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Living with Chronic illness will definitely make you rethink things. Upon the discovery that most of the triggers of my health episodes were either A) stress related or B) Chemical sensitivities. Woke me up that I had to make some IMPORTANT LIFE CHANGES. Monumental changes.
My dr sat me down and had the “COME TO JESUS” talk. If you don’t know what that is I will tell you. It is the take where someone sits you down and tells you look, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE IF YOU KEEP LIVING LIKE THIS. IF YOU DO NOT do this this this or this. YOU are about to meet an early grave. You have a child. A husband that loves you. Is this what you want? All these people that pray for you and all these blessings that have been answered for you. Do you not owe it to yourself, Your husband YOUR CHILD to straighten your butt up and make some changes?
Well let me tell you. My eyes got opened. He wrote me a physical prescription to DO NOT DEAL WITH STRESS. If people are pushing your buttons, being antagonistic, saying things just to get you riled up then bam.. you do not need to be around that person because you will break out in shingles. If they love you They wouldn’t do that. It isn’t their place to be doing that to you. You have a disease. Tell them go away and be done. So. That is what I did. As nicely as I could but oh boy did I open that up for more and worse drama. BUT I stick to my guns. I have to. This is my life I am talking about. My husband is 100% supportive. He is my husband through thick and thin loves me and I love him together we made our family with Bella and I want to grow old with him and see her grow up.

Next. I cut out chemicals.. all processed food, High fructrose corn syrup, wheat, gluten. dairy, I have a strict diet I follow. I won’t go into that much detail but It works for me. What works for me may not be what works for you. My dr sent me to a nutritionist/Physical trainer and it is amazing. They are very smart and very capable at what they do. I eat clean and let me tell you if I slide off of it (because I am human) boy can I tell.

The side effect of it. I am losing weight like crazy.
I haven’t been focusing on the weight loss but it is VERY HARD to ignore.
I am noticing other things as well like I am able to do more things than I used to.
I still have M,S, It won’t go away. There is no cure. BUT It sure makes it more tolerable.
Heat is my nemesis. If I could find the magic key for that I think I could beat this stuff down.
Stress is a horrid thing when people want to be the way they are. Deal with your own problems and stop pushing them onto others. HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS. MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY.

Everyone can exercise. Even if you are laying in bed and all you can do is blink your eyes. MOVE SOMETHING. Move your head. Your arm, A TOE. JUST GET MOVING. A body in motion stays in motion.

I have been eating a lot of chicken and broccoli lately. I post photos of my food on Facebook. What I eat how many times a day to hold myself accountable. Bella is supposed to be my accountability partner but since she sits in front of me EATING ICE CREAM. I fired her. She kept asking me if I wanted a bite. ::eyeroll:: ya she was being polite but no I don’t need a bite. I need positive reinforcement to stay strict. No yelling screaming. Just encouragement.
SOOO. I post my food and remind myself looking at her photos and pictures of us at Disney and at the Beach to remind myself WHY I am doing this.

Here are some other ideas that might work as well for you if you are wanting to do the same

*make a poster board or sign with photos of WHY you are eating healthy and exercising. Make several put them places where you can see them and remind yourself

*post photos of inspirational quotes and photos that you can see through out the day.

*You can set up through SCHEDULED MESSAGES to send messages later to yourself YES I SAID TO YOURSELF, Or post to your fb or other feeds to remind yourself to just keep doing this. Stay amp’d and on track.

*Have a friend be your accountability partner that you can trust to help keep you motivated. In return YOU help keep them motivated as well.

*Set short term goals for yourself that are challenging but attainable. THEN DO IT!

MOST OF ALL STAY POSITIVE. Don’t complain about it. Don’t wake up with dread don’t look at it as negative. Look at it in the light as IM DOING SOMETHING WONDERFUL FOR MYSELF and those I love.
The more positive you look at it the more fun you will have and the better attitude you will have about it THE MORE SUCCESSFUL YOU WILL BE!!
Whether you are doing this for managing an illness or for weight control or just to get in better shape.
There is so much junk food and yuck stuff in our food supply now. NO ONE really needs to be eating that. Even in moderation truth be known. (and I do love me some Pizza and Cheeseburgers BUT I look at it as poison) It will kill ya.

Some of my favorite clean healthy foods I keep getting asked this over and over. I am far far from an expert. I am more of a beginner waddling through this. You can find lots of recipes on pinterest and facebook. I friend people on there that are long time clean eaters and know what they are doing. I look it up and study it on pinterest and read everything I can find on it. What I have found so far? Keep it simple.

When you get all complicated. That is when it is easy to mess up.


My favorite stand by is Chicken and Broccoli.
I get the Chicken from Target that I know is Antibiotic and Hormone Free.
I put Mrs. Dash Onion and Herb and Mrs. Dash table Seasoning on it cook in oven till done.
Shred it
take broccoli crowns and cut them all up good put in bottom of a big bowl
put steaming hot hot hot chicken on top of the broccoli put tin foil on it and
let it steam.
Just until the broccoli gets tender.

This is also good with Broccoli Slaw. makes it almost like noodles.
I also add turmeric IF you can find organic Turmeric that is great. I use the kind From Target.
It is really a good seasoning for MS pain.
*ALWAYS talk to your DR BEFORE using herbs and supplements with your medications as some do interact.


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