I have not posted in the last couple of days. A viral  bug had hit Here (me) pretty hard. That is just one of the things that happens with M.S. We are more susceptible to Viruses and other illness. Especially when you have a school age child that brings home all the crud from school. I apologize for not updating, but I will be extending this  until EVERY PERSON IS HIGH LIGHTED. EVEN if IT GOES INTO APRIL.

Since I got this virus I wanted to share  some things M.S.  does. I don’t want to be negative but so many people JUST DO NOT understand.  One simple thing like a cold that on a normal person could just be a sniffle that they can keep going with, literally has put me in the bed for going on several days now.  It is hard to imagine and yeah some thing “YEAH you re just milking it” NO.  This Project IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME.

I was very upset to have to put it on hold. I couldn’t talk, stand or sit up. Still dizzy when I stand. BUT, I am finally able to sit up.  I am being fussed at for doing this right now.  MS people often push harder and do things  to prove themselves  worthy.  I know I do. It is difficult to understand when you don’t have a chronic illness, better yet a couple of them. I know I belong to a group that has some pretty tough people  in it. These are some TOUGH individuals that  have hearts of gold. They are there for me and everyone in there because they go through it themselves.

I had a friend that came here and was here for me when I was literally at my worse.  I will never for get that. I had Tina that I highlighted last that let me do “FLAT TINA” to help cheer me up. I was in a really bad place having these shingles FOR SO LONG.  They are amazing friends. I love them. I am thank ful for them just like I am my family and church family and any friends.  Support groups are important which leads me to my first key point.

ms highest rate of depression

SUPPORT*  Multiple sclerosis is a tough disease not just on the person going through it but their entire circle. The entire family suffers.  I am fortunate I have a  family group of friends and church family here. So many don’t. If you live near someone and you know they have a chronic illness such as MS If you know them, do something nice occasionally. put their paper on their porch, Take the garbage can back to  their house from the road, get their mail for them, or give them a call when you are going to the store see if they need anything. Be a friend. They may be reluctant at first, that’s normal, Don’t let it discourage you. People with chronic illness are used to doing things for themselves they don’t like asking for help. It may take a time or two. I  know there are so many times I wished my friends would show up in PJS with a movie so I didn’t feel intimidated to have to put on clothes and go anywhere. But IT IS A LONELY illness.  When in a flare you can’t really go anywhere.  Especially with secondary shingles. Not everyone is that way though. BUT you can give them support other ways. I have gotten so many cards and let me tell you that right there is a great way to show you care. just a simple card. is so sweet.   Drop an email or an instant message I know it is hard to get hold of people by phone these days. But you can leave messages. Knowing someone out there is praying for you and cares sometimes can be the difference in fighting that extra bit harder. so I encourage you to do this for others. So many fight this illness and OTHER ILLNESSES. Elderly and young alike. a simple thought of “Im here and thinking of you and  praying for you”  will help them so much even if you don’t understand.  I had someone tell me they were reading about MS and trying to understand. That was the sweetest thing i had ever heard.

sometimes further support is needed. If you cannot get to a LIVE support group in your area. There  are several places online: is a good one

http://www.MSCONNECTION.ORG is another one has a list of some also can put you in touch with one that may be right  for you.

Those are just a few. There are many out there. Just google MS SUPPORT GROUPS and the list that comes up is endless. MS WORLD has  different sectors under it that can put you in touch with others that have smaller groups.

national ms society

*Rest-  We all know how important rest is.  That is the one thing I remember before I was officially diagnosed. I was so tired. I used to go go go go go. constantly. Always the one doing and going. BUSY always. I cannot get over the devastating exhaustion that goes with this disease.  It is important (according to my dr) to listen to this and rest. I  know we want to not disappoint our families or friends and we want so badly to  do  things. We wear ourselves out just getting dressed to go places and it is disappointing. When we have good days we want to celebrate and we often over do it. WHY? because we don’t know when the next one will be. so we just go crazy having the best day ever getting as much done and as many memories as we can out of it as we can. We know the next day (or the next) we will be back down to the rest cycle.

ms rest after taking a shower

When we hit a remission we can feel like a normal person. It is just getting there.

*Stress ~ This is a biggie.  Stress to someone with MS is like Kryptonite to superman. We have to learn how to control stress. Or get rid of it. Exercise really helped me when I am able. Yoga, stretching, walking,

stress whatstress

There are lots of great ways to manage stress. Many MS people like to spend time creating  Making Art, creating poetry, There are so many outlets you can use. I personally love to scrapbook photos of my family and make home decor art as well as paper crafts (cards).I find that  doing things  for  others helps get my mind off what is going on in my world. (when I am not  having a shingles attack and  can volunteer) our church has so many programs to volunteer with.  It  really is good for the soul. If you like to make cards there are lots of  places that love to receive them such as the veterans hospitals, nursing homes, Ronald  Mcdonald house, Churches have shut ins Im sure they would love to give them to someone that needs a smile.

make one person smile

Those are just a few topics this week I wanted to share with you that some don’t discuss when talking about MS. I will go over others next week.

I will highlight another person with MS tomorrow. I hope you all are having a great week  🙂

thank you for being awesome

Nancy J

MS Believe in the cure



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