Seward Farms Corn Maize

The trip we have been waiting on all year. The one we have been crossing the days off the calendar. “How many more days till we go to the corn maize mommy” We got rained out when we were originally to go. SO today was the day. Yesterday I spoke with my Dr. I know you all are aware of what all our medical Drama consists of. I am on interferon injections because I have MS and take prednisone and other meds for chronic shingles that and kindergartners on field trips don’t mix. When I asked them about going on the field trip (I was talking to the nurse) I heard my dr’s reply “Is she serious? Has she lost her mind?” guess that was my answer. She told me “He said it wasnt a good idea.” I told her t”hank you for being tactful” lol.
She did go on to explain though and it makes sense. With us having a cool snap every other child will have crud nose and viruses running ramped in 10 days. she said this is the norm. When you are on these types of meds, you cant (or not recommended to) take the flu shot (I was told not to because of my history) so I was to steer clear. SO we had to make adjustments.
Well next came the hard part. Breaking the news to Bella that Mommy wasn’t going which means I was SENDING her on the field trip. I knew she was going to be upset.She was crushed. I knew it was unfair to her and I got really upset. Mostly at things that no one can control like MS and stuff. So unfair to the little ones.

John didn’t know his schedule if he would be able to go. I did talk to her teacher (Mrs Gloria)last night and made sure everything was arranged, and she would make sure everything was taken care of, if for some reason John did get a call. But, I still felt like “mother of the year” if you know what I mean, I have always been the parent that went to everything and did everything and this year I have been el suck o mom.
Bella was understandably bummed, I made VERY LIGHT OF IT in front of her, Because I KNEW as soon as she got OUT THAT DOOR OH she would have SOOO MUCH FUN. HER face would light up and she would love it. THAT IS ALL I WANTED FOR HER. HER TO HAVE THAT. She has been talking about this people for MONTHSSSSSSSS!!!! WELL FOLKS. WE WERE RIGHT! SHE DID. SHE LOVED IT!
so on with the fun part THE PICTURES! OMGOSH John did such a fabulous job taking pictures so I could see what they did and Bella and he narrated and told me everything so I am passing it along to you all what they did and how much fun they had so Gramma and nana and aunts and uncles, friends Romans countrymen lend me your ears and eyes, yall all can see what Bella and John did today with the JACKSON CREEK CHRISTIAN ACADEMY KINDERGARTEN class at the Seward farm corn maize.
There is a short little video at the end of the post its a pig race you can click on. (yeah I didnt know my camera could do this!!! WHo knew guess if I READ THE ENTIREEEEEEEE instruction booklet!) anyway.

Entrance sign. (that is the ball cap aunt Diane got her at the gospel singing at church she had to wear it cause it was a farm hat she said ??? dont ask)

The corn Maize was set up where they give you this little leaflet. They called it your “passport” it had questions on it.
You answer The questions correctly and turn the direction. ok example; if you want to choose a) for your answer go right. b) go left c) go left. well the correct answer is the correct direction. So that is how you get through the maize. If you choose all B answers and the answers are all C you may end up sittin in the middle of a corn field with this next chick for a while. (BUT All the questions were related to corn. and I think they would help ya out some hehe)

and they had these you know in case their were any unruly ughmmm corn cobbers?
maizers? or to help out wrong answers maybe… not sure what you would call em but I love the shirt hehe.

A necessity for every corn maize!

How cute is this tractor?

I think this was one of Bella’s favorite things. She talked about this (really loud mind you) she said “he was slaaaangin us alll over da place” John said he was goin rather fast but the kids were howling and loving it. There was one child on there well. I will let you see…

ya.. didn’t quite get it. but she traded and it all worked out. I have pictures of her ridin’ right along with them. This lady I tell you is so much fun. We are SOOOOOO FORTUNATE AND GOD BLESSED to have her as Bella’s teacher again this year (wondering if she teaches first graders hmmmm) Just love her to pieces. We have adopted them all into our family.
They had all the little free standing charachitures like they had at the Nicholas Boyd pumpkin patch back home. Bella seemed to like this cow lol.

This was on the hay ride. Bella LOVEEEEES Mandalynn (she is the one that has Bella and Sierra in the death grip hahahaa. HOW CUTE ARE THEY.
And check out this little bundle of preciousness. I prolly shoulda called Beth to warn her I was gonna plaster her doll baby on my blog but omg yall could you not just cover this kid with smooches?

she has such attitude and personality and the expressions she makes with her face are so hysterical. she cracks me up so much. AND HER MOM OMG she is with sewing like I AM with scrapbooking so ugh hello yeah. I officially want to hate her but I cant cause she is just too dang awesome. TOOO PRECIOUS! BEth I have lots more pics of Isabella at full resolution I will email you some better ones than this.

They said they also had pig races set up and you get to pick which color to cheer for. (you can tell when you click on the second image and look at the little clip they really got into the cheering)

Here is the clip:


That last pig looks like it has been there done that knows the drill ain’t in no hurry huh?

ANyway.. That was the HUGE FIELD TRIP OF THE YEAR. They have been waiting since before school started for this.NO it doesn’t seem like a big deal to alot of people but to these kids It is. IT has been talked about and planned for and Bella has been so excited. IM SOOOOO GLAD she got to go. It wasn’t lookin’ good yesterday for a bit there. so IM so proud for her. I am so excited that John got to go and get these photos for me. NOW I can sit up and scrap. NOW… I have to figure out what to do about halloweeen. ughhhh. still debating if Im going or not. or just gonna let Bella and John, and then we implemented the pinesol/backdoor scrub down routine again. wash your hands before entering the house. TIS THE SEASON PEOPLE.
Hope you have a great DAY.