my way????

Bella: Dis issss da dayyyyyy…. dat da lOOOOOORD hath madeeeeeeeeeeeee. I WILLLLLLLLLLLL be JOYCE!! and be glad I diddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.

Mommy: ughmm, I thought we talked about this.. I thought we decided that the words were “RE JOICE” and “GLAD IN IT”

Bella looking at me like IM a total moron and have 2 heads: “MOMMY! but I like it better MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY way!”

Which totally sums up our life right now… when you have a 4 year old.. Things are done differently. IT takes you 20 minutes to get a fork for the meal because NO I WANTED A SPOON or I WANNTED THE GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEN ONEEEEE! (why did they invent colored spoons and forks with animals on them and throw them all INTO ONE PACKAGE???? why did my mother bring these to her??? to make my head spin oh yeah I forgot THAT Is why! This person (the one who invented the colored untensils, DIDN’t have kids and wasn’t trying to get through dinner easily were they????)

My father is laughing hysterically in the afterlife and giving his famous wink and thumbs up to the maker of these forks as I curse them under my breath and scowl out the parts where the curse words probably would be.

It has been one of those days.. PRODUCTIVE, yes… I have gotten a mini book,a canvas album, a page, some cards and a tutorial finished all but adding the photos to the canvas mini album class I will be teaching online at the Diner (insert shameless plug) I got it photo’d and the tutorial written. I just have to remember all the measurments because things like that are pretty important to scrapbookers when they go to make something. THey don’t do “Nancy scrapbooking” where you eyeball it and if it is a little off you say OK TURN YOUR HEAD a little more to the left.. THERE… NOW ITS STRAIGHT!!
The rulers come out and they actually MEASURE STUFF (WHO KNEW??) SO as I have been banging my head today against this ruler trying to remember how it works… shut up Di… I have everything almost complete.

BUT FOR NOW.. I gotta run.. there is a 4 year old screaming in the tub that “the water is touching meeeeeeeeee”… So must investigate this one for myself!!


Happy Anniversary Honey :)

Just wanted to dedicate my post today to the man that is not just my husband but also my best friend. WHo is my biggest supporter and love of my life. Hard to believe were still here doin’ this but then again.. you said you always get what you want 😉 Im just glad It is me. Cause today as always… ITs still you. Love you sweetie Thank you for the life we have and thank you for our beautiful daughter I thought I would never get a chance to have. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true. I love you and YOU KNOW, I mean it…. N

Scenic route and Alcohol inks.. what an awesome combination!!

Alcohol inks…. you have seen them in the store, I know you have. You have looked at their cute little bottles and said “OH I NEED THOSE!!” then said “hmmmm, what do I do with them?” well.. IM gonna show you a cool technique you can do, to make embellishments on a layout

Supply list
8 1/2 x 11 or 12 x 12 or whatever you have. PREFERABLY CLEAR, or the transleusant I believe it is called IT may be listed as white even. JUST do not use colored.
Ranger Alcohol inks: in whatever color you wish I LOVE these. I have most all of them but, I really need the gold and the silver.. (asking Santa for them hehe) You can find them at a craft store or a Lss ussually.

White cardstock.. You can use the elcheapo ones that come in the page protectors when you get albums or any.. You wont be seeing it really so it doesn’t have to be the “good stuff”

Spray adhesive.. I use the craft etc acid free high strength adhesive. Krylon makes a good one too. (this ones just cheaper)

a Cricut or a die cutter of some sort.

When you use Vellum, use the dull side, not the slick shiny side. If you hold them up to the light, some types have more of a pvc surface, some are more thin and porous.. I like to use the Bazzill lightweight vellum. Get the thinnest they have. You ussually have to ask your lss to order it for you. Hobby lobby will also special order it if you ask. You have to buy the entire package though.

Take a few colors of your alcohol inks, you can do droplets.. just a drop at a time slowly. Drop around on the sheet and let it kinda dry some before you start your next color.
OR you can take the tip, set it all the way down on the vellum and drag it across the vellum while very VERY lightly squeezing, You can do stripes… designs.. however. I did both ways. I liked the effect of the stripes first. let it get mostly dry then go back with another color and do swirls inside the other color. You can also take your stamps, and touch them to the alchol ink and do a negative impression, be sure to wipe your stamps off after you do it though, each time. REALLY WELL.

Cover your entire sheet of vellum with the different inks.
LET IT DRY COMPLETELY. Usually 15 to 30 minutes.. you can let it set a couple hours if you like. I did mine then let it sit over night to be sure it was good dry through and through.

Use some spray adhesive on the back of the vellum. THEN place on a sheet of WHITE CARDSTOCK. I found that white is the best color to use under your vellum. It makes the colors “pop” the best. Other colors darken the inked colors, bright, light colors are ok.. depending on the colors of the alcohol inks you use.
After you have adhered your vellum to the cardstock and SMOOTHED IT OUT VERY WELL so it is FIRMLY ATTACHED ALL OVER. let it sit for a couple minutes.

Cut your spare cardstock off around the edges. THEN you can cut down your sheet of inked vellum to 6 x 11 (if your using 8 and 1/2 by 11 vellum.. if you are using 12 x 12 cut it to 6 x 12) place it (with the cardstock on the back side down) on your Cricuit mat and cut whatever you like. You can do letters or designs or use it with your Sizzix or whatever die cutting contraption you may have. I used the Cricut, “Walk In My Garden” and the “Base Camp” font cartridges.

The Patterned paper is by Scenic Route. LOVE LAND their new Valentines Line. ISN’T IT YUMMMY!!!! You can get it at

THe main thing is, experiment with them and have fun. BE SURE TO wipe up any spills IMMEDIATLY and if it gets on your hands, wash it off immediatly. DO NOT get it on your clothes.. You need to use a well ventilated area or you may be singing show tunes.. just know I warned you ok! (ask me how I know ha ha)

Save your leftover scraps. You can use them as photo corners, or with punches. They are great to use with the Sizzix hardware die, like photo turns and buckles. You can even cut them to make faux ribbons.
OK, I Challenge you to play with your alcohol inks and link back here showing me what you did. JUST let loose and have fun with it.


So how was your Thanksgiving? Did you get enough Turkey and dressing? Oh man we did. Im thankful its over. I enjoyed seeing the family and all but it is always chaotic. We had people on every available piece of furniture and floor.. reminded me of college haha. We had a great time Lots to eat lots of stories, Lots of playing.
Here are a few photos. Aren’t they just the cutest ever? You should see the OUT TAKES of this photo haha Kasi looks in pain hahahaha!Everyone was ready for a nap after our big meal. Jason had the right idea.. KICK back relax and then go get another plate 🙂Guido even got his Thanksgiving as well.I love this photo of Dad.
Hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY AND GOT PLENTY OF TURKEY. I hope you had a chance to remember what Thanksgiving is truly about. I know it is hard with the hustle and bustle and crowd of family but we are truly thankful for our family and what they mean to us.

Bella’s Thanksgiving Program

THe 3k and 4k class sang this morning at Chapel, for all the parents in honor of Thanksgiving. THey dressed in festive hats as pilgrims or indians. Bella said she wanted to be a Pilgrim since “HER BRAYDEN” was going to be a “indiot” (indian) Here are a few photos. It was REALLY cute.

CHeck out the little boy at the bottom left of the photo. HE didnt look to happy to be there but man was he just the cutest thing EVERRR!

I thought this was the sweetest little song everrrrr!!! Had to zoom in on that shot!

We hope you are havig a happy DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING and gonna spend it with the ones you love 🙂

I also want to tell my HUBBY “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE YOU” Hope you have a less chaotic day than we expect 🙂
We will probably be celebrating his Bd this weekend. Since we have company and everything is kinda AAAAAACCCKKKKKKKK right now. I love you honey and welcome to 37!! hehehhee

wow! a whole lotta scrappin goin’ on

We had a great time at the crop this weekend. I did get a good bit accomplished. IN between cleaning lol WE have mass company coming this week for Thanksgiving. here are a few things I made:I caught up a few pages that I needed to do.
I added some pages to family members albums for the holidays.
Caught up some on our book of me challenges.

I also did a bunch of cards.

In between all this We cleaned the house like crazy people getting ready for all of our company. I am still working on some of the challenges, so keep an eye open this week.

I am off to the dentist this morning again ::grrroooaaan:: the tooth I am to have worked on .. BROKE last night so I guess it is a good thing Im going huh. Prayin’ this one doesnt do like last week.. since I have a small mouth and all. :: I can’t even type that without giggling IM SOO getting that in writing to show my brother. I KNOW he won’t believe it. HA HA HA!

Thanksgiving Swag Tutorial

We have ALOT of company coming for Thanksgiving and not much fundage.. SOOOO In order to make the house pretty. Bella and I decided to make some fun Thanksgiving decorations out of things we have around the house. Here is a tutorial for the Swag we made that is hanging on the fireplace. I encourage you to get your kiddos to help. Bella had a lot of fun and she is SOOOOOO proud.

First you find a cardboard box and tear the flappy things off (you know the part that you use to close it with) Then take you some big scissors and cut down the inside corner of the box and then you can tear the walls of it apart. Ussually the rest you can tear up pretty easy after that.

Take your scissors (big scissors) and cut the cardboard into rectangles. YOu can then start pulling the top solid layers off the cardboard like this: It is ok if some of it stays on. You need something so the adhesive with stick to it. It also adds to the distressed look of it. So don’t worry if it is not perfectly all peeled off. Just get the most of it.

Next take some old wrapping paper or some that you dont plan on using. (depending on how messed up it gets :;wink::) and put it top side down on your surface.
YOU DON’T want to turn your kids loose with ink on a surface that will matter if it gets messed up. Old wrapping paper taped down works well. Then they can draw on it while you do the “boring parts” as Bella called it. TIP.. before even starting on your project if you lotion your childs hands REALLY WELL with a thick lotion (yours too) and do something else for a bit let it soak in… THEN when you get to the inking part or painting.. it washes off MUCH EASIER.

Let your kiddos help ink the cardboard up. I showed her how to run it over the top so it just hits the high spots and around the edges. Here they are all inkd up. I used Tim Holtz distress inks to ink with.

Next. Cut your letters you want to use. I have a cricut so I used the base camp cartridge on size 4 to cut my letters. I used some Scenic Route papers I had. We messed up the G pulling it off the mat so we had to use a different color to cut the G again so then we didnt have enough for the S. BUT … we improvised with another sheet of paper and I will show you how we will make it match in a few more steps 🙂

After you have all your letters cut. You may take a zig writer and use the large end and go around JUST BARELY the outside of the letters to shadow it. that way it will kind of stand out off the cardboard so you can see it. By the time you finish this your ink should be dry enough to start adhering down your letters.
IT’S OK IF YOUR CARDBOARD IS LARGER THAN YOU WANT IT YOU WILL TRIM IT DOWN AFTER YOU ADHERE THE LETTERS. Lay your letters out so you can see where you want them adhered. I used the ATG gun roller adhesive to put mine down with. works REALLY good. (Thanks ma!)

After you adhere them all down. Trim around the top and sides doesnt have to be perfectly straight. You can even tear it if you like. I find it easier to cut them with large scissors.
HEre they are after we adhered and trimmed.

I then took some wide ribbon. I didnt have enough to just string it along so I cut it into strips and used wide packing tape to secure it on the back and them to each other. BE SURE TO TURN IT OVER AND LOOK OCCASIONALLY TO MAKE SURE THE LETTERS AREN’T BACKWARDS OR IN THE WRONG ORDER… ask me how I know…

THen when you have finished that. You can take a large roll of ribbon that YOU HAVE ENOUGH OF… sigh… and put over it. I used the wrong side of a large gold roll that was wired edge. Tape this over the entire will give a nice edge and make sure it is nicely held together.

Now go back over the top layer with different color inks. I also used Tim holtz tea die ink to go over the G AND S to make them match the others better. Add leaves from a tree that is changing colors or other fresh things from your yard (just make sure no ants or anything a dog may leave are on them if on the ground ) to add to your display. Make it pretty so your guests will have a wonderful Thanksgiving feel when they come for dinner.

Here is your finished product.
OK if you make this I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT. Post it on your blog, or in a gallery and leave me a link so I can go check it out. HAPPY THANKSGIVING DECORATING!!


Im on a mission. IM using up some of these scraps and making room and making cards like craaaaaazy. Some are cute some are well not quite so great haha I COUlDNT sleep so I stayed up makin cards. SO anyway.. here you go.. DONT LAUGH!
So I keep getting people asking me to make cards for them. I have had several ask.. but I have NO CLUE what to charge. What do you guys do? waht do you suggest? I have never charged for any of my stuff before until the last couple of years and It is always soo hard to figure out. I dont want to go to high, sometimes I just give it away instead because I just love doing them. Actually we are starting to be over run by hand crafted Items.. Im running out of places to put them. I give them as gifts all the time. BUT NOW.. I get people asking how much do you charge and my eyes just roll back Because I have NO CLUEEEE what I charge hahaa.
I know John will kill me if I did that right now with us trying to keep Bella in school and our Insurance Issues (DO NOT GET ME STARTED) SO what do you think? WHat is a fair price? GIve me some ideas.

inspiration big time

If you dont find this guy Inspiring… YOu need more help than I can give you hehe.

to hear the video scroll down to the music player and click the first button on the play bar to stop the music. This guy has overcome some amazing obstacles. IF your having a rough day. If your feeling worthless. JUST watch this guy it is truly amazing.