I started on this layout a couple days ago. It has been inside my brain since she got this costume from her Aunt Karen and Uncle Windale Christmas, though. She is so expressive.
This kid cracks me up. You can see now, how scrapping makes me feel better. 🙂

“If I could climb into your imagination I wonder what I would find there….”
Bo Bunny “My Darling Bella”
Bo Bunny “My Darling Motion”
Bo Bunny “cut outs”
Heidi Swapp flowers
Bazzill paper flowers
Ek Success 3D embellishment
Sei Buttons

All can be found at Treasures To Scrap she has cool stuff! (and its all on sale right now)Tell her a little TinkerBella sent ya! hehe!

I used the Cricut Deep Cut Blade and made chipboard letters with the Jasmine font added stickles, chalks and inks dimension for effect.

5 buttons because… 6 would be too many because, well she is 5 duh!
the jungly leafy twine ribbon stuff came from somewhere else but it looked good on there so I put it on there. I can’t think of what you call that right now but it will come to me later. you know, when Im sleeping or in the bathroom or something.

Anyway I need to go finish the next project my scrap room looks like a disaster area and I haven’t gotten good started yet. sigh. It will get worse before it gets better too! Will post more photos later. HAVE LOTS to show yall!

EDITED TO NOTE* Tracy has all the patterned paper in the paper store 70% off to make room for new arrivals. STOCK UP ON YOUR FAVORITES TODAY! INVENTORY IS MOVING FAST TREASURES TO SCRAP



HUGEEEEEE Sale going on at Treasures To Scrap right now. THe Paper store is on sale for 50% off yes YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY. EVERYTHING is 50% off cardstock and kits included. She is clearing out room to bring in new stock from CHA. (craft Hobby Association) they have their big shin dig goin’ on out in California right now introducing all the products for next season so she has to make room for new inventory. SO NOW is the time to stock up and get the best deals!


Another card and a good mail day!!

I made another card with my scraps from the February kit from Scrapbook Obsessions. 🙂

I tell you I have had a blast with this months kit!!

Today has been a happy mail day.
Bella was thrilled.
WELL she got a BIG OL PRIZE PACK full of scrappy stuff she had sooo much fun. She
was in heaven scrappin it up. She was showing me all the goodies she got.
hehe.. (THANK YOU SO MUCH KACEE AND MRS TRACY that was sooo very sweet of yall it really was!!!! Bella just loves yall to pieces)

SO she did one of the challenges on the site today (with a little mommy help) and made this:

She is becoming quite the little scrap booker.
She made another page too all by herself but it got dark before I could take a picture of it so I will have to do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is field trip day. John is going to take her though not for me:( Flu season is in full swing now and Dr said NO CAN DO. and tonight is shot night 😦
sigh… Oh well I got a 2gig card for Christmas so maybe he will fill it up with awesome photos!! lots to scrap 🙂

SO you wanna see what Rotten looks like?

YEAH that would be it.

So we get a box in the mail today from NANA.

Nana always sends THE BEST GOOODY boxes in the mail. WE LOVE HER CARE PACKAGES from back home! (They always smell like her too) Bella was soooo excited. She came RUNNNING to the back “MoMoMoMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!! just bouncing up and down and up and down! we got a box we got a box and IT SMELLS LIKE NANA!!!!!!”

Then I could hear her SQUEALING all the way as I was making me way up there. THEN I REALIZED WHY when I saw Hannah Montana. Oh lord. Nana manages a bank inside Wal mart So she gets to see all those awesome deals. so yeah she RAK’D UP on Bella bug those after Christmas deals.
So This Should keep her busy for a bit.

I told we have to call her and thank her for this and a Thank you card would nice too huh? she said “I think so mom!”

Speaking of cards. I did another one last night.

I am still using the scraps from my Scrapbook Obsessions February kit. Working on some cards.

I leave you today on a very sad note.

A friend in the Scrapbooking world passed away this week. Her name was Janice Nielson. She was a long time member of several groups I was member of as well. She was a very sweet and thoughtful lady and a huge asset to the scrapbooking community. I know this time last year when I was very sick she sent me several cards in the mail and Bella a happy as well. SHe was very quick witted and always quick with praise and gratitude.
Janice will be so missed around the web. It already seems a lot drearier.
Prayers going out to her family and friends.
((((hugs))))) For more information On Janice or if you would like to make Thank you cards to send to her family to send out You can find that information HERE

Remember to Hug your kids and tell your family and friends just how much they mean to you because you never know, when the next breathe could be your last.

Thank you for taking the time to read about what matters most to me 🙂

Restockin’ My card stash

I need to rebuild my stash of cards. I am getting low. I have backed off on making them for a while now. Well I had not been making a lot of anything for a while. I have a stack of things as well as still working on Christmas presents. Next time My mom heads this way she will be headed back with a car full of wrapped gifts yeah I know confusing but December was NOT a good month for me. SO… ANYWAY. IM NOT gonna post them though UNTIL AFTER because THEY ALWAYS SEEE THEM HERE before THEY GET THEM :P~~ even though a couple of them HAVE already seen theirs because they were for assignments. I figure I could surprise a few maybe hehe.

I DID take some of my scraps and make a couple of simple cards. These are nothing extra fancy but simple cards that will go together in a few minutes if you need a quick “thank you” to send out or sentiment.
I used my scraps from this months Kit at SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS.

A TIP FOR YOU! Something I started doing and this might be a good tip for you. I always have 2 sheets of 12 x 12 card stock so I take one sheet and I cut it down to 8 1/2 x 11 then you turn it to the 11 inch side and cut in half at 5 and half inches (that makes you 2 perfect invitation sized cards (that fit in the standard invitation sized envelopes like you get in bulk at wal mart) I keep a stack of these un folded pieces of card stock in a stack on my table in one of Bellas old shoe boxes (altered of course) so I can quickly make a card if need be with my scraps.

some more scrappiness

I have had alot of fun with this months kit.
I dont ussually do the white space or the white cardstock back ground thing.. there fore I had to take some ink to it… grunge it and distress it up a bit.
Bella and Brayden are the cutest little valentines ever. SO had to do this page.

Scrapbook Obsessions has this Kit for February and it is soooo adorable. I also used it for a LIFT challenge I was in. Bella loves this handed down dress. We literally had to hide this dress from her because it is tooo little. but she keeps putting it on. her Aunt liz got her the Bass pro shop hat and her Grandma got her this bunny that smells like chocolate.
so anyway I have really really enjoyed this kit!
I am going to make some cards with my left overs. It has alot of awesome embellies to make all your valentines goodies with! (Don’t forget to make your sweetie something yummy!)

Here are some detail shots (check out those toes she painted her toe nails herself)

*THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION FROM Dawne Carlisle I lifted her awesome layout in the lift the layout of the person above you challenge at Treasures to scrap.
Also Treasures is looking for YOURRRR awesome work in their gallery. Everyone knows that times are tough right now so why not come upload your pages and your work in the gallery and try your chances for layout of the day. each week lay out of the day competes for lay out of the week. each week lay out of the week competes for lay out of the month. WHICH IN TURN gets some pretty cool scrappy prizes! SO come upload today.

My Little Pony

I photographed this where the sun was shining half way on it so you could see the bling cardstock. (that is the name of the cardstock… bling cardstock. haha)
seriously that is what it is called) It has a shimmer to it just like you see in that picture so it is hard to photograph. BUT it is sooooooo beautiful in real life. as Bella says. “SeriouSEEYYYY”
I keep correcting her but she says “NO MOM its SERIOUS EEEEEYYYYYY” I can tell teenage years are gonna be soooo fun.
(I will prolly be the one in the toy box, see previous post)
ANYWAY this layout is for Scrapbook Obsessions this coming up months kit. omgosh it is the Making memories LOVE NOTES line and omgosh it is yummmmyy.
I have another page on my scraptable right now but IM not gonna show it to you yet. nope you have to wait hehhe.
We are gonna talk about the little pony first.

Isnt this blingy page full of sparkly yum? Thats the love notes by making memories.
AND the Bazzill Bling.LOVE the font. THE SPARKLY stickers. The 3D embellies.

Her uncle Windale and Aunt Karen gave her that horse for Christmas. SHE LOVESSSSSSS this horse. Its name is.. Barbie “Mariposa” (she watched the island princess a bout 70 times so she has an island princess name maybe she needs a hula skirt) anyway her hame has changed a few times but I think we settled on that.

By the way.. Guido is in love with Barbie. He puts his front paws up on the window sill and looks in. GRINNIN’ AT HER. Then turns his head sideways like why does that dog get to be in side. (Bella is allergic to Guido he is an Aussie and has that thick furr that makes her break out in hugeeeeee hives)

Anyway it is sooo funny.

Check out the kit at Scrapbook Obsessions for February by Making Memories. (Love Notes collection)

Her Boy Toy?!?!

I got some scrap time today. I let the sun go down before I could get all my photos taken though.

I got this one finished and photoed but the photo is not that great. I need to work on it a little more. Everything on it is Making Memories. (oh except the flower and the card stock)
From the Scrapbook Obsessions Kit.
Bella helped.. She started putting the little hearts on Brayden and I started removing them but it was taking the color off his shirt so I thought why not go with it. SO I took them and went off to the left and up the page as if when she opened the toy box she found him and all the hearts were escaping. Bella thought it was FABULOUS. We will see if she thinks so when she is 30.

The journaling says:
I can see it now, Things will be changing around here.
Security will be increasing, with bars on the windows,
more locks as well. haha Oh yeah a daily “Toy box check”
has been issued before lights out forever more! 😉

She doesn’t know it yet but he is also installing motion detectors,
video surveillance, and sticker bushes outside her windows also hahahahahaha.

Can’t be too careful with those baby girls huh?

All kinda stuff to talk about today…

I had been having a little trouble with my eyes but it turned out to be a little bit of not alot thank goodness! ALOT OF bad bad dry eye stuff called Sjogrens syndrome. Seems alot of people with MS get this. and a possible bout of Optic Neuritis that in all instances is mild. Steroid drops will clear it up eventually It already feels better just have to keep these drops in it. I cover it and the light doesn’t bother it much and I have kept scrapping.

I take it off and let light go in though and eye yi yi. YIKES.

BUT I DID get to scrap so I wont fuss too much.

I finished this mini album I had been working on. I have another one I just have to finish the embelishments. I have a photo I have to FIND!!! to go in it and I KNOW IT IS ON A DISK… just got to find the disk it is on and that is the problem grrr.
so anyway. Here is the album.

This is a clear mini album I used my Bind it all to make.

This album was for WE SCRAP. It was a class that was offered by Jessica. I never got to take the class so I kinda did my own thing with it. for more information about we scrap and more information about the mini album. you can find that HERE.

[Fancy Pants Holly Jolly Patterned Paper and Rub ons, American Crafts thickers, Doodlebug Jewels, Basic grey and assorted buttons, Making Memories pins, love Elsie and american crafts ribbons,Sei stickers, Making Memories tiny alphas, 7 gypsies photo turns, KI memories lace papers and Jeni Bowlin journaling cards, Jeni Bowlin pattern papers, Bind it all and bind it all binding, acryllic unknown, Junkitz flower]

I recieved happy mail today so tonight (after I have snuggle time with Bella and drink hot chocolate and watch Tinkerbelle) while watching Monk and Psych I will be DIVING HEAD FIRST AND ROLLING AROUND GLEEFULLY in THIS:


and you might recall I had a birthday on Jan.1 so I had BD CASH and so I got a bunch of the add ons so YEAH BABEYYY I GOT ADD ONS! SO Im gonna be scrappin THE REST of some photos with this puppy!

I will come back and show yall what all I make with it.
WHen IM done that is 🙂
OK I better go Bella is standing at the door with a hot chocolate mustache goin’ MOMMMY HURRRYYY UPPPP TINKERBELLE IS WAITINGGG FOR HERRR WINGGGSSSSSSSSSS.

so you know she is cold….
she is going to watch tinkerbelle
what did you think she would have on????

Ill see you guys later!