Last post of the YEEARRRRR

THis last post of the year ya I have gotten really behind on posting. seems I have had some trouble with keeping up. I have not been scrapbooking alot ok well not at all. my shoulder is giving me fits. I know I KNOW its always something. everything seems to relate back to ms. This is related back to that fall I took because of the MS I have always dislocated and been able to pop out of socket easy. SOMETIMES it came in handy when I was younger and more limber ::pause for your imagination to wander all you want but come back soon ok?::
I was a cheerleader, I rode horses, I was a wild and crazy kid I could THEN pop my shoulders out and it was kinda neat NOW.. it hurts and it aint cool no more.
NOW IT REQUIRES SURGERY because they wont stay in socket. The Muscles and tendons around them are not supporting the socket anymore also a possible tear they couldnt see it but he said the way it was moving in there sounded that way. HAPPY NEW YEAR huh?
So we have been dealing with this for a bit now. We did physical therapy, Did other stuff trying to see if that helped no.. so now last resort we didnt want to. Because of the fact I get shingles so easy and I am difficult to anethetize. BELIEVE IT OR NOT (I KNOW THE SHOCK IS GONNA JUST THROW YOU GUYS one) I have a small mouth. I KNOWWWW
I asked for it in writing.
I WANTED to have proof I KKNEW you guys wouldnt believe me.
so anyway I have to have the fibro optic knock out stuff.
JUST MEANS costs more
everything is outpatient. Well SUPOSED to be but this is ME we are talking about. My Neurologist (MS DR and DR B) by the time its over will probably keep me over night if any little thing happens just to be safe knowing them but we will just wait and see. I love them because of that fact. I would rather be overly cautious because of all the close calls we have had ya know?

SO that is where I have been. I have had a sling on my shoulder for a while fought shingles getting ridiculous Hope new year will bring better days.

Hopefully this will fix it right up though and wont h ave to worry bout this any more though. TOo bad its my right arm though 😦

They are going to put some kinda band around the joint to hold it in there hopefully all fibro optically unless he gets in there and its worse than he suspects. The x ray and CT showed one thing and MRI another BUT hopefully all out patient. minimal amount surgery minimal amount everything we are praying.

We have had ALOT of Blessings this year. They keep coming so I hate to keep asking but I just pray we are Blessed with an easy surgery. no MS Flare ups No SHingles.
I know that is alot to ask.

I have so many friends that are REALLY REALLY sick right now.

VERY THANKFUL my Britt Britt came through her surgery well we have been so worried.
we love her so much.
blessings to my cousin Jan and the entire Family.
That they will be Blessed this year also.
We are gonna leave all this bad stuff BEHIND IN 2010 and this year 1 1 11 is gonna be a good one!

We wish you and your family a blessed new year OF HEALTH and love we take our health soooooo much for granted. BE sure to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. You never know when it just might be the last time you get to say it.



My wonderful Husband took me to this AMAZING place for our anniversary. The point clear spa and resort in point clear Alabama. Talk about relaxing. It was just what I needed.
what we BOTH needed. we refreshed relaxed in the spa, enjoyed the view. The buffet, Watched the Mississippi State game in the bar they had there called Buckys.
was really nice. I posted some photos from my phone on facebook but they were not that great.
Here are a few photos I took with my camera. (that is what he got me for anniversary/Christmas/birthday an upgraded camera oh and this mini vacation haha)

when we first got there (keep in mind I had no clue where we were going it was a surprise) there were these 2 dudes walking around, one with a drum the other with an american flag. They had on the old timey colonial outfits. Every day they go to this cannon at 4 pm and shoot it. Seems they used this hotel during the civil war and during WWII for a naval training base. SO, in honor of those soldiers they shoot off the cannon every day.

the spaaaaaaa:
John set us up first for a massage. It was heaven. He didnt really care for it. He said next time he will play golf and I can do the spa thing haha. I said works for meeeeeeeee! It was amaazing!

view from our room:
it had windows on 3 sides was so beautiful
(hubby did gooood)


This was parked outside our window…told ya we were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of our element hahahahaha. This was from across the parking lot only way I could get the entire thing in the photo IT WAS HUGEEEEEEEEE! wonder who it belonged to.

my garden NEVER looked like this….

they had the most gorgeous Christmas decorations

The brunch had HUGE gingerbread village with a toy train running through it with ice sculptures all over the place.

It was absolutely wonderful. We had a relaxing enjoyable time. Ate some good food, got to relax enjoy each other and have some quiet.
sooo nice. Im ready to go back everythign was so beautiful.
Amazing the beautiful things we have here down on our Gulf Coast in Alabama.
right here at the bay!