How I Dunnit!


BUT~ First off I want to Thank Sudie for posting my “Back to School Mini” I had done of Bella On Unkit!

WOW! Who knew! I am in just shock! From there… It went: HERE: and from there it went to HERE: National Scrapbook

ALL because of Sudie ALexander and Unkit Live. Thank you SUDIE! I just love her so much for letting me have fun on Monday nights and do what I am so happy to do! She just rocks! I am so glad Unkit live is there on Monday nights at 8 30 central.(shameless plug for sudies show) I look so forward to Mondays.
She will not be having one this Monday night due to Labor day. THE NEXT MONDAY THOUGH… GUESS WHAT?? ITS THE BIG SHOW!

WITH THE ONE AND ONLY TERESA COLLINS! (have you seeen that new stamp maker? holy wow!) YA! I KNOW. I am so excited. I’m trying to think of questions. The only one I can think of right now is will she do house calls?

SOOOOOOOO, If you tuned in… You know I had some technical difficulty.
The power had gone out and I guess that is what made my headset where the volume woudln’t work. I dunno. MY SOUND GUY… hasn’t figured it out yet.
SO I will post all the stuffs I was gonna tell ya with photos hereeee.
PS: You can click on the photos to make them bigger so you can see.
Just FYI šŸ™‚

So did you guesss what it is ??
Did you figure it was gonna be some sort of mini album?
THEN you know me soo well!
The reason I said two? is because Bella has 2 grandmothers.
I am gonna make one for each.
I am doing them both one and put the things Bella loves to do with them.

Bella LOVES to play “make up” and rummage through her Nanas jewelry.
(I do tooo)
She had the BEST TIME when we were in Mississippi playing in Nanas jewelry box.
(I did tooo!)
I got the MOST adorable photos.
I just had to make this album!
so I’m thinkin’ grandparents day is coming up soon?
if not I Know her birthday is, AND My moms birthday is as well so.. anyway.. GIFT.. made! DONE! WHEW!

I just love seeing their faces when they open these kinda gifts! Makes my heart smile!
Bella loves giving them! Win Win..

Ok Im going to go over what I did and How I dun it (hence the name of this post)

so here is a photo with some of the products I used:

(YOU CAN CLICK ON ANY OF THESE PHOTOS TO SEE THEM LARGER .. at your own risk…. but any flaws, crooked lines , mis spelled words in journaling, whopsided embellishments… its for the sake of the sake of the children errr I mean project, hey my kid was playin’ in the back ground Im lucky this is made at all don’t HATE! all Im sayin YOUR The one that clicked to see it REALLY BIG!)

So what I did..
On the cover. I started with THE BOX. yes THAT postal box. and I sanded it down .. mostly.
Cut it to the dimensions I wanted for a mini album.
first page/cover is 5 x5
second is 6 x 5
third is 7 x 5
last is 8 x 5

I glimmer misted the back ground so that the edges would hold the color when you look at the sides. Websters Pages from the AUGUST UNKIT was the perfect paper for this.
I absolutely love the Tim Holtz Tissue tapes.
I used them on top of that paper. YOU CAN SEE the Websters design THROUGH that tape along with the words on the Tim Holtz tissue tape. SOOOO amazing. I inked the edges of the tape before I put it down that made it even cooler! I did it verticle and across at the top to make it interesting.
I cut out that Teresa Collins Clock from the Paper that is also in the August Unkit I used my Making Memories Edge distresser. that is the Black thing up in the picture that has Making Memories stamped across it. It has a little razor blade on it. I also used that around the edges of my paper. I LOVE THAT TOOL I USE IT ALOT ALOT ALOT!
I also used Coffee shop and Walnut gold glimmer mist on the clock, chestnut roan colorbox chalk inks to accent and go over the edges.
Making Memories stick pin,
7 gypsies arrow metal photo turn points to the number 7 on the clock (Bella is 7 years old)
The always letters are little yellow bicycle)

The wire I painted with ranger gold paint (This wire was silver to start with I didnt have any big enough any other color) THEN after it dried, I sprayed it with iridescent Gold glimmer mist and went over it with Hayride glimmer Glam. It worked perfectly!

October Afternoon Thrift Shop Stickers I inked the edges used pop dots for dimension.

This ribbon for this bow was white, I used Antique pink glimmer mist to make it the right color. After I tied it. I glued in place (the knot) THEN I put some Glimmer Glaze PINK LADY on the ends so it wouldn’t fray. (it works like nail polish) I also added a bit over it so it would sparkle and shine. (smells like nail polish too whew)

On this page notice there are 7 jewels across the top. I also used Pink Lady glimmer glaze around the frame. I double framed with doodlebug sugar cardstock. (VERY SPARKLY!)

This next page I saturated it with a couple different colors of purple glimmer mist trying to get the color I wanted on the edges. It turned out kinda cool. I inked the edges of the paper and distressed them with the M.M. edger. (same one as I used on the cover) I used that clock face and this wooden number 7. I got these from a scrapbook store back home that used to be open in Byram Mississippi Im waving to you guys!!!(HI JO! POLLY HI DANA !HI TO ALL THE GANG) I still have some of these can you believe it?
I LOVE LOVE these I HOARD them! I used to get them every time I went home and also would get her to mail them to me Id get bunches of them.

So anyway Since she was looking at a watch in this photo on this page… I had to talk about time…
I mean hello..its in your face there.
so I put for journaling:”Nothing is more precious than time spent with you”

so on this page I glimmer misted with pink and something totally coool happened when it dried.The purple from the previous page.. Bled through it TOLD YOU I SATURATED IT. I used the heat gun to speed it up so I dunno if that made a difference. BUT OH IT LOOKS SOOOOO COOOL up in that top left corner. I dunno if you can really see it in the photo but when you see it in real life. (trust me it looks kewwwwl) The gold in the glimmer mist and the light hits it one way you see purple one way you see pink… sooo neat!

I put an arrow pointing to BOTH of their bare little feet. HOW CUTE IS THAT?
“The journaling: I wish these moments would last forever
they are but a tick on the clock”

Basic grey wisteria paper from August Unkit ( I believe this is also in the Sept. Unkit)
I distressed the edges Used colorbox inks on the edges to give it that antiquish look.

This is the flip side of that same Basic Grey Wisteria Paper. I also cut out the design on the Websters pages paper. I glimmer misted it so it would blend more.
I took some flowers and folded and twisted them around after I finagled some ribbon around and made a design with it. Pop dots give the photo dimension so the flowers can sit behind it just a bit and I let the ribbon run off of the page. I put time over to the side of the flower.
I cut out the side of that border from the other side of the Websters pages paper.
All edges were inked with colorbox chalk inks.

That ribbon was made from a larger piece of ribbon. I didn’t have the right size. so had to make my own.

I folded it over and used Aileenes tacky glue to hold it down.
then just curled it around and looped it back put a sticky dot down. repeat.

“Thank goodness we have this time to remember
in our memories time can never stop.” ~ NJ

Thats the back


I enjoyed making this. I spent all weekend making it finished it up today.
Hopefully it will let my Mother in love know JUST HOW VERY MUCH we do love and appreciate her. she is an absolutely amazing woman. Im so glad she is in our life. Bella is a very lucky little girl… So am I!
This project was a great distraction. I love making these kinds of things! NOW gonna make another one for my mom!
hope you have a good day!

Here is a link to this months (septembers) Unkit. It has some awesome products in there!

September Unkit

Again I want to thank Sudie for all she has done for me and for posting that mini on Unkit. Im so Blessed to have such good friends! in my life! xoxox!


3 thoughts on “How I Dunnit!

  1. Hi Nancy, That tutorial is awesome and many thanks for sharing it with me. I hace a Cricut still in the box unopened and I am trying to make space in my workroom for it to stay put in one place so it is useable. I have been working on clearing itout for a year now but yesterday I really got determined to get it DONE! I have had it for over a year and I have many cartridges, just never used! Not for long! Smiles, cyndi

  2. Simply beautiful!! Mini-album, photos, and memories all! LOVE the colors and textures, and I know the album is even better in real life (where you can see the shimmer and glitz). That Websters Pages cutout is fabulous….!

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