Happy St. Patricks Day

I hope you find in your pot of gold everything you wish for this year.

Today on Oprah was a show that was very good that I think everyone should watch especially if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a significant life altering illness such as multiple sclerosis. Montel and Dr Oz take you through the emotions and the different emotions as well as the things you need to know to be prepared.
Montel williams Battle with Multiple Sclerosis

They also have information from Magic Johnson, Fran Dreshner, and Scott Hamilton on how they handled getting their diagnosis of life altering illness and how they handled it.

I have great hopes in the future for research to one day put an end to these horrible diseases. If nothing else I think this show at least got some awareness of what its like. I know it is very misunderstood since one person has it and leads a totally normal life then the next person is debilitated. So it is very misunderstood.


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