Hurry up and Wait…

So far we are still in watch mode. Neighbors car alarm went off and scared the beejeebers out of me. so thought I would come check the weather. It is still iffy.. the way these things kick back right. Praying it will lose its strength and fizzle (One can hope and dream huh?) I spoke with my cousin Angela, They weren’t sure where they were going yet. I told her to be sure and keep in touch so we knew where she was at. Still can’t find my hand held battery operated tv, I KNOW its here. I had all our storm stuff together in a box (platic tote) Then I got sick. Few days ago I open the box.. there are 4 c batteries and half a flashlight and some fruitloops loose in the bottom of it… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder who could have been in THAT BOX?
Anyway after the search we found enough that every one will have one and we have the big one. We have a battery operated lantern also (better to scrap by if it would even be a possibility again, one can hope!)Today will be a busy day of preparation. Depending on the rain that is sup to be here before hand I dunno if Bella is gonna get to go play on the water slide with Brayden again tomorrow or not. Will have to just wait and see. It worked out good because she was creating more mess faster than I could get things cleaned up. VERY FRUSTRATING.
I tried to get her to do it as a game and help me but ughm NO.
SOOOO I finally asked her if we had to evacuate what were her 3 most very special things she had to take with her, one was her big teddy bear, her Hannah Montana guitar (god forbid we have to bring that I think it needs to stay!)The last one she said she would have to think about because she couldnt decide she kept changing it every 5 minutes. so that kinda kept her occupied so I could get some things figured out. Get my photos backed up and things..
So John has an air card and if it is possible I will try to give updates. IM PRAYING this is nothing like katrina and we keep power. We have sooo many evacuees I know they are all worried and terrified. That would be just one more inconvenience for them. Well for everyone.
I hope if you are in the path that you will make good decisions and stay safe.
ps. I copied the photo off the site HERE: but I wanted you to see what we were looking at real time and for a future scrapbook page in Bellas album

So what Three things (not counting clothes and food or pets or family or essentials we know you have to have ya meds and stuff hehe fun stuff extra stuff?
What would you bring?

**EDITED TO LET family and friends that cares to know That my Aunt and cousin are evacuating to Dallas, Texas. (phew I was so worried about them driving in this mess!)



IT is no secret. THERE IS A HURRICANE A COMIN!! OH my word everyone is freakin out already. I on the other hand am unbelievably calm. Maybe it is because IT ISNT IN THE GULF YET! so we don’t really know what it is gonna do. SO far their best guess is it is going to make landfall in west Louisiana. Praying hard for those lousiana folks. THey need a break. BUT DONT SEND IT HERE PLEASE!

IF you would like to follow along with us. Here is a really cool hurricane tracker that updates itself constantly.

We are being cautious. John did fill all of our gas cans, make sure our plywood would still work,cranked the generator, we got a window unit a/c, got more batteries and replaced a couple flashlights. He got a new propane tank for the grill (yall know we do some good eatin’ during a hurricane!) John and Bella paid our monthly dues at Wal mart. You know if there is going to be a storm YOU HAVE to go get water and food that is like some kinda law isn’t it? We are getting all my meds filled (they are delivering a new month of these lovely injections today) Is kinda handy that they come in these neat little small coolers with re freezable ice thingys.

So I think we are ready to batten down the hatches and hunker down. We will keep a steady eye on it.

Everyone be sure you have your supplies you need ready even if this one doesn’t hit.. Hurricane season is not over until November.
Everyone STAY SAFE!


I used this months Kit from Scrapbook Obsessions, to make this project. Here is a tutorial to show you what I did. It wasnt that hard and made a cute little book.
You can see the kit HERE.

Using leftovers from this months kit from Scrapbook Obsessions.

I used this package of Making Memories Noteworthy Brads as my template.

These are the Brads Im talking about.

On the backside of a piece of patterned paper. ( I used Harvest Moon by Pink Paislee in this months kit) Trace around The templates outside edge. CUT OUT.

Using a bone folder or scoring tool. Score at the folds just like the brad packaging.

Punch a hole (large enough for a brad) half inch in from each side.

Using the stamp roller and the ink in this months kit as well as the Banana bliss from the add ons. I inked the white side of the album
to give it some character

Cut out the number of pages that you want to go in your album from scrap pieces left from your kit.
Measuring 4 and 1/2 by 3 and 1/2, SCORE 1 inch in on each page.

Punch holes in each one and put a large brad to hold them in place.

Cut the ribbon (in this months kit) In half and place along the edge by the brads.

Decorate your cover with 2 smaller scraps cut in rectangles then adhere a flower with the center taken out and replaced with a jewel. Add a glittery sparkly B and tiny Making memories letter stickers to spell your self.

Crop your photos to size of the pages. Embelish as wished.
I used rub ons that I rubbed on scrap paper and cut out along with flowers and epoxys to decorate my pages.

The last page I adhered to the back of the album so It wouldn’t FLOP open and tear easily.

You can find other projects and tutorials at Scrapbook Obsessions to go along with this months kit. The Design Team has worked hard to put lots of fun pages and projects up for inspiration.


Its been raining and raining here today. The Tropical storm Fay is blowing through veryyyy slooowwwllly. It is ok though.. we need the rain.
Bella has her BFF Eva Caroline over to play today. I finished up my remaining project for Scrapbook Obsessions, and now gonna attempt to clean up my mess I made haha. I am tryin to think of something good to fix for dinner tonight. Nothing has appealed to me lately. So HOT who cares about eating. Blahhh.

I also wanted to let you know that THE PEN PALS CHALLENGE is up. They are gonna wait another week for everyone to get their pages or your definition of the challenge sent in. SO go ahead and join in. IS a wonderful way to polish your Journaling skills!
They are also looking for Guest challenge hosts so be sure and play along for your chance to host one of the challenges there.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

can you name that tune?

For a while now I have let friends and family over the phone hear my child singing at the top of her lungs while in the tub at night. Yes the neighbors cant wait till 7 30 each evening. We call it the news. Because that is when we find out everything that happened at school. who got in trouble. who did good. All the little songs they sang, rhymes they learned. She rehashes the whole day in the tub. I guess its her way of reliving her day and letting it all kinda soak in with the bubbles. IT is massive entertainment. Every one says OH YOU NEEED to record this. Well, she is 5 and she is always in the tub when she does that so I didnt want to so much.. DO THAT. (especially and put it on my blog!!) I do draw the line. THEN today. I did this with my camera. It was crackin me up so bad. I wont bore yall with the ENTIRE thing. Here is a snippet though. She and Eva Caroline her Best friend were swingin’ and singin’
I guess.. if they were singing the same song maybe??? or remotely knew all the words to one of the ones they were singin?(to turn off the music playing on my blog scroll down and on the right there is a music list and a box with the song titles, on the tool bar is a button that has two lines. click on that and it will make it stop so you can hear this link) anyway.. just take a gander
ok so now.. you get it. NAME THAT TUNE

While out there… we saw this (be warned before you scroll down. IF you are a spider freak and they scare you… then just scroll on past the next three photos. Im warning you its a big ol like family of em like the Sopranos. There all over. I swear they looked at me and one even say “Hayous dewin” when I took these photos.
so just be warned.
.not yet

HERRRE It is so scroll quick by then look at the other stuff after it.

NO those are NOT the same spider its different ones at various places in the yard. THAT ONE looks like its growing a shell. UGHHGHGHGhhh yikesssss

and what realllllllllly got me.. IS BELLA AND EVA CAROLINE WERE ALL GOIN OHHHH COOOL LOOK AT THE SPIDER. IM ACROSS THE YARD… Using the ZOOM LENS going ewww no get away. They are all up staring at them and stuff. givin me heebie jeebies.

Ok so on a different note I did this layout for Scrapbook Obsessions. Im sure Chantele and J.R. appreciate me pimpin their site after the spiders… sorry bout that but I just had to show yall those things. I am still amazeed.
so anywho here is the other page I made with their faboolous kit for this month.
That would be John’s dad. He is so funny.

Bella brought us this home from school today. Im grinnin at the lets on us. and Guido grinnin with 2 feet aint it cute?!!
Well that is all I got tonight. IM whooped. Just those few minutes outside videotaping that I didn’t think I was going to be able to get back inside. My legs didn’t want to move. MS is such a wacked out disease. It hates heat too. Yeah.. weird.
It is shot night so I got to get my game face on and ready. (and saving grace is coming on in a bit)
Have a good one!

An update

Bella survived her first week of school with giggles and smiles. She came home every day so excited that she was the line leader for the week. She has alot of little girls in her class this year. So, she has alot of new little friends to play with. she comes home every day telling us about a different little girl she was playing with. Last year there were nothing but little boys and just a couple girls in her class. I have to say I am happy to see more little girls.

This months Kit at Scrapbook Obsessions is amazing to say the least.
I have had a great time creating with it. I guess I need to let you all know, I don’t even think I have said anything about it. J.R. and Chantel asked me to be a fill in on their team for the next several months. One of their regular design team members (that is so friggin awesome I can’t imagine taking her place) everyone knows and loves some Colette! Has to take a break for the next few months.(this is temporary she is coming back I tell ya!! SHE IS!)I am very excited and happy that they thought of me to fill in for her while she is away. I am feeling a lot better and getting used to these shots so I think it will be good for me to get back to scrapping and try to get some normalcy in my life again. Lord knows the last 8 months have been anything but normal more like the middle of a train wreck where the cars are all zig zagged off the tracks explains it a little better. I think this is going to help alot. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH to my giyulls at Scrapbook Obsessions.

So back to this months kit. It is the awesome Pink Paislee Vintage Moon Collection and what a treat it is to the eyes. IT has alot of versatility. You can make your pages as simple or as complex with this kit. I have 3 examples so far:

This is a quick and easy page, that focuses more on th photos to tell the story.
I used the Die cut striped paper from the kit.
I cut the card stock to 8 and 1/2 x 10 rounding the corners.
I inked all the edges of the die cut and the cut card stock with color box fluid ink chalks in Dark brown
I used the brown and blue polka dot ribbon but turned it on the opposite side.
I took the center out of the flower and put the number 3 as its center.
I used the title AUTUMN on the top right.
In the bottom left corner I wrote “Nicholas – Boyd Pumpkin Patch, Brandon, Mississippi” with a Black extra fine tip Sharpie.
then put the year with Chipboard on the bottom right.

The colors are so vibrant. THE thickers have foil on them so they are shiny! ( you know me, I love shiny!)

When I saw the owl on this paper I KNEW I had to cut it out. HE would be so cool in 3D. SO I carefully cut it out. I added foam pop dots to it so it would lift off the page. I really wanted to focus on the guilt in this page also, So I pop dotted the center photo as well.

* I used the Threading water punch to add an edge to the top of the layer of patterned paper.
* I added flowers to accentuate the color of the pinky red lipstick used across her face in the photo.
* I used bling for the owls eyes.
* I used the ribbon for another layer of bring blue across the top holding my journaling in place.
* I added some phrases across the bottom of denial of guilt to help us question “who dun it”
* I used a number 4 in the bottom corner to remind me she was 4 years old in the photo.
* I inked all the edges.

Bling, the flowers, foam pop dots, and threading water punch, not included in kit.

The journaling reads: Sometimes I wonder if all 4 year olds are as mischievous as you. I cannot turn my head
for a second or you are into something. It has been that way since you were able to crawl. I had to laugh
under my breath especially when I saw the shoes, as you walked; little puffs of powder came out the back
like smoke behind you. It almost made me forget the fact you ruined your uniform and my make up a
nightmarish afterthought. I am so glad I got these photos to torment you with as you get older.

Wasnt me***** Make up? What Make up? ******* Did you SEE ME do it? ****** I WANNA TALK TO MY NANA!!

For step by step instructions on how to make this page, go here:…c=12783&hl=

THE Journaling says:
I Pray you never forget the snuggles, the kisses and hugs. How good nana smells.
How beautiful she is inside and out. Her generous giving nature, but most of all
how much she adores you!

I used the September kit Pink paislee Harvest moon collection.
Black cardstock
Pink Paislee Vintage moon: Harvest moon, moon pie, moon Glade
American Craft Thickers
Prima Flowers
lace paper
Banana Bliss powder puff (add on in kit)
Blue Hawaiian powder puff (came in kit)
KI lace cardstock

* not in the kit
7 gypsies photo turns
hobby lobby pearl and jewel stickers
making memories journaling book
Basic grey buttons
Bazzill Just the edge strips
colorbox fluid chalk inks

For more information on these layouts,other inspiring creations by the Scrapbook Obsessions Design Team and the kit be sure and check out SCRAPBOOK OBSESSIONS.

The injections are going pretty good. They said I would get used to it I guess they knew what they meant. Still having a bit of headache and tired but NOTHING like it was. I did ask the dr about Tysabri the IV that you can take once a month and he just looked at me with a blank stare. I wonder about this dr. sometimes. I know he is very intelligent I can’t imagine having to retain and remember all the information he has. I often wonder if he has me confused with some other patients. Im so glad John goes with me I always forget a lot of what I wanted to tell him in the midst of all of it.
We told him about some different symptoms and he just gave us blank stares like it could or could not be the MS. It is just weird. We already KNEW it could or Couldn’t be it, when we went went in the first place. I get a lot more answers from the support group I go to online than I do from my dr. Sad huh. I guess that it’s kinda good, These people live it every day so they KNOW what is what. They have helped me understand a lot of weird things that have happened. HE IS taking me off the carbatrol though so maybe that will help with some of the nauseau and things going on. HEY ONE LESS MED TO TAKE MAKES ME HAPPY!! One less med to pay for makes John very happy.

It is doing a whole lot of raining here today. I hope you are having a good day where ever you are.


My buddy Colette is a part of a wonderful blog called Penpals. It is to help you strengthen your journaling skills and to get those fabulous journaled pages in your scrapbooks. They issue these challenges and you pick a topic and jump on it. This first challenge was to journal an age that was special. Wow I had so many ages that were special to me that it was hard to choose one but by far… This one stood out 😉
Thank you Colette for showing me this blog and makin me jumpstart and get back on track with my scrappin’ and Journaling!!

Journaling is as follows:

For over Five years John and I had stars in our eyes, We played with other peoples kids. We had baby sat other peoples kids. BUT, We wanted our own babies. We just weren’t real sure if we could have a baby of our own. The dr had told me it wasn’t a “GOOD IDEA” with all my medical issues and kidney issues but it might could be done. Well that is all I needed to know. MIGHT was still something huh?
What would we have to do. I don’t care. I want a child. I would have to go off medication for no less than 6 months. ok. well we did. and, right at the mark. When we really started trying, BAM, it took. I have never been so happy, yet so scared, in my life. I have had miscarriages before and I didn’t want that heart break ever again. I want a baby. just one. that’s all. The dr confirmed we definitely were pregnant. Finally my dreams of being a mommy were going to come true. Through many trips to the hospital and stays at the hospital through false labor, pre term labor and blood pressure issues… Resembling more of a whale than anything, The dr finally decided on April 21 to induce labor. It would be better than letting me go into labor on my own. Lupus is a tricky disease and can cause a lot of problems on labor and delivery. During labor my blood pressure got dangerously high, your heart rate, got dangerously low. I have never been so scared I didn’t want to lose you. They wouldn’t let anyone in the room trying to keep me calm as possible, but it was so scary. Finally the dr said he had to take you. so Caesarian they took you out.
IT was a long time, which felt like forever before I got to hold you. When I did I didn’t want to let you go. So yeah you may be a little bit, OK you are totally spoiled rotten, but its ok..YOUR MY spoiled rotten. You are my one child that GOD gave me. My dream that I wanted to come true. Even if it was a lot later than I expected it.. But ya know. I think it was better that I had you later. God knows what he is doing after all. Some dreams you have to wait on for good reason. I’m glad I did. You were worth waiting till 33.

I had a dr. appt yesterday. We are tapering off my Carbatrol (thank you lord) to see if that is why I am such a zombie and all I wanna do is sleep.. or if it is actually the shots. I think the carbatrol has alot to do with it. also the weight gain. We wil see. IT also makes me so dizzy and nauseaus. SO I AM HAPPY TO BE RID OF IT. Will take me a week or so to get off it but I will be celebrating when it is gone.
I have to go for another MRI and more blood work. They will call about that. That was about it.

Bella is doing good in school SHe is so happy this week. SHE IS THE LINE LEADER. That is a big deal when your in kindergarten!! haha. She looks so cute in her uniforms although they are a little big for her now but hey… Last year at the end of the year they looked more like shirts instead of jumpers by the end of the year.
We get a nightly review of what goes on in class when she is in the bathtub. We have been serenaded by extra loud versions of PRAAAAIIISEE YEEE DA LORD HAALLLEELUUYYAAHH! and learned the pledge to da cwistian fwag. (had to help her on that one.. she made me nervous) SHe has been holdin class in the Bathtub. It is sooo funny. I have to call my pals and let them hear because it is hysterical. I need to record this in some way but dont want to film her in the tub. But it is sooo dadgum funny. I want to remember this forever. All these little songs she sings. Oh it is so cute and just makes my heart so happy. All the sacrifices made to be sure she goes to this school. It is soooo worth it. I want her grandparents to hear her she is so cute. I call them on the phone to let them hear her serenading. She cant know we are listening though or she stops… so I have to be sneaky.

I have been watching the olympics OMG MICHEAL PHELPS can you beleive that guy!! HE IS A POWERHOUSE in the water!!! I get so excited I have to be careful when Bella and John were in Bed last night I was yellin go go go go! THen THe ladies gymnastics. Man I felt so bad for them. THey had an off night. China just was amazing. Those little girls (that look 12 by the way) were amaaaazing. OUr girls did great but just had an off night I felt so sorry for them. I know many tears were shed. BUT HEY SILVER IS STILL GREAT!!
Ok that is all we are doing so I will let ya go for now. I had alot to cover lol

BY THE WAY THE LAST DAY TO ENTER THE PENPALS JOURNALING CHALLENGE IS TOMORROW SO GET YOUR PAGES TO THEM QUICK QUICK!!!! you will be happy you did. BE sure and stop by and read all the girls journaling. IT IS AMAZINGGGGGG. I have learned so much about my friends. VERY TOUCHING HEARTFELT JOURNALING!! I CANT wait to see yours too!!!
Hope you have a great Wednesday!

First day of school… rain? aaaaaah

TODAY was the first day of school… Last year. I was paparazzi mom and followed her around with the camera. THIS YEAR… I didn’t get to. It was raining too. Not to easy to get in and out with the rain so I said We would just have to pretend another day and get some pics. sad I know
SO INSTEAD… it did let up a little (the rain) and I got some of her when she got home. ok I got 2. not great shots but.. its something.
It started sprinkling and she took off into the house… sugar melts ya know. ::insert eyeroll:: I think it was because I worked so hard on that hair band yesterday and she was scared it would fall apart if truth be known haha.

I took a photo of what she did at school today. SHe was so proud she colored all in the lines (we worked hard on this all summer) IF BLOGGER WILL LET ME SHOW YOU THE PHOTOS!!!

Thank you for all your emails and well wishes. We made it through the first step up shot ok. Headache and dreadfull tired but that was it!! YAY!! so now we just got them every Monday Wednesday and Friday for the ressssst of my lifffffe. BUT… IF IT WORKS… Just glad I am getting used to it and not hangin out in the little girls room all day now. Although last night we fought kidney stones but that is an entire different post. Im just so tired I cant even fuss anymore it is to the point of ridiculous. I did work on a layout for a challenge over at my Friend Colettes PEN PALS blog. I will try to get that up tomorrow if the sun would peek out just a tad I mean just enough to let me take a photo that looks decent. I can post it.
Ok mini me is into something I hear her saying OH COOL WHATS DIS. that is never good while she is in my scrap room. Hope yall stay dry.

A good Start…

I had a really good day yesterday first in a while and I did another layout. First time I have scrapped in quite a while now. THe journaling looks awful on this I know but my hands are really shaky still from this med. I plan to rewrite it when they arent so bad. The Journaling reads: ” Sometimes it is a good thing to have strong arms push you in the direction in which you should be going. We will always try to help you with love and support and a push every now and then to keep you in the right direction. We love you. xoxoxox Mommy”
I was gonna do it on the computer but my giyulls fussed at me and said no. rofl. so.. I will just try again on a day Im not shaky.
Last night was the last 22. I know yall have heard that plenty of times. I am very nervous moving up to this high dose I have heard horror stories. But Im gonna remain confident that it wont be bad.
We have Bellas BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT at her school tomorrow evening. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! She is going into Kindergarten. Hard to believe my little rat is 5.
Time goes by so fast. Anyway. Hope you all have a good day. Im gonna go rest.


I think I am finally somewhat getting used to this crappp. WOULDNT YOU KNOW IT… I have to move up to the 44 mcg Friday rofl. Im just sleepy and exhausted tired but dont feel like IM gonna hurl every time I move. SO WHEHEHWWW for improvement! ALLS I CAN SAY IS I PRAY THIS STUFF IS WORKING!!

Bella is sooooooo excited She starts school next week. She is “practicing” all the stuff they used to do. We have been trying to get her to go to bed at a decent time so she can get back on her schedule. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOO not a morning person.

I actually scrapped yesterday. I used the AUGUST KIT from Scrapbook Obsessions. There are several diecut papers in there. soooooooo cute. THICKERS (love those chipboard thickers) the ribbon and the Bobunny organic papers. Very cute kit.

Here is what I did with it.
I wanted to hilight the Die cut paper so yes I intended it to look that way… (dont ask)I am about to have scrapped all my photos of miss priss at the beach with her cute little self. They had soooo much fun. John got some really cute and funny pictures. He did so good. Hate I couldnt go. Thats ok. She and Eva had some fun Daddy daughter time. Playin in the sand looking for shells and fighting the waves right at shore.
I got the coolest RAK in the mail from one of my Obsessions friends THank you Miss Donna for the Threading water punch. THOSE ARE SOOO COOL. I haven’t been out shopping in foreverrrrrrrr and I tried to explain to John what it was… rofl. Oh well. THANK YOU SO MUCH that is so sweet. You made me smile big yesterday!!! CAN’T wait to use it on a page. I practiced with it on some just regular paper yesterday till I could get the hang of it. THey need to make that thing in 12 x 12 lolol! It was fun though! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Well Im gonna go play with Bella bug while IM not so nauseaus. Hope yall have a great day!