How I really Know he loves me….

When you have been married a while, and you get used to each other, The flowers don’t come rolling in like they did when you were dating. Its true. You get used to each other yes you still love each other, very much so. Things settle down and you become friends and KNOW each other. You learn each other like what really makes em mad, what really makes em happy. My husband and I got the rare date night last night.

I have not done well the last while and have not been up to doing a lot of anything. Finally they have changed my medicine and a light switch went click in my brain and things are working again. It is like a fog has lifted and I can think clearly again, Im not walking around in a daze anymore. I feel awake. I’m not muddling through the day anymore trying to stay awake.  My metabolism is coming back to normal and  I AM PrAYing I can get back to the gym soon. I MISS my gym time.

I had to buy fat clothes. bigger than my normal fat clothes. my husband loves me he really does. He consoled me as I  teared up buying these fat pants saying they said it was your medication. IT will come off. I know  this but it helps hearing the one you love most say it too. IT is hard sticking to a clean diet when medication is making you blow up. it also makes you want to eat the side of a concrete house given enough ketchup. you don t care. chomp chomp coming throughhhh!

The good news IT will come off the other symptoms we were scared of they are going away too  PRAISE GOD!!

We finally got a date night! Bella went to a church thing last night. we used a gift card and went out .. TO EAAATT. yes.

It was good. We do this rarely. I don’t gooooo. we get these gift cards and we love them because its a treat. We never go just us. we have no family here We have awesome friends that their daughter Bella is friends with we are switching out  with we need to take our turn now and let them go do something.

My husband suggested since it was on the menu MY FAVORITE…. KEY LIME PIE. I think im getting HUGE nothing fits I dont need this. He reads my mind and says. “WEIGHTS COMING OFF GET THE PIE we never go out” Oh you tempter…Ill have 3 bites you eat the rest? Deal? I stuck to my word.

I ate half my dinner brought the rest home for next meal or to Bella. I did good.  Then today we had to go to sams.. Great exercise

We then go to the little vegetable stand. Hubby points out.. Boiled peanuts. HE and Bella are both allergic. I on the other hand.. LOOOOOVEEEE THEM… He says,”Get them it will be ok, Ill be outside eat in the kitchen, its a treat ” I havent had any in for ev er.

I get a small cup….. omgosh. the memories. reminds me of home and summer growing up. I had the biggest smile. I wanted to kiss him but …. I didn’t want to kill him. so i just kept grinning. He smiled at me and said he was happy to see me enjoy them. Its funny the things that make our moods go which way and what brings memories out in us.

HE is allergic to peanuts but knows I LOVE THEM so tells me to get them and smile over there so you can enjoy them I will watch and see you smile because  that will make him happy…..

this is love. it doesn’t really have anything to do with peanuts its anything.. its loving someone enough you want them to be happy.

I do the same with shrimp for them. Im highly allergic but I open the windows I take benadryll because they love it. I want them to enjoy it.  I had never thought about something so small as a way of showing love until the peanuts today .

He shows me every day in a million tiny ways how much he loves me. some men bring flowers home to their wives and shower them with luxurious gifts I guess thats nice.  but I have so much happiness and smiles cuddles and occasional dates,

popcorn and boiled peanuts. That’s good enough for this girl. You have to know how to recognize it. continue to show love be an example and gross out the kids. its good for them 🙂


One thought on “How I really Know he loves me….

  1. Nancy, I am so glad they have gotten your meds straighten out. Now as you get back to normal, the weight will come off and I know you will continue to do & eat what is right. It is great to have a man love you so much that they know what the small things are that make you happy. I too would rather Tim do the little things than buy me things.

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