Karma, My Daddy, and a child with horns.

Karma is a funny thing. IT all goes back to the Golden rule. We all learned it as children.. DO unto others as you would have them do unto you…….
Well some of us learned it as kids. Some maybe not so much.
But again..it comes down to karma. Essentially it is the same thing. The what comes around goes around method of life that really has been proven time and time again to exist. Karma is also kinda like a curse.
I say all this cuz today has been one of “THOSE DAYS”.

We have a water leak… inches from the main ON OUR SIDE. SO all the stuff that was supposed to get done today AINT HAPPNIN cuz, well. We have no water. I noticed yesterday as I stalked the mailman, water inside the hole where the meter reader thingy is and thought “HOW ODD, I don’t remember it raining” I am no plumber, so I was thinking it had something to do with gravity or something, I had no clue about, so went on about my way. Today, John is looking at a small geyser and is a little irritated that I didn’t mention the above said water…. YESTERDAY… whoops… didn’t realise that was important, but now I do.
Well any of you that have kids know how important routines are and getting out of those routines can be hazardous to everyone who is in the kids presence, health. Bella was gonna play with her friend Eva today and we were gonna get the floor project finished… nope.. now water problem will have be fixed, which no complaints from me. I kinda enjoy having running water inside. We spent many years without it growing up, so I really appreciate that luxury. BUT nooo, Our child has horns and a much different agenda today.
She stayed at her friends, maybe an hour, before she missed us so much it physically pained her. (she needed a nap) Daddy let her go with him to home depot. She comes back with M&m’s cuz well… any child in need of a nap should get a big old dose of chocolate right before hand…..SO he tells me “Make her take a nap, I need to go back to the store. I need THIS piece. That one won’t work” (he holds up some odd looking something or nother that resembled something that yeah probly had to do with plumbing, but I think a ploy to get away from the kid with horns the size of Christmas trees sprouting from her head, that is NOT quietly expressing her discontent with the entire situation.
FINALLY, amid the screams of protest, I get her to lay down. I promise her we will go to the store, Ice cream, yes, we will get Ice cream… if you will CLOSE YOUR MOUTH and CLOSE YOUR EYES and please for the love of all that is good in the world go to SLEEEEPPPP! ” BEDDA NOT WANNA TAKKA NAyughPPPPPPPP WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA nonononono not wanna nonononononononono BEDDA NOT WANNAAAAAAAAA” Ok, so somewhere in heaven my daddy is just bent over grasping his stomach in fits of laughter right now. Because as she is in mid SCREAM ATHON in protest of the NAP I SOOOOO was in need of her taking, she spotted what? A commerical on tv for a Strawberry shortcake baby doll that had beautiful flowing hair and was wearing a back pack OOoohhh aahhhhhh ” ::DEEP GASP FOR AIR::: MOMMY BEDDA WANT THYATTTTT then … silence…. I spin around almost falling to see what this miraculous thing was that made her HUSH IN MID SCREAM. I NEEEDEd THIS MIRACULOUS PRODUCT… what??? Oh I dont think so. A TOY? SO I say well baby..:: yes called her baby instead of spawn of satan like I was thinking:: Maybe Santa claus can bring that to you….but, Santa doesn’t bring toys to children that are being bad and not taking their naps…. She looks at me as if to day “Oh ye dear sweet lady that has a thought in your head” and replies “NO mommy I meant today!” HUH? Oh I do not think so. For a mere second I would have given 40 dolls for her to hush and go to sleep, but no we are not gonna teach extortion, that is not the moral of the story! So, she lays there and just starts talking.. jabbering away about “dont wanna take nap, dont have to take nap, what is that… what is that for? WHY do I have to take a nap? but why? but why? why? mommmy? mommy… MOMMMY!!? “Yes Bella?” WHY? “why what?” (she can’t even remember cuz she said why so much) I said “Bella be quiet and go to sleep… “
OK, rewind, go back to beginning of the the previous paragraph (in theory) and start over… yes we relived it again OK, so I know that these books you read say do this, and whatever and some super nanny woman will even come to your house and try to fix your kid, but when there is karma in the way I dont think a book will help. Somewhere in Rankin County in the rural outskirts of a tiny town In Mississippi, sits a man wise beyond his years, who when he reads this story is gonna laugh very hard. His name… Mr. Steve Young.. ::waving:: “Hi Mr. Steve” When I was about Ohhhh.. say Bella’s age.(!!!).. he was an older teenager maybe early twenty ager and he painted our house one summer during school break. Well, I was his personal entertainment. I played the radio for him… and my job was to ask him AS MANY questions as possible to see how crazy I could drive him. WHY he didnt kill me is a miracle and also probably why this man is so respected in our community today…. WHY? I would say… “what you do that for? but why? how come you do it that way? “
What he didn’t realise is my parents were probably off somewhere thanking GOD that this kid was painting their house and I wasnt asking them all these questions. Well later on, This same guy was my youth leader at church.. then our young adult sunday school teacher, then our couples sunday school teacher, a wonderful mentor and a person I looked/actually still look up to for advice and teaching and as a role model… SOMEwhere in all of this he put Karma into play… we also know it as “The curse.. ” Yes he said “I HOPE THAT YOU WILL HAVE A KID SOMEDAY that will ask as many questions and drive you crazy like you did me.” Oh no I dont just say Thank you to him…

My father did the same… Its not their fault.. I put the same curse on Bella and her Karma into action today, cuz it will take at least 3 of her to make up for the nerves she got on today… BUT, anyway, I was a talkative child (pause for gasps of shock and waves of disbelief among blog land) I KNOW yall find THAT hard to believe BUT I was/an a joy to everyone who knew/err knows me (hahahahahaa) I wasnt a bad kid though my father back in those days would have just beat me and made another one, those were back in the days where if you got a spanking .. You probably deserved (no my parents were not child beaters or anything they spoiled the kids but didnt spare the rod though) at the grocery store or any other place in public other parents applauded and sometimes would Kick you back in if you tried to run away… (NO you wouldn’t be arrested you would be called a good parent) Well I would ask my father the same why questions a million times a day till he would Totally lose it and probably would have abused alcohol at some point if I had not stopped.. but he put the same Karma into action on me … except he kicked it up a notch.. He said “one day You will have a kid JUST LIKE YOU… wait wait NO.. You will have one WORSE….”
SO ALL YOU KIDS OF THE WORLD.. ALL you Teenagers driving your parents nuts today… Think of this and know Karma is real… I have a child with two beautifully decorated sparkly horns growing out of her head, as a banner of karma right now asking me “WHY WHY WHY” she cant get in this room with me that she has painted with ink that I just cleaned up… again.. “BECAUSE I SAID SO”I reply… (OH NO!) WOrds as a kid I screamed I would never say to my child but NOW realise, what a booger karma is and that yeah I was probably their lesson to learn as well… Do not get me wrong,I LOVE my child with every ounce of my heart and Praise and thank GOd for her daily, but today.. I REALLY SEE what a sense of humor the lord has… SO KIDS… THis should say.. DO UNTO YOUR PARENTS NICELY, CUZ IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS OF YOUR OWN!

Thanks Daddy, Thanks Mr Steve…. Im bringing her to your house now 🙂


All because of an ANT? or hundred…

Im sure you find that hard to believe but … it is true. I was sitting Thursday night at my computer where you will find me after the dunk and bunk (give Bella a bath and put her to bed) I look down at my carpeted scrap room floor and see a cheetoo. I don’t remember there being a cheetoo there but .. ok IM not so observant these days.. I look back down.. CHeetoo is gone.. NOT GOOD I look over about ohhhhh 4 inches there goes cheetoo… MOVING.. Ok I took a tylenol sinus earlier but I dont think halucinating is a side effect… COULD BE WRONG… I call John JOOOOOHHHHHHHNNN Oh wait crapp baby is asleep so I whisper jooooohhhhhnnnnn very sternly so he will COME HERE NOW. He is pounding down the hall SHHHH DONT YOU WAKE HER UP! I said I know Im sorry but LOOOOK! CHEETOOO … Moving… ………. NOT NORMAL!!!!!! He stares at me Like Joey used to stare at people on the show friends with the one eyebrow raised… and says HUH? I said just watch it. Ok so he thinks IM nuts but then he goes “HOW DID You do that?”… AHHHAAA! You see it to. He thinks I HAVE LOST MY EVERLOVING MIND by now. I kick the cheetoo and voila ANTS… not just one but like an entire construction crew of ants. I look and they have a fan club LOTS OF THEM.. seems the cheetoo movers are a popular crew in antdom.. SO my first reaction… freak out. pull stuff away find where they came from.. we discover MORE AND MORE ants. HUGE mound outside window… I guess they thought this one cheetoo is gonna be like a huge feast.. THEY SOO underestimated me. SO we look.. NOTHING to spray SO I try… WINDEX… You know In case I wanted to have that NO GLARE shine on my ants cuz all it did was make them like REALLY mad (like you wouldnt be if someone sprayed you with windex) so john pulls out the big guns… SEVEN… Ok so Im thinking IM NOT to get this on my hands or any exposed skin or any painted surface… OH BUT SPRAY HEAVILY into the carpet… MAKEs perfect SENSE TO ME!! lets KILL EM! SO we did and killed the ants…
Woke up the next morning with a fear OMG I sprayed poison IN MY HOUSE that my child lives in…. NOT GOOD. but we were desperate ,did keep the door shut and no children or animals JUST ANTS were harmed. We ran the vaccum cleaner but I still had that eww feeling.. SO what is a girl to do.. RIP UP HER CARPET I SAY! I have been wanting to do this anyway. SO hubby rolled his eyes and gave in…. IM SO GLAD he did. It looks soo much better and we found a ton of brads that I droped probly a year ago on the floor and coulnt find (told him the floor ate them) it ate everything You would drop something it was gone forever.. so now… I can see it. we will stain the concrete and texture it up then paint my walls SEI winnies walls colors I am cited. GOt the plan for my NEW SCRAPPIN TABLE all drawn out will be here by Christmas (thank you santa) and my stools will be here and my new scrap room will loook AMAZING like real professional room! I am excited NO more mismatched furniture for this chick! I got total inspiration from a chick I admire from SCRAP THAT MOMENT ( The design team i am on. I LOVE saying that! yes, I m still in the clouds IM so excited what an amazing opportunity) Heidi Jones. She posted a photo of her scrap room and I fell in love. Then my fearless leader and friend Lynette showed me a pic of her guest room so it seems I am not the first to love this color but trust me It will be amazing… It will be Nancy’s Wall’s By the time I am finished. WInnies walls from SEI Is my total MoST FAVORITE paper line in the entire world. (in case you didnt know) And now I will be surrouonded by it every day I CANNOT WAIT! YEEHAW!

Got my scrapbook trends in the mail and man I see alot of friends in there! GIrls yall rocked this edition and took names! whehehwhwhehw GO CHICKS!

Let the stalking continue….

OUR challenge today on STM blog challenge was name the cartoon character we most resemble… I kept thinking RESEMBLE as if IN looks? hahaha her teeth look too pretty to be me right now…. She does kick some serious butt, is a princess and is in love with a big oager (love you honey) so me huh? ha!

I am stalking our mail man… we have a new one.. he does the route backwards from the other mail person we had…. I check out mail then have to walk to all the other neighbors houses to deliver THEIR mail that we get… then collect ours.. It is quite ridiculous. I am hoping he will get adjusted soon. I want to run out and search the truck and see if my box is in there… Until then I suppose me and the spider will sit on the porch waiting haha! I hate procrastination and want to get my projects done. I like to get it done then kick back then upload them when their due. I always have hated procrastination it drives me nuts and is one of my biggest pet peeves. THe only time I do procrastinate is when I do not want to do something. Im too excited about all this to procrastinate.
We got Bella a little flag so she can entertain us for hours saying INDIVISIBLE and the pledge of allegiance. It is hysterical. I MUST video it cuz she is so stinkin cute she gives us the instructions of Hand obers your hearts… I put mine on daddy’s he puts his on mine.. SHE gets soo flustered YOU GUYS!!! DAT IS NOT how we say da pwedge of aweddent! ERYBODY hand Ober its owns hearts! sooo funny. OUR new party trick to show the neighbors.. HOpe you all had a lovely Thursday I got my fix from Greys Anatomy and from ER ( so happy the baby is ok) See ya tomorrow 🙂

Sometimes you just gotta….

SO now you see what I have been working on today…. I had these photos and told my friend Kari Roach that I would show her a photo she would really appreciate hahaha Instead I made it into a layout.
NOW kARI you need to make yours into a layout hahahahaha! Show me when your done!

Happy early birthday to Lynette Our fearless leader. Her birthday is tomorrow and we wish she has a good one!! YOU ROCK LYNETTE.
That is it for me today been busy busy cleaning and scrapping.. Ok mostly scrappin’ got alot of stuff due so I will be locked in for the next week.
Hope you had a great hump day 🙂

My Minds Eye

Here is the latest creation with the bohemian line from My Minds Eye. (I am lovin’ this paper line) If you haven’t gotten any of this paper yet RUN DONT WALK to get some! IT rocks! I KNOW this photo of this page kinda is overexposed but it was the best I could do till I get a new scanner (insert frown here) Hopefully soon! John has a meeting this morning online so Im dressin mini me and getting her ready for school. MAYBE I can get that first day of school photo I was too sick to go take, today. I really want one of her and her teacher Mrs. Angie for her scrapbook and also to do some school pages with. I have some awesome product ON ITS WAY HERE ( I am stalking the postman as we speak several hours early .. OK IM PRACTICING for when she really gets here) I cannot wait to get my hands on that box! I know some other ladies that are just as excited and are stalking the postal service people as well lol Thank GOD they know we are harmless. Well I need to go figure out breakfast The sun is not even up yet (insert smiley with eyes bugged out here) but that is ok.. does the body good to watch a sunrise in Mobile (or Nomeal as Bella calls it) occassionally. Hope you all have a wonderful day ( and our boxes come in today stm chicks lol I will be stalking with you!!)

PS: Jeanne I hope this wasn’t the same photo you were talking about… I TRIED all the other ones I printed but didnt jive with the paper. I couldn’t remember if it was this one or the one of her looking over the bench… sorry if it is the same but Im sure your will rock much harder if it is.. so do it anyway!!!!

Todays STM blog challenge

Today’s STM BLOG CHALLENGE is WHO’s Your Daddy… Tell us about your other half.
Yall all if you have looked at my blog twice even know my dh John (hi honey) has his work cut out for him most days. He spends alot of time shaking his head and grinning. WE have a great life together full of laughter (most days) but occasionally we are known to wanna choke each other ( he is married to me after all) SO Whats to know about my rockin hubby? Well he prides himself on being my computer nerd. He is very smart. Handsome and makes an awesome chimichanga can I tell you! He is my biggest fan and my greatest supporter. He is my cheerleader and my best friend. He has pulled me from the ditches of depression, he has kicked my butt (not literally) when I was wrong but he is my defender to the end. All that wrapped up in a charming package. He gave me the sweetest most beautiful little girl (yeah she is my kid so yes I wanna choke her most days…) IN the world. Im so proud of them both. No matter what my hubby is there for me and me for him ..eventually Hahaha that is a joke because I SOOO didnt want to move to Mobile away from my family and friends. BUT eventually after I was well enough.. I did and Im glad I did… so that is the best I love you he ever got (me admitting OK you were right) SO MUCH I had to let go of there to move.. I felt I was leaving my daddy behind even though he was theoretically gone.. still I held onto every tiny detail of his existance and sometimes you just have to let go to live. He taught me how to let go and I will be forever grateful. YOU can let go but still hold on….. that only makes sense if you have had to do it. Thank you my love!
Im still stalking the mail man…. PRAYING this gets here today or I will be doing some seriously mad scrappin to get my projects out by the first.. NO PRESSURE HUH lol

The family that hurls together?

Maybe this needs a disclaimer cuz we all have some freaky virus
NO we didnt eat spinach or any frog infested salads yeaauuulllKKkk!

I know that is not exactly the way the phrase goes but well LETS just say it does at our house. We have some kinda NASTY bug we have been harboring and taken turns with. NOT FUN. I havent scrapped in days but I will be back soon. Just checking in mainly saying HI WE ARE STILL ALIVE…. I do not wanna see any more chicken noodle or chicken whatever soup for a while. Bella even asked DO WE have ANYTHING that isnt Chicken water mommy? poor baby.
John has us all on a regime of gatorade and vitamins he said NO more viruses can enter here. ( in his best super hero impression) I guess the threat alone should have had the critters heading for the hills but they decided to jump him instead (who can blame them he is so darn cute) Thank God he has such an awesome immune system he felt like nauseaus and a cramp and was over it while Bella and I were sure we faced certain death by tidy bowl man.

Today we are thankful we can both sit in the upright position with out as Bella says “feelin like sick” We both made it through one episode of food channel’s cupcake competition before it hit us again so… obviously it is a site illness as well, Meaning we throw up the food we see not just the food we eat.. . I anxiously await TV tonight as more new shows come out LOVE fall tv. CUZ YOU KNOW It will be over in just a couple weeks then the same ol crapp will be on again…sigh.. Thank you GOD for Grey’s Anatomy. I love that show.

Survivor fans Check this out!

This is my friend Annette’s survivor layout. HOW COOL IS THIS!!! I know we have alot of Survivor fans out there and knew you all would draw great inspiration from this. Annette has a major love for the show. SHe did alot of reasearch and listed her favorite competitors, her favorite seasons and episodes, who the winners of each season were, and journaled about her love for the show. IS she not the cutest in her shirt and buff? What is your favorite show? Have you done a page on your favorite show? Annette has so inspired me to do a page on my favorite tv line up. I challenge you to do a page on your favorite show and post it on your blog. IF You dont have a blog email me and send me a copy of the layouts and I will put you on mine. (Jeanne, Andrea…. I so expect a Mc Grey’s layout from you hehehe)

My TWO favorite things (errr People?)

HOW much do I LOVE the My Minds Eye Bohemian line? Do I need to answer this question? This is some of the wonderful paper the scrapbook fairy brought me. Thank you scrapbook fairy. As soon as My scanner comes in I will do a better scan of it.. for now this digi photo that is… well, off a little, will have to work. I added the doodles.. dots,the flowers and the bling. (so lovin’ bling these days) Tim holtz inks and I hand cut the flourishes from cosmo cricket flourishes as a template (that was fun!) chalks and inks and lovely ZIG writers fill in the rest as well as heidi swapp and buttons I hand painted.

SO there they are.. The loves of my life.

I am still walking on MAJOR AIR from getting the Scrap That Moment Design Team Position. I am still in shock and still smilin’ from ear to ear. WIll take a while to bring me down from this one. I am eagerly awaiting my first shipment from which I hear is absolutely AMAZING and OMG one of my favorite designers as well. CAN’T SAY WHO but I promise to take a photo when that puppy goes THUD on my doorstep. I cannot wait! I hear the box is crammed majorly full and bursting to be opened by YOURS TRULY! I am also working on my projects for Untamed Scrapper. Got a few surprises going on there too. Lots of fun coming up in this months view!

Scrappy Chick Magazine will be out and about any time now. CANNOT WAIT to see the creations she picked in there! SOME AMAZING TALENT!

Don’t forget to pick up your Hobby Lobby Magazine OCTOBER 1st and check out page 10. Thats all Im gonna say. OK I think that is it for me. I MUST go get some sleep. Bella has a big day tomorrow and I have follow up eye apt’s so whewhew fun. I CAN SEE! Thank GOD. So far every time I have gotten shingles it has been less and less horrible so maybe it just will stay away. Thanks for all your prayers through all the “crapp” we have been through. BIG HUGS to you all!


SOOO do you recognize the sweet little face all the way on the right?
YES!!!!!!! I MADE IT!!!!!

SO did Deborah, Becky,sarah, and LAVA GIRL I mean HEAther!
Congratulations yall ROCK BIGTIME! I am honored to be on a team with such awesome artists. VERY INTIMIDATING but, I will be nervous about that later!
Some very excited chicks tonight! I think it will be weeks before I get this grin off my face. I know it is going to be alot of work but I know I can do it. I cannot wait to get started!

ALSO Kari, DI and Terri were promoted to ScrappyChick designers! NO more freelance for you chicks! YIPPEE yall so rock! Im so excited for all of you. I ALSO have to commend all the women that worked so hard uploading and posting and just being a part of THAT DESIGN TEAM competition. Everyone had amazing creations and Im telling you Lynnette really struggled to pick. You all are classy chicks and amazing artists. Yall keep submitting and keep posting!

http://www.scrapthatmoment.com/boards/ Go look at the Fabulous additional headers Lynnette made and surprised us with during the Tuesday Night girls Chat. SHe is amazing at this! We had a great time as usual!!! If you havent attended one OH you dont know what your missing! CONGRATULATIONS CHICKS I cannot wait to start working with you IT TRULY is an Honor!