Isn’t she Pretty?

Isn’t she pretty? IT must be SO much fun to be 4. I had mistakenly shown her where I keep the “old makeup” Halloween when I let her wear just a tad of blush and lipstick with her beautiful princess costume.
BOY Was that a mistake. She snuck off and ughmm. Made up her self. She came to the doorway and said. “Mommy? I loooOVEEE youuuUUUUU” and my first thought was UGH OH what did she do. I spun around and said Oh my goodness. I had to count to 10 and then hide my laughter. I grabbed the camera and took some photos because I figured, one day when she is about 16 and driving me crazy this would make GREAT material to threaten to blow up bill board size.
I was upset that is was on her uniform because that is expensive. But I just prayed that shout (and not me yelling either) would get it out. The fact she dumped all my lancome powder in her shoes OH WAIT.. THOSE ARE MY shoes. When she walked she had little powder clouds coming out of them. GRRRRRRrrrrrr. It was getting worse by the second.
Then it dawned on. Hmm if she looks like this. I wonder what the bathroom looks like (she had said she was going potty) I went in her bathroom and no evidence. she said UGHmm MOMMY I was in YOUR and Daddy’s Closet. OH BOY I thought. I walk into our bed room and oh my gosh. She had it all in our closet. all over the wall but what upset me more than anything was she had to move 2 boxes and Johns clothes that he sleeps in (I have 2 boxes stacked there and he lays his sleep clothes on top of it) and open the box (that had tape on one side) and get in it. ANd all of this in like minutes. SO I say YUP PREE MEDITATED! I was LIVID. I had to stop myself and just count and pray really hard. I got up walked outside and just sat. She knew she had errored.
Her daddy took her and made her clean it all up. Which was like TORTURE. Later she came and said Mommy Im SOOOO sorry I was PLUNDERING. (hahaha I tell her all the time STOP PLUNDERING) she is a big meddler and has always gotten into EVERYTHING you couldnt turn your head for 2 seconds and she had disassembled my house almost. THAT Is why we have hardly anything set out anymore at my house. Im scared she will hurt herself. IM just now starting to decorate my house a little bit.
I thank God it didnt hurt her but oh It scares me to pieces. so no more going to the bathroom by herself. she is 4 I thought she can go potty without mommy standing OVER HER for once in her life but.. nope.
Marking this up to more lessons learned… for all of us. I can’t wait to scrap the pictures now that I am not quite as angry.