Good things are HAPPENINNNG!!!!

First off let me start by saying I think I miscommunicated in my yesterdays post that I created ALLLL THOSE projects this past weekend. UGHHH no! I did the mini album in the previous post, the canvas, the flowerdy layout and a couple more projects but NOT ALLL THAT This weekend. Those are REMINISCE projects I have made and wanted them all together for the DT entry. Sorry if I mislead yall.

This past weekend my nephew Bradlee went with my brother Windale to a Bronco expedition. Its like this truck club where all these guys get together and see how much mud they can sling and how difficult a path they can ride down. YA fun huh?
Well this trail ride they did was also an anniversary of a young man that died last year named Micheal Stark.
They memorialized him by giving an award away to a young man that exemplified the kind of life that Micheal led with the values he lived by. BRADLEE WON THE AWARD. I am so proud of him!!
I worked on a mini album last night with photos from this weekend. I am awaiting permission from the Stark Family before I post the pages on my blog though. The first few pages are all about Michael with photos of him and also his family.

This is a REALLY BIG honor in the Bronco world. I am so very proud of Bradlee and yes my butt head brother too! (SMOOCH)

I have been scrapping alot lately. I also have some other exciting news. I WON THE PEN PALS CHALLENGE!! YES! I know I was totally floored. SOOOOOO, I get to do Challenge no 7! SO I have my thinking cap on and I wanna make it a good one!

I have been having EXTREMELY good luck lately. MAN I HOPE IT CONTINUES! I told John I needed to buy a lottery ticket.
I received my rak from The Design Experiment challenge that I won. I got some AMAZING WEBSTERS PAGES paper. OMGOSH I cant wait to play with it. Its on my list.

Yesterday I made this cute little card set. PERFECT for gift giving. I did not come up with this idea. I took this in a class here locally from a close to my heart rep. She did a great job with it and it was sooo easy and fun. I thought it would be fun to pass it along to you guys.

I used the October Kit from Scrapbook obsessions.

Take a 6×6 page protector and cut the part that you put into the album off just after the seam.

Cut a piece of double sided paper to 8 1/2 x 5 1/2.

Round one end, you can use a dinner plate or a bowl and trace around the edge of it then cut. Ink the edges

SCORE at 2 and 1/2 and at 3 inches from the rounded edge.

Add the decorative fiber to the edge of the patterned paper.

slide down inside the page protector. Place a velcro sticky on the rounded edge of cardstock and one on the matching side of the page protector to hold it closed.

THEN make 4 general occasion cards.
Here are the ones that I made:

SEEEE now wasn’t that easy? Makes a great little gift idea also!
Well that is it for me today. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


A scrappy weekend…

Man I got my scrap on big time this weekend. I EVENNNN started on Christmas already! Yeah I know you are shocked.. I was too.
I have been playing with my kit from Scrapbook Obsessions. I have had a great time scrapping with it.
Here is another page I made

Lovin’ all the flowers. I love how jam packed these kits are!!

In other news, You may have heard that Reminisce Designs is doing a contest and the winner will get a 12 month contract to design for them! Can you say DROOL. Man I would love to have that opportunity.
There are alot of people going out for it. Thought I would throw my hat in as well. Here are some of the things I have made with Reminisce Product.

To see more of my Reminisce projects click HERE.
What do you think? Don’t ya just love their patterned papers? Which line is your favorite?


So I got my kit from Scrapbook Obsessions and I have to tell you, It is SOOOOO much better in person than that photo gives justice. THIS has quickly become my most favorite kit she has had. ALthough they are all awesome. This mini album is so far up my alley it screams my name! THEREFORE, Sorry family your not gettin’ this one! ITS MINE ALL MINE ::said in my evil villain voice:: bwaahahaha!
OH hush like yall don’t have your shelves full of mini’s DONT JUDGE! DONT BE HATIN!

SO anyway, THis is the new Basic Grey chocolate Chipboard Ecclectic Mini album. AND WHAT I DID WITH IT. THese are some of the things that make me happy.

I added an extra page to mine, I have so many things that make me happy I didnt have enough room for them all!!
I used UHU TWIST AND GLUE to make this project. IT worked wonderfully on the patterned papers as well as the embellishments. It was liquid enough that you could slide it around and match up the edges but then hold really well and not have to worry about losing your embellishments off of the album.

It is a beautiful day here today. John and Bella are outside doing.. something. Im not sure what. setting stuff on fire I think.. we had some limbs down from GUSTAV that were littering the back yard. I THINK they are cleaning that up. I still have more stuff to scrap hehe.
I saw Nickelodeon had shut their programming off for 3 hours today for NATIONAL DAY OF PLAY. Which I thought was pretty cool. An Effort to make kids get outside and play instead of veg in front of the tv. ITs not as hot outside although it is sunshiney so A PERFFFECT DAY to be out and play.
IM going to watch them as I play with my scrap stuff hehe
Hope you have a fun Saturday!!


ITS FRIDAY!!! Are you happy its friday? Silly question huh?
Bella is out of school today so we will be staying “entertained” and hopefully out of trouble. Which is gonna be hard for me because I GOT MY KIT YESTERDAY from SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS!!!! SO all I wanna do is dig my hands into it and start creating.
I have started my mini album already and OMGOSH I am in LOVEEEE with that new Basic Grey Chocolate chipboard. This is the cutest album so many fun shapes and sizes. You can see it in my previous post. I THINK she still has a few available. THIS is the best kit as of date IN MY OPINION. SO far my most favorite!!!
Jan and Lynnise already have pages up in the DT forum and in the Gallery at Scrapbook Obsessions. THey jumped on making layouts (I on the other hand dove into that mini album haha) Check it out and leave em some lovin.’

I DID make a simple little page yesterday while stalking the mail lady waiting for my kit.
THis is for the Design Experiment Blog. We were to scrap about our INDULGENCE. My mom is probably gonna cringe when she sees this layout. Sorry mom but YES I love in the summer time when it is REALLY REALLY HOT, and I had been playin ball or ridin’ horses or working in the yard or whatever to sit in the shade with an ice cold beer. SO COLD it had little slivers of ice at the top. mmmmmm. Sorry mom. BUT you can rest easy because I cant have it anymore now that I am on this medication. Oh well Its all about indulgence. lol

This was a quick page and really easy for me to do.

Journaling says: IT doesnt take much to make me happy. Cheetoos, Doritos, chocolate a little peanut butter or an ice cold CHILL on a warm summer day. After I take my Shot I always treat myself to chips or chocolate, makes it a little more bearable when you know you have that tasty reward. I am not allowed my one chill anymore but Oh when I do get to have one again someday it will be a major treat!

I used up some of my older paper (WHEHEW AREN’T YOU PROUD OF ME?!!) This is the Basic Grey COLOR ME HAPPY line from way back when (one of my most favorite lines they had)
I also used Basic Grey buttons, Doodlebug jewels and Making Memories Felt stickers and Bazzill Cardstock. I have been stuck on Black backgrounds lately lol.

If you would like to join in THE DESIGN EXPERIMENTS CHALLENGE. Just click on the name. They have a cool prize this week! SO CHECK IT OUT!

I have some major scrappin to get on today I want to finish this mini album today. Hope you have a WONDERFUL FRIDAY!!

hmmm think I should worry?

I got THIS note from Bella last night.
IM STILL lookin for the SOMETHIN’ that she is SORRY she did. This makes me concerned. SHe just shrugs her shoulders when I ask her what she did and says she is sorry. I will let you know if I figure out what it was..errr is.


Chantele is totally terrorizing us at Scrapbook Obsessions with her kit. SHe has her hands alllll up in hers already and ours are in the mail (you know, right with that check that everyone always says is in the mail?) Ya, SHe hounded Jan and myself pretty bad last night but we had fun teasing her and YOU COULD SOOOO tell she was lovin every minute of it. Thats Ok let the stalking of the mail man begin.
You see that is one of those chocolate Basic Grey albums don’t ya? Ya. I can’t wait to get my hands on that either!!
I am working on my layout for THE DESIGN EXPERIMENT BLOG. The theme is INDULGENCE. Which oh man I have a few… thats why my butt is gettin so big (thank you prednisone.)

Bella is out of school today and tomorrow, some… “teachers ready to get these kids out of my classroom” day or conference or work day or something. Bella woke up singing LOUD this morning her Island princess songs on that dvd player (thank you nana for that thing) EVERYONES kid needs one of those.

Well IM off to try and figure out what Bella was sorry for. If you have any idea or clue what she did.. feel free to ughmm. Yeah.
Ill let ya know.
Happy Thursday!


While on the phone with Tracy… she came clean. SHe confessed. She was standing behind my chair yesterday and had an ink pen in her hand, I had some 5 x 7 photos stacked on the side that I have to scrap. I told her DO NOT write on those. Because she was bee lining for them with the pen. BUT, she had already written on it.
IT isnt that noticable and is not that big a deal but, The point that she did it.
Im laughing because I can imagine the horror that went through her thinking omg she is really going to give me to Guido this time. Thats It I have to live out in my playhouse forever… I better go apologize and make her a card. (that is our answer for everything we will just go make a card)
SO anyway the mystery is solved. THANK YOU LORD it wasn’t something smelly or gross or worse. haha.

PS: I JUST GOT MY KIT OMG OMG IT IS 90000 TIME BETTER IN PERSON. That photo up there doesnt do it a bit of justice!!! Im gonna go roll around in it and yall may not hear from me for a while. Im fiddna get my scrap on!


The layout I did for The Design Experiment WON. How appropriate that I win Webster’s pages product hahaha! I am just “VOCIFEROUS” with Joy!! hehe

I am so excited!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

I GOT HAPPY MAIL YESTERDAY!! I am telling you my week started out awesome.
My awesome cousin Jan, Sent me the cutest pottery barn collander to hold my buttons, NOW when Bella starts sorting and playing with my buttons, I dont have to freak out that she is gonna break my glass vase I had them in! She also sent me 2 of the cutest stamps from Imaginesce and Heidi Swapp and I also got some BASIC GREY PAPER!!!! You know Im in LLLLOVEEEE with Basic Grey. THEIR PRODUCTS MAKE ME SO OVER THE TOP HAPPY EVEN WHEN I FEEL CRAPPY I SMILE. I mean HOW can you not? They are in my top 3 (with Bo Bunny and Reminisce of course) I have it on my scrap table with photos on it right now awaiting adhesive and journaling. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH JAN love ya YOU ROCK sista!! Totally made my day!!

Ill show ya a pic of my layout as soon as my battery charges,

So what else is going on today? QVC has their scrapbooking day on TV. I like to watch and see the things they make and the cool product, but I don’t ever buy anything. Well I mean right now we have priorities… its called INTERFERON, as bad as I hate taking it. Its part of life and its EXPENSIVE. So scrapstuff is down the list a ways. BUT, It makes me happy and smile. I can forget about all this for a while. speaking of which Mama don’t panic but,

I broke out again with the shingle/chicken pox things they are on THE OTHER side now on my face (HOW LOVELY) and neck. I think it is because of my immune system weakening from the Interferon (have I said MS SUCKS today?) BUT I am still in “I CAN” land as I say. I am putting vitamin E as the pharmacist suggested to HOPEFULLY maybe I wont get CRATER sized scars. (juuuust lovely.) Always something.
COULD BE WORSE I keep saying that. At least it doesnt hurt real bad just tired.
IM very blessed and fortunate in my life. I have so many things to look forward to.

DON’T forget my Mantra for this week “I CAN”
Keepin that up today. I am going to go rest for a bit THEN I will be back to post my layout I made with the Basic Grey Urban Prarie line (how scrumptiously good is that paper? oh man I am droooling)

OH and here is something else really cool. Just watch it. Thats all IM gonna say
it should make you feel good, and maybe Inspire you. ANd kinda goes along with my I CAN mantra. SO go ahead and click on the link… I know you CAN!! 😉

See you this afternoon.

The rest of the PRIMA MINI ALBUM

Don’t be so quick to judge a book by it’s cover,Sometimes there’s real good stuff on the inside!!
(You can use a transparency that is reversible to accent either page)
GCD Studios pp,Bazzill just the edge,prima transparency


GCD Studios pp, moxxie sticker, Making memories tag and tiny alpha stickers, Scenic route rub ons, hobby lobby bling, prima transparency


GCD studios, Basic Grey buttons, Bazzill just the edge, zig writer

GCD studios, prima flowers, hobby lobby bling American Craft Thickers

Here is the side view of the thickness of the book.
*All edges were inked with colorbox fluid ink chalks.

Thanks for looking at my Beach REMEMBER THIS.. album.
It was fun to make TOOK me forever but I think it was intended for me to finish it now.
I changed a few of the bits of advice in there since ALeida’s death. I miss her online. I learned alot from her life, but also her death. We are only here for what sometimes feels like forever but we only get one shot at this, and it is short.
We have to make the most of it regardless our situation.
Even though my life is somewhat limited, there is still alot I CAN DO. For that I am grateful and thankful. Im still learning the things I Cant. I hate that word can’t but, that is reality.
I missed some goals (I didnt get to go to Birmingham.., stupid chicken pox/shingles whatever they are) and was very very dissappointed, which we really didn’t need to spend the money anyway, but I so wanted to see Cheryl. It will happen. I have faith.

My next small goal is Bella’s field trip. IF IT IS NOT hot that day. Heat and MS are not friends. It is like superman and kryptonite. I tried to go outside and take these photos (the mini album) Saturday and almost couldn’t get back in the house.
so we are rethinking the field trip, John may have to go and just take a billion pictures. As bad AS I WANT to go, not sure how well a wheelchair will work there anyway. Would rather stay home than mess up Bella’s day.

Shingles/chicken pox or whatever this is (its not just on one side) had a few pop out over the weekend so back on the meds. Its ALOT better today than last night so meds are working. I feel better than yesterday too. I slept alot this weekend.

SOOOO maybe today I will finish this layout with the new Basic Grey. I have it all laid out I just have to adhere it all down.

I hope you have a good week this week. Try to focus with me on I CAN. That is my mantra this week. I CAN!
(and I will )