A Break up letter….

This letter has been long time coming. Actually it has been in process for a long time. some of you already know that it has been happening for some time now.  Things have changed. life is different.   I hear this happens and is quite normal.   I have so many concerns and thoughts going through my mind and worries that I contend with that this letter just had to happen.  You see,  As I look around me in every direction what do I see?  advertisements for  various foods various treats various restaurants.

You cannot sit an watch a television program without at least 10 YES I COUNTED 10 food commercials coming on. Most of these commercials are for foods that are laden with high calorie high fructose corn syrup  sugar coated  greasy snacky quick eaten foods or restaurants. OR there is the quick HEY I LOST a ton of weight in so many days just drinking this and not eating but they fail to mention the tons of plastic surgery they had. (just saying)




This just gripes me to the core.  I went searching some time ago wanting to get off medication and to feel better for my family and for my little girl that is my entire world.  I have learned so very much from some AMAZING intelligent people that I am every day so humbly respectful and grateful for. I am forever indebted to for what they have given me. My life back. I know the tools to help me. I still am far from where I need to be but I am on a very good leap.

Tonight as I sat watching tv I have shingles. If you don’t know what shingles are. let me just share. it is like having chicken pox and a sunburn at the same time. it travels on the nerve and it is painful. EVERY THING PISSES YOU OFF. looking at you pisses you off. you want to cry if the ceiling fan blows.  Nothing really helps until the antivirals kick in and dry it up which… when and as it drys up it tightens on the nerve squeezes it and yessssssssss more painful.

I have had these SEVERALLLLLL times. I get them often because of steroids and having ms. This is the first time in SOME time I have had them. I got spoiled I was doing sooo well. So now I am a big ol baby. whiney. crying wanting to jump off the coffee table to my death (yeah like that would work i don’t have a coffee table so don’t commit me yet please that was a joke)


So instead I am finding other ways to release my inner pain. Journaling, pinterest finding these cool photos for future blog posts… redoing my blog.. by the way what do you think? YA ? No? Still work in progress. Got LOTSSSS more I want to add to it. working on more pages for MS help things and some clean eating stuffs. 

 Watching syfy shark movies (YAYYYY @  my buddy WICK  SHOUT OUT FOR SHARKNADOOO ROCKS!!! Tomorrow is ultimate syfy day in front of the big tv)




 Helping others that are struggling with MS and just need to vent. Doing soul searching on how I can help make things better for my family. ya believe it or not I DO THAT!  

I have caught some flack from some text messages from some jerk but I hear you will always have haters.   I thought I was doing a good job  I just got sick. MS is a horrible disease  Heat and stress make it worse and then I got shingles from the medication. I posted photos  showing I WASNT KIDDING I really have shingles even I am not joking about this.

I would be there I live for it. It is the only thing that works for my pain. I think the world of these people and why someone wants to mess that up is on them.  I just dont understand them. but=AND frankly NONE of their business. COME to my face and LETS TALK dont hide behind phoney texts and stupid messages. GROW UP. I hold what I am doing personal.  and respectful I speak highly of them and tell the world what I owe to them and what they have done for me.  I make no beans about that. Without them I would still be miserable in a bed.  I want others to know what I know. to experience that there is another way. MS patients do NOT have to suffer in silence. THERE IS a way. I found it.  I am grateful. so very thankful. 

so my break up letter is as follows.

I hear by am breaking up and vowing all negativity all of these things on television that give a negative influence to diet to body image and to what could even possibly make an impression on what my family eats.

WHY you ask? Because I saw this AMAZZZING oreo cookie commercial and all I could think about was how much I wanted some oreo cookies. NOW I have the will power of a mule that has sat down and won’t budge when I get it in my head I am going to do something. BUT I wantedddddddddddd those oreos. High fructrose corn syrup is one of my triggers. I found this out through trial and error. Also other things that trigger me and make me feel better and feel worse. SUGAR is horrid to our body. The cleaner I eat the better I feel. BUT.. I cannot have it in my house in my face.

It scared me. I was that influenced because a. I had a bad day and some jerk upset me. b. I don’t feel good c. I haven’t been to the gym in a couple weeks and it is getting to me.

so I hereby BREAK UP with bad influences.

OREO cookie company… im sorry but your going down. You need to face it. High fructrose corn syrup. sucralose and all those other things in your cookies NO ONE can pronounce and helllooo SUGARRRR is killing our society.

we use it as a comfort. when we feel bad. someone makes us mad we reach for comfort. someone upsets up or we don’t feel good what do we reach for?  Tell the truth….. Do you reach for food?  What is your vice?  

my thing  was always the double stuffed golden oreos (yeah they have new fillings now that look amazing but they are from satan)  I have not done this in a VERY long time Im talking MONTHSSSSS like since NOVEMBER. I have not eaten an oreo. But today. I would have eaten the box I was so upset.  THAT is what scared me. 


Being stuck in the bed right now and not able to  do what I know to do instead,  get up and exercise ,,,,,, is really making it hard. Before I could get my mind off it and just say no. I have a strict diet I follow and yes I followed it. You can look at my body and tell I followed it. wanna see?




That is me on the left  the big chunky one. That could hardly walk. I had to have a SCOOOTER and wheel chair at disney world.



This is me last weekend  in Jenning Louisiana at my sister in laws. 47 lbs lighter and walking.  

See a difference? That is how you know when someone is dedicated and working. 


I wanna GO work out. That is what I know to do when I am stressed. BUT.  I cant work out with shingles. IT makes it worse.  THERE IS NOTHING ON TV. I watched today STRIPES… Smokey and the Bandit.. and smokey and the Bandit 2…. and I wanted oreos.   I did do some stretching and got so nauseas had to go lay in cool water. so what do you do. 

SO here is my letter to Oreo:

Dear oreo cookies… You may try and tempt me with all your new wonderful flavors all you want. Yes, I know you have birthday cake filling now and sprinkles and double stuff and all these sound, really really nice.  YA see there is a problem though. HIGH FRUCTROSE CORN SYRUP,,,,,,,,,,,,, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAd  sorry that your stock is going down because I used to be a loyal customer. Don’t feel so alone because there are other companies that I no longer buy either. I READ LABELS NOW. I just cant put this in my body. IF you can  find a way to make it healthy then maybe just maybe but  I would rather walk and be able to see my child grow up.  I have a disease where this really does matter to the well being of my health. I also am teaching my child how to eat properly too.  so I wont eat your wonderful cookies  that are laden with sugar. I keep seeing your product advertised all over facebook and tv that used to be my ultimate favorite.  I have will power like none other.  BECAUSE I KNOW If i eat one.. I will eat the box and that will keep me from being healthy and keep me from being able to play with my child THAT is more important to me than your cookies.  I have to  keep my multiple sclerosis in check.

 When america learns that healthy eating does have a connection to their way of life and way they feel maybe you will make a healthy alternative  so our children wont want to eat this processed unhealthy food that causes disease.  Yes I have to admit I loved your oreo cookie but  it is not worth the damage to my body and the shortening of my life it will cause. we can not have a relationship because you are not healthy for me and I would rather choose my family and my health. My husband and  my daughter are more important than that second of sugar rush satisfaction i would get from a bite of your cookie. so I will eat clean and healthy and pray some day you will jump on the wagon and get rid of high fructrose corn syrup and the other   known causes of  bad diet and disease. Why yes it is a choice that is why I am breaking up with you oreo.. It really is me and yes a lot you too. signed nancy The Beast who wants better for her family Jones  And all the other bad food manufacturers as well. I vow to eat healthy not just for me. but for my family. 

WHat about you? 



I know this right here is about all the inspiration I should ever need. I love this little girl and would do anything to be here to watch her grow up.

so yeah high fructose corn syrup it really is you, we are never ever EVER getting back together.. we are through!


What about you…  what can you do to change your eating habits?  Do you know where to start?