listen… listen close

Shhhhh… listen…. Can you hear it? Listen close.. concentrate. be still and listen.
What? You don’t hear anything?
I KNOW that is because it is SOOO EEERILY QUIET around here!!!!
Bella is gone to her Aunt liz’s for the weekend.
She wasn’t too sure about it at first she said she would miss us just too much.
I told her she would have sooo much fun when she got there though.
BOY HAS SHE. She has been a Wii playin’ machine. Liz called this morning to tell
us that she bowled a 189 rofl!
She is kickin hiney on the Wii.
She has a “new best friend” kaitlyn. That is a little girl that little sister to Greysons friend. So she has been playing up a storm.
I asked her if she missed us any? Even a little? maybe a tiny droplet?
she said maybe just a little bit. I asked if she was ready to come home yet and she said
“NO! IM NOT DONE YET!” She suggested we come up there and play too hahahaha.
I told her that was ok I think we would somehow survive without her here.
It would be so hard for us you know with all this quiet and soaking up this rest, but we would somehow try to manage,

I did alot of scrappin’ yesterday, got two pages done and another one laid out just have to adhere it all down.
here is a sneaky peek at them.

I did the “Cool Treats” for Treasures to Scrap. Is this Basic Grey (cupcake line) popsicle and ice cream/cupcake paper not the CUTEST EVERRRR!!! This photo was from Bella bugs Birthday party. She loves those icee’s, Can’t say I blame her. They are sooo good esp when it is really hot!
The second one is for her book of her Trick or Treating this past year. SHe was a way too cute princess! Sent that one in for Hobby Lobby with their papers and embellies.

I have another page almost finished.
I am getting lots of rest and relaxing.
I want to get some cleaning done but It hasn’t happened yet.. I can clean when she is home but it is a lot harder to scrap hahahaha.
OK Im off to scrap for now hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



Here is the newest news on Trevor. Everyone is very thankful and rejoicing this morning but also with heavy hearts for the 3 people who lost their lives this weekend. Those 3 people donated their organs that will save 7 lives.

* Updated to add that Tracy has put the entire thing up on her blog so you can see what all happened and also a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has been praying and continues to pray for all involved. You can see that HERE

It s something to really think about if you have not thought about it or decided if you would donate your organs after your gone. (not like your gonna be usin’ em!) What a wonderful gift to give someone that is desperatly clinging to life.
After seeing what Tracy and everyone has gone through waiting for Trevor to receive this gift, has really made me stop and think about it.
(if they would use mine….)

So everyone is smiling bigger today.
I know Bella is so excited today because her Aunt Liz, Zach and Greyson are coming. They are going to take her back with them for the weekend. She can barely contain herself she is so excited.
So that means I need to go and clean at this house a little.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and thank you for your continued prayers for Trevor and his family!!!


I know alot of you know that we all have been praying for Tracy’s son in law Trevor for the longest time. He has been needing a new pancreas and kidneys. He has almost died so many times. It has been so very scary. WELL.. Last night. THEY FOUND A DONOR.
You can read and stay updated HERE.
Will let you know more as we know it.

A scrappy good time…

Yesterday John took Bella down to Tara and Greggs (Braydan’s) to play on the water slide. SOOOO much fun did they have! She was a worn out kid last night let me tell you. I stayed at home out of the heat and sun. My allergies/sinuses have been in overdrive. BUT, I got some scrapping done for TREASURES TO SCRAP. That I have been needing to do.

This is the Fancy Pants Papa Line.
SO rich are these colors and vibrant. They really did well with these photos.

I love working with these colors. Was a lot of fun. I love taking dominant boy papers and show how they can be versatile for a girl… some I know you cant do that with but the color is what I am referring to. This was a pretty masculine line but it was so perfect for these photos.

I scanned these layouts when I really should have taken a photo I guess.
It feels good to be able to scrap again. I have alot of photos I need to get scrapped.
I also wanna give a shout out and a HUGEEEE congratulations to two of my buds Lynnise and Jing Jing. They were just chosen to be on the GRAPHIC 45 Design Team!! WHEEEW HEWWWW!! I am so proud of you guys and happy ecstatic. They are wonderful artists. If you get a chance stop by their blogs. These girls ROCK!!
Well I guess I better keep scrapping while I have the opportunity. Quiet weekend around here. (SHOCKING)
Hope you have a very nice day!

Happy Birthday Album

I FINALLY got to finish Bella’s Happy Birthday Album. I had gotten this album from the Scrapbook Obsessions kit Last month. I knew it would be PERFECT to do Bella’s Birthday party photos in. So take a look.
I used Basic Grey Cupcake line on the album. Tim Holtz Grungeboard with Making memories paints and crystal effects over that.

I used a sticker from Carolees (Adorn it) Prima flower, doodlebug jewel and a Making Memories Jigsaw number 5 with colorbox inks to color it with. I used deco scissors to edge my photo with.

I used a reminisce birthday girl sticker, basic grey buttons, doodlebug flowers and rub ons from provocraft. I tied basic grey ribbon and some tiny rick rack over the H on the letter P. (to cover a boo boo lol)

I used a bo bunny letter b and pulled the top layer off. colored it with colorbox inks. Fancy pants chipboard hearts and jewels from hobby lobby.
love elsie epoxys, adorn it sticker, junkitz flower, all my memories little metal embellishment.

The last two pages I put the journaling on. These pages were larger so more could be done. I chose to use smaller photos so I could really show how much fun and the activities they did at the party. I used basic grey buttons and some rick rack to garnish the page.
The journaling reads “You had so much fun at your 5th birthday party. It was a beautiful day, perfect for going to the park. Your friends from school,Eva,(your very best friend) along with Grandma, Aunt Diane and Uncle David joined us for a fun filled day. You had a princess cake along with a crown pinata. I think everyone had a wonderful time. I know you did.. You were so tired, daddy had to carry a very tired princess to the car to go home.”
The last page just has a few photos of miscellaneous things they did. Making memories tag, fancy pants chipboard, basic grey buttons, Adorn it sticker, and making memories tiny letter stickers (so cute!)
(The Basic Grey Paper and most embellishments came from paper discount store)

I wanted to put BIRTHDAY across the front some way creative but wasn’t sure how to attach it. Colette a Very talented scrapper (and buddy of mine) on the Scrapbook obsessions design team had added a word to hers like this. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I did mine a little bit differently but the idea came from her so I wanted to give her the props for it. You can see Colette’s GORGEOUS version of the Happy Word Book Album Here.

We had a fun filled day at the Jones residence yesterday. Bella pulled out ALLLLL her little people (groan) funny thing is… I was just getting ready to box them up to take to consignment. It is like she has “throw toys out Esp” or something.She has had these since she was about 1 year old and her collection has GROWN to substantial status. WE have a huge tote and a basket full of these things.
Her imagination has grown so much in those 5 years. She also added a few “EXTRA” toys in with the mix. I loved listening to her and playing with her with these. SOOO CUTE.
I wasnt so sure what to think of all the people being corralled in the fences and the animals outside the fence with Ninja turtle as the gate keeper. I asked her what that was all about.
She said “Don’t be silly mommy, You know they havin’ a dayunce (dance) Pawty (party)!!!! How silly of me to think other wise huh?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

One more dr visit down….

How many left to go? geez that seems like all we have been doing. Dr’s appts. I go and then come home and just fall out for days. I know that sounds crazy to alot of you but it is our life these days. Today was a big one. The Rheumatologist. (lupus dr) Really like this guy he is very nice and explains everything so good where you understand what he is saying. He said yes.. I still have it but my tests are not different from what they were. Actually its a combination of things. He feels it is MORE the Multiple Sclerosis raging war right now. We asked if he thought I was mis diagnosed back when I was dx with Lupus he said NO not MISDIAGNOSED. just in addition to… He said the lupus isn’t as dominant as the MS (if that makes sense) SO that just confirmed the what hte neurologist thought and off to UAB we go. We will get his opinion of which therapy to do and then start waging our war back.
it is so hard to know what to fight when you dont know what your fighting against.
So many people don’t understand all this and what peopel go through.
IT is an entire LIFE CHANGE. I had been in a remission type state for so long and got spoiled. I was able to do stuff and go places. Play with Bella and not get tired. NOT LIKE NOW. The shingles brought all this out we do believe. And boy did it. We asked if I had this also all along, why was I not dx with it sooner. But he said it takes sometimes YEARSSS to get a proper dx, some people have been waiting up to 10 years to get a dx at all. Ironically it has been 12 years since I got dx. with lupus. He said the medication that I was on for lupus could have helped and also getting pregnant. pregnancy does put people in remission. WELL THERE IS no chance of THAT happning again so We will have to leave it to modern meds haha. WHICH are beta seron Injections.
IM NOT looking forward to that but Everyone I talk to that is on it. says it is tolerable. It is what it is..and we will pull up our boot straps and fight it with all we have. I am hoping I can get to scrapping more like I had been. Side effects are wonky right now on meds but that will pass.
Im so appreciative to all who have gone through this battle with me and have put up with me. It has been difficult on all of us.
So my goal now is remission. I have been asking about diets, and exercise (which is comical right now since I can barely walk without a cane or walker) But it will get better each day as soon as we can start the injections.

SO many people are sick right now. It has really had me down. a very dear friend of mine Latonya is about to start her fight for life. I feel so weak beside her ,she is a pillar of strength and beautiful in every way. I admire her so much. We pray for her morning noon and night. Bella remembers her when we say our blessings. I hope you will pray for her too.

I know we all have our battles. I am not even comparing so don’t think that. Everyone has something.
Im just glad to FINALLY know what ALL it is we are fighting against and why my body is acting the way it is. I miss being with my family (missing christmas’ back home and going home for anything basically for 2 years now) and all that has been taken away. I JUST want my life back! Now maybe that will start.

IT’s monday again?

Didn’t we just have one of these? you know, Mondays??? Well I guess it really is a good thing to have another one. we had an eventful weekend with all the glamour and excitement of a hmmm tryin to think of a word to describe it. It was kinda blah, then scary, then mouth dropping then hysterical, then just everyone fall down and try to regroup. I would say it reminds me of a movie. Parts of it seemed to play in slow motion..

It started off kinda nothing going on typical nuther day in my life. Then I started getting this really weird feeling. Like someone came up to me and hugged me REALLY TIGHT and didn’t let go. Kinda like a relative you haven’t seen in a long time when your a kid that hugs too tight? (you all had one just go on and admit it!)
IT is like your ribs are pushing all your guts upward. you cant swallow breathe a deep breath.. really weird feeling. at first thought oh its asthmaish so hit the inahler.. nothing.. ok this is starting to get scary. so anyway long story short. we found out.. its this crazy thing with MS. where the bands on your spinal cord that are effected by where ever your lesions are (obviously mine were around the abdomen lungish all your center guttage department) Your muscles will just spasm and try to choke the crapp out of you.
pretty much sums it up. so that happened on and off all weekend. but AFTER we found out how to handle it, it wasnt so bad. just aggravating and kinda painful.

Bella had gone to play with Brayden for about an hour or so (see photos my bud Tara took for me) While John worked on the Air conditioner,

(cutting back limbs and cleaning the outside part THEN, when she got home. Eva Caroline was outside so She went to play with her. so SHE PLAYED all day Saturday.
John cleaned the house and helped me get a bath (yeah I bathed, on a saturday even)and get dressed.

Tara and Gregg were bringing Braydan and gonna come over for dinner, kinda impromptu, dont wear your good clothes kinda thing. Just you know have fun and kick back talk about something that doesn’t involve a cartoon character. BUT, I STILL was all grungy and had been sweating having those freakish spasms. Im sure they would have thanked me if they had seen me earlier in the day.
We rounded up Bella and hosed her off. HOW she can get that dirty so fast. BUT, she had SOOOO much fun. She got to play with her two very best friends she said (Eva and Braydan) so it was “THE BEST DAY EVERRRRR”
ALSO MY FRIEND TRINA (HEY TRINA) brought me my close to my heart stamps. She is so funny I just love her. SHe has to come back and scrapbook with me sometime. SHe is so much fun and is a breath of fresh air.

John cooked some FANTABOOOLUS ribs and sausage and hamburgers and stuff on the grill.
Bella and Braydan played some more.They did puppet shows with Bellas barbies and also a HULA show for us (OMG SHE IS GONNA KILL ME FOR SHOWING THESE) Im sooo gonna have to pay for this childs Plane tickets to be on the Dr. Phil show later in life for this.

BUT LOOK HOW FREAKIN CUTE THEY AREEEE! WE told him that boys wear those too. THE FIRE DANCERS. THen I thougth about what I said. I JUST TOLD a 5 year old. HE WAS A FIRE DANCER. NOT GOOD. SO we need to watch them around flames for a while.
Bella, That child I tell you when her head hit the pillow I think she was out cold.

Sunday we vegged. I attempted to work on this Happy album some more by bo bunny. And I keep having these blame spasms. So Im hoping today… I can do that. I so have stuff piling up over here. I have so many photos I want and need to scrap but its hard when your guts are in your throat. So HoPING today… maybe.
so that was our ohhh ahhhh weekend and NO I DIDNT change the names to protect the innocent. sorry. Ill just have to help them with therapy. (Ill bring my scrapbooks too so we can just get allll of it out of the way at one time!)

I added this after I saw that the lady that I had asked you all to pray for but I wouldn’t release her name, put on her blog about her having breast cancer. So I will tell you who it is. I wanted to respect her privacy, but, knew she needed prayers. Her name is Latonya and she is an amazing Friend,scrapbooker, just overall person in general. I will give you a link and please give her some encouragement and prayers. LATONYA’S BLOG

Wahaii Greetings…

OK so she is still a little confused on a few words. We make her sound it out HA WA II and she says it. Then we say … say Hawaii she says WAHAII. I can
t help but laugh cause it is so darn funny. Y’all know Johns BIG NANA, Aunt and some Uncles still reside in Hawaii. So Nana (John’s mother) went to Hawaii to visit and sent/brought back all kinda fun stuff! Bella has been a Hula dancin’ maniac. Every time I look up she has some variation of this outfit on. (don’t ya just looove the Hannah Montana pj’s under it?) I did’t get the shot of the cowboy boots oh man that was so funny. Yup she is my child so what do you expect? A hula dancin cowgirl No less!

It was a stormy Friday here yesterday, My hands hurt so bad. I had those heat wraps on them and aspircream and anything else we could find, pain medicine didnt even help. I will be so glad when they get this figured out. THIS weeks dr appt (geez they are every week this month it seems) should shed alot of light. THEY TOOK ENOUGH BLOOD that it should! (we got the bill insert shocked face)
I didn’t do any scrappin’ I did make a card but it was a complete lift so I didn’t even photograph it. I needed something that was pretty and I could make rather quickly for a dear friend who needed a smile and a pick me up.
She knows who she is and that im thinking of her and praying for her! So is Bella bug!

Nothing much going on just boring day by day waiting on dr’s. I hope to clean up in here today and scrap (HAHHAHA) HOPEFULLY BElla will PLAY OUTSIDE since it is NOT RAINING AND PRETTY HINT HINT HINT. John said he had outside stuff to do. I said PLEEEAASEEE let her play outside while you are doing it. she has been in this house for a week sick and then it raining.. we are both ready to knock heads!
I know she will be busting at the seams for her Eva to come play hula girl with her. YES we got 2 outfits so they both have one to wear. Bella has tried them both on. she said that the green one fits the best (mmhmm they are the same size??) hahaha she is so funny.

OH OH MY GOSH. I ALMOST FORGOT man IM telling you My spongebob brain.. I forget everything these days. If I DO NOT write it down!! Im worse than that fish on finding nemo.
Treasures to scrap
got a new shipment in. THE PLAIN GRUNGEBOARD is here. I know some have been waiting on the plain. you better hurry she said she had sold some already its flyin out. I know she got the new BLUE AWNING by K and CO omgosh that paper is gorgeous. Some more stickles, thickers,acryllic albums, word albums, all kinda stuff. More stuff than I can remember…OH those white pens that I LOVEEEEE, she got some of them .. WAIT LET ME GET ONE then you can have some hehe. TRACY!! I NEED ANOTHER PEN! She is going to get it all added today. she got some of it added last night but had a class so couldnt get it all done. so CHECK Out the NEW PRODUCTS button at TREASURES TO SCRAP. IT is sooo much cheaper than everywhere else!!

a page and just life stuff…

I actually did a page yesterday whooohoooo! It is another blingy page for the scrap your crap challenge.OK OK so I cheated a little bit and didnt use OLD stuff on it. BUT it is stuff I have and I JUST HADDDD to use… doesnt that count???
THis is the Basic grey Sugar line.I used the paper, the rub ons, the buttons all from that line. I used a BUNCH OF bling babeey. I used stickles. I used those cute basic grey sweet font chipboard letters. ( ANOTHER FAVORITE OF MINE YUMMMMM) I used the Bazzill paper flowers and cut them in half and layered them with a basic grey button on top with some sweet little offray ribbon in the button. Everything on the page you can get from Treasures to scrap except the wooden number 4. I got that from A Scrappin friendsy. I just love those little wooden numbers. Ms Jo always has them. I try to put something on my pages to remind me how old she is on the page. ESPECIALLY if I don’t do journaling on it. I want to make sure I have it in her right album but also, it gets confusing after a while how old they are!!
The weather is all yuck today,I am becoming a human barometer also.. its freaky. When it is going to rain my hands will swell up and look awful.. IM glad it waited till later in the day to start all that mess so I could get a page done. NOW I need to work on my next challenge.Hopefully this new medicine will help me to do just that!
It feels good to scrap again.
Bella has had the most awful croaky cough. We had been giving her just Over the counter medicine and omgosh it made that child GROW horns and a tail yesterday. We literally fought with her all day long till, well even after she went to bed. I had to keep reminding myself she doesnt feel good. Bless her heart she was so pitiful. She finally stopped the croaky cough into the night.
If she has fever today SHE IS GOIN’ TO THE DR, No matter what.
We did have to have the air conditioner fella come yesterday. The starter on it would just wind and wind and never start. oh man that thing needed replaceing. THey cleaned all kinda ewww out of it and even found some D batteries in there…. rofl (no couldnt have been Bella I asked he said no way she could have gotten in there where this was) IT was amazing all the stuff he did man it was purrin like a kitten last night. actually got cold and had to turn it back. He loaded it back up with freon he said that ws about gone too.
SO If you live down here and you KNOW how hot it gets.. YOu might wanna have your a/c looked at before much longer. Just a piece of advice for ya.
Well hopefully the meds will kick in soon and I can get some things done today.
This new medicine has really helped. WHERE HAS THIS STUFF BEEN. It doesnt knock me out or make me wanna drive trucks through stores or anything. It works kinda the same way the other did so we are just gonna monitor but.. hopefully wont make me wacked out nuts like that lyrica did. I know it helps alot of people and all. IT just didnt work for ME.
Here is hoping you have a wonderful day.