Happy 4th Yall!

So Did Everyone Have a Happy 4th Of July? It was kinda a whirlwind. IT was fun! Tiring but was so great to see family. I miss them so much. We had just been up to Mississippi recently, and John is working 2 territories right now (the other guy is out of the country for 3 weeks)So he is on call and we couldn’t make it up there again for the 4th with all extended family. SOoooo. Our immediate family just came on down here to us. (YAY!) Was exhausting but Soooo worth it! I really miss them and get home sick some times.
Feels good to see them.
I toook a lot of photos as you can imagine haha. Bella had a wonderful time with her cousins. She Pestered her cousin Bradlee.. He pestered her.. John Pestered him.
Everyone had a great time.

(Don’t ya love her red boots? That is my child I tell ya!!)

SHe didn’t care too much for the loud fire works. Her ears are so sensitive.

Bella’s Bestie Eva Caroline (from across the street) We have known them since they both were toddlers. (Bella and Eva) she is a cutie. a best friend across the street? Is that not the coolest?

The next day Kasi and Jason Came down (the actual 4th) and we celebrated our nations birth with much food and festivities. (we like to eat can’t you tell?)

He looks so sexy when he cooks! (or vacuums or does dishes…. I just love him hahaha)

Bella always has to stick her tongue out in photos… never fails I have a set of photos with her stickin out her tongue… little dickens.

must be genetic??

John surprised Bradlee by making his favorite STUFFING (Yes I KNOWWWW its July but we missed Thanksgiving with me having shingles and they were out of town) SO we had fried Turkey and Stuffing and a ton of FRESH LOCAL FARMERS MARKET GROWN VEGGIES YUMMM!! It was awesome (although I don’t eat stuffing. I take their word on it.

Kasi and Jason Are they not the cutest ever?

Kasi threatening to beat him if he doesn’t stop throwing pop rocks at her feet.

Bella liked these.. she thought they were pretty!

Later that night after everyone left, We did our traditional 4th of July fireworks with Eva caroline and family.

The ones that were loud…

Bella doesn’t care too much for…

so hard to believe they are 7!!!! I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July! (remember what the reason of the Holiday is! NOT JUST A DAY OFF WORK!)
Remember our soldiers!
Remember the sacrifice!