P.O.T.D. Smile Well Thats a smiley Dog If I ever did see one…

He is just the happiest smiliest dog ever. Love our Guido. He is so awesome.
ohhh dats da spot riht dar….
His Girl
He was being so silly


OLW challenge and puppy prayers

WOAH DUDE where did the day go. I know I was ASLEEEP! YA I know I hate waking up this late I feel so scattered and can’t get into my daily groove. Im so rushed trying to get stuff done before bug gets home from school. I had night before those HORRRIBLE all over muscle spasms. That just JERK your entire body from sleep. SO needless to say I had a rough night (as did John and Bella bless their hearts)
Last night was shot night so I took my muscle relaxer when I took my shot praying my body would just chill out. It worked (obviously) John said he wouldn’t wake me up because I was so still and (yes breathing) but knew how bad I needed rest from just having pneumonia and the blame chicken pox/pneumonia. WE DO NOT WANT THAT AGAIN!!! (big skull cross bones stayyyy awayyy from here you hear me dont come back!!)

OK so on to the fun stuff: I DID the challenge for ONE LITTLE WORD challenge blog. SOOO MUCH FUN. I had these adorable pictures of Bella bug and Mister Guido.
And just thought ok I must scrap these. Guido just lovesss his Bella HE THINKS she is HIS and well in a way.. I guess she is. He protects her and just stalks her sometiems haha. I have photos of him stalking her is too funny. I WISH he could be an inside doggy so bad. BUT, John and Bella are soooo allergic to his furry hair (I am a little but not the degree Bella is poor thing) Her skin breaks out so bad and she itches. We kept hoping as she got older she woudl out grow it but no. SO when she goes out and plays with him she has to immediatly come in and wash up so she doesnt break out in a big ol hive. so therefore… No Guido in house. We brought him in during the hurricane an and we are still finding his hair everywhere. HE WAS WELL BEHAVED don’t get me wrong he did beautifully. Its just the hair. 😦 Poor fella.

OK so Here is my page

The Journaling says: “You can see it in his eyes, Guido TRULY loves HIS Bella. He will sit at the door so patiently waiting for HIS GIRL to come outside and play.
Since Today Im talkin about animals. Not sure how yall feel about praying for animals. I do. They are one of Gods creatures and we get so attached to our animals just like people.
Im really worried about my “nephew dog” Taz, tazzy, THE SPAZZ as we call him. HE is the funniest dog. Ok an example. One christmas my brother and Karen and his kids were at Karen’s moms opening presents. YOU KNOW the normal hustle and bustle of Christmas going on everyone into their gifts. TAZ IS STanding ON THE BACK OF THE CHAIR looking down like “is it mine”.. “hurry open it I wanna eat it!”
He is just always spazzy, hyper full of energy happy dog. well he isnt quite like that. He hasnt been for quite a while now 😦 it is heart breaking. HE has been having seizures and its just not good. SO IF you pray. Pray for Tazzy. I wish it would just go away, BUT, I hate for him to suffer. SO just pray he doesn’t. poor guy.
Here is his pic:
(this is out of a doggy mini album I made my sister in law last Christmas or christmas before I can’t remmember.) but look how he smilin’ he is so funny
ALSO I WANNA GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO POTTER!(Hey Potter) That is my pal LESLIE’S Doggy. He has been a SICK SICK puppy. You can follow Potter and his healing on her blog (just click her name)

OK Thats all I know for today. IM still tryin to catch up my day. Im gonna go work on a page for THE DESIGN EXPERIMENT blog. LOOKS LIKE IT WILL BE FUN!!