End of 09 End of 39 WHY DO You have to remind me

Ok so Bella keeps running around here saying “MOMMY HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE THE BIG 4 0 0?” (CRINGE)
THis Has been a huge joke with us.OK THEMMMM (she and he not me) I have to say I do feel closer to 400 than 40 these days. How many times can ONE HAVE SHINGLES ALREADY! GOOD GRACIOUS THERE HAS TO BE A WORLD RECORD AND I THINK I AM THAT RECORD HOLDER! IT is getting to the point of ridiculous.
Christmas did turn out well nonetheless. WE had a lovely little addition to the Jones family. Mom and Dad brought LALA down with them this year and they almost didn’t get to take her home with them. We did everything but steal this little dog.
I know she stole our hearts. SHe is just the CUTEST THING EVER.

Here are Bella and Lala snoozin…

THey were some worn out pups after Christmas

SO I was gonna ask you some questions because I know yall just LOVEEEEEE IT when I do that!
What were your biggest challenges of 09 this year?
Have you put them down on paper? Do you plan to?
Why or why not?

ALso this is the time to be thinking about getting all your photos backed up printed off and ready for the new year. I KNOW I KNOW but someone has to bug you and tell you to do it. I figure I will remind yall and then yall can Remind me. We hear way too often about computer crashes and people losing their photos and everything on there. so just bite the bullet and get it over with. Take a weekend and back up those photos! Copy them to an off site storage or copy them all onto disk and put them up! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

I just sent a TON of photos to Wal Greens they have a special goin. (you can use anyone Im not pimping them its just closer to where I live so its who I use and I like their printing)

Maybe my glue is dry now and I can get back to my canvas Im working on
we have a lovely kit this month over at Scrapbook Obsessions. You should go check it out! I will be back to show you what I did with it as soon as Im finished 🙂


decorating cookies with Mrs Claus

I have been working like crazy getting Christmas presents made. SO I haven’t updated my blog or done much else lately. In between all that Bella came down with walking pneumonia. She spent most of a week home from school even missed her school play where she was playing the part of an angel 😦
She was very disappointed.

Dr gave her some good stuff though and she feels much better. So as a special treat she did get to go with Mrs. Tara and Brayden to see “The Princess and The Frog” on Friday.

Bella swears it was a date….. John says nugh ughhh! (that is her “boy” by the way has been since she was litttle.) My friend Leslie says it loooked like a date to herrr.
THey are so funny!

So SATURDAY.. ya it continues. I tell you I just love me some Tara. She is too sweet.
She hooked us up with reservations to decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus.
They are good friends with the owner of “Cookies By Design” This is the CUUUUTEST store everrrr! (awesome cookies too) There is still time to do this with your kids if you are in the Mobile area by the way. You have to make reservations. Call themm! Not sure if she is booked up but if she has cancellations CALL HER!!!

It is sooo much fun You will so enjoy it with your kids sooo worth it.

Mrs. Claus also read the children a couple stories and told them all about Santa and how they met and how she came to live at the North Pole. You can see how they were just hanging on her every word.

After that we had the twins, Mandalyn and Sheldon’s birthday party that evening to go to. I figured I was already dressed… I know I know… I stayed to the side away from everyone, well, pretty much mainly just there with John, Tara, Beth and Mark. I did go talk to Joanne and her husband for a bit. I hated to get too close around everyone we have done soo good since the last bout of flu (then shingles and all) but I guess it was too late if we were gonna get it. I am just so terrified of those things mainly the shingles. ugh they hurtttt so bad.
I get a cold and I break out in them. anyway sorry for the ramble. Im tired.
IT WAS SO GOOD TO GET OUT. The pictures didnt turn out that good at the birthday party I took. The lighting was really bad in there. (not to mention I was exhausted)
and the kids were all over the place on these blow up jumpin thingssss. hard to hit movin targets.
we had to keep getting Bella to sit downnn! stop! dont get hot! we let her play, we aren’t horribly meannn.
So anyway. It was good to get out. But I was/am exhausted. I could barely move when I got up Today. Price ya pay, but, The look in Bella’s eyes and how much FUN she had. Oh to hear her telling her daddy all about Mrs. Claus and retell the story of “HOW MRS Claus MET SANTA CLAUS and how they got MARRRIED!!” was just oh so cute.
LOVE IT!! I would NOT trade it for ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD. SO GLAD I GOT TO HAVE that experience. Filing it away in my good memories to remember for when things aren’t goin so hot!

We didn’t get to go to John’s dinner with his co workers that was sad. It was kinda impromptu. A little Christmas per say get together at The Oyster house. But I was so just wiped out I couldn’t function. I have not done this much in years. But I am doing so much better right now than I have done in a while. That was alot for me I usually just go to the dr and I have to take a nap. John was exhausted from last week. He will catch up this week though

Ok still got lots to do.
Hope you all have a great week.

New creations for December..

This months Scrapbook Obsessions kit is SO yummy. BO BUNNY Christmas papers are just full of nostalgic memories. Kaisercrafts album you can decorate with your favorite memories and lots of bling to shine it up with. There are even templates to help you do so. Here are a few things I did so far with the kit:

Click on the photos for a Better look 🙂

We had a hard time Breaking Bella of her pacifier. We tried to get her to give it to Santa Claus.. didn’t happen that year..

This Kaisercraft album included in the kit is just amazingly perfecttt for what I needed to update some of my pictures I had of these field trips Bella Bug has been on. I really went to town with the stickles (not included in the kit) I wanted to shine it up with the shimmer and shine so I really did sparkle it on some extra. HEYYY! ITS CHRISTMAS!

Say Hello to Rudolph BELLA JUST LOVED THIS RUDOLPH SHE SAID IT HADDD TO GO RIGHT HERE!! so that was her contribution to this album. THANK YOU BELLA.

This years photo of Miss Bella bug and Santa.

I STILL have paper left over to do some cards with also so seeee how much you get in these kits! ya! awesome! Hope you guys have a wonderful week it has turned off cold here so its been kinda tough on the ol bones and body. Got lots of scrappin to do though. Hope everyone is doing well 🙂