Happy Monday

Ya know Bella has been playing Mario Cart on the Wii so much with John… by the time she gets old enough to drive,Im scared her skillz may be a bit tarnished… well I saw this video on Youtube and well, I will let you judge for your self.

Not alot happning around here. We had storms like crazy this past weekend. Rain wind tornadoes now the temperature has dropped. I have got more scrapping done just waiting on my stickles to dry. So how is your day?


Prayer Request For Brittney

I have a special prayer request for a very beautiful girl. My cousin
Brittney Williams.
She had surgery a week ago to have a cyst removed on her ovary and we just discovered it was cancer. SO I am asking that you all please keep her in your prayers. As of right now they think they got it all when they did the surgery and it as all confined to the tumor and that she doesn’t have to undergo any kind of extensive radiation or treatments but will be finding more out as she gets more test results back. She is only 18 years old, just is started college got excepted into a sorority and is so excited about so much right now. She is a tough girl but has a strong faith in God. She is very sweet very positive and has such a charming happy outlook.
so if you would just take a minute out of your day to say a prayer for her and her family, her mom is a talented scrapbooker,you can see her blog here I know as a mother that it would totally devastate me to go through this. I would rather it be me than my child. so please so an extra prayer for Jan. I cannot imagine going through knowing your child is having to deal with all this. Knowing Jan the way I do, It is tearing her apart inside so please just put in an extra word for her.
if you check out her blog shout out a word or two for her if ya would. xoxoxox tell her I sent ya. Thank ya so much!

Here is a layout that Jan did of her Beautiful Daughter Brittney.

She used the Scrapbook Obsessions kit for April. I thank you all so much and knew I could depend on you my friends to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
We have been having some wicked weather. I hope you all are safe and sound tonight.

We are safe. I know you all (family and friends) have been calling and thank you for the concern. Sorry If I havn’t called back. I have been in and out for dr appts. and you know the weather and I don’t get along so good. So I came home and kinda crashed. So I apologize on that. ((((hugs))))xoxoxoxox

Finally I post….

Sorry I have been so long updating.. I still have good days and bad days. I am trying to scrapbook in between but it is still VERY SLOW GOING. It is taking alot longer to do things than it used to but I seem to be enjoying the process alot more than I used to. I notice things alot more I guess.
Hard to believe how big Bella is getting. She is being such a help. She cracks me up on a daily basis. John is doing really good. Staying busy as always. He takes such good care of his girls!
Bella loves to come back here and scrapbook with me (whether Im in the mood or not lol)She also is a Mario Cart Junkie You should here her and her daddy play. I get such a kick out of listening to her tell her daddy to “eat her dust” or to ” BEAT THAT” I can always tell when she is winning or losing. If she loses she will say “hmmph! ok! LETS BOWL.” (she rocks at Wii Bowling don’t let the little turkey fool you into thinking she can’t play)

WE have our taste of the world event at her school this weekend, and I SOOOOO HOPE I get to go,( Have I mentioned how good my hubby cooks? our class is in charge of the “Delectable desserts from around the world” but I’m not gonna hold my breathe. It is also shot night, and food smells, sounds, light, air well anything for that matter sometimes standing make me sick. depends on what day it is.
This last bout with shingles then the staph, MRSA I really havn’t been the same since. I guess it just takes longer to recoup? Everyone keeps reminding me Im not 20 anymore (yeah like I need a reminder THANKS FOR THAT)

enough with the boring stuff on with the fun stuff.

I did get some pages done
with this months kit for Scrapbook obsessions: which is the awesome cosmo cricket Girl Friday line!

I know the color on my page is a little off. My eyes are still kinda wonky. I have new glasses, and photoshop and they are not in sync yet. so if you can kinda just turn your head to the left squint and then ….. ughmmm yeah. ok. maybe?
not so much? ok well here… try my glasses on. maybe that will help. ok well it was worth a shot!!

Im not even through diving into this kit yet. Here is the first page I have made so far:

This is from when Bella’s K-5 class went to the corn Maze. She loved feeding the lamb “right out of her hand” that was all she talked about (and the piggy races)

I have another layout put together but not finished. (shot night got in the way) But Hopefully I can work on that today. I also have another really CUTEEE project in the works but I have something else I have to wait on before I can finish it (grrrrr)
but soon enough soon enough. story of my life these days.
I may have to regroup and do soemthing else if it doesnt hurry up.
(come onnnnn sunshine!!!) soooo in the meantime….

I also wanted to show yall some layouts I had made I havnt posted in a while so sorry this is one big post. I did these for One single Seed. You all know that Treasures To Scrap the site I have worked for forever, (HEY TRACY!) has moved. We are now. ONE SINGLE SEED
Bo Bunny is the highlight this month for the sight and I wanted to share a few pages
with their product.

This page is made with their “MY DARLING” line. It went well with the photos from The Childrens Museum field trip Bella went on. I used some aging techniques in Photoshop on the photos to make them look that way (for the non scrappers out there looking) I used a paint pen and painted in the word that was in the background paper and outlined it in the stickle glitter paint. I had alot of fun making this one. I love how she has her pinky stuck out in that second photo on the right hehe.

This is made with the “Sweetie Pie” line. It is so hard for me to believe my baby is gonna be 6. So I had to do a page telling her just that. She looks so grown up in this photo. (in her cute little outfit her Aunt Karen and Uncle Windale gave her she was modeling for us) I took chipboard letters and added stickles glitter glue to them to add sparkle to them to really make them stand out and 5 buttons on the side of that big flower to add up the 6 on top of that flower. Say it isnt so… she really cannot be turning 6 this year. WASN’T SHE JUST BORN????

I am working on more pages with my kit from Scrapbook Obsessions and also I will have some other yummies to show you later. I have just not been blogging or anything else much lately. Hope you all are enjoying spring weather and staying healthy and happy. I hope your eyes and head dont hurt from tilting your head to the left and squinting and wearing my glasses hehe)
I am still getting caught up, still kinda shaky but getting there.
OH YEAH before I forget again……

OH and Happy late Birthday to my Sister in Law (Bella made you a card I will scan it) and To my mother in law I hope your arm feels better soon! (Bella made you a card too)

Happy St. Patricks Day

I hope you find in your pot of gold everything you wish for this year.

Today on Oprah was a show that was very good that I think everyone should watch especially if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a significant life altering illness such as multiple sclerosis. Montel and Dr Oz take you through the emotions and the different emotions as well as the things you need to know to be prepared.
Montel williams Battle with Multiple Sclerosis

They also have information from Magic Johnson, Fran Dreshner, and Scott Hamilton on how they handled getting their diagnosis of life altering illness and how they handled it.

I have great hopes in the future for research to one day put an end to these horrible diseases. If nothing else I think this show at least got some awareness of what its like. I know it is very misunderstood since one person has it and leads a totally normal life then the next person is debilitated. So it is very misunderstood.

come one come all!! we are gonna have alot of fun! lots of projects! GAMES! SALES!!!!
so come on and have fun with us at ONE SINGLE SEED! Its not till next week so IM HOPINGGGGG I GET TO PLAY AND HAVE FUN WITH EVERYONEEEE WHHEWHEW. we will see. if not i can support from bed lol.


holy cow the new kit is up at SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS. I have missed sooooooooo much since I have been sick.
check out these girl friday papers from cosmo cricket YUMMMMMM! I cant wait to get my hands on them
and that maya road mini album but you know im a mini album girl I lovee love love them

I am feeling a little better. BUT it is shot night. every time I take my blame shot more pop up. I broke a tooth off and they will not fix it till this blame mrsa and shingles are healed grrrrrrrrrr. they are scared it will get in my blood stream. so i look like some kinda crack head redneck. It is awful,

I have sooooo many pictures to share with yall as soon as I get them uploaded. but right now I have got to lay back down. This medicine makes me so dizzy.
dont forget to check out this kit
it is so adorable. You still have time it doesnt start mailing until march 15!

updated update

well the newest update is the shingles we thought were all over my chest.. were not shingles it was actually m. r. s. a. if you are not familiar. ughmm look it up. its scary. it is a staph infection that is resistant to alot of antibiotics. luckily i had it topically. so it was just on my chest. I had shingles everywhere else on my face and neck. Then my MS has gotten kinda out of control so IM still not scrapping yet.
sorry I have not updated. I do have a few photos I need to upload and things I need to put up.
I just have been literally in the bed and have not been up much except at night. Have not updated have not done much of anything.
I do feel alot better it is im proving. Looks so much better. I can stand light and I actually sat in the living room tonight and watched part of CHUCK on tv, (This is huge I cant go in living room the light in their hurts my eyes so bad) sound hurts everything hurts.
so this is improvement.
so hopefully soon.
Thank you all for the prayers for me and for my family. Very much appreciated!