Take That M.S.!!!!

I know y’all have heard a lot about the gym lately and, all about the food I am eating  blah blublah blah.   WELL Ya know how when you try something and you have felt like just death is knocking? For instance:  you  normal people (is there such a thing?)  you get the flu. stay with me here, work your imagination muscle.  You feel like “OK lizbeth.. Im comin. This is the big one” But you have the flu..  Then :insert amazing magical noise: You take some Flu killer night time special something that knocks you out.  You look like Drew Brees (drool) in the commercial (drool) passed out asleep, resting better than you EVER HAVE with the flu. (let it be noted I do not work for some flu killer night time special something that knocks you out company or am I affiliated with some flu killer night time special something that knocks you out company OR here by or ever have been or ever will be getting any type of kick back, trips, anything actually (cause I made them up duhr) from said company so use whatever flu med of your choice was just an example so don’t sue meee or Drew Brees. thank you I hate dumb people make this necessary,  deeep breath. end note)    SOOO You wake up the next day. YOU FEEL SOOOO much better.

Well, what do you want to do?  TELL EVERYONE.

“OH MAN GUESS WHAT?!? I felt sooo horrible and I tried this xyz flu killer and I slept like Drew Brees (drool) last night. I feel so much better. ::sympathetic voice::   I saw you sneeze/ DO You feel baddddd? ::all excited:: You HAVE TO TRY THIS!!!”

YOU DO IT.. admit it. YOU KNOW YOU DO! we all do.   ANy time we know someone is suffering We want to help our fellow man/woMAN FEEEL BETTER.  It is human nature. We share anything that is good. We also share what is bad.  IF we take a therapy that made us worse. WE tell it from the mountain top. So why not share what works for us. We are in this together. No one wants to suffer.

I am NOT PUSHING my ideas on you. BUT I AM excited that something IS FINALLLY working. After trying EVERYTHING. And trust me I HAVE TRIED a lot of stuff.

I am just telling you. The ones who  have read my blog, for years and if you look on the side there in archives IT GOES BACK A LOOOONG WAY. The ones that  know me personally that have seen me in my darkest days, in a wheel chair, on a walker, Listened to me cry,  seen me eat UP with shingles, countless hospital visits, Teachers that have been there for us with our child, family that knows just what a rotten deal this has been KNOW how hard it has been.  I know we have many rejoicing with us and that are so happy right along with us and praying this keeps us. I want nothing more for this to be a forever thing. My goal list and bucket list is GROWING DAILY.  The things I am wanting to do … They are getting BIGGER!

So, What I am doing right now… There is something to this. Read this last post for more information. It is WOW.  YOU KNOW how skeptical I am. I have never believed in that no sugar and exercise stuff. If you do not believe me ask my friend Di,  that is a personal trainer and vegetarian. (she lives in Cali.)  She has been after me for yeaaaaaaaaaaars and I have blown her off. Ya she is grinning so big now.  When MY DR suggested me talking to Mike. I went in and saw with my OWN EYES. Felt it with my OWN BODY. I would have never in a million years believed it.

I KNOW this is a not a miracle “cure” I have worked hard doing this. I mean i have 43 years  to undo. 

I have had emails and messages people that have been coming at  me with negative like you would not believe from every direction.   They just inspire me to work harder. They obviously have NO CLUE what I have been through in my life and what I am made out of.  I thank them. Appreciate the motivation.  They are like gnats on a dirty dog compared to my real problems.  Opinions are like …. noses everyone has one.

When you have REAL LIFE to deal with. A disease and not just one  and been through some MAJOR life flipping stuff, will power is a necessity.   Can’t is not an option. Put that in your mind that YOU WILL do something. Don’t waiver. Keep focused.  If you are physically unable to move a body part.. use what you can to help you physically exercise that arm or leg.  keep it moving. work the muscle.  Don’t have weights. Do you have water bottles? soup cans? too heavy? empty them. start slow. 3 times is better than 0 times. Tomorrow DO it again. ANY KIND of movement is better than no movement. THIS should be an ms persons mantra. If you can even get it to move a little. That is progress. KEEEEEP MOVING. As long as you can. We have to fight for our right to MOVE! ( against our own bodies) No one is going to understand as much as our own self understands!!

Remember SUGAR IS NOT OUR FRIEND. Talk to your DR. If they will not work with you on finding a physical therapist that will work with you and your insurance or medical plan. Get a dr that will. or keep contacting your MS local office. Call a local church or office. THere are people that will help you.  DO NOT GIVE UP. YOU are your BEST advocate. IT only takes an ounce of will power. POSITIVE ENERGY WILL BREED POSITIVE.  YOU CAN DO THIS. Start eating healthy if for no other purpose but for yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT.  If you are in the Mobile Alabama area. We have an MS group that meets on Tuesday and Thursday for nutrition and exercise. IT WORKS.  


MR WILLIE works out he has M.S. and MANY other things wrong. HE is in an ELECTRIC WHEEL CHAIR. HE IS MY HERO.   .. He is one of a million reasons I get up smiling each day and haul my butt to that gym.  He is a huge inspiration among MANY MANY OTHERS that are there. I Work hard eat what they tell me to and keep at it.  TAKE THAT M.S.!!!!! WE JUST KICKED YOUR  TAIL AGAIN! For more information feel free to contact me and I will gladly get you in contact with the right people here in Mobile. 🙂 Keep moving





What I have been Up to…. A WHOLE LOT REALLY…

So if you follow me on instagram,  twitter or facebook you know I have been going (with Dr supervision, actually it was his suggestion) to a personal trainer, nutritionist to help me with MS. Can I just say “THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST THING EVERR FOR ME FOR MY MS THERAPY?!!! and you guys KNOW How I was!!” IT alllll started when I went to see Dr. Eckstein, My new MS Dr and I was fussing about all this medicine I was having to take.  I suggested getting off some of this wretched medication and he said “HEY GO SEE THISSS GUY!” Little did I KNOW what I was getting into.   (here is where you might wanna go to the bathroom and get you somethin to drink.. water with lemon preferably and a snack … fresh veggies maybe? NO PROCESSED FOOD! see they have created a monster ….. (that is a compliment by the way.)


My first day of walking into this little gym. (I will start naming names  in a bit. I want all of you to hear (read) .. my story first. so get comfy. This wasn’t / isn’t easy.) I thought “OH MY LORD WHAT have I done. THERE IS NO WAY I can do this.  I mean, I don’t even drive! I can barely see out of my right eye. I do good to walk most days, and THEY WANT ME TO DO WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? no way, I will be able to do all this equipment.”  I had a HORRIBLE attitude.  Admit it .. you all think the same thing when you think… MS AND GYM.. You get intimidated by all the weights, all of  the movement,  money and thinking it will last about ehhh a month and then you will collapse from exhaustion, flare up,  and be done.  I SEE YOU… You are nodding your head yes, aren’t you? mm’hm, I did too. Your talking about a girl here, that was in bed most of the time. I had a walker between my bathroom and my bed to keep me from falling.  HOW many exasperations had I had where I had to go through physical therapy, be in a wheel chair and walk with walkers, have rails just so I could walk around safely.. .

I have as much equipment as a nursing home. ya ya this was soooo not gonna work. The people that know me.. Know how it was when It got bad. Yeah some days I LOOOKED great. It is a curse I’m just gorgeous can’t help it. (insert laughter) Then there were other days…. you know those days, MS  people … When reality hits and that feeling, like a train hit me and I can’t move  I beg for death to come swiftly. Shingles would knock me down months sometimes at a time. NOthing literally, NOTHING will stop the pain. No medication will work. and yes we had tried many varieties till I just said ENOUGHHH!!! I am doing ehhh pretty ok so We beebop up in here. They tell me Tuesday and Thursday they do this little MS group that some people come to and I can join them to do exercises and stuff. I thought well ya, ok, I can at LEAST try that. I mean, They have MS too so Im sure they “get it” what could it hurt huh? So The next I believe it was a Tuesday I go in. WOAH DUDE. my eyes got opened. There were little ol ladies with walkers. There was this man in an electric wheel chair and I was greeted by this dude that looked like well like “The Hulk” Except he wasn’t green. He was all smiley and laughing and encouraging all these people. They all  seemed to like  him… hmmm.

Maybe this wasn’t as bad as I thought. Soooo I kinda did what they said. Still thinkin this was kinda crapp. Listened to them talk. Saw this one Lil lady do leg lifts that could barely walk. ImageYa I felt like a wuss. I couldn’t lift it 20 lbs without grunting. . I was so so weak. She has a walker can’t walk on her own and is doing 200 lbs and smiling. Ya MS Teresa Humbled me.. I used to do this stuff. 20 some odd years ago but wait a min these people have MS?? I was very disappointed I had let myself become this person. YA I have MS but this attitude wow. I never had this kind of attitude. There was a guy there in an electric wheel chair WORKING OUT! HE COULDN’T EVEN WALK. BUT he was there doing what he could to make his body stronger. He could  have said ahh forget this and stayed home but NO he was at that gym every time workin’ out. Thanks for skoolin’ me MR Willie just by showing up. Love that man! Image We had an upcoming trip we had saved and scrounged and worked so hard for,  finally we were taking our  daughter to  Disney. (Yall can see the previous posts photos) I wanted to be able to enjoy it with my family not stay in the hotel while they were out having fun. I figured this would be a one time thing .. little did I know.  So I made up my mind that day. If This sweet lady could do this. I could do this. If this man in this electric wheel chair could get in there and bust it and do this. BY GOSH I can do this.

I saw the owners wife (Jan Horn)  and read her story. OMGOSH this sounded similar to MEEEE. I just sat on my bed bawling. Reality hit. THIS WAS ME. FINALLY I felt like a light bulb came on. Maybe this really IS SOMETHING that CAN HELP. No one can do this BUT ME. There is no magic formula. THIS disease HAS NO CURE. No one is going to help me, BUT ME. I have spent all these years in this house. laying in bed because it hurt,  like a prisoner. FINALLY I might get some form of what WAS my life back.

There wasn’t much time before Disney, I caught a virus and a minor round of shingles. I think my body revolted. I still tried though I kept going back after It would go away. My Dr. switched me to Copaxone (that was fun) that hopefully would help me not break out as much and make it easier. Finally the time was here to go to Disney. They even gave me tips to help me get through the trip easier. We went to Disney Happy. We  had an amazing time. Image Then the most horrible thing that We could ever imagine, happened. We got back, 5 days later My precious mother in love. Bella’s loving nana.That basically held that child’s heart. My husband John’s mother, went home to be with Jesus.  Just like that… she was gone. This hit like a ton of rocks. We didn’t expect it.No one did. This was like a kick in the stomach to say the least. We were in a daze. All we could think was but but we  ugh just were at Disney and and… but…   We couldn’t make sense of anything. My brain just didn’t function. My child. My baby she still  is not all well… you can imagine. We didn’t see the signs, that looking back may or may not have been there, but she was the kind of person if they had or had not,  she never would have said one word. This took a HUGE HUGE  hit on our family.  mentally ,physically, emotionally well everything. It took several weeks.

Time kinda stood still. Everything went Chaos.  We are SO thankful for everyone that helped us and all the many prayers and support. It is appreciated . It took a while but, I finally got back to the gym. I needed it in so many ways.More than I really knew. It was hard. My emotions were still so raw. I had had the flu on top of everything.  I tell you.  They are the most amazing group of people with support for MS, but NOT just MS. There are others that go there for MANY many other things from lupus and RA to people with Diabetes.

There is a little girl a little bit older than my daughter that comes in  working on her diabetes.  Bella has met her a few times. I hope some day they can be work out buddies. It will be good for both of them I think. They Helped with my situation (with lotsssss of patience) find the right nutrition to help me  get on this clean eating thing.. I am very tooky with food. “Hulk”  AKA real name MIKE doesn’t know the word no. = HE will figure out a way.  There has to be a food you like. There is always an answer.  He Also will help find  what helps you  stay on the right path and keep disciplined with eating. Accountability for me is posting photos of what I am eating on instagram.

I can show them what I ate and they know if I ate enough whatever or not enough and I was less inclined to not eat anything I wasn’t supposed to if I had to take pictures of it. (and Bella would tell on me).


Other people also joined in with encouragement and showing me different ways to make the sweet potatoes and salads etc. Same ingredients just THEIR take on the same food. Has been awesome. Now I have a group of people that we are doing this and it well.  ROCKS! As Mike (hulk)  says “He can make it as easy as I will do it.”   It is simple… but it ain’t easy. . Learning to read labels, knowing what to look for (that’s work) I told him  what my goals were, what I was trying to accomplish.

He respected me fully incorporated what my dr wanted, (He had done this a time or 3)  He knew what Dr Eckstein expected. He also knew the hard part…  he had to get my way of thinking to align with theirs. (I know yall are laughing right here because yall know me)  He had also learned sorta quickly  What I didn’t respond well with.. Im not a hard person to read.  I express myself well.)   We pick around A lot and have fun I laugh easy,  but he knows when I am serious I also know when  they are.

Gradually through LOTS of encouragement I have been slowly but surely getting there. They have a lot of patience.  (I keep saying that huh?) Bless em. BUT, I have worked hard. I do have a lot of will power and I do focus when I finally get my head in it and my heart in it.  It is hard work. You have to want it. I had to get on the same page and understand what we were doing.  I do have a brain disease  don’t forget so I don’t always understand. I get really bad at times and totally get deer in headlights on things I do every day and get totally embarrassed. (I don’t remember simple things.

That I SHOULD know like, a phone number or my PASS WORDS  duh, oh geesh. Or telling someone how many houses down my house is,  (or the name of the road I live on) Other days. I am fine. I didn’t want to play biggest loser.  That scares me. I kept getting confused that this was what we were doing and I fought it. I didn’t want to loose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. My focus always is leaving feeling better than when I went in. Feeling I accomplished something. I have to say that now That always happens. They challenge me with New things always.

They throw in something new to make me work  a little harder and think, even if it is do my routine in reverse or try to make me remember my stretches, which I never do…  so I guess ya I’m working my cognitive skills too by them changing it up often. . I like that. . actually , LOVE IT! (now) I hated all of it at first. I won’t lie. It was hard, I keep saying that but I don’t want you to think you just walk in there and it falls on you, bam!…  change is always hard, but I kept going, I keep going. I changed my diet gradually. I didn’t do this all at once. .  I have been going since November.

This is now March. so you see it has been gradual. I am just now able to get really really serious with it since January. We had a good many things happen or maybe I would have seen more results sooner.  BUT, I had to take it as it came. NOW… I can REALLY see  changes. I am now eating clean no processed food and sugar free. These pictures from Disney… were in November. Image



Image As of now I can see better. I don’t have to wear my cheater glasses all the time like I used to. I can drive a little bit now (because I have  peripheral vision in my right eye now and i can see just better with my right eye again. I passed the eye test finally. go me)  I still don’t drive in rain or go very far.if I feel over tired or weak I just still let hubby take me.   Mobile is scary traffic buddy! I am stronger now. I can do the exercises now and not groan (as much). They see progress. I see progress.My husband sees progress most importantly MY CHILD sees progress. I went to the dr to have a check up. My blood pressure is lower, I have lost weight.


Most people ask me what have I been doing your skin looks so good, your hair is getting so long and shiney  you just look different.  (I musta been lookin rooouuuugh) Although, that has NOT been my focus ,  ya I wanted to loose weight, but I knew if I focused on the other stuff  the weight would come off. I am steadily dropping and getting back into clothes that didn’t fit before. I have muscles now I didn’t have. BUT as always my main goal is I want to get healthier and want to be able to do things again. Be stronger. Play with my child. Not miss field trips. Be able to withstand heat. GO TO THE BEACH. WALK without pain. not have to use a scooter or wheel chair. Lean on a walker when I get up in the night or ever, Get off some of this blame medication, I have a laundry list of things that are my true goals  I am slowly, accomplishing.

**Weight loss is just a side effect not the true focus. Its just as I call it the Bonus gift that comes with the package of eating good stuff and exercising with like minded people. I now can go for up to 35 ish  min, some days on that bike that don’t go anywhere. (when I have my good music going) I can lift myself on the bar now. (with arm straps) This is a HUGE accomplishment for me!  Image and YA I HAVE MS. SO DON’T SELL YOURSELF FOR LESS thinking like I used to do saying “OH I have this disease so I can’t do this” .  you can do it. You really do not know what you can do if you do not try. I know I can now. I got this big ol man that said I could.. go argue with him I dare ya. I have more energy. I have a much better attitude. I cook simple meals for the entire week. I am talkin goood food. No junk is goin into this body! The bible says your body is your temple. We need to treat it that way. DO YOU REALLY want JUNK all up in yourrrr temple? Image Or do you want fresh healthy good stuff to go in your temple.   I don’t just eat salads I do eat them A LOT so I get enough of my Veggies all at one time. I eat wraps and veggies and meals too. But I do eat a salad at least once a day to get LOTS of Veggies in there for different Vitamins that I need! I  thank you Mike and Jan Horn, Billy and the rest of the staff at Personal Training and Nutrition ALSO our little MS group that CAN! You all sure did open this girls eyes,  made me change my way of thinking and have an entire new outlook on how to treat  MS for my life. Image This is my Dr E. (my MS Dr.)  DR Eckstein. I think a lot of you might be familiar with him in the M.S. world especially around UAB and now the Mobile area. Here he is with Mike and Jan Horn at the fitness and nutrition Seminar Held at PT&N (Personal Training and Nutrition) Recently.   Dr. Eckstein totally supports Mike and Jan, Personal Training and Nutrition and What they Stand for. He is the one that sent me and our other MS people to Mike. Our group is growing which is great that MS patients are learning about the importance of nutrition and exercise in their treatment of MS. Sad how the numbers of people afflicted with MS are steadily going UP!!

Dr E. Said it best in that seminar “that You may not can do everything, BUT you can do SOMETHING, if it is just picking up soup cans and lifting them. No excuses JUST KEEP MOVING. Soup cans too heavy.. use them empty. THERE IS ALWAYS an answer. Dr. Eckstein  gave a wonderful talk to us just basically backing up everything that Mike (the hulk as I jokingly call him) tells us. It really is a good feeling to sit in a gym with  your trainer and see your doctor up there commending him on what he is doing.

It was an honor to be there among his patients learning and experiencing this first hand.  I am blessed to be in Mobile, Alabama and have a doctor that is compassionate and willing to go the extra mile and send me to these awesome trainers. I am grateful. I feel better than I have in quite some time.

Will there be set backs? This is life… Roads curve. Will I adjust when it happens? yes.why of course.  I now feel confident I have more options than just here take this. . I have  more control in my life besides laying there WHINING that something hurts. I know there is a place not far from me I can go stretch and do something to possibly work past and through that pain, through exercise and focus, without having to depend on some pill that will make me feel out of that control I want to have.

I am glad there are people out there that care enough to help discover ways to help people with so much pain every day find other ways to deal with it.  I realize sometimes it is necessary and I am not looking down on medication. Not at all.   Just that thankfully this is another tool we can use to fight this disease.  Something else to help me become stronger than MS. Hopefully you can also. I hope this will inspire others to give this a try. I never thought I would be one to do this. Not in a million years.  IT WORKS yall. I am proof.   If you would like more information please feel free to contact me.  I can get you in touch with the correct people.


HI yall… I have been working with a lot of help (thanks Honey) getting computers, servers, and well everything changed. IN MORE WAYS than one. So much has been going on in our lives. I finally got my domain/url back and have been transferring things (slowly) It’s much work but I don’t want to loose all those photos tutorials and priceless moments from all these years. Thank the lord for backing things up huh?

I came across this post in all of it. We had found this actual Mini album when we were at John’s dad’s.  It is still hard to look at some times. I tell you I have never been happier that I did all of those scrapbooks and mini albums. OVERJOYED actually. ALL those annoying photos I took  ha. BUT so glad…to have them  It is a reminder of why I do what I do. Wonderful Memories recorded for my daughter and husband to have. Precious moments that we won’t ever forget.

The words in this mini book were like unreal, what was being written through my hands and soul onto this paper that was about to happen in a very short  time it seems after . I thank God I took these photos for my sweet girl. Actually I took them to make this album for Mom. I am so glad I got to see this moment they shared.

Here is the original post of the album  The post was I made for Unkit Live with Sudie. We showed it on air at her after show we did. I will start posting new posts here soon.  YES I will get my old categories moved from my old blog to this one (I know that someone will ask they did when I did before I am working on it  just got all 4000 ish photos moved the header and all the posts from all the way back to 2007 moved (safely thank you lord) so .. SOOON it will all be groovy. This is the temporary header.  Working on the new one as soon as my Photoshop is kicking. 🙂  I have been a busy busy Nancy lately.   Here is the post : just click the link here:

Flash back post for Friday  

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