Goin to see Nana Faye…

Ever since I found out that Nana Faye was going to be this direction for a wedding, all I could think about was getting to where she was going to be. I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance to “get my hands on her” to get hugs and just to be around her even if it was for a few minutes. I know yall may not understand or be able to comprehend the value of the love we have for this woman. No she really isn’t related to us. But she is our Nana. Thinking back she has always been around. When I needed someone to talk to. WHen I needed advice or someone to tell me like it is. Or a shoulder to cry on. Heck she helped me go through baby names back and forth when I was trying to think of names for this little bit right here!!

So getting to see her live and in person. not talking to her on the computer or on the telephone. (Im going to start crying again) was the most wonderful gift I could have ever been given in my life. I just kept looking at her. soaking it all in. Every second. Looking at photos. Talking and just being with her.
Her skin is so soft. She smells so good. I want to remember every second.
Time went very fast.

John took alot of pictures (I thought our expressions were funny on this one)

It was really good to see Carol and Norman again.
Nana Faye gave Bella the sweetest lil Doll. Bella has named her after Nana Faye. (how sweet is that?)

Carol looked really good. I know she is about to have surgery on Thursday. Hope that everything goes well and she recovers quickly.

Bella was happy to see them and loved getting extra whip cream with Carol for her Banana pudding (they share that love)

We had a nice lunch. Had a good time. was so good to see Nana, Carol and Norman. Don’t worry we Gave her hugs for everyone.
I just Didn’t want to leave. I Wanted to put her in my car and take her home with me.
Love that woman! Really hope she enjoys the wedding and we didn’t wear her out too much today. I know we enjoyed seeing her and I wouldn’t have traded today for anything in this world.


No Frills/mini album class SOLD OUT

I would like to Thank you ladies so much for coming to the Class today for Making Strides for Breast Cancer. The mini album we made was a lot of fun. I am proud to announce that My class sold out! I have no class kits even left. Thank you so much for your Generosity your encouragement and helping Darlene to make her goal with Making strides. Thank you to everyone that helped. I am exhausted.

Bring em if ya got em

For those people that are going to be coming to crop and for those that will just be attending our class tomorrow here are some suggested tools and things that you may need that will make it a lot easier for you to put this album together in about an hour.
* I know there are a couple that have not cropped before or scrapped do not panic. You do not have to run out and buy this stuff.

I will have these tools on hand DO NOT GO OUT AND BUY THEM SPECIAL for this class! Now after you take the class if you play with them and love them decide it is something you will use and you love then go for it!

If you already own them…. PLEASE BRING THEM 🙂

*Distress edger tool (can be by whomever making memories, Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, There are many out there I have 1)
*Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher or a stapler
*Bone folder or trimmer that has a scorer
*pop dots
*liquid adhesive such as: Aleenes tacky glue, zip dry something thick the album is cardboard base.
*Tim Holtz vintage photo distress stain or Tea Stain distress stain or Tim Holtz VIntage Photo Distress ink Tea stain will work also (I have a few but I don’t have enough for every one I really tried Im so very sorry)

THE GOOD NEWS IS: I will be doing a drawing and the ones that I have I will be giving them away in class to SOME LUCKY PEOPLEEEE.

NOW REMEMBER I WILL HAVE TOOLS on hand you are welcome to use just I have (example) 1 of the Tiny Attacher we have a lot of people that will be here so this is just to help you. If you have your own tools etc for you to use It makes it easier for you. You are welcome to use mine if you do not have something. I do have either or on the stains and inks and we are going to pass them around

There are a few other surprises we have too but I can’t give away all my secrets I mean what fun is that?? I will see yall there. THANK YOU GUYS for signing up for this. Darlene is such an amazing person. I appreciate all of your support.
We are going to have so much fun I am so excited!

SO DO you wanna peek at the next page too for another taste? or will it freak you out? (REMEMBER we already have it PRECUT OUT FORRR YOUUUUUUUUU yall vote and let me know. ya? no? want to wait till in the morning to see it?

If you have any questions Lemme know. SEE YALL IN THE MORNING.

Our Last Game and a Pizza Party

It has been a GREAT year so far for Bella at her new school. She has enjoyed being a cheer leader. Last night was her last game. They had a lot of fun as we enjoyed watching them. They are just the cutest things.

Our girls have come a LONG way for a lot of them to never have cheered before.
SO PROUD of them.

I know Bella had a blast. She made some really good friends and it really helped her adjust to this new school a lot quicker.
She was really having a hard time.
She missed her school she was at before and her BFF’s (still does)

Although she has made some really good friendships here and is doing really well.
I hope she will go out again next year. It has been fun.

After the game, There was a fun Pizza party at Godfathers pizza. eye yi yi!
can you imagine 22 hyped up little girls in a pizza parlor that was NOT very big along with their families. approx. 50 ish people.
(I had migraine all day was an interesting evening believe me)
Pizza was great, the kids were fabulous and I DO BELIEVE everyone had fun. You can tell by the Rave reviews the Blue and Yellow cupcakes received!

We are so grateful to our cheer coaches for their patience their time and dedication to our daughters. We thank them for taking the time with them and also the values and beliefs they help instill in our girls. We are so ever thankful.

No Frills Crop/Class mini album THIS SATURDAY

I am honored to have been asked to teach a class with my pal Melissa Eschler at the NO FRILLS CROP at Providence Church Of God THIS SATURDAY. All of the proceeds 100% from the crop and from this class (and if we have any kits that we sale) will go to Making Strides for Breast Cancer. Darlene Chavers is the Hostess of this event. She is a 3 year survivor and dear friend. Breast cancer has touched so many of our lives I know it has ours. Everyone in this day and age knows someone or has a family member with Breast Cancer. I hope for the day when we can say like polio. I remember when it existed but it doesn’t anymore. That cancer is a thing of the past.

Here is a sneak peak of the cover of the mini that I will be teaching. Melissa Eschler will also be assisting me with this class!

Thank you to Unkit Live and Teach Crafts like a Rockstar

I was going to put a title on this. BUT THENNNNN, I decided why make it so limited, WHY NOT let my students decide what they want their books to be about. These papers are so versatile and the colors are so vibrant and fun, It is pretty much limitless in what you could do with it. I will have an example already premade with title and photos if someone wants to make one and just doesn’t know what to do.
BUT, I really want you to put your creative hats on.

THIS is going to be a very fun class. You know with Melissa and I together there is no telling what will happen haha! so Come have fun with us this Saturday.
(If there are any kits left over from this class we will be selling them after wards we will post it here and on facebook for anyone interested)