So I got my kit from Scrapbook Obsessions and I have to tell you, It is SOOOOO much better in person than that photo gives justice. THIS has quickly become my most favorite kit she has had. ALthough they are all awesome. This mini album is so far up my alley it screams my name! THEREFORE, Sorry family your not gettin’ this one! ITS MINE ALL MINE ::said in my evil villain voice:: bwaahahaha!
OH hush like yall don’t have your shelves full of mini’s DONT JUDGE! DONT BE HATIN!

SO anyway, THis is the new Basic Grey chocolate Chipboard Ecclectic Mini album. AND WHAT I DID WITH IT. THese are some of the things that make me happy.

I added an extra page to mine, I have so many things that make me happy I didnt have enough room for them all!!
I used UHU TWIST AND GLUE to make this project. IT worked wonderfully on the patterned papers as well as the embellishments. It was liquid enough that you could slide it around and match up the edges but then hold really well and not have to worry about losing your embellishments off of the album.

It is a beautiful day here today. John and Bella are outside doing.. something. Im not sure what. setting stuff on fire I think.. we had some limbs down from GUSTAV that were littering the back yard. I THINK they are cleaning that up. I still have more stuff to scrap hehe.
I saw Nickelodeon had shut their programming off for 3 hours today for NATIONAL DAY OF PLAY. Which I thought was pretty cool. An Effort to make kids get outside and play instead of veg in front of the tv. ITs not as hot outside although it is sunshiney so A PERFFFECT DAY to be out and play.
IM going to watch them as I play with my scrap stuff hehe
Hope you have a fun Saturday!!


17 thoughts on “MY HAPPINESS…

  1. Nancy,I tried to leave you a comment a few days ago to no avail. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on winning the contest. Second, I love the mini book, so yummy. I hope you are feeling well and getting used to that nasty Avonex. Have you had the chance to ask your doctor about Tysabri? Well, I have a kitchen that is screaming to be cleaned. Stay well,Love,

  2. Beautiful album and great use of UHU Twist & Glue. I actually needto do one of those myself for my summer vacation photos. Thanks for requesting your sample and glad you liked the UHU Twist & Glue.

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