I was gonna give you a little behind the scenes on how I made this arrangement.The Kit is my DT kit from Scrapbook Obsessions. Isnt it Beautiful? It is 3 bugs in a rug Spread your wings. How appropriate for this project. I used alot of recyclable products in this project.

THe base for it is a container that my mil brought me a box of these. I spoke of this in a prior post. That her bank was restructuring how they were doing some things and they were going to destroy these. She said hold up. My D.i.l. can do something with this. Well this is the something I did. lol.


of course I washed it and stuff first it does have some scratches but that gives it character.

I used the Styrofoam little box that my interferon comes in each month I use for my multiple sclerosis treatments. (they have to be good for something) we have so many of them thangs I hate throwing them away. we have a ton of the ice things in the freezer too. we turned the penny container upside down measured it and cut layers of the styrofoam and stuffed it inside.

John had to help me with that part. that Styrofoam did NOT like me lol

Next I used the stripe paper and decorated the outside of the rolled penny container.

I collected sticks from my yard and whittled the ends of them to a point and stuck them down in the Styrofoam.

Then I proceeded to cut out the flowers using the Hot Off the Press template in the Scrapbook Obsessions kit. using the felt also in the kit then decorated them with miscellaneous things in my stash such as buttons, bling, stickles Im not much of a sewer but if you do sew you could sew the edges. I just loved the look of the sparkled.
I used maya road stars and made them fancy with stickles as well.
I used the technique Tuesday frames that were in a previous kit as well (the Maya Road stars were in a previous kit) and decorated it with my title) that says I will always remember. I sanded it using a nail file and added some stickles after outlining with a zig writer.
I inked the outside edges and pop foam dotted it onto the outside of the penny roll container.

The frames Are by chatterbox I fit the photos to the frame and put felt behind it I laid the stick over the first layer of felt and glued the stew out of them then laid another piece of felt over the stick and the felt and frame and let dry over night. I used Aleenes tacky glue and I really piled it on.
The bird house I used my hand dandy hand drill and drilled a hole in the bottom of it and attached to that stick. Is that birdhouse not adorable. Daddy loved birdhouses. He loved watching the birds from the window. SO I thought that was a great addition.
Here is a picture of the finished project again.

So Now you have a little behind the scenes insight on “howIdunit”
Hope that answered some of your questions. If you have any more questions about how I made this project feel free to ask I will be glad to show you.

ON another note…. My prayers are going out to my dear sweet friend Marty’s family and all my lupus friends today. My heart is just broken. I have known her for so many years she was like a mom to me. She was like a gramma to Bella. This has hit really hard esp with her death so close to the anniv of my fathers death anniv. Please pray for Martys family as they go through this difficult time. SHe was an AMAZING WOMAN. she will so be missed in the lupus community. she was an amazing host to the lupus chat groups and an advocate to so many. She supported us and listened to our woes and cheered us up, even though she had so much going on herself. There will never be another marty. I will so miss her I love her and my heart just breaks.
((((((marty and family))))))))


I made this project with my Scrapbook Obsessions Kit Featuring 3 Bugs In a Rug Spread Your Wings Collection. How appropriate for what I wanted to do could this be. This project has been very dear to my heart. Very therapeutic but then scrap booking is my therapy since I am home bound these days. Today at 12:18 pm (lunch time) marks another year without my daddy. He was a deputy that was killed in line of duty. Taken by a drug addict trying to escape. I miss him so much every day. To the world, time has passed but to me it might as well have been yesterday. We used to talk on the phone most every day at lunch. I was the last person (family member) he talked to. He hung up the phone went back to work and was gone.
The world goes on but my life seemed to kinda stop in a way. It hasn’t been the same and never will be. It seems particularly hard this year because we have had a lot of death this week. Bella has been asking lots of questions about death, heaven and about her papaw. She never knew him, But knows a lot about him. So this has been especially a rough time. I apologize If I have not been myself lately. I have been trying. But now you know why. There has been just A LOT going on! His birthday is next week so right now is just a rough time.This is always a rough time of year.

Right now I ask if at 12:18 p.m. central standard time (lunch time) If you think about it. if you would just take a moment to have a prayer/moment of silence but especially for my mom.
and all the officers and deputies and their families. all the service men out there risking their lives when they pull that car over. THEY NEVER KNOW who is behind that wheel and what might happen.

Think about that next time you are speeding also or go through that license check point Give them a smile. They never know what they are in for.
That could be someones daddy,

If You read this and it is after that time. That is ok. Just take a moment now and next time you see a Sheriff deputy thank him and his family for what they do. Tell him to be careful out there. Tell him you know someone else out here who appreciates them too 🙂 that really wants them to be safe.

Today I am working on another project for Scrapbook Obsessions DT. Im not finished with it. I hope to be tomorrow. It involved alot of cut work so it is taking me a long time. I am doing directions on it so don’t worry I will be showing you some tips.

Friday as you know because that is on my mind this week is a sad anniversary in our family, The anniversary of the death of my dad. A very important figure in my life.

Bella’s teacher is out Because her mom died from her battle with cancer. It has been really sad. We have been talking about death and going to heaven. We also talk about my dad, her papaw Bob A good bit. Bella asked me “Why do people have to die mommy” I told her that was a good question and just kissed her forehead.

I made this book and this box for her. There is no way to explain the death of my father that will make it any easier. ALthough no death is really a happy one. This one is particularly hard to explain to a child. It involves bad guys and good guys and a not so happy ending. The good guy didnt win and there was no happy ending like in the Disney movies.

SO what was I as a parent to do. I wanted her to know he was a hero and Yes his life was taken in the line of duty. Their is no telling who all he saved that day. BUT what she needs to know since she didnt know him personally is how he interacted with others. I wanted her to see him as a man. Not only as a deputy sheriff, but as a daddy, a papaw, an uncle also a man, the husband and friend and loving man he was.
He would do anything for anyone and was probably going to try to help that boy that day knowing him. I can hear him now,attempting to help him. Sad what desperation can do to someone to make them take a life, that was so valuable to so many. I will never stop missing my daddy. not a day goes by.
I just wished he could have known my sweet Bella. He would have loved this little girl to pieces. And laughed his tail off at her antics.

The man you never knew… This is a project made with a variety of papaers by cosmo cricket and karen foster, 7 gypsies and other fabulous products.

This box and book will always be Bellas. She will be able to have it to hold in her hands. Something that I MADE that has photos and pieces of memories of my heart for my father. As much as she loves her daddy. She knows that I loved mine.

Three Bugs In A Rug Spread Your Wings September Kit from Scrapbook Obsessions

OH MY WORD I love this kit from Scrapbook Obsessions. IT was the Purrrfect (see what I did there? HA!) thing to go with the (cats whose name changes on a daily basis) photos! I have been itching to scrap these photos ever since I have found out what this kit was gonna be!! IT was all I could do to contain myself. I have been just clicking pictures like crazy. SO GET READY! IT will be a feline Frenzy this month with this kitty I mean Kit. haha I did it again.

I stamped using these little maya road stamps and used prima bling to accent them. Rent those little birds precious?

I ran out of room after I made my big title on this page SOOOO I made a little journaling book on the bottom.

The journaling says:

With your allergies to pet dander it was a flat miracle, us keeping this cat. Your love for this cat is the reason we have kept this cat. You stayed outside with it from the time it showed up until we forced you to come in. When it was introduced to the backyard and your dog Guido, you were so worried. When it discovered squirrels and quickly chased one up this tree and perched itself upon this branch you worried more. It came down eventually with the help of some cat food and a growling tummy. You love this cat so. You love it so much you hug it and squeeze it and love the stew out of it. We wonder if it remembers this spot up in this tree because it might just want to go back there when you keep lovin? on it so much it hurts!

on a more somber note.
I was very saddened to hear that Bella’s Teachers mom had passed. She had been fighting cancer for some time. Bella has been praying for her for since school started. I hope Mrs. Brown knows that our hearts and our prayers our with her through this time and with her family. BIG HUGS for her. Bella is working on her a card right now. The glitter and ink are a flyin’

I MIGHT BETTER go check on this I think I just heard something meow and I KNOWWW she didn’t bring that cat in this house!!!

This layout was one of my first published layouts in scrapbook trends. I love how they set it up with the flag. They named a section of Highway after my dad. We ended up moving to Mobile Alabama. I am proud of my dad and proud of that road. But I do have to say it was very painful even though yeah it was with pride I drove on that road. It also was on that road that his life was taken by a kid that was desperate to get away from the authorities. so desperate as to do what he did.

I do have to say I perked up and it was a very bright spot to my gloomy week something I do look forward to every month. You all know what therapy scrapbooking is to me. IF you don’t then you don’t know me very well do ya? I think everyone heard me from the rooftops when my kit got here. I DID MY I GOT MY KITTTT DANCE. Lucky for the mailman.. John got my kit. I had even taken a bath and smelled pretty for him. Rumor had it that kits were postal and I MIGHT JUST get mine today lol.

THAT WAS AN AWESOME SURPRISE. Jan got hers today usually that means I would get mine tomorrow so yes IT WAS A WONDERFUL SURPRISE. THIS KIT OMGOSH is soooooooo perfect for all these photos of this blame cat thats name changes every day. so be prepared for lots of layouts that some might contain ughmmm lemme see what its name be COME MEREEEE BELLAAAAAA (we stick with the same name for our child)
ok she said its still TINKER-FRED. That is what it was yesterday and she said today.. she will let it be that again.
Poor cat. It went for a ride with her on her hop ball. it is still kinda stunned.
You know what a hop ball is. Those big balls that the kid sits on and it has the handle to hold onto? yeah she was holdin tinker fred like a baby.., and proceeded to boing boing boing.. well.. Tinker fred was not prepared for such encounter and was therefore enlightened with OOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGG. MAKE IT STOP. HE didnt scratch her but that cat shook its head and looked around and I think it saw all the 12 disciples in my back yard flash before its eyes in a mere few seconds before I relized what she was doing and screamed for her to stop torturing the cat before it called friends to kill us in our sleep.
of course I had to turn my head and stop laughing so she didnt see me. (she was wearing pajamas and red cowboy boots and she was just so dadgum cute. and The cat had this pure look of stunned on its face.
I keep telling that cat YOU HAVE 4 legs she has 2. WHASSA PROLEM??? RUNNNNNN.
It keeps comin back.
Dunno if its stupid or just confused or… maybe she has “swingggeeeed it” too many times to “Hawaii” or whereever it is she “SWINNNGGGS” to on that swingset she has.
Poor cat.
If I had not warned it when it got here and told it bout the last cat. Offered it the references and 12 step Bella program button and business card along with the little white chip from the last cat… Id feel more sorry for it but.. oh well
now we know why the cat ran up the tree I suppose.
Oh well.
Happy monday.
Im gonna go Scrap the cat. Least it makes for some good layouts hahaha.
I figure if it had fingers it would be callin some service on us or maybe they formin one.. we might oughta tighten our security round here… that cat and Guido gettin kinda tight!

I made this mini album a while back but it is one of my favorites. It is made out of a postal mail box. That I just ripped up. This was published in Somerset Studios Home March 08 edition I CRIED MY EYES OUT. HAPPY TEARS!

I know some of yall have seen this. but this week marks the anniv of my fathers being killed in line of duty Deputy Bobby Joe McCrary. So you will probably see some memorable stories, layouts, funny photos, memorable moments a mini album or two in the next week or so. His birthday is also the week after. ya right after the anniversary of his death. so bam bam pow huh.
so I will be sharing some of that here on my blog man I sure do miss him.

Wanna come play? is having a BOREDOM FIGHTERS WEEK this week

Im still recouperating from the flu/staph but I am alott better omgosh than I was ( thank you all so much for patience and for prayers) so I haven’t done so much on this but I actually am scrapping lol. my mother in law the last time she was up had brought me up these really coool bins they were going to throw away from the bank. I KNOWWWWWWW they were going to THROW THEM AWAYYYY! the horror of it all! she said noway My DIL could make somethin with this hehe (fancy word for recycle) so anyway.
IM staring at them with my creative brain saying whachawannabe?

They are so cool and interesting shaped so Im just so excited. BUT I DONT WANT TO SAVE FOREVERRRRR to do the perfect project though (do yall do that???) Im soooo guilty!!

flu season already? your kidding me.

Man I detest the flu. I remember when I first started taking this rebif interferon stuff they said the side effects were flu like. and I am not gonna down play them because well IT SUCKS. It makes you feel like crapp. but WHEN YOU HAVE THE FLU and YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR SHOT TOO. There are no words to describe what it feels like.
I sit here and chuckle not in a ha ha way but i have to because it is so ridiculous that life comes to this. I have the flu and am injecting my body with something that is giving me flu like symptoms. THIS IS THE STUPIDEST SOUNDING CRAPP I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. ITS GONNA MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE CRAPP but it might make ya live longer.

the one thing I DOOOOOOOOOOO KNOW and my hubby can attest to this. I couldnt walk on my own less than 4 months ago. I had more bad days than good. I went to my childs graduation in a wheel chair. I dont remember alot about her graduation. NOt that i was on alot of medication but because my potassium levels were so messed up. (as they are low again) I know because of this medication that I curse right now I walked smiling even though my teeth look so horrible right now because of this medication and the other health issues im having to my baby girls orientation to first grade. Something I was not sure I would get to do the night she graduated from Kindergarten. None of us were sure what would happen it was kinda scary a while there. so I Thank the lord these really smart people and research moneys were available and i hope more is done for multiple sclerosis. BUT ALL THE OTHER CRAPP that goes along with it confuses me. when they give you these medications i end up with shingles then staph infections and potassium issues and the list keeps growing.

My dr said now its a good idea to stay away from Bellas school its a breeding ground for germs. my heart just crashed into a million pieces. I missed everything last year. literally. John went to all her functions. mommy wasnt there. I felt so bad for my baby girl. But so happy to be in that audience when she graduated.
now I DO KNOW the fall festival will be OUTSIDE. IM GONNA shoot for that. being its outside. and im gonna shoot for no wheelchair. we caught this early this is gonna be a better school year for her. I just have to get rid of this staph infection now and pray it doesnt spread all over like it did last time it is all over but they are little right now. (mrsa) so we are takin the med and using the bactriban on it aggressive he said that this would happen anytime probly there is trauma and the flu could be trauma to my body (not to mention your body remembers things and next friday is a definite trauma anniv, in my life) anyway sorry for the ramble this was mainly for family and stuff I havent called anyone i have been in bed all week with the flu, sick and then today all this so thats it.

Another page from August S.O. kit

Today was Bellas First day of First Grade.
She wasn’t real happy about it though. She didnt want to leave her mama. I only took a couple of pics because she had a total melt down this morning and it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t go with daddy to take her to school because I thought it might be a little easier for him to get her into class if I wasn’t there. Well, It didn’t go so good. So tomorrow I am gonna go too. We will try it that way and see how it goes. Maybe that will be easier. We will go early.
real early. reeeeeeeeeally early and stop and see her last year teacher for a pep talk before hand also. Maybe that will also help. sigh… anyway. I had a good cry after she left. It broke my heart into a kabillion pieces for her to breakdown that way. She has not done this before. She has always been excited about school. She got so spoiled with her last teacher. She is so tenderhearted.

It is almost time to go get her. I am ready. I made a layout (another one) with the August kit from Scrapbook Obsessions. (junebug from Basic Grey) You know how much I love Basic Grey.

I took a picture of her School Supplies laid out I thought it would be neat to have a layout of it so one day she could see what it took to put her in first grade haha. I didn’t have an r so I used an f and cut the sides off and just had a really long r lol I thought it worked out anyway.
Ok I need to put on something besides PJ’S so I can go with John to go get my child. I will wait till she is at least in JR High to be THAT MOM that shows up in PJ’S and Hair curlers to Pick her up and yell “HEY SUGAR LUMPS! OVER HERE!! ITS YA MAMA!!!”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~She did alot better after her teacher from last year talked to her and then her new teacher got her in there and they got settled. SHe is awesome and I knew she would be fine after she got settled. She just had to get through the first part of it. She is gonna be a difficult kid dealing with change. I was afraid of this. I tried hard to prevent it. I talked it up alot to try to make it sound fun and this was a great thing. Make it not a big deal just goin back to school like we did last year. It was a bigger deal than we thought. Lesson learned.
This afternoon she was all smiles and happy and even got to bring home Bubba the Bear. She was happy and told us all about her day and is more like the kid I know. I have to go now but I will show photos later.


Man this day was almost as if it were a week in one day. Last night we had orientation for school that starts monday. YES WE OFICIALLY HAVE A FIRST GRADER IN THE HOUSE! She was not real happy about it at first. BUT then she saw her friends. She doesn’t like change. She was not happy that she was getting a new teacher. BUT, she was happy that she was with most of the same kids that she was with last year. Her boy was in there and her bestie Bailey was there. She was just not happy that she wasn’t sitting by either. even close to either. AND YOU KNOW at home she is very outgoing very wild child. BUT…. at school, SHE CLAMS UP and is not the same child. It takes her forever to come out. I AM HOPING since she knows all these children, it won’t be that way this year. It wasn’t that way last year because she knew her teacher and loved her so much. THe first year it was so hard for her. Last year was difficult with me being sick.
This year I am doing SO MUCH BETTER so I am hoping it wont be so bad. SO keep her in your prayers Monday if you would.
I took a photo of all her school supplies. We have to do the name label thing tonight. I am doing a scrapbook page tonight of what all it takes to put a kid in first grade in the year 2009. I thought it would be cool so when Bellas kids (oh man did I say that?) look back they can look through their lazerised lens gadget they use in that day and see the old fashioned things their mom used in that day haha.

One of the most important things they use.
This is a Christian School. They do alot of Memory verse work. They use the king James version. This is her special bible she got at her 5k Graduation. But it has her name embossed on it. so I will let her use it. We also will get her another one eventually.

OF COURSE she has to have the TINKERBELLE book bag.

Today has been full of grass mowing drama, kitty vs Dog drama, Bella got an all day play day with Eva and Kitty chased a squirrel up a tree and then got stuck there all day drama. So yeah… IT HAS BEEN EVENTFUL!
TO start with. Bella dressed herself. She has quite a fashion sense. So don’t hate. Appreciate ok? It kinda reminds me of some photos of when I was a kid. HEY AT LEAST HER BOOTS are on the right feet!!

here is a side view….

ughmm Yeah.. I just can’t say anything. She is my kid.

Johns lawn mower died… May it rest in peace. services will be held tomorrow. With a small bonfire after. Thank GOd for Bill across the Street (who also told us to keep the cat but we will talk about that in a minute) I am not sure if he felt sorry for us or if he was sick of lookin’ at the jungle in front of our house, or if Guido had been sending him S.O.S. signs for help because our grass had gotten so tall in the back yard and he felt sorry for him, but he let us (meaning John) borrow his lawn mower to cut the grass today. He also let us borrow his child (Eva Caroline)See photo below To entertain Bella for the day.
They play soooooo good together. They have not gotten to play as much this summer so it was good to hear them giggling and playing today.

They had alot of fun to say the least. (you should see my house.)

The Kitty got introduced to Guido and the back yard. It was rocky at first but got bettr. THEN… It discovered the squirells. IT took off after them and up the tree it went. We tried for hourssssss to get the kitty out of the tree.
but no.. there it was hanging and sitting and laying …

It was tense for a while there.

IT got a little comfy after a while.

FINALLY I CONVINCED IT to come down by leaving some cat food on the fence top.
Bella was so very happy. I was too because the mosquitos were getting bad and it was getting hot. John wouldn’t go out and do anything about it and Bella was upset.
The cat was an abandoned cat that showed up at Bill and Amys house (Eva Caroline’s) They had to go out of town and they said well if it was still there when they got back they would make it their cat… well.. Bella saw it and coaxed it over to make it OUR CAT. We tried to convince Bill YEAH THEY CAN HAVE IT BACK NOW THAT THEY ARE HOME!!!!
but… HE SAW THIS….

HE said nugh ugh suckaaaahh thats yo cat!! bwahaha.
and by the way… its a boy and its name is Harrison. so welcome home HARRY! Hope you and Guido get along cause YOU ARE NOT COMIN IN MY HOUSE!