every single day. We all live it, so this is the real MS.  These are the REAL stories and the REAL people that have it. You will see all types and stages of MS. I hope you see how different it can be for everyone..  I would like to add before I start this.(as I always do) check with your Dr before you change anything in your own personal MS regimen. What works for one may not be the answer for another. ~ Nancy

Hi my name is Kristin Vautour and I would like to share my story. I was diagnosed with MS on Dec 18th 2013 at the age of 30.
I believe it started in April 2012 when I lost sight in my right eye. The optometrist stated I was a “rare” case. The eye Dr. didn’t know what to expect. I regained my eyesight within a month.
August 2013, I took a fall at my camp while i was cleaning. I ended up waking up the next day with my right side being numb. I went to the emergency room and was told later on that it was a “pinched nerve” and i shall regain feeling within a few weeks. Well a few weeks later, my stomach and back went numb along with the right side. I went back to the emergency room and was given and MRI. I received a phone call a week later stating that I had an appointment to see a neurologist.
I went to see the neurologist and was later told that I had multiple sclerosis!

That was the worst day of my life ever, well besides the day i was told that i have Endometriosis in 2007. Anyway, I was sent out to have all these tests done to make sure the diagnosis was indeed correct. I later told only close family about my diagnosis and they were all crying and in shock! My little sister thought that i was going to die! I wont lie to you, I was afraid and fell into a deep depression but who wouldnt after hearing that you have a neurological illness that has no known cure as of yet!

It took me almost a year before telling the world, well my friends and extended family only because i felt that they would treat me different or give me sympathy, when really, all i wanted was a shoulder to cry on at times.

Kristin and husband

My now husband has been with me for 10 years and thankfully he is here every step of the way I would be lost without him, I finally decided to marry him, the man of my life in April of 2014!
During the few months after the fall and the right side being numb, i fell down a flight of stairs at work. Off to the emergency room I go. I suffered a mild concussion, fluid in my right knee and a week off work. Apparently, MS was a part of this.

kristins knee

I have done tons of research to find myself and get answers to the questions i was looking for.
 Day after the wedding i had a relapse where I couldn’t’ feel from my waist down to my toes.To this day, i still cannot feel my toes and have a hard time walking.
I have spent so many days going back and forth to the emergency room, that i forget the number. Its pretty bad that when i go in i have to educate the staff members about my condition and what I need once I have a relapse.
I have been on Copaxone and since my body rejected the medication, I am currently taking Tecfidera. I feel that the medication is not helping only because of stomach issues since August 2014, but that is another issue, that I will discuss when I figure out what it is. 
I have to mention that I have met some great people along the way through face book groups as well! I feel that if you talk to people who share the same illness as you do, you are never alone without answers! I have been told to stay strong and keep smiling from day one and i have been!~

That she has. Kristin has a beautiful smile and is always smiling.  ANOTHER MS WARRIOR I admire! Thank you for sharing your story Kristin. You always bring a smile girl and touch so many.  Keep up the fight friend.~Nancy

MS Believe in the cure

If you have M.S.and would like to have your story highlighted here on my blog for National MS month,

Please contact me at


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