Nuttin much happnin just scrappin

WHEWHEW stones gone! Feeling almost human! I think I am gonna take Bella to the library tomorrow. We have to return some of her books and maybe get lunch or something. It’s just so hot or we would go to the zoo or something outside she loves to be outside. I love to be able to spend so much time with her now. She is turning into quite the little scrapbooker For 3 years old. Here are some pictures I took tonight. SHe was determined to use some of my punches even though they are hard to punch. Other than that….It is kinda quiet tonight Got alot of email to catch up on and I did make that second page of the swim layout. It didnt come out real well in the photo. BUT, the pictures are so cute. I need to get this scanner hooked up John’s sister gave me. I dont know where the disc is but I guess I can d/l the drivers off the internet LOVE xp!


Nuttin much

Not feeling really great today. I have an ovarian cyst. And when I get kidney stones OMG it really inflames it. I guess they touch or something but man it hurts. SO I was on the heating pad all day uploading. Took my Demrol and uploaded some layouts to where I am on the design team. GO CHECK OUT MY GALLERY. I just added alot of older layouts I did. BUT I have some newer ones on there too…. they are just further down the line. I know I KNOW but I tried to switch the order but It wont let me ::sigh:: Check out “The View” While your there too. It is our newsletter we publish through the site has some great tips etc in it. We went to eat with the neighbors tonight WITH THE neighbors Isnt that funny. No it is a cool little resteraunt that has like home cooking (awesome mac and cheese) John had helped the neighbors with some stuff they had helped us with some stuff so we went out to eat there cuz it is cheap cheap and SOOO GOOOOD. It is all you can eat for like 7 bucks I CANNOT FEED JOHN a meal for 7 bucks that he can get full on (my hubby is a big man) SO there ya go! I have alot of posting catching up to do on some other sites as well. I just havnt felt good and got alot going on. What? How am I liking my new car? How sweet of you to ask…. ITS OK. It is a car. IT ISNT MY TRUCK:: pout:: and since IT WAS ALMOST PAID FOR it would have been great so Im still pouting. Yeah I KNOW I got a new car I should be happy but we have 5 years of payments also… now I gotta eventually find a job (that sux dont it) and Bella cant go to school but a couple days of week cuz we cant afford it and the new car and the insurance and paying off the medical bills soooooooo. SInce I had to have a new car cuz my truck would have cost us more in the long run…. IM sitting home. AHH it is good for me. My house is getting organized and the living room is cleaner than it has ever been (i took all bellas toys and threw em in her room said THERE KEEP EM IN THERE NOW) didnt work but I tried rofl OK I gotta go lay down Im getting dizzy. muuuuah GO check out my gallery at untamed! DONT FORGET OK? OK!!! AND IM looking for a cool DT to be on so. Lemme know if you know of anyone looking 🙂

Teaching at gasc….. blowfish??? ahhhhh!

OK so I look at these photos and think EWWW! I hate PREDNISONE. I have blown up so bad like a puffer fish. Thank God Im not on them anymore so ANY DAY now it is gonna come off.. any minute… any second now. waiting……. NOT SO patiently. ANyway… these are the pics from teaching the classes at Great American. This is just one of the classes I instructed. IT was fun. The classes well, this one was not as full I think it was 19 people, or 22 I can’t remember now but the smallest was 9 for the mini pages the first day. But the big one was 34. I was screamin cuz we had no volunteers and this sweet lady whom I cannot remember her name to save me, helped me out, I was about to lose it. It was a hard class to teach on top of that and we had just got the stuff in the night before so I had no clue what I was suposed to be doing and some of my supplies were missing and NO SLEEP. (blah blah blah blah blah) BUT I made it through, it is over, No one was injured in the process (cuz i was too darn tired) and I aint doin it again so whewww. That was the most work for no pay I ever did. Mark that under LESSONS LEARNED.

splishin and a splashin’ with flair

oh what fun it is to pish pash in a fwimmin pool! I love this photo of Bella. I can just hear her squealling and laughing. She had so much fun that day at “Aunt Biz’s” I love the pp from flair designs. The stickers are amazing. I used them around the photo. THe photo turns are basic grey, and I inked them with orange inks. the brads are from accent depot. I LOVE the orange grossgrain ribbon it is wild asparagus and the little clippy doos are around the block. THIS IS SUCH fun product to play with I HIGHLY recommend going RIGHT NOW do not finish reading this GO NOW….. and get this fun paper cuz trust me IT WONT be at your lss long! NOW show me your summer layouts TAG! (what are you doing still reading this I SAID GO NOW GO GET SKEEEDADDLE to your lss and get this!!) rofl

my scrap room~ before

OK DONT LAUGH! ITS A MESS. what else is new huh.. that means im busy rofl this is one of the pics and my little mess maker in the center.I have boxes all over right now cuz we cleaned out the attic for the garage sale. SO I will update the pic after I get it looking better HAHAHA that could be ughmmmmm…..well you understand

PHotos from great american

WOULDNT YOU LOVE to have one of these semi’s pull up to your house??? rofl I was like hearing harps of angels when I pulled up and saw the 18 wheelers. Lil davis had a cool rv they took all their stuff in their “road crew” the crops were amazing 600 plus women scrappin all at one time YOu could feel the energy in the air!

HOme at last thank GOD

WELL to say the least… I am at home. 3 thousand yes people that si right dollars later Im home. that is a round about figure. My truck is toast. the transmission is torn up and the guy said the motor is gonna be toast eventually cuz stuff MELTED into it and the compressor on my air conditioner cuz the trailer we were towing was too heavy… lesson learned. IM exhausted this was more work than i have ever done in my entire life to get zero pay. which elsucko’s THIS was the most awful convention I have ever seen. THey had dollar bins there which was good for the consumer but was awful for the vendors. IT was rude and cheap and we feel it was a big garage sale. THEY LITERALLY were auctioning off stuff in the back. IT was maddening. SO needless to say she didnt make any money there fore didnt get to pay me. so I guess I was a volunteer… HAHA guess my creditors will understand that AND the fact NOW I have to buy a new vehicle. SIGH well THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I am going to bed and IM JUST SOOO HAPPY IT IS OVER AND I AM HOME!!!!!

so whats the big deal?

OK so they are making a big hype about it being 06-06-06 .. yeah it is kinda creepy but my big question is 1. DO THEY NOT READ THE BIBLE.. yeah yeah yeah NOT THE PART about the 666 but the other parts tooo! LIKE NO ONE WILL KNOW when the lord comes back it will be as a theif in the night etc and so on? WELL I do not think we will be able to predict! 2. IF say it was to happen? what about time zones? WHen they say at 6:06 the end will come.. will it be central standard time? what about over seas? Will the end come there the day before? what about hawaii? will it be the day after? I have too many questions for their so called Scholars on this….. I would hope if it were to be in the “time zones” we would have some suspicion it was coming but I DONT THINK SO. ON THAT NOTE we are out of here! We are going to the GREAT AMERICAN SCRAPBOOKS CONVENTION WHEWHEWHEW! we are teaching some AMAZING cute and awesome classes YOU MUST COME BY AND SAY HELLO AND SEE IF YOU ARE THERE!!! IT will be so much fun! Bella is going to have a great time with “Aunt Biz” that is all she is talking about and going “fwimin” IM gonna miss her so much THis is the LONGEST I have been without my baby! Im gonna have to kiss her a million times before I leave. I have been longer without my hubby and that was so hard! I m gonna miss him so, but, I have him a huney do list while I am gone so Im sure he is happy were leaving to give him a break haha. He can watch real tv No dora!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY!!! muaah! SO pray for us pullin the uhaul in the predicted RAIN STORMS we will be driving through (lord we pray for safety) and pray we sell everything! Wouldnt that rock! I pray for a successful show as well! I REALLY pray all our kit supplies get their in time (Thank you wendy at Scenic route YOU ROCK) SO any way Talk to you all when we get back and will have lots of photos yipeee! I havn’t had time to post much lately been working on these kits. HI to all my Bliss girls and my “safe girls” and the “DIVAs” I will be back soon MUUUAAAHHHHH! big hugs and love and say a prayer! We could be the three musketeers (my hubby said OR THE THREE STOOGES!) OK so he knows me so well. IM waving at yall!

Garage sale shamage sale

I guess we live in a different clientel here in mobile ROFL. The kids stuff NODDA. No takers. Everyone that came up wanted baby baby clothes or had boys. but all my old country decor …. was like gold. AMAZING that stuff is WAYYYY out of style the little girls clothes were high dollar name brands and were priced right play clothes for a quarter… onesies etc… EVERYone had boys. I was like OOOOK! so…. we are going to try again in a few weeks when I get back from great american. We didnt make enough to pay nuthin’ but I will pay what I can and I guess the old saying You cant get blood from a turnip will have to do. We are all exhausted and we have the 2 year olds for Sunday School tomorrow (eeek) scary…. I hope Great American Goes better!!!