Fall Beauty?

THis is what I did tonight. I wanted a fall page that showed the beauty of the fall colors. I think that this captured that. Still not crazy about the white line that is around the photo it seems distracting I may take it back apart and take that off but IT ain’t gonna be tonight I tell ya. Has been a long day. Bella has been “painting” she painted the paper, the table, the floor and parts of herself. SO I am off to put her in the bathtub. AHHH to be three again….


masquerade chat

Tonight at 9 pm central standard time (my time) at Scrap that moment! IT is sure to be fun and we have a cool rak to give away. So come have fun chatting it up with the scrap that moment girls. Mask not required but we will be wearing them if you got em 🙂

Project Kathy and a Thank you

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that has been praying for Kathy and her family. I talked with Sally and another friend today and they are doing a blood transfusion on her to try to help build her up some.
We are going to start the Pages for Kathy project. We are making an album 12 x 12 with all about me pages and baby girl pages. THey are going to be 12 x 12 and just think girl colors. We are doing them simple so she can do journaling as she would like to on them.
IF anyone is interested in making pages or donating anything, just respond here or send an email. We need to get this done ASAP it honestly isnt looking good. Read the previous post you will see why time is not much luxury at this point. We will be giving this to her through the church and the school. As pages are done I will get them to Sally to take to her. That way she can journal on them or add the photos she wants us to add. You are welcome to put your name and address and words of encouragement on the back of the page if you would like. I have had numerous volunteers already and we thank you all. Please continue to pray for kathy, her husband Jason and her daughter Claudia (5 months old). We know God can work miracles. We truly need one for Kathy now. So please remember their family. Thank you so much

bad sad horrible news

Got really bad news.. Really need everyone to pray for this person. Her name is Kathy Paajanen. She is the toddler teacher at Bella’s school. She just got dx with cancer in her breast, her spine, pelvis, liver, kidney. possibly lung, blood and throat they havnt gotten those back yet. They are pretty much saying nothing they can do… she has a 5 month old baby girl, Claudia. Her hubby is taking this horribly which I mean who wouldn’t but he is just in bad shape. They are asking for everyone to pray.
ANd she is saying that if you find a lump a bump or anything to PLEASEEEEE go check it out dont wait. A couple weeks could be the difference between treatment and nothing they can do but let you try to be comfortable while you live out the remainder of your days.

Please keep them in your prayers tonight and hug your family a little tighter.

Scrap that moment Monday BLog Challenge

TOdays challenge on SCRAP THAT MOMENTS blog challenge is: WHat is your Passion. WELL I have 3 . My family, scrapbooking and photography. I love patterened paper and all you can do with it. I havent met many patterned papers I haven’t liked. ESPECIALLY this crate paper IT IS TO DIE FOR!

I have been working really hard at my photography skills with lots of help from Tracey WHites book and calgaz showing me how to use my camera haha. I have seen alot of progress. I LOVE my camera and all its functions and it takes the best photos. BUT the person behind the camera has to kinda know what they are doing too. SO I had to make myself practise. Bella doesnt seem to mind too much.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday and if you get a chance stop by the boards on Scrap that moment. You will find all kinds of challenges there from blog challenges to scrappin challenges or kick back and muse with us in our daily musings and tell us about your day and whats on your mind. The gallery is FULL of amazing projects and scrap work if you don’t find inspiration there then man Something is definitly wrong with ya ha! SO many talented people scrap there and I love them sharing their work. Be sure to say hi and give us a shout.

Till tomorrow …. 🙂

I scrapped today

This is the new crate paper called COWGIRL. Is it not precious? Also the new BIG chipboard from Fancy Pants I JUST LOVE THIS CHIPBOARD it is awesome! The photo was taken across the street on my neighbors front porch in the afternoon sunlight. This is one of my favorite photos. Thanks for lookin 🙂


OK so I had gotten very frustrated cuz I was working on a project for legacy magazine and couldnt find the paper I needed. I had gotten it long long time ago and have no clue where. OF COURSE I needed like 4 more sheets. SO I contacted the customer service department at Sandylion to find out where I could get this paper.. thinking they had a listing for stores that may carry it. The lady was SOOOOOOOOO nice and SOOOO helpful she said ya know, That will take alot of time..so I will just send you some. I was floored. JUST send me some? I was like OK SURE. (Thinking she was just fluffing me and then gonna forget) well YESTERDAY I got THIS In the mail. I am soo excited! ALSO got the coolest letter from them too. SO HOW MUCH DOES THAT ROCK. THANK YOU SANDYLION and Shari McTamney in their Customer Service department. In the day and age when Customer Service is NON existence THEY SO ROCKED on this one! I was totally shocked and impressed! THANK YOU SO MUCH. YALL ROCK!

Forwarding on the challenge..

My friend Annette forwarded me a blog entry from another friend of hers that did a challenge on ~~>
This front page of the Parade. IF YOU HAD ONE DAY TO SPEND WITH SOMEONE WHO’S GONE… Who would it Be? What would you do?

Wow perfect timing Annette. I Definitly would choose my daddy. NO doubt without hesitation. I miss him more than words will ever say. There is no word to describe how much I miss him. I went home last Saturday and took Bella to the Pumpkin Patch. We went down “daddys Road” I call it. The road that he was killed on and later renamed the BObby McCrary Memorial drive. I tried to explain to Bella that this was her Pawpaw’s road. She asked the normal 3 year old questions.. “Did He build it?’ no I replied, “he didn’t build it. “Then why is it Pawpaw’s road?’ “Becaus,e he was such a special man that they named it after him.” “Oh … CAN I have some more pink gum?”
We were traveling down that road (you have to so you can get to the pumpkin patch) and taking photos. I wanted a better photo of his sign for the book I am working on of his life. I havent gotten too far it hurts my soul. I did work on the page last night for my That Design Team sponsor pages for next months sponsor on Scrap that Moment. It is hard but IT is going to be a beautiful dedication page. I want to add happy pages too though so BElla will KNOW the man we loved so much. Not just that he died.

How do you explain something like that to a baby? I know he knows her. But the first thing I would do is tell him everything about her and John. Tell him How I met John and How he saved me and takes such care of me. How he loved me back to reality and made me wanna get on with life somewhat and that IT Was OK TO LIVE. I will tell him how I always saw him ,well see him, all over Bella. Her mannerisms and things she says, and I know he is whispering just what for her to do to get on my nerves and pay me back haha.
I wouldTell him that the Atlanta Braves won the world series right after he died and I Know he had to have put in a good word for them cuz they sucked so bad the year before. Tell him how much mama misses him and we all miss him. How I lay awake at night wondering what it would be like if he were here, and how life just isn’t the same without him here and how life went so crazy after he was taken from us. Tell him I know he didn’t want to go but I know he had to. Yes, tell him the bastard that did it is in jail and not to fear I will not rest, he will serve out his ENTIRE sentence and he better pray he never sees the light of day from anywhere but behind bars if it is my last breathe in me. SO HELP ME!
I do think about what it would be like if he was still here.. Would I live in Alabama? Probably not.. he wouldnt let me take that baby to ALabama, he would have had me arrested or road blocks set up and an amber alert in full force before I hit the Rankin county line. (ha ha) But also living there wouldn’t be so hard for me if he was still there. Would I have gotten so sick? I know he would spoil Bella totally rotten and take her riding in his old truck. He would let her play with his glasses, Teach her inappropriate songs like he taught me, How to belch the Abc’s and let her change the channel on the tv with the remote. (Something we were never allowed to do.) I know he would sneak her a never ending supply of pink gum and grin as she smacked it, enjoying every chew of the flavor it holds. He would get pure delight out of her cowboy boots and how sassy she is in them. He would giggle at her ways and her sayings. She would be his buddy no doubt. We would walk along that road they named after him and Id ask him what he would change about his time he spent here. He always asked me that when something happened good or bad.. what would you change. I’d hug him tight and tell him just how much I love him and wish he was here and How much I miss him and He would grin and say HEY it aint that bad, it could be worse. Then he would say “Dang your a good lookin kid, cuz you look like me.” wink at me along with his mischievious grin he always had,

and probably toss me a lifetime supply of pink gum.

What about you? Who would you like to see? What would you Say? What would Yall do?

I got tagged!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thank you KIM!!!! hahahahaha thats ok ILL get you back 🙂
The tag is 5 Random things related to the number 5 and 5 weird things about me.

OK 5 RANDOM Things related to the number 5:
1. It is 10:55 right now.. coincidence I think not Lol (does that count as 2 cuz there are 2 5’s in 55? Ok fine!!!!
2. I have 5 things picked out in this new Oriental Trading book I got today 🙂
3. I have 5 projects due for Scrap that Moment that I am working on.
4. OH this is good one I have 5 toots that will be coming up YIPEEEEE 3 for next hobby lobby 1 for legacy and I cant say yet where the other one is to but you will know it when I can say yipeee!
5. I have 5 outer pieces of the letter l’sin front of me but No inside letter L’s so I have the stencil look of it but not the innerds (make sense) chipboard letters. Makes me crazy! Im always runnin out of L’s E’s and a’s

OK 5 weird things about me.. This should be easy lolol

1. I eat black eyed peas with My spaghetti
2. I eat ranch dressing on my pizza and my french fries and anything else that is dippable.
3. I scrap better at night than during the day for some reason
4. I find it hard to throw away magazines esp scrapbook magazines.
5. I love olive juice … out of the jar of sliced salad olives the green kind but I dont like pickle juice and everyone says its the same but IT IS NOT! ( I discovered this when I used to get hiccups REALLY bad when prego with bella it was the only thing that got rid of them … still works)

OK I TAGGGGGG:: DIDI, kimberly rae,Anam, staceyface, becky Thackston, Kara, Teri lynn, Jozzy and JEanne (hahahahahaha I know you will call me on this one bwahahahha love ya mean it)

Photos from the patch

We are still recouping at the Jones res. can’t go and do anything it seems anymore that one of us doesn’t get sick. Here are the photos I promised if BLOGGER will cooperate 🙂
Bella loved this tiny pumpkin. She wanted to ALTER it she said hahahaaha My daughter what can I say. She looked everywhere for her perfect pumpkin to take home with her. She loved looking at the Green ones too. Actually we did take home a green one as well.
THey had lots to do there from a old fashioned rope swing, a corn box kinda like a sand box.. and a hay maze. SHE had LOTS of fun! (check out those cowboy boots isn’t she stylin’) SHe thinks she is something in them boots now. WE have our Tuesday Night Girls Chat AT Scrap that Moment tonight. You should come check it out. We always have lots of fun. Hope everyone back home is safe from the storms last night. IT got really bad here too at one time we had 4 tornadoes and the sirens kept going off all night. SCARY! BUt everyone is safe and sound. Just didn’t get much sleep last night haha.