Sorry no update shingles all over

Sorry I havent updated I have and am still very sick with these shingles. This is the worst I have ever had them. I am covered more like chicken pox in my hair, my ears inside and on the back of ears, side of face, nose, one on corner of eye, (really concerned on that one)eyelid (that one too) down my neck ALL OVER my chest down my chest and ughm in between the girls, on stomach, a few on shoulders and back some on arm, my right elbow, inside crook of my elbow
on my left knee and on the inside of knee and on top of my feet. so when I say all over I mean it. all over.
so needless to say. I have not been scrapping. I have not been doing much of anything,I haven’t gotten out of bed but to go to the dr and that is horrible. To bathe and put on clothes is torture. pure torture. They gave me special liquid phisohex soap that is sup to be gentle and help but omg it even hurts. we got into the more agressive infectious disease dr finally we have been trying then they told me i couldnt see him cuz i saw the other one in same practice. then they said i could but he was out of town…
John pitched a fit and got the other one finally to call him after explaining what i had and what was going on and how bad it was and in my throat so he was on phone with him all day on off yesterday, the one that is young and loves a good difficult case to call him. they changed ALLL MY MEDS (even though we just put out money we dont have but I dont care right now they coudl chop my head off just make it stop)
I feel a little better today but its still disgusting and itchy and it hurts to say the least. the steroids are making me have liek hot flashes and get sweaty so that makes it itch worse. so its just a mess.
I have to take the interferon the neurologist said I cannot go off it. this rebif interferon is the kind that works for the types of lesions I have on my brain stem so .. This is something I will have to continue to fight with.
We appreciate your prayers, I will get the things scrapped and finished and stuff when I get human again cuz I sure dont look anything close to human right now.

I go back to this dude on Wed. so Hopefully Either I will be lots better by then or they do something to make it go away.



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This is going to be alot of fun!! SO many kits to choose from!

I think I am finally about to get over this round of shingles. They will get almost gone and then move somewhere else though so Im scared to stop taking the steroids. i start tapering down off them and I get a couple more to pop up. so I guess It is just inevitable. I have been in kinda a daze this whole week though. They will do that to you though. They arent as painful (on me) depending on where they are. I know when they are on my face neck and ears they hurt the worse.

The temperature bouncing back and forth also has been lovely lol.

I tell you it has been fun looking at all the new product coming out from C.H.A. though. That has kept my spirits up. SO much to look forward to coming out from the manufacturers. Now I just have to get well so I can use it all hahaa.

I have stuff sitting on my scrap table right now I JUST HAVE TO GET steady so I can scrap with it!