anyone seen ty? oh TY??? anyone anyone???

So if you read yesterdays post you know all about the Extreme Home Makeover we doing at The Jones home. Mini me is having her room of doom done, She wasn’t too thrilled she wanted Rainbow bright and Boy George to come make her room over. I was looking more for Ty Pennington to come help actually, but then I figured we would need a bulldozer to come plow through that room of hers to ever see the floor again. I also thought it might be kinda cool for him to spin his magic with his mighty work and make a transformation and send us on a nice trip to some luxurious vactaion spot to like Target or something (hey these days I don get out at alllllll)
I would say much but that isn’t even explaining it all I have to say is PIG FLU PIG FLU!!!
Ok back to the E.R.M. (aka) Extreme Room Makeover. The color they picked out went on kinda more pinkish but it is drying purple. Bella is justa grinning.
I SEEE A MINI ALBUM IN THE MAKING!! hehehehhee.I just love projects!!
Bella approached this like everything She isn’t much on Change… Must be in our DNA. Not sure what is up with that. Ill have to tell you that another day this post will get rambly long (whats new huh?) BUT then she perked up and got smiley!!

Bella was painting pictures as John was painting the walls.. (other wise all I was hearing was GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF THE PAINT.. DONT LEAN ON THAT.. BACK AWAYYYYYY FROM THE PAINT.. so I just handed her a box of paint brushes and some paper and she was happy and content….for 20 minutes anyway… she used 14 of them… and 11 sheets of paper.
And you remember the purple paint they fought over and we did the funeral march over yesterday at home depot well it is kinda ughmmm BRIGGHT gooin on. But it lightens up as it dries (THANK GOD)
I told John “I thought ughmmm you errrr ahhh well God save the Queen and all.. aye?”
ya we talk in code sometime cuz thats the way we roll…

so he says…”I did.. save the Queen cuz your eyes didn’t errugh roll ughm OUT!!??? oh yeah… ayeeeee?

hes cute the thinks he is!

Stay tuned for more EXTREMEEEEEEE Home Makeover.. we still may run a bulldozer through it yet… tomorrow is a another day .. there are a few little hand prints and one tic tac toe board (yeah that was me WHAT??? I love to paint its funnn and tic tac toe is just fun too you know it is and who doesn’t love to play tic tac toe i mean a clean wall and paint just sitting there come onnnnnnnnn you gottttaaaaa!!!
just kiddding you know I would nev… bwahahahhahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaa I will just let you wonder.

Ty hasn’t shown up yet to help with our makeover. But you never know. Its not over yet. Neither have Rainbow Bright or Boy George Either though… so
I say boy george because I had a room THIS EXACT COLOR in the 80’s and I matched it to a sweatchirt I had that was from a Boy George Video That had HUGE NUMBERS On it. I LOVED that sweat shirt. Wore it all the time. My room was That exact Purple. SO IM being paid back….
My daddy is somewhere right now Rollin round Laughin. just kickin his feet gigglin like a hyenna. yup but that ok.. cuz I had ONE CHILD to pay me back. BELLA GONNA HAVE 12.